tagLoving WivesMy Wife and Her Sister's Boyfriend

My Wife and Her Sister's Boyfriend


My wife and I am been together for a number of years, and I've always found her hot as hell. When we first started dating she used to dress really sexy, tiny little short shorts, short dresses, braless in a tight shirt. She looked really hot whenever she went braless because her nipples were long (at least an inch) and thick (almost the diameter of a nickel) and always erect. It was impossible not to notice those nipples stretching the fabric way out.

At that point in time she lived alone with her sister, but after a while her sister's boyfriend Sean also moved in with them. He would often invite his cousins, who lived in another state, to go clubbing on the weekends. Of course afterwards they would sleep over and drive back home at the end of the weekend. They always slept in sleeping bags on the living room floor. I would always wonder if they had ever seen my girlfriend naked, but I didn't want to ask her outright.

I was picking her up one day to go out but she wasn't ready yet, so I followed her into her bedroom and I sat on her bed while she got dressed. I noticed that she left her bedroom door more than half way open. I also noticed that her sister's boyfriend was sitting on the couch in the living room and had an unobstructed view into her bedroom. I didn't think too much about it because she usually changed by her closet, which couldn't be seen from the other room. I was a little surprised when she gathered her clothes and put them on the bed next to me. Still not knowing what she was doing I didn't say anything. I was almost speechless when she quickly pulled her top over her head and tossed it on the floor. Her bare black tits bounced into view with her huge erect nipples sticking right out. As she bent over her tits hung down and swayed slightly back and forth. I mentioned as casually as I could that Sean could see right in.

She just shrugged it off and said, " It doesn't matter, he's like my brother and he treats me like a sister. It's no big deal."

She never quite faced the door directly. I think she did this so Sean would think that she was unaware of being watched. She then slipped off her pants and stepped out of them. I couldn't believe what I was seeing now, her panties appeared quite stretched out and the crotch sagged a good two or three inches below her pussy. If you were looking from the side, which Sean was, her shaved pussy was clearly visible. I think Sean was too far away to make out details but from were I was sitting I could easily see her pussy lips as well as her rather prominent pink clit poking out from its hood.

She seemed to be taking much more time than usual to get dressed, walking around getting jewelry, putting make up and things into her purse, and all the other odds and ends that go with a woman getting dressed up to go out. All the while her naked tits and almost naked pussy were on display. She finally finished and we left.

After a few minutes I asked her if she knew that her pussy was also visible to Sean and she gave the same nonchalant answer about the brother and sister thing. I then asked her if she walked around the house like that when Sean's cousins were there. She said no, she always wore a t-shirt on top. Now, I knew the type of t-shirts she slept in and they were all tight little belly shirts which meant that nothing would be covering her panties. I asked her if all of her panties were as stretched out as the ones she had on. She said not all, but quite a few were because she used to be a little heavier and her thicker thighs had stretched them out. I asked her if she ever wore the stretched ones around the house in front of the cousins.

"Probably," she said, "I never really thought about it."

I was a little pissed that she let all these guys see her almost naked, but I held my tongue. After all, I didn't own her, plus we hadn't been a couple very long so I really didn't think that I had a right to dictate what she did in her own house. The other thing that kept me quiet was that in the back of my mind I was a little turned on knowing that other guys had seen her almost naked.

After a while we got married, bought a house and settled into our life. Unfortunately I turned into the typical asshole guy who never wants his wife to dress in anything sexy or revealing, even though that was what had initially attracted me to her.

We would get into arguments from time to time about she was wearing, with the usual, "you don't trust me, you used to like me dressing sexy," type of talk.

Finally I was able to see the forest through the trees, and I remembered how turned on I was by the sexy clothes she used to wear, and I also remembered that I was a little turned by the thought of Sean and his cousins catching glimpses of her body. What a fool I was wasting all that time when I could have been showing her off all this time. She was surprised when I started suggesting things to wear such as wearing a low cut, loose fitting blouse without a bra or a really short mini dress. She indulged my wishes whenever I asked, and I never suggested anything that would make her exhibition too obvious.

It was about this time that I realized that my wife was a "closet" exhibitionist. As long as it appeared accidental, I suspected that she would get as turned on as I was every time she let someone get a peek at her tits or a glimpse up her dress at her thong covered pussy.

After a number of years, we began to go out less and less. She was working a lot more hours because she wanted to start sending more money to her family back in Mozambique, where she was from. Also, I had just started a business and that took up a lot of my time. On rare occasions when we did go out she would very occasionally indulge me, but I knew she didn't enjoy it as much as she used to. We still had a very active and passionate love life, but it seemed my wife's exhibitionist days were over. I had no choice but to accept it and move on.

