My Secret


This is my secret story of something that happened to me several years ago, before my wife and I were married. We had dated for a long time and I would regularly join her and her family on overnight visits to their vacation home at the lake. We had all grown close and I was very comfortable there, so it was common for me to sleep over, as long as it was not with my girlfriend. (I was accepted as a friend/boyfriend, as we were not married yet!)

On this particular occasion, we had gathered early in the weekend for a relaxing time at their lake house. This was a great time to let off some steam from school. It always helped to catch some peaceful hours of studying mixed with a mini-vacation. We played on the boat for a few hours, and then hung around the house that afternoon. Instead of going out that night, we all just had a few beers and watched television. Her folks called it an early evening and went to bed. My girlfriend stretched out on a recliner while I curled into the corner of the couch. Her sister took claim of the other end of the couch I was on and we all just vegged in front of the tube.

Her younger sister was wearing cut-off shorts and had great legs, just like my wife's. I could not help but admire those two sets of legs surrounding me. After a while, my girlfriend got up to get changed for bed and her sister followed her off. As they went in to change, I finished my last beer for the night and settled myself by laying out more on the couch. My girlfriend came in first wearing her nightgown and stretched back down in the recliner. Shortly, her sister came back in, but to my delight, she was wearing a long white t-shirt for a nightgown. She tried to plop back down on her side of the couch and sort of plopped her feet in front of me since I was now in her way. It was nice feeling those smooth legs against mine and I could feel myself growing hard.

We all just lay there and settled in for a late night of nothing. It all seemed so quiet and relaxing, but I was secretly going wild. I sort of cuddled with my girlfriend's sister, even though it was just our legs. I could not help casually glancing over so I could see up her t-shirt and catch just a glimpse of her white panties. As it got late, my girlfriend fell asleep and rolled over and away from the television and us. I felt my heart pound as her sister stretched out even more and her t-shirt hiked up.

I don't know where I got the courage, but I slowly moved her feet as I sat up a little more. This placed her legs all the way over my lap with just a slight amount of pressure on my cock. I don't know if she noticed and had expected her to move away, but she just stayed there. Not much longer, I noticed that she was also asleep. At least, I think she was. I kept that position for a while and enjoyed the pleasure of her legs against my hard dick and kept looking over to see if she were really sleeping.

In a bold move I casually laid my hand on her leg above her knee. Her soft skin and the smell of cocoanut suntan lotion were overwhelming me. That's probably why I kept going and slowly moved my hand up her leg until I was all the way on her thigh and pushed up against her t-shirt. That's when she stirred and I thought she'd jump away. Instead, she rolled over, curling her knees up and shifted her hip back. This movement caused her t-shirt to ride up. I could hardly believe this was happening. She had moved herself to where I could get a great view of her panties and my hand was still on her outside thigh and inches from her ass. My hand was almost shaking when I just let it slide down and my fingertips just barely slid under her panties to feel her smooth ass cheek.

I was so absorbed with my slow and methodical movements, I forgot to look over to see if my girlfriend was still sleeping. She had never moved from her position facing away from us. Sister still hadn't moved either so I continued my bold adventure and eased my fingertips down further to gently settle between her thighs from behind. She did respond by sort of yawning as she settled and ever so slightly lifted her top leg, which parted her legs. Now I had a little more room to move my hand up to her crotch and brushed her panties with my fingers.

My hard cock throbbed as I felt the heat and moisture from her pussy through her panties. I thought about easing my cock out, but with her legs over my lap, I couldn't chance it. I kept my slow and easy massage on her pussy, feeling the moisture soaking her panties. I then gently slid my finger along the hem and under, feeling her slick bare pussy lips. She gave a tiny little sigh and I thought her hips moved a little. I focused my slow movements to just my finger gliding up and down her pussy lip. Just when I was ready to try more, I heard the creaking of the recliner as my girlfriend stirred awake and started to get up. I almost yelped and thought I had been busted, but from where she was laying she could not see a thing. I'm sure I yanked my hand away, but she stayed asleep as I slowly rose out from under her legs.

I kissed my girlfriend goodnight in the hallway and she could not help but notice my stiffness. She smiled and asked, "is that for me" and pulled me into a side room to finish our goodnight kiss. She pulled my hard cock out for a quick handjob and giggled when I came so quickly at the soft touch of her fingers.

The rest of the weekend went uneventful and I tried to catch her sister's eye to see if she knew anything was up, but she never let on. We married shortly after graduation and to this day my sister-in-law never mentioned a thing. We stay close and when I see her now I always grow hard thinking about that night.

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