tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Second Job: The Second Day

My Second Job: The Second Day


My name is Mo. If you haven't read the first two parts I'll catch you up quickly. The long and short of it is that I'm a married man with two kids. My wife and I both have jobs, but that just hasn't been enough money for us when things happen with the house that we (aka the bank) own. Such a problem recently occurred when we found out that we needed a new roof. There was no way that we could come up with the money, so I went on a search for a second job.

For the interview I met with a gentlemen named Mr. Smith and he ended up making me his employee, by raping my virgin ass and recording it. He threatened to show everyone the video if I didn't take the job. The first day on the job I was pretty much the slave to Mr. Smith, a business associate, and the man's wife. All I do every day now is wait for the next call, knowing that I'll have to do whatever they say thanks to the blackmail that I'm subject to...

Thankfully I didn't get another call from Mr. Smith until the next Wednesday. I kept hoping that another call would never come, but I knew better. This time when I saw the number I knew exactly who was calling, and thankfully it came when I was working in the yard. Mr. Smith informed me that I was going to be needed to work my second job on Friday night, and that I should plan to not be home until Sunday. I was to arrive at the house as I did before, though this time fully shaved and with only a button down shirt and khaki shorts on for clothing.

I was nervous again waiting for Friday to come. I worked all day Thursday and Friday at my first job and then on Friday sprinted home as quickly as I could in order to make sure I was thoroughly showered and shaved before I left the house. I had previously told my wife that I was going to be gone for the weekend at my second job and told her that I missed her. She accepted that I'd be gone pretty well, considering that I was leaving her alone all weekend with the kids.

I arrived at Mr. Smith's house at the time I was told. I walked up and knocked on the door. Mr. Smith opened the door, and told me that I was to drop my clothing right there on the door step. I was to take them off and fold them up and place them in the box that was sitting there on the side of the door. I knew better than to not listen so I did what I was told, although fully embarrassed by being nude on this man's doorstep. He then looked at my hardening cock, grabbed it roughly and led me into the house.

After he closed the door he told me to get on my knees there in the middle of the room. Once again I complied, just thankful that his tight grasp was off of my cock. Mr. Smith left the room and I was left there alone. I don't know how long I had to wait, but my knees and back were sore by the time he got back to me. He informed me that everything was set up, and then handed me something. He told me to put the very small garment he handed me on. I looked at it and eventually figured out what it was. I was putting on a sparkly golden g-string of the "banana hammock" variety. He told me that there was an event going on in the backyard in about an hour and that I was going to be the server for the event. He wanted me to go to the back deck and introduce myself to the bar tender who would be my boss for the event. I was told to listen to his every demand.

So, I walked back to the deck and I found a very handsome black man at the bar. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and had white shorts on. He informed me that I would call him Sir all night, and then asked me to bend over with my ass facing him. He looked me over good, roaming his hands all over and making my cock hard again when he stuck a finger in my ass. He told me to get up and turn around and clean off his finger. My cock was now straining the g-string and he obviously noticed.

Sir asked me if I would be a good server, which I replied saying that I would do whatever I was told to do. Sir said that this was exactly what he wanted to hear, and he took one hand and pulled down his zipper and fished out the largest cock I had ever seen in person. He told me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I must have been mesmerized by the size of his cock as he grabbed my head and pushed me down to my knees. He shoved his cock in my mouth, filling it completely on the first thrust. It wasn't long before the sucking wasn't that at all, but instead a skull fucking. It was all I could do to breath, and wasn't long before my full mouth was now overfilled with his hot sticky cum going down my throat further than his cock already was. And, even though he had given me all his cum, it didn't seem to make him too soft as he kept going for a bit before finally taking that giant snake out of my mouth. Sir thanked me for my efforts and applauded my work. He told me to get up and straighten up the deck area making sure that nothing was out of place. I walked away as he put his finally softening cock back in his shorts.

I felt pretty awkward as I was straightening out all the stuff on the deck. Here I was outside on the deck bending over a lot pretty much showing anyone who would look (I didn't realize there was a hidden privacy fence due to the large backyard) my entire body. I looked around the area and made sure the tables were in place, chairs with them, and ash trays in areas that looked like they needed them. I even made sure there were towels around the pool area. As I was finishing my straightening duties 8 people started to walk out onto the deck.

The guests were 4 men and 4 women and all pretty attractive. They were in beach like attire with the men in long shorts and button down Hawaiian shirts while the women had cover-ups over what looked to be bathing suits. Mr. Smith came onto the deck from the house. He ordered me to come up to the deck where everyone was standing. Once I was there he instructed the group that I was the server for the weekend and that anything that was needed should be addressed towards me. If I failed to fulfill their requests that they should let him know and Mr. Smith would deal with any indiscretions. He told everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves.

So, the party got started and Sir turned on some music and everyone was mingling together. I was just kinda standing there waiting to see what happen and of course they didn't make me wait for long. One couple asked me to come with them. They walked over to the area of the deck where the shallow end of the pool is. I was then asked to help the lady remove her wrap. I quickly went over and helped her, to find that she was wearing a very small two piece white thong bikini. It was obvious that she had shaved all her pubic hair as there was no way any hair would be allowed with something that small on. After I had her large breasts unwrapped the man asked me for help. I unbuttoned his shirt for him and then took off his shorts. He had a white speedo on and it was almost see through, with his hardening cock straining the material. They thanked me for the help and asked me to get them to glasses of white wine while they got situated.

