My Sister and My Daughter


"Fuck, Sis! Let me cum!! Please!!" I begged her. "I can't take this!"

Suddenly she released my throbbing prick from her mouth, and started beating the shaft rapidly and firmly with her right hand.

"Think about Marisa," she hissed. "Think about her pretty face. Think about her pink lips. Think about her soft, wet mouth."

I howled out as my whole groin clenched in spasm. My cock was trying to shoot, but the sensations were way too intense as my little sister started sucking on my helmet again while still yanking my shaft with blinding speed.

My toes were curling, my calves locked in an iron clench, my hips thrust forward involuntarily as my head thrashed from side to side and my torso bent forward.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I roared as the first blast of jism rocketed from my penis into the back of my little sister's mouth. She slowed her hand movements but squeezed tighter on my shaft as she sucked harder, flicking her tongue all over the hyper-sensitive tip of my rod as it produced wad after wad of thick, white hot sperm for her.

She groaned "Mmmmmmmmmm!" approvingly as I filled her mouth full to overflowing with my semen. She slowed her strokes even more, squeezing on the upstroke, milking the juice out of my cock as I heard her swallow. I collapsed forward, my legs complete jelly as the final spurts dribbled out of my urethra into Karen's eager mouth. She swallowed again, then one final time before releasing my cock from her lips with a laugh. "That was one huuuuuge load, Big Brother!" she beamed. "So thick... So tasty..."

I lay pitched across the back of the couch panting, finally rising on my vibrating arms to gaze down on my beautiful sister. She had a warm satisfied smile on her face, her cheeks glowing red. A small rivulet of semen streaked from the right corner of her mouth down to her neck. My heart was pounding in my chest.

I slithered down to sit on her lap and kissed her desperately, passionately on her sweet, hot cocksucking mouth. I tasted the salt of the remnants of my own jizz on her tongue and lips as we kissed, our mouths pressing, searching, reaching into each other's. "I love you, Sis, my sweet little sister. My beautiful, wonderful, perfect baby sister," I crooned to her.

We continued kissing and I licked the drop of semen from her face, sharing it with her as we snowballed that drop of my love juice. We stared deep into each other's eyes, our souls touching in the glow of pure love, our skin on fire as we drank in each other's presence, totally happy and fulfilled.

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