My Sister, My Teacher


All of a sudden her whole body stiffens some. Her insides start clamping on my cock, I can hardly move. Her insides ripple on me, pull on me, her legs come up around and her heels push on my butt, holding me to her. I continue to pound into her and I can feel her orgasm. I think all the feelings trigger something in me because I start shooting off, over and over.

I almost collapse on her, trying to support some of my weight with my arms. I can feel her body all along mine. I look at her and she's looking at me, smiling. "You're really good, Mike." she says. Her feet come down off my back and I pull out and roll to the side. She moves to her side to face me, she puts one leg up over my hip and presses her breasts against me. "With Karen maybe you should ask if she's on the pill. You should have some condoms because if she isn't, you don't want to make her pregnant at your ages. Incidentally, if she puts the condom in her mouth and puts it on your cock without using her hands, she's done this before. I can do that but I've certainly done this before. Now, do you think you're ready for her?"

"Sue, you're amazing. You're the most gorgeous girl I know. You have a terrific body. I never expected to ever do all this with you but I'm very glad we did. In fact, I think I may need some more lessons. I still have a lot to learn."

"Well, it's always nice to have a willing pupil. And there are a number of different positions. So I'm sure there is a lot more I can do with you."

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by Anonymous

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by horny2doit08/16/17

Oh Yes, such a loving sister who wants her brother to be happy and succeed. She doesn't want his ego / feelings to be crushed or hurt so bad he doesn't date. She really offered a complete course on sexmore...

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by Marshalla06/04/17

Now that ...

... is a great sister!

Wish I'd had one like her to teach me. But no, I had to learn the hard way.
At least something was hard! ;-)

Liked the story. Thanks!

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