tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wanton Night at the Club

My Wanton Night at the Club


Delicious thoughts have been running through my head all day; carnal, steamy and highly erotic thoughts that include James, my hot husband of twenty-four years and, the unexplored. For good reason too; we made plans to go to this evenings exotic club party three weeks ago. We've never been to one but were told upon making reservations to dress sexy and be prepared to let anything happen. Three weeks have taken forever to get here. Finally, at eight p.m., we leave for the Club.

James and I arrive at the party. We don't see anyone we know which puts me at ease because I am really excited about my outfit; a mid-thigh hot-pink pencil knit skirt with no panties and ultra low-cut sheer blouse with my lacy pink deep plunge push-up bra under to show off my natural 36DD's. My nipples threaten to expose themselves any time now. James is wearing sexy, tight, worn jeans (commando) with a sage green button down shirt that is opened to the third button down. This shirt makes his gorgeous green eyes even greener. He looks so hot!

(James picked out my outfit then told me to not wear any panties so he could have easy access to my pussy throughout the night. I was so wet, I wantonly begged him to fuck me from behind immediately but instead he fingered me, chuckled at my wetness, then kissed me long and hard and told me I have wait until we get to the party and we'll go from there.)

We take up seats at the bar and order our drinks. The room is darker but softened in pink light and makes everything appear rosy in color. The dance floor off to the side is also swathed in soft pink lights. This is good as my cheeks are flushed from the excitement of actually doing this.

Surveying the area we watch the couples out on the dance floor. Several of the women are wearing outfits styled similarly to mine.

"Hey honey, do you think their partners dressed them like you did me for the evening?" I say to James laughing softly, keeping my eyes on one specific couple. The man is grinding into his partner from behind with his hands on her thighs holding her in place as her moves match his and her head thrown back into his shoulder.

"If their thoughts were x-rated like mine, they did" James says a little lustily.

I look at him. He's watching the same couple as me. I stroke his leg with my hand and turn back to watch the couple. Next thing, I feel James's hand move up my thigh and under my skirt. His fingers find my lips and they part them to discover their destination is very moist indeed. I moan quietly, close my eyes then ever so slightly spread my thighs open a little more for easier access. James pulls his fingers out to circle my lips and clit slow and deliberately. The feeling is orgasmic.

I open my eyes to look at James and see he is gazing at me intently a satisfied smile playing on his lips. I move my hips into his hand urging him to explore further which he obliges and slowly pumps two fingers in and out of my sopping pussy.

Just as I am about to have a mini-orgasm, we notice that the song has ended and couples are heading our way to order from the bar. Feeling shy, I try to close my thighs around James' hand to hide what we were doing but James is strong and keeps his hand doing what it was smiling wickedly at me all the while. I shake my head no at him but he shakes his head yes and nods towards the couple standing next to us.

I look that direction and see the man with his hand up the back of his partner's skirt, exposing her shapely ass as he fingers her from behind. I relax. James continues his finger-pumping assault until I am close again then stops, and slides his hand out smoothly from beneath my skirt. I pout at him.

He smiles and says, "How do you taste?" then slides his wet fingers into my mouth for me to suck. I happily do as told.

"Pretty sweet, you want a taste?" I ask seductively.

"Soon," is all he says, eyes gleaming with mischief.

We finish our drinks and head to the dance floor. A fast song comes on and we bump and grind like everyone else. The couple we watched earlier joins us on the dance floor. Soon, like before, we notice her partner slide behind her, hold her hips in place with his left hand but this time, with his right, slides it up under the front of her skirt exposing her nearly shaved pussy for several seconds. She throws her head back to him to kiss him while he pulls her skirt down placing his right hand on her hip as well. I am surprised at how turned on I am by seeing her pussy. James notices how turned on I am as well.

Another fast song comes on and we switch up our moves enjoying the exercise it brings us. Soon the song is over and a slow sensual song starts.

I move into James's arms and we slowly grind into each other as all the other couples do the same. The lights dim, James moves behind me to take the opportunity to slide his right hand under and down the front of my skirt. His skilled fingers find my clit and rub sensually. My breathing hitches as he bends his head down to kiss me. His deft fingers move farther into where I am wettest and they part my lips and slide inside making me moan low in my throat. I feel his approval harden against my backside. Too soon he removes his hand but he turns me around to face him and pulls me in tight against him. He feels so good. My body is on fire wanting him.