I then walked over to the bar to Sir to get their drinks. Sir made me get on my knees in front of him and stay there until he finished making the drinks. I was made to beg him for the drinks, and I was there until I did so correctly. I was then instructed to take the drinks back to the couple. I carefully walked the drinks over to their sitting area and provided them with their drinks. As I was sitting the woman's drink down on the shared table a hand massaged my ass. I knew that it could only be the hand of the guy who was with her. I stood there not knowing what to do, while he explored my ass. The lady then told me to apply tanning oil to her body. She sat up in the lounge chair she was in in order to allow me access, while her male friend continued to explore my ass, moving the string in my crack in order to explore my anus a bit. As I started to massage the oil into her neck and shoulders, his finger started to go in and out of my ass. It started with one finger, and then a second was added.

The woman told me to do the rest of her body, and the man stopped his advances after she gave him a look. I then ran the oil all over her exposed skin. When I'd hoped that I was done, she explained that I was needed for an additional duty. She pushed down her own white bikini bottoms (if you can call them that) and ordered me to make her cum. She was so attractive, and the sight of her glistening pussy lips had me diving in seconds later. It was no time at all that she was grabbing my head and pushing me into her pussy, almost smothering me with her thighs.

As I was smothering a bit I got another surprise. Suddenly there was a tongue darting in and out of my ass. Apparently the gentleman with her decided to have some fun as well. His hand found my balls and squeezed pretty tight, at almost the same time as the lady started to squirt all over my face. Here I was surprised by two things at once. My face was being ground into her squirting cunt while he was licking my asshole and squeezing my balls. Thankfully neither thing lasted long as the lady began to release my head. She allowed me to gasp for air and started to get up from the chair. At the same time the guy must have thought I was wet enough as he moved his tongue from my asshole and seconds later replaced it with his cock. He rode me for a little while but then told me to sit down and right after he removed his cock I sat up to where his cock was right in front of my face and seconds later he sprayed his cum all over my face. Next he had me open my mouth and told me to clean him up.

Once he felt fully cleaned up he removed his cock from my mouth and I heard applause. There were at least 4 of the others there standing around watching us. I was thrown a towel by someone and told to get all the cum from my face into my mouth somehow while they all watched. Then I was told to finish up with the towel and get back to my duties. I complied, since there wasn't anything else I could do.

So I got up and went up to another of the couples and asked if there was anything they needed. This couple was in all red matching swimwear. Hers was a two piece thong that allowed her huge tits to be very much on display. His was also a thong speedo, but it had a zipper in the front. They gave me a drink order and so I went up to the bar where Sir was once again waiting. Sir told me that he liked the show I had given with the whites and that I better make sure I keep everyone happy. He then gave me the drinks and spanked my ass as I walked away, almost making me drop the drinks.

I carried the drinks back to the pair in the red swimsuits. As I handed the lady hers she told me that she'd like to get some special treatment. In order to accomplish what she wanted I was to lie down on the lounge chair. So, I handed Mr. Red his drink and lay down. She then removed her bikini bottoms and then stood over top of my face. She lowered her body right over top of my mouth and then came the surprise. Instead of being forced to lick her pussy her ass hole was placed over top of my mouth. Apparently I didn't start soon enough for her as seconds later she gripped both of my nipples and squeezed so hard my mouth opened to scream. That scream was never heard by anyone as she lowered her ass onto my face even further and I knew that if I wanted to breathe I better start eating her ass.

My tongue went to work licking her ass. I darted all over the area as she squirmed. Thankfully the experience didn't last long as she then shifted a bit and her pussy was now at my mouth. I licked up and down the folds of her pussy as she squirmed and pressed it all over my face. Then I received another surprise. She leaned forward and began to stroke my cock through the g-string that I was wearing. I was as hard as a rock and her stroking really had me going. Though, apparently that stroking was just a distraction as seconds later another surprise came....as a cock entered her pussy as I was licking it. I was now licking her pussy and a cock that was pistoning in and out of it at the same time.

He was really pounding away at her pussy and it didn't take him long to reach the point of no return. I could actually feel him cumming in her pussy and seconds later his cum was dripping onto my tongue. As he was starting to relax he began to pull out of her pussy, and instead of going away he pulled my head backwards and stuck it in my mouth. Apparently I was to clean him up and so I sucked his cock clean until he took it away. About 2 seconds after he removed his cock from my mouth the cum drenched pussy was back at my mouth and I was licking her clean. This must have caused her to go over the edge as her pussy was drenched once again.

Through all the excitement I never realized that she had stopped stroking my cock. But, once she had cum again she got up from me and I was laying there sporting a huge hard on and a fully drenched face while laying on the chair. I heard the familiar applause again, but as I cleared my eyes it was then that I got the biggest surprise yet.

There in the crowd stood Mr. Smith. It wasn't that which surprised and scared me though, it was the person that he was with. There on a leach in front of him sucking on his cock was a naked woman. That woman was my wife!

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