tagIncest/TabooMy Sister Sarah's Big Butt Ch. 01

My Sister Sarah's Big Butt Ch. 01


My 30 year old sister Sarah's asshole had a faint odor that smelled of banana scented lotion and musk from daily sweating. The scent of her rectum made my cock even harder. I pressed my nose into the opening of her asshole. She moaned and grunted softly as she pushed her butt against my face. Her sweet butt cheeks rested softly against my face. I was so hard I could have busted a nut all over the floor without even touching myself.

I began running my tongue up and down the sphincter of her anus. The taste matched her aforementioned odor. I even licked her ass crack. This is what I had wanted for so long: my older sister Sarah's ass. I wanted to devour it; I wanted to feast on it. I wanted to literally fuck the shit out of her.

I placed the head of my cock against the entrance of her asshole, barely tipping the hole that I had just sniffed and licked like a lollipop. She reached behind her with her right hand, as she was lying on her left side, and spread her right butt cheek outwards, allowing her beautiful asshole to spread apart for my hungry cock. I slowly pushed in. The base of my cock was now inside her; she let out a soft "coo" of a moan as she gently backed her ass up against me in small increments.

Sarah's asshole was warm and soothing; I just wanted to fall asleep bundled up with her, with my cock inside her anus.

I...I...I woke up. It was a dream. The fast sequences, the quick details, the smell, the warmth -- it was all a façade fabricated by my subconscious mind during sleep. I had thousands of intimate dreams about Sarah in the past, but nothing was as realistic as the one I'd just dreamt. Maybe it was the melatonin I'd taken before sleeping.

I have wanted her ass for as long as I could remember. I take sneak peaks at her body all the time. The way her ass always sways back and forth, it mesmerizes my mind. Every girl I've dated, no matter how infatuated I became with their asses, my sister Sarah's booty is preeminent.

I closed my eyes and began to think... what if I really, really, really tried to buttfuck my sister? She's 30 years old, almost 31, and has been single for five months after getting out of an eight year relationship. She's works all the time and rarely ever gives herself any breaks.

I want to buttfuck her, and the odds are stacked against me given the circumstances. She works a horde of hours per week and so do I. The one thing we have going for us is that we are really close, so how can I get inside her dirty, forbidden hole? If there's a will, there's a way.

I knew that if I wanted to have sex with her, specifically anal sex, I would have to go to great lengths to do it. I would, at the very least, have to get even closer to her. I'd have to become more physical in my advancements (more hugging, more of me kissing her on the cheeks, the ones on her face that is).

How? I ruminated through my brain and sifted through the memories of my life. I instantly remembered the fact that she's a hard sleeper, the fact that she used to playfully sit on my lap and the fact that she's always been a touchy/feely kind of sibling, something that I could finally use to my advantage.

Having anal sex with my sister Sarah was not an obsession -- it was a strong desire. She's been down about her age over the past couple of years, complaining that her body has failed her. I strongly disagree, and I want to show her when I'm deep inside her rectum. I want her to know how sexy she is without creeping her out by expressing my love for her body and my want to make love to her rear end.

This will be the ultimate challenge, but I have always been about challenging myself, whether it's in my personal life or it's my career. I'm determined to find a way to have sex with my sister. This is my journey on the way to transforming the relationship I have with Sarah. I'm determined and I'm more than ready to get a crack at her. If I can't, then I fail. If I can, then I'll be rewarded with what I want.

To be continued...

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Completala please

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You gotta complete it

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