James leans down to whisper in my ear, "You are so hot honey. You are making me very horny."

With complete love, lust and wanting, I look up at him. His eyes dance, gleaming at me as he slowly starts pulling the back of my skirt up just far enough to expose my ass as he squeezes and caresses it then spreads my cheeks apart for anyone to see. This lasts only a few seconds but long enough for me to witness a cute brunette wearing a tight little black knit mini-dress, standing by the bar staring at my ass appreciatively. I whisper my findings into James's ear and he turns me around slowly so he can see who I see. He watches her a few moments, then he leans into me for another kiss his eyes still dancing with lust as he does.

James moves behind me again, wraps his arms around me holding me tight then delivers kisses up and down my neck. I lean my head to the side giving him total access. His hands rhythmically move lower down my skirt then slowly pull it up running his fingers up my thighs exposing them to the girl at the bar who is watching us intently. I am so turned on that I don't care that he pulls my skirt up far enough to flaunt my neatly trimmed pussy while he gently spreads my lips apart to repeatedly rub my clit. He continues until he hears my sigh of release and feels my lips quiver below then removes his hand, pulling down my skirt as he does so.

I turn back around into him, wrap my arms around his head to pull him to me and kiss him deeply. His hands work back up my back and he holds my head in place to continue the kiss. The song ends so we leave the dance floor and walk to where the brunette is now seated at the bar to order another drink. I turn to her and smile when my drink comes.

"Hi," I say.

She leans in closer to us and introduces herself. "Hi. My name is Heather."

"I'm Tamara and this is my husband James," I reply including James in on the conversation.

"Hi. Nice to meet you Heather," James says warmly.

"You two definitely seemed to enjoy dancing out there." Heather states nodding toward the dance floor smiling unabashedly. "I wish my girlfriends who came here with me would ditch the guys they hooked up with and come dance with me. I refuse to dance alone."

I laughed. "They left you alone to go off with some guys? That seems a little rude."

"Oh, no, they told me to join all of them but their taste in men and mine are not the same, so I told them to go do their thing and meet up with me here at the bar later."

James squeezed my hand. "Well I am ready to sit for a bit and take in the sights and sounds. Why don't you two go dance for a few fast songs? I'll keep your drinks safe."

We head to the dance floor and shake our asses off. James watches us attentively. When a slow song comes on Heather and I meet James back at the bar where he hands us our drinks.

"Nice moves ladies. Next time I want to join in." he tells us.

"Sure thing," Heather says.

We talk for a little while longer until the fast music starts up again and all three of us head out dancing. James positioned himself between us girls intermittently facing each of us, gently grinding us both much to my delight and obviously Heather's too. We continue dancing this way until Heather sidles up behind me and grinds herself into me surprising me. James sees the action so he closes in to the front of me grinding and sandwiching me. The feeling is so erotic and heady. We finish the song this way.

The music stops for the DJ to break so we go back to the bar, order a drink and then the three of us walk around the venue checking out the various areas and rooms. We find a smaller, private room divided into even more intimate areas furnished with plush settees and cozy kidney shaped loveseats which we decide to sit on.

James plants himself on my left side before Heather has a chance to decide so she sits on my right creating an intimate semi-circle, making talking much easier for us all. Heather tells us about herself and her job and her divorce with her husband of nineteen years.

"After nineteen years you would think he would be settled in his ways but he told me he wants someone who is more adventurous and exciting, and rather than to cheat on me, he filed for divorce. I like to have fun. I'm adventurous. He's the one who could learn a few things."

"Your ex is a fool. I think if he saw you right now at this moment, he would see how wrong he was about you and beg for his forgiveness," James assures her while he is rubbing my right upper thigh, slowly inching my skirt upward. Heather smiles at him then looks at my right thigh. Her smile broadens.

"I agree with James. You'll find a new guy who appreciates you and will rock your world." I say.

