tagIncest/TabooMy Wife And My Daughter Are Gagged

My Wife And My Daughter Are Gagged


"Well, how was work today, honey?", my wife asked.

"I show up and they keep paying me, so I guess I'll just keep showing up."

My wife, Debbie, laughed and gave me a deep kiss. As she did that, she reached into my blue jeans and started playing with my cock. Her hand started to pump up and down on my shaft.

"Oh, oh. Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm just about to --- Mmmppphhh ---." Debbie slapped her hand over my mouth. As usual, I was speechless.

A satisfied groan escaped my lips as my wife kept her hand over my mouth. A cum stain spread across the front of my jeans as Debbie worked her hand up and down my throbbing unit. She laughed as I poured out semen.

"You worthless piece of shit!", she said. "You couldn't even hold out for a minute? What's wrong with you?"

The thrill of having your wife talk to you like your less than shit is not something that mainstream society understands. Not that I care. My wife had just given me for free, what other men paid her hundreds of dollars an hour for.

My wife is what you would call a "M.I.L.F." She just turned 40 but she can pass for 30. Her hair is long and blonde. She weighs 110 pounds, stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and measures 36-24-36.

She's taller than me, slightly older than me, and she is my mistress and I am her slave. She earns more money than me, too, so she has economic power over me as well. She owns the house we live in and my wife has made it clear that if I don't like things as they are then I can leave. She holds all the cards.

I first met Debbie when I answered an ad in the adult personals that said, "Mistress looking for slaves." I spent $500.00 that first night. I spent most of it tied and gagged in her basement. From that point, forward, I was hooked.

I literally begged her on my hands and knees to go out with me. She laughed at me and asked me if I had any idea how many pathetic creeps like me asked her out. I told her I would do anything for a date with her ... anything.

I spent the next seven nights in a row tied and gagged in her car. Sometimes, I would be allowed to service her pussy with my mouth as she drove through the cavernous streets of downtown Chicago. Sometimes, I would be put in the trunk by her and I would spend the evening alone tightly tied and securely gagged while she serviced her clients in the front seat.

I know that this must sound crazy to a lot of people but the sex between us has been fantastic! The fact that other men were constantly touching my wife only made things better. I am her slave and I cannot say no to her.

After a year of bondage and dating, we finally got married! All our wedding guests on her side were from the "bondage community." All the wedding guests on my side were clueless as to what my new bride's occupation really was.

Debbie kept up her full appointment schedule after we got back from our honeymoon. She was making hundreds of thousands in a year. There was no way she was going to let go of that money!

I am pretty much what you would call a "kept" husband. I don't have to work but I do, just to keep active. My main job is to drive our two bratty kids around during the workday. After all, why should they use their own gas when they can use mine, right? And I shouldn't even call them kids since they are both in their early 20's.

Our daughter, Dawn, is the mirror image of her mother, very bossy and is about to join her mother's business. Our son, Peter, is pretty much the mirror image of me, black hair, 5 feet 8 inches, 160 pounds. Sexually, he's about as freaky as I am. He likes when his girlfriends boss him around but sometimes he bosses them around.

I joke to my wife and say that Peter is a "switch hitter." A mixture of dominant and submissive.

"Oh, baby. You know I didn't mean to call you names." Debbie "broke character" and started hugging and kissing me the way most wives kiss their husbands.

The kitchen door swung open and in walked the kids. My daughter, Dawn, sat next to me on the couch. She was dressed in a halter top, short shorts and a pair of high heels.

"Hi, Daddy.", my daughter said as she kissed me on the mouth. She held the kiss for about five seconds. In that five seconds, I smelled the expensive perfume she wore. I stole a glance at her perfectly tanned and toned thighs.

My erection was back in a flash! I didn't care if she was my own daughter, she was hot! She gave me a knowing smile as she pulled back from her kiss. She knew what she was doing to me!

My son looked over at my wife, his mother, and complimented her on the gorgeous black bikini she was wearing, the bikini that I had bought her. The next thing I knew, my wife was in my son's arms and he was kising her on the mouth for 30 seconds. I listened as my wife moaned with obvious pleasure as our son stuck his tongue down her slender throat.

"Oh, baby. You taste good!", my wife giggled as our son released his hold on her.

"I could just squeal with delight!", said my wife.

"Don't do that. What would the neighbors think? I guess I'll just have to keep you quiet, Mom."

And just like that, my dominatrix wife became submissive putty in the hands of our son! He put his hand over his mother's mouth and pressed down hard. Debbie moaned with pleasure under our son's hand as he held it over her mouth.

Dawn teased her brother.

"Look at Peter. He's "kidnapping" Mom."

I thought to myself.

"What did I expect?" If two people as sexually "freaky" as me and Debbie had kids, how could they turn out any other way but freakier than us; maybe even freakier?"

Since I was the submissive one, I didn't usually cover my wife's mouth. Usually, when I do, she slaps my hand away. Holding my hand over my wife's mouth was something that I got to enjoy on a limited basis only. But here was my own Son covering my wife's mouth and here she was, clearly enjoying a "handgag" from her son more than a "handgag" from her husband.

Watching my son hold his hand over my wife's mouth was turning me on. I wanted to "handgag" her myself!

"Peter, you pervert! I can see your hard on from here. Are you getting off on our Mom?", asked Dawn.

I could tell that Dawn and Peter were about to get into another one of their loud arguments. I made a decision in the flash of an instant. I stepped up behind my daughter and clamped my hand tightly over her mouth!

I tried to guess what might happen next!

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by mezmerized06/18/18


A hot, horney, make out kiss, and a hand gag, and this is considered as incest/taboo? It needs to go alot farther than that, to fall into this catagory.

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