tagNon-Erotic PoetryMy silent cage

My silent cage


He plagues my thoughts.
I cannot cry out for no one hears.
The marks on my skin are my release.
My release from him.
He is my prison.
My silent box of nothing.
No walls or sides, no guards, no sirrens, nothing but him.
I feel him near me, I fear him.
His gentle caress soon turns to my pain.
I feel it as I sleep.
My eyes close but the pictures dont stop.
I know how it starts, but there is no sound.
As he enters, we are close together, his arm round my shoulder.
We sit on the bed and talk.
We are so happy.
I remove my trousers,he loves my soft skin.
He licks them, the warm tingles are welcome, but all is not well.
He lays on top of me betwenn my legs, he askes to go further.
I deny him.
He sits up.
Just staring.
Right at me.
Suddenly he has grabbed my thighs, his fingers bore deep into my soft flesh.
The act is a blur but I can still hear my screams.
My breasts are swollen and bruised.
Teeth marks dont fade.
I cant even bare to look at myself.
I cant cry, the tears just wont come.
I block it down and hide it deep inside.
It is my pain and my secret.
And yet it is my blood that releases my hurt.
It is my pain that helps me cry.
The silence still exists.
But he does not.
He is gone but his marks are still on my body, my soul.
Others will come and go.
More marks will be left behind, but not on my heart.
That is my one treasure.
It is just mine.

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