tagIncest/TabooMy Sister Natalie

My Sister Natalie


My sister, Natalie, and I live a few hours apart in large cities. I was called into her city on business and that led one of the most amazing nights of my entire life.

I was staying with her and her roommate Denise for a couple of nights sleeping on their futon. The second night of my visit my sister and I went out to eat. When we got back, Denise was in the living room of their apartment watching TV. We joined her started the usual chatting of hanging out for the night. Denise complained that she had tough day at work and was just all tense from one too many deadlines. I told her that I could give her a massage if she wanted.

She readily agreed and turned her back to me. I started to knead her back and she said that is felt great. My sister had moved over to the recliner so that Denise and I could be on the futon for the massage. Denise lay on her stomach so I could really begin to work the massage. She was wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts and I did take a look and her taut legs and well shaped ass. I reached under the t-shirt and started to directly work the flesh of the back. I was, at first, shocked to find that she wasn't wearing a bra but then I realized that Denise had rather small breasts and really didn't need one.

I continued to rub her back and then moved to the backs of her legs and up the sides of them. I reached back under her shirt and began to massage her sides there too. I could feel the sides of her lemon-sized tits as I worked at the massage.

Maybe it was the wine we were sharing, maybe it was just the feel of a woman besides my wife, but I pushed my hand under her and cupped a breast. Denise moaned and shifted a little onto her side. This gave me a little better access and I started to rub her breast and roll her nipple between my thumbs. Denise whisked off her shirt and rolled onto her back. I took both of her breasts in my hands and start to caress them. I slowly leaned down and took a hard, excited nipple into my mouth. As I did, I studied her breasts. They were beautifully shaped, firm, and were capped by tiny pink nipples.

My hands slid down her stomach to her shorts. My hand went under the elastic waistband and began to finger her pussy. She was soaked. I slid my shorts off as she did the same to hers. I looked at her pussy and reveled in the beauty of it. Glorious wispy brown pubes framed what I knew had to be a nice tight piece of heaven. I wanted that. I gasped as felt Denise's hand wrap around my now rock hard cock. She slowly stroked up and down and I knew that I was going to have to fight cumming in a matter of seconds with all my might. I lowered my head and began to lick Denise's pussy. She tasted incredible. Her pussy was sweet and the musky smell made me even hornier. I pulled myself away from Denise’s stroking hands. I was close to cumming and I wanted to get inside of her. I got between her legs and slowly slid my shaft in to the base. Denise’s wet pussy throbbed on my cock as I buried my dick to the shaft in one smooth, sensitive motion.

That's when I heard my sister moan. I had forgotten all bout her. I looked in her direction and saw her in the recliner. She had ditched her clothes and was fingering her pussy and rubbing her tits. I drank in her exquisite body. She had smallish breasts too, but they were bigger than Denise's. They were like two baseballs mounted on her chest. Her pussy was covered with a thick dense patch of dark blonde hair. I’d often wondered growing up what that body looked like and now I was seeing it all. The rational thoughts of pulling out of Denise and forgetting about my desires were non-existent. Undoubtedly due to the passion I saw in my sister. She was telling me it was OK for me to fuck Denise. But there was sometime more.

We made eye contact. We didn't speak. I don't think either of us wanted to risk losing was happening. I got onto my back. Denise quickly straddled my cock and lowered herself onto it.. Natalie got off the recliner and came to us. As she walked over, I noticed how firm her tits were. There was no sag at all. If anything, they kind of turned up slightly. She lowered her pussy onto my face. Natalie's pussy was amazing too, even more amazing that Denise’s. Her bush tickled my face as I buried myself in the hair covering her pussy. Whereas Denise's pussy hair was wispy and sparse, Natalie's was a full, thick bush. I ate her with a passion that I never ate anybody with before. I have always loved the feel of a thick bush. I love running my fingers through it and separating it to get access to that wonderful taste buried within. I was in heaven with Natalie’s bush. I reveled in every aspect of what I was doing. I just knew that I loved Natalie’s pussy more that any I’d ever eaten.

I ate Natalie with love, not raw sexual power. I think you could best say that I caressed her pussy with fingers, lips and tongue. I’d switch from caressing her even so slightly and beautifully hidden clit to reaching deep within her folds to please the insides of her beautiful pussy.

Meanwhile Denise continued to rock herself on top of cock. Her pussy was clamped on my pussy with perfect force. I never would have thought about it, but Denise really knew how to fuck. She stroked she made was obviously pleasing both of us. Too many people fuck for their enjoyment. Denise was fucking for us both.

I looked past my sister's pussy at the two women. I nearly blew my load right there when I saw them facing each other, kissing and rubbing each others' tits. Suddenly, Denise started to convulse as she hit her orgasm. Luckily she had been more grinding on the cock with her pussy not stroking on it or would never have lasted as long as I to this point. Denise rode me though her orgasm and then got off my cock.

Natalie gave my cock a couple of quick sucks. The ease with which she sucked Denise's juices of my member made me wonder a little, but that was for later. Natalie then pulled her pussy off my face and straddled by cock. She slid into her wet pussy with such ease. She began for fuck me expertly, purposefully. I looked over at Denise. She was rubbing her clit and moaning how hot if was to see Natalie fucking her brother.

I began to suck on Natalie's tits as she bounced on my cock. I couldn't hold off any longer. I exploded my cum into my sister's pussy. My sister pumped on my shaft until I was soft. Then she rolled off. Denise, noticing that my sister still needed an orgasm, moved over and began to eat my juices of my sister's snatch. Natalie came hard.

When we all recovered, we finally spoke of what had happened. We all agreed it was amazing. Silence fell over the room. Natalie broke the silence by explaining that, yes, she and Denise had made love before. I told them I had figured that from the ease they had with other. Natalie got up to go to bed since she had to work. Denise began to head for her room. I must have looked depressed since Natalie caught my attention and smiled at me.

"There is always tomorrow", she said.

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by Anonymous

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by WretchedMonkey02/05/18

Too many errors

So I stopped reading after the 2nd paragraph. Check your work or get someone to check it for you otherwise you'll never retain readers.

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by Anonymous01/12/18


Who cares about spelling and grammar mistakes? That's not why you came to this site now is it? Now be a good boy and clean your room up before dinner.

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by PhineasN09/20/17

You really need to proofread

The frequency of grammar/spelling mistakes almost makes this story unreadable. Please proofread at least a little if you're not going to have someone else edit it for you. And add length. Short storiesmore...

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