tagIncest/TabooMy Selfish Brother

My Selfish Brother


My younger brother has always been a bit of a selfish person, and for the last 18 years he has always made sure to put himself first. He always wants something now, without delay, regardless of who he inconveniences. Up until a few days ago I hated that about him, but it has it's rewards.

I was in the bathroom early one morning when I heard a hard knock on the door. It was my brother saying he needed the shower now to get ready to meet some friends. I told him to fuck off and wait, but he'd have none of it. He opened the door and barged right in while I was sitting on the toilet.

"You fucking dick!" I said. "Wait your turn asshole!"

"I did wait, you're taking too long." he said as he pulled off his t-shirt. He was wearing only his boxers and I was a bit taken aback by what I saw. My brother had a nice body on him. He had been wrestling all through High School and was really lean, and muscular.

"So you're just going to shower in front of me you perv?"

"I'm the perv?" he asked. "You're the one looking at my cock." And with that he let his boxers fall to the floor. I was amazed to find that my little brother was hung like a pony. His cock was not the longest I had seen, but it was thick, and veined, and the head was flared so nicely. I was staring at it for a good few seconds before I remembered it was my brother's dong I was admiring. He stepped into the shower and closed the dark green curtain.

I stood up and had to collect my thoughts for a second. I was really horny after seeing that massive meat between my brother's legs. It was so wrong, but I wanted to feel it in my mouth. I took off my tank top and shorts and quietly walked to the shower. I pulled it back in a quick yank and stepped in behind my little brother. He must have been expecting it because he didn't turn around when I came in. I wrapped my arms around him from behind and kissed his neck and shoulders as I mashed my tits into his back. He moaned as I played with his nipples before letting my hands slide down his wet soapy body to his rising cock. I wrapped my hands around it and was shocked to find my fingers could barely get all the way around his shaft. I stroked it slowly with my sudsy hand and felt it grow to full hardness. I was in awe of his package.

"This sure is a change for you sis." He said without turning to look at me. "Like what you have there?"

"Very much so. Turn around!"

He turned and stepped back so the water from the shower made a cascade down his body. It washed away the suds and made his thick prong even more inviting. I kneeled down on the shower floor and grabbed hold of his shaft as I sucked his bulbous head into my mouth. I sucked his cock slowly, deeply, devouring each and every inch I could cram into my throat. I played with his balls and stroked his shaft, all the while the hot water washed over us both. It was so hot and sultry, and the fact that it was my little brother's cock in my mouth made it wonderfully dirty. My lips formed a tight "O" around his meat and I slid up and down as he moaned and grabbed a handful of my hair. He started to guide my face faster and plunge his cock deeper into my throat. I gagged a few times, but he didn't stop, and I didn't want him to. I reached down and fingered my swollen clit as I sucked him off. I massaged my little love button as the hot water washed over it. I moaned a deep throaty moan and the vibrations in my throat made him gasp in pleasure.

He pulled up on my hair and I stood, letting his pecker pop out of my wanton mouth. Without a word he turned me around and put me under the shower head facing the wall. He grabbed my pelvis, pulled my ass back and pushed my body into the wall. My tits mashed against the tile walls as he settled behind me and stuffed his cock into my hot pussy. He felt like a baseball bat going in, and he did it none too gently. He buried himself all the way to the balls in one stroke. I yelped as he spread me wide open. It hurt, but in a good way. His big hands clamped down on my waist and pulled me back into him. I put my hands on the wall and push back to get as much of his hot rod into me as I could. He fucked me like a wild animal. His thighs slapped against my ass and his huge head hit wonderful spots inside my love canal that I didn't even know existed. The water from the shower washed over my back and it ran down my ass crack and bathed his cock and my cunt in wonderful warmth. He pounded me harder than any of my college fuck buddies ever had, and I loved it. I was moaning and gasping as he grunted with each pile-driver like thrust. His head hit my cervix. His balls slapped against my lips and clit. I was unable to hold off on cumming even if I wanted to. I gasped and moaned and tried to stifle a scream as my pussy muscles clamped down on his massive cock. I shook and almost collapsed but his arms wrapped around me and held me up. He didn't miss a beat and just kept pounding me as I came. My orgasm felt like it lasted for hours as he picked up the pace and fucked me raw. He was going faster and harder as his own orgasm approached. A few good deep strokes more and he pulled out of me and turned me around. He pushed me onto my knees again and blasted a torrent of hot cum all over my face and tits. I opened my mouth and caught some of his sweet salty mess which I swallowed hungrily. I attacked his twitching manhood and swallowed it into my throat to catch the last spurts of his hot jizz.

"Holy shit sis, thanks." He said. "I'm going back to bed now."

"I thought you said you were going out."

"Well I was going to see Maria, but now I don't see the point. I got what I wanted."

"You're a real prick." I said.

"Shut up, or I won't fuck you again tonight."

I kept my mouth shut...for speaking at least.

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