"Oh, I'm not looking right now," Heather informs us. "In fact, I just want to have some good sinful, no strings attached fun before I get involved again. You know, make some new friends."

"Oh. Good idea," I say giggling. Heather moves her hand to my left thigh rubbing it in circles, caressing me. I am sopping wet again.

We talk a little while longer with both James and Heather slowly moving my skirt farther up letting their fingers guide them. Enjoying the attention I am receiving, I put my left hand on James's thigh to massage it working my way towards his increasing bulge and I place my right hand on Heather's thigh and start rubbing it the same way she is rubbing mine. As Heather's hand gets gratifyingly close to touching my very wet pussy, I follow suit guiding my curious fingers closer to hers. The three of us talk intimately while the caressing continues.

Just as Heather's hand begins exploring my grateful pussy and mine discovers her gloriously and also uncovered, wet pussy, her friends call to her from outside the little room we are sitting in. Heather abruptly removes her hand and apologizes for the intrusion. I remove my hand from her pussy so she can stand up to show her friends where she is at. They see her so Heather meets them halfway keeping them away from our intimate area.

Her friends tell her they are ready to leave and we hear her tell them to give her a minute to get her coat and that she would meet them at the main door. They leave. She walks back to us to explain.

"I guess they are ready to go. I am the designated driver for the night. Maybe we could exchange phone numbers and meet up again here or go to lunch or something," Heather suggests.

We exchanged phone numbers and promised to be in touch soon. Heather grins then leans in close to us and whispers, "We can do lunch, dinner or be dessert. I really don't want to go. The real fun was just starting," then she winks at James and I and leaves. We watch her walk away and we finish our drinks.

"You want to stay or go?" James asks me.

"Go. I want you right now; let's get to the truck" I tell him impatiently.

We leave the party but start our fun in the truck in the parking lot. James unzips his jeans and pulls them down far enough for me to get his glorious cock out. I start sucking it hard and fast relishing his taste and his erection.

"Slow down baby. I don't want to cum yet. Save it for the hard fucking you're going to get when we get home. I want to fuck you every way possible until you beg me to stop," he says authoritatively. "I want you to know you are mine."

This excites me more and slows me down. I suck his cock leisurely for a few more minutes before he starts the truck to drive home. When we were safely on the road, I resumed my tongue and mouth assault on his cock. Getting him close to orgasm I stop, turn my legs toward him pulling my skirt up to my waist, and then spread my legs wide. James looks down briefly at my glistening pink pussy then inserts a finger in it. I groan loudly and passionately.

"You are so wet. You wanted to bring Heather home with us didn't you?" he asks.

"The thought did cross my mind the minute I saw her staring at my ass" I admit. A moan escapes my lips as James inserts two, then three fingers into me and slowly finger fucks me. "Oh God James, don't stop. I'm going to cum." I buck against his hand keeping in rhythm with him. He increases his pace, I moan delightedly.

"Just think how this would feel if Heather was here licking you while I finger fucked you. I would love to see that." he taunts me. "And, then you could lick her pussy while I fucked you."

I gasp in response then cum hard on his fingers. He takes his hand out of my pussy and orders me to lick his fingers clean. I happily obey and suck them clean.

"Maybe you should call Heather and make sure she got home alright and then ask her over for dinner on Friday" James suggests.

"Good idea honey." I dial the number she gave us. It rings four times when she picks up.

"Hello?" a soft seductive voice answers.

"Hi. Is this Heather?"

"Yes it is. Who is this?"

"It's Tamara from the club party tonight."

"Oh hi Tamara. What's up?"

"James and I just wanted to check to make sure you got home alright tonight."

"That's sweet. Yup, I just got into my house a few minutes ago after dropping off all of my friends."

"Good to hear. We are getting closer to home. We were just discussing the exciting fun we had tonight and meeting you, and we decided to call you."

"I had fun too. I really wish I hadn't been the driver so I could have stayed. Things were just getting interesting." She says then laughs.

"Yeah they were. If you hadn't been the driver and stayed, we would have given you a ride home," I tell her. James grabs my left hand and places it on his cock moving my hand with his stroking him while I talk.

"That's cool. Maybe next time huh? There's another event in a month. We could meet up then."