Then one evening on our anniversary we dined at a really nice restaurant that was our favorite place to go for special occasions. It was a good hours drive to get there, and it was quite expensive, so we didn't go there very often. During a very relaxed four hour dinner we managed to consume more than two bottles of wine. I was fine to drive but I knew my wife was feeling pretty drunk. This was an added bonus for me because I knew that she always got really horny and really sexually aggressive whenever she drank. We got into the car and started our long trip home.

My wife was reclined in the front seat with her eyes closed, although I knew she wasn't sleeping just relaxing and enjoying her buzz. She was dressed in a beautiful, and a little sexy, black lace dress. As I looked over at her laying back I started to get excited and started rubbing the inside of her thigh. As I moved my hand higher up her thigh she relaxed her legs completely and let her legs fall wide apart. I slipped my hand under into her panties and slid my hand lightly over her pussy, just barely touching her clit. She moaned and raised her hips up trying to make better contact with my hand, but I wouldn't let her. I wanted to just tease her and make her crazy horny. I withdrew my hand from her panties and then reached up and slipped the thin straps of her dress down over her shoulders. I then moved my hand in between her tits and then inside her dress. I gently cupped her breast and then started moving my hand in slow circles lightly touching her nipples which were of course huge and erect. She was really getting hot now, moving her hips in up and down as if she was getting funked. I pulled the top of her dress completely down exposing her naked breasts, letting my finger tips follow their curve and brush over her nipples. She still had her eyes closed either pretending to be sleeping or just drunk and oblivious as to what was happening as we drove down the highway.

I wanted to see how naked I could get her in the front seat of our car, so I pulled the bottom of her dress up above her waist and then pulled her panties down. She raised her hips up slightly allowing me to pull her panties down below her knees. I couldn't reached any farther but she obliged by lifting one leg and then the other until she was able to free her panties completely. As she did this she spread her legs really wide and raised her hips high above the seat, desperate to be touched. I touched her inner thigh and let my hand glide up to her pussy. I pushed my middle finger down just below her clit and let it open her inner lips. I allowed my finger to slightly penetrate her, feeling her wetness now, sliding it down and a little deeper. Her back was arched and she was moving her hips up and down and in small circles. I let my finger sink deep into her pussy as she moaned softly. As I brought my finger up and out I let it graze her erect clit which was now as large as the tip of my little finger. Wanting to make this an experience to remember, and also wanting to really push the envelope, I then turned on the lights inside the car so she would be visible to passing cars. I half expected her to open her eyes and make me turn them off, but she was apparently too desperate to cum to care about anything else.

She must have looked sexy as hell to anyone looking down into our car, as her dress was just a small band of bunched up fabric across her stomach. Her tits were bare with those great nipples poking up, her legs were spread wide exposing her open, wet pussy to anyone who cared to look. It was dark outside, and with the interior lights on it was impossible to see very well into the passing cars and trucks. I rode in the far left lane so any cars passing would be on her side of the car, making it much more likely that the driver might see her. I couldn't tell for sure if she was seen, but a number of cars seemed to slow down and take their time passing us. She was really going wild by now, bucking her pussy up and down trying to get my finger deeper inside as I made small circles around her clit with my thumb. I couldn't take anymore myself, I really wanted to make her cum now too.

Her pussy was so open, and so wet, that I could easily push two fingers deep inside her. I curved my fingers up so I could rub her G-spot as I moved my fingers in and out of her pussy. It didn't take much of this before she started cumming really hard, screaming loudly and arching her back so much that her pussy was actually above top of the door. Right at that moment a big SUV started passing us, but then slowed to match our speed. Almost at the same instant my wife was cumming so hard her pussy started to squirt. With her back arched the way it was, a long stream of liquid jetted out of her pussy and hit the inside of the windshield. Her whole body twisted as she continued to cum, and just as her pussy faced the side window, two more streams spurted out and splashed against the side window. With her wild movements I couldn't keep my fingers inside her, but she quickly substituted her own hand and used her flat palm to rub her clit and pussy ferociously.

As her orgasm subsided she stopped her hand movement, but her hips were still pumping up and down slightly, and her legs were spread wide, directly facing the drivers side of the SUV, and a thin trickle of pussy juice was still running out of her wide open pussy lips. I almost came just thinking about how hot that must have looked to the driver and passengers of that SUV. After another minute she collapsed, exhausted, back into her seat. A few seconds later the SUV gave us a couple of horn toots and sped off. I rearrange her dress as best I could to cover her up, then she turned on her side and just fell asleep. I hoped this adventure indicated a return to her old exhibitionist ways.

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