My Visit to Dad Ch. 2


Much to dads disappointment it was Frank who won, I lay back on the floor as Frank positioned himself between my wide open legs, he started by licking slowly along the lips of my smooth pussy, I was very wet, he slid his fingers into my cunt and while continuing to lick my pussy he finger fucked me deeply, "Oooh yes Frank, use more fingers, Deeper, oh fuck that feels good" I told him, turning my head I saw dad and Stan standing, watching Frank, they both played with their dicks as they watched, "Dad, Stan" I called out, "Come here and let me do that" I told them, they both knelt at my head, I reached out and grasped their hard dicks, "Suck it Jessie" dad asked, "Oh I don't know, after all you didn't win did you?" I joked, "Please Jessie, please suck it" he begged, I took dads dick into my mouth and sucked hard on it, at the same time I wanked on Stan, after a couple of minutes I swapped over and sucked Stan's dick, Billy had recovered and without being told joined us on the floor, he squeezed my tits, pinched and sucked on my nipples.

So there I was, me and four guys - all of them over 60, I had a dick in my mouth, one in my hand, one was sucking on my tits and the other one was busy fingering and licking out my cunt - Heaven! I needed to get one of their dicks in my cunt, I felt very horny, I intended to get fucked by each of them, I stopped sucking dads dick long enough to tell them to fuck me, Frank didn't need telling twice and he forcibly lunged his dick deep into my cunt and started to fuck me hard, a couple of minutes later Stan shouted out "I'm going to cum Jessie!" his spunk splattered over my face, I took hold of his dick - it was still throbbing and dribbling cum and I sucked it, "Oh fuck! That feels so good" he moaned as I sucked the last few drops out of him.

Billy took his place at my head and I lost no time in taking as much of his big dick into my mouth as I could, I heard dad tell Frank to swap places, Frank's dick was replaced with dads, I sucked my juices from Frank's dick while I wanked on Billy, I could feel my juices running out of my cunt as dad fucked me, then I felt dad probing my ass hole with his finger which made me moan out loud, "Oh yes dad, that's good!" as he fucked me he fingered my ass, "You want me to fuck your ass Jessie?" he asked. "Yes Dad, Do it! Fuck my ass!" I screamed out, I felt him slide out of my cunt and start to rub his dick around my ass hole, smearing my juices into it, then the immense pleasure as his dick slowly slid in, "Oh Fuck! That feels good dad! So fucking good!" Before long he was pumping his dick deep into my ass, I wanted one inside my cunt to - I wanted Billy!

I managed to get them to stop, I told them what I had in mind, Billy lay on the floor, I straddled him and slowly lowered myself down on to his dick, Fuck! It filled me up, I had never experienced such a big, fat dick inside my cunt, luckily due to the fact that I had already been fucked by dad and Frank my cunt was very juicy, then dad got into position behind me, I leaned forwards feeding my tits into Billy's mouth as I felt dad's dick slide into my ass hole, "Does that feel good Jessie?" dad asked as I screamed out, "Fucking Great dad!" I panted, Frank and Stan stood either side of me allowing me to suck on one and wank on the other - Four guys!

I had all of them at the same time with a dick in every hole and one to spare! Dad was the next to cum, shooting his hot spunk deep inside my ass, Frank quickly replaced him and was soon pumping his dick into my ass, I sucked dads dick until it softened, Billy, probably due to the fact of having cum once already kept pumping away in my cunt, he squeezed and sucked on my tits as if he was trying to milk a cow! I saw dad sit and watch me get fucked, he played with his dick, trying to get it hard again, my ass hole was now feeling quite loose and open, I wanted to try Billy's dick in there, this time it was Stan's turn to lie on the floor with his dick up inside my cunt, Billy slid his dick in with no problem, I sucked Stan deep down my throat. I

had read about double penetration - the thought of having two dicks inside my cunt together appealed to me, I had to try it. Billy shouted out he was ready to cum and pulling out of my ass hole spunked up over my back, I now had only two of them left, "I want you both to fuck my cunt!" I told them, still bobbing up and down on Stan's dick, Frank went behind me, "Are you sure Jessie?" he asked, "Yes Frank, Do it!" I shouted out, I felt Frank's dick probing around, trying to slide in, I stopped bouncing as his dick joined Stan's, "Oh fuck! Yes! Ooh that feels so good!" I told him as his dick slid in, my cunt had never felt so filled, Stan had to keep still as Frank fucked me, "Fuck me deep and hard!" I told him, I was bent right forward, my tits squashed into Stan's chest, wouldn't it be good if they could both cum together I thought, imagining having two dicks squirting cum in my cunt at the same time - Great!

But it wasn't to be, Stan told me he was ready to cum, I wanted to suck it out of him and told him, Frank pulled out, I rolled off Stan, lay back on the floor as he knelt at my head, I took hold of his dick and put it in my mouth just in time, I swallowed nearly all of his hot spunk but there was too much, some escaped my mouth and dribbled down my face onto my tits. Then there was Frank! The last one, I looked up at him, "Do what you want Frank, tell me how you want to fuck me!" I told him, he made me get up on all fours - the doggie position, he went behind me, I stuck my ass high up as he lunged his dick into my cunt - So deep! So hard! I screamed out, "Oh that's feels so good Frank, Go on! Fuck me, Harder! Deeper!"

He did as I asked until he was ready to cum; I felt his dick throb and twitch - "In my cunt Frank! Fill my cunt with your spunk!" I told him. I pushed back on his hard dick as he spurted his cum into my cunt, three or four times he lunged forward, each time a stream of spunk shot into me, I collapsed on the floor, my body twitching, I felt so fucking horny, I lay there for a few minutes then slowly stood up, spunk started to run down my legs, my back, tits and face felt sticky, my stockings laddered - I must have looked a right tart!

Dad, Stan and Billy were all playing with their dicks, it seemed they wanted to try again! I felt sore and totally 'fucked out' "Sorry boys, I'm Fucked, we are going to have to wait till next week I'm afraid" "You mean that?" Billy said, "We can fuck you again next week?" "Yes Billy, next week, the week after that, in fact - I'm relying on you boys to fuck me good till I leave!" I told them, I sat down and drank a beer, and the conversation was about Sex! The guys relating different experiences they had had, Stan then revealed he had a niece - about my age he said, she apparently was 'free and easy' regarding sex, Stan said she had 'come on' to him once although nothing happened he was sure it could have, "Why not invite her next week" I suggested, "You boys are a bit of a handful for one woman to take care of, I could do with some help" I joked. Before they left each of them groped and kissed me, saying how much they were looking forward to next week, "Don't forget your niece Stan" I told him as he left. I went up to bed with dad, not bothering to ask I got into his bed, I intended to sleep with him in future, he fucked me once before we fell asleep, I felt so good!

To be - or not to be continued, that is the question...

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