"That sounds like a plan but you suggested dinner sometime so how about it Friday night? We can talk later in the week for final plans," I offer.

"I like that idea Tamara. I don't have any plans for Friday yet," Heather replies sounding a little breathy.

"Cool. I'll talk to James and call you later this week unless you call me first. We can decide what we are all hungry for then," I stroke James's cock faster and he is 'ahhhhhhing' while I do so.

"Friday it is then. I look forward to making plans with you two. Have a safe drive home and talk to you soon."

"Sounds good to me. Bye Heather." I hang up my phone and replace my other hand with my mouth. James sighs his relief and his pleasure. I suck him slowly, twirling my tongue around the tip of his shaft, licking the pre-cum when it shows then slowly enfold his entire length in my mouth. I do this several times enjoying every minute. He tastes so good. I am anxious to get home.

I continue my leisurely assault on him until we finally pull into our garage and park. James pulls his jeans back up enough to get into the house without tripping.

When we get in, we kick off our shoes and he pulls me close to him and kisses me long and hard. I return the kiss feverishly and longingly. I love how he kisses me. As we kiss, his hands roam all over my backside hitching up my skirt when he moves to my ass. His hands caress my bottom and he massages my ass cheeks, sliding a finger between them every now and then, driving me wild. He then spreads my ass cheeks apart, pulls me tight to him then grinds himself into me. I feel his divine hardness pressing into me and I want him so many ways right now. I moan my approval.

We continue kissing and grinding while making our way to the kitchen. When we reach the counter, he lifts me onto it then slowly unbuttons my blouse, pulls it off me and throws it on the counter beside me. My breasts are still confined in my lacey pink bra so he gently releases each one from their cup then sucks one while he fondles and caresses the other. He switches, making me moan all the while then moves one hand down my chest to my waist. My breathing picks up and he continues his descent down my skirt to my leg where he pulls my skirt up to my waist exposing my soaking pussy.

"Yum," James says glancing down between my legs, nodding his approval.

He runs his tongue across his upper lip then places kisses down my chest to my stomach then to each thigh inducing my urgent need to buck my hips towards his mouth. My eyes are closed intensifying each pleasure he brings to my body and when he moves his kisses and hands back up my body to cup each breast to suck lovingly, I grab his face and bring his lips to mine for a deep intense kiss.

My body implores me to break the kiss. I plant kisses down his neck and his earlobe then to his other side and suddenly his hands are parting my thighs, then my drenched lips. He leaves one hand spreading me open while the other begins clit play. I cry out with intense pleasure.

His attention quickly averts to ducking his head between my thighs to start licking me. My pussy lips are quivering with desire and the need to explode. James continues to lick, flick and caress my labia and clit with his skillful tongue and I cum again, breathing hard, riding it out. I close my eyes and sigh, satisfied for the moment.

"Not so fast my love," James announces when he frees his tongue. "There's more, much more. When you walk anywhere the next few days I want you to be reminded with each movement of how much I fucked you tonight and made you cum."

Slowly I open my eyes, smile wickedly then reply, "Fuck me any and every way you can think of. I'm yours."

I pull down James's already unzipped jeans, grab his cock, slide off the counter and kneel between his legs. I fully engulf that beautiful cock all the way into my mouth sucking hard as I do so. He sighs and when his breathing picks up, I jump back on the counter, spread my legs wide and pull him into me.

Full of complete carnal desire we watch his cock as it pumps into my very ready pussy. We watch the x-rated show of it for a short time then pull each other tight into an embrace and make-out while we fuck. My breathing gets faster so James pulls out of me, lifts me off the counter and pulls me to our bedroom. Once in there, he finishes undressing me, and I him, and we fall onto the bed our bodies and tongues entwined.

My body is pulsing with desire. I move my hands over James's smooth chest down to his hips and pull him into me. He guides his cock in and out slowly at first, teasing me so I thrust into him pushing him deeper. He pumps harder and faster, pulls out then flips me onto my stomach, pulls my hips up to him and fucks me doggy-style. I buck into him meeting each of his thrusts. Soon I raise up and arch back still keeping at fucking level so James can hold my breasts while he fucks me.

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