tagLoving WivesMy Wife & My Friend

My Wife & My Friend


Black Friend Steals My Wife

I was sure my ex-wife would always love me. I had fallen for her so deeply in love, I refused to believe it.

We met in college at a fraternity party, during the first semester of my senior year. I had never dated much because I devoted all of my time to my studies. When she discovered my father was a wealthy doctor and I was going to medical school, she immediately found me extremely attractive.

I walked her back to her dorm one night and since no males were allowed inside, I could only go as far as the front steps. I turned to her to place a polite kiss on her cheek. As soon as I leaned forward, she clutched my face with her hands, bringing my mouth to hers for a deep, wet, longing kiss. She held me close ground her hips against my bulging erection. As soon as the kiss ended, she looked at me with glazed, lustful eyes and took me by the hand around to the back of the dorm where it was dark on this moonless night.

With her back to the building, she pulled me close and kissed me passionately again, this time grabbing my buttocks and pulled me as hard as she could. My erection was now screaming for release.

Her frantic hands quickly unzipped my pants and with her soft hand, pulled it out into the cool night air. She gasped at my size as the full, fat ten inches stood rock hard. Lisa immediately fell to her knees and began sucking me wetly, taking my cock as far into her mouth as she could. I had experienced one blowjob in my life but never with her enthusiasm and passion.

As she licked the precum from the round head of my cock, I though I was going to cum in her mouth. Lisa rose from her knees, pulled her skirt up to her waist and took my hand into her soaking panties.

" Rip them off. Do it now…please,” she panted.

I was so overcome with lust, I tore her wet underwear from her and threw them on the ground. Without saying a word, she grabbed my cock and began rubbing the head up and down the wet slit, pausing at her clit to push my dick against the small protrudence.
We were now both panting and groaning as primal lust overpowered our need for each other. Lifting her right leg and wrapping it around my back, she pushed the head of my cock into her warm wetness.

Her hand could not fit around my cock but she was holding on to it with her saliva making it slippery in her grasp. She pushed in another two inches and I tried to think of math or science to keeping from blowing my load to soon.

Finally, she put both arms around my neck, and pulled herself upward. As soon as she felt another inch slide in her dripping pussy, she dropped down the entire length of my shaft. Moaning we both started banging our hips together. I grabbed her ass and pushed her back up further against the wall of the building.

”God, you are so huge. Keep fucking me. Fuck me hard with that hard cock."

Urged by words I had never had a woman say to me, my pace quickened like a jackhammer. I could feel her channel squeezing my cock as she grunted into my ear, ”You fucker, I'm going to cum. Harder. Harder."

As her orgasm started, she stopped her movements and held me like a vice and buried her face into my neck to muffle her scream. I not hold back a second longer as my cock swelled and burst a hot load of cum deeply into her cunt. My big cock filled her pussy with so much of my sperm, it began spilling out around both our legs in warm rivulets.

We stood motionless until my softening cock slid out of her pussy with a wet "plop”. She picked up her panties from the ground and wiped as much of our juices from her legs as she could.

During the whole experience, I had not said a word only to grunt like an animal.

”I have never experienced anything even close to that. I can't believe this happened to me", I muttered breathlessly.

As her shaking lessened she looked at me. "You have just given me the greatest fuck of my life. I thought I was going to split in half at first, but you kept working deeper and deeper into me as my pussy wetted and widened for you. Can I please see you again? Call me any time you want. I'm yours for the taking. I MUST have you fuck me as much as you want."

I held her closely and told her not to worry.

”We will be together again. I promise."

”Tomorrow night?” she pleaded.

Pulling her lips to mine I replied "yes” into her mouth.

We were married as soon as I graduated from medical school, and sex remained as hot as ever.
After my residency, I was hired into an established practice by an old fraternity brother, Dr. John Harkens, who had played tight end on the college football team. He was about six-six and two-hundred and forty pounds of solid muscle. Sometimes after a tension-filled day, we would go to the club and unwind with a couple of games of handball.

He was all power and I was finesse so our games were very competitive. In the shower, I took a quick glance at his cock. It was freakishly huge, swinging halfway down his long legs. I could not imagine any woman who could accommodate him.

One Friday night, I invited John to dinner at our house. At the age of thirty-three, was still trying out woman after woman and still had not found one he liked. Until he found my wife.

During dinner that night, I couldn't help but notice the eye contact between Lisa and John. I knew had begun to spring an erection as he squirmed uncomfortably in his seat, heaping his napkin would work as a cover.

As soon as dinner ended, Lisa jumped up to clear the dishes. I watched her lean over John, revealing the cleavage of her firm, large breasts. He made a gallant effort not to look, but the temptation was too much.

”Let's go into the den for a brandy, John”

I wanted to see how he would try to hide that giant pole in his crotch. As soon as he got up, he turned his back to me, hurrying into the den, and pulled a cushion over his lap as he sat on the sofa.

When Lisa returned from the kitchen, I noticed that she had removed her bra, allowing her large nipples to poke stiffly against her thin sweater. After a furtive glance, John kept his eyes on me for the rest of the evening. Finally Lisa yawned and said she was turning in for the night. She then went over to John and placed a tiny kiss on his cheek. She swung her hips provocatively as she strolled out of the room.

From that time, John came over to our house at least twice a week, and I began to worry as the looks between Lisa and John grew longer and more obvious.

One Friday, John said he was taking the afternoon off and asked me to cover his patients for the afternoon. I told him I'd be glad to, but there was a nervous thought eating away at me. What if he and Lisa? No. No way would either of them do something like that to me.

I usually don't get home in the evening until seven or so after I made my rounds at the hospital.
Today, however, I told the nurse to reschedule all my appointments from four o'clock on.
I was sweating and shaking as I drove home. My mind was building terrible images of John and Lisa banging away at each other. If she could take his monstrous cock.

She could and did. I saw John's Mercedes parked one block over and my heart flipped over in my chest. I let myself quietly through the back door and moved down the hallway toward our bedroom.

Before I got halfway to the room, I could hear their voices. I barely opened the door and saw my worst fear. John was on his back in our bed and had Lisa in his large hands suspended over his unbelievable black pole.

Suddenly, he pulled her down slowly, inch by inch, until he had buried his monster balls deep into my wife. She panted and groaned until she got used to the fifteen inches inside her body. Then she began to lift herself up and down on him as he mauled her breasts with his hands. Lisa's head swung wildly as she started bouncing and rocking on John's cock.

I suddenly realized that even though my heart was destroyed, I had also developed a raging hard-on as I watched the spectacle before me. This went on for another forty-five minutes, during which I counted at least six orgasms from Lisa.

I tiptoed out of the house, sat in my car, and cried like a baby. Then I got mad.

I went back into the house, got my nine-millimeter from the cabinet, and burst into the bedroom.

The looked at me with both shock and fear as they saw the pistol pointed at them.

”Don't either of you move an inch or I'll unload this clip on you."

I went to the closet and got out our camera and told them to keep on fucking. Lisa started crying and begging me not to kill her.

”What are you doing with that camera?" John looked nervously as he knew very well what was about to happen.

”FUCK EACH OTHER! ” I screamed.

They resumed their coupling but with no enthusiasm. Lisa kept looking around at me as tears streamed down her face.

”Look at him, you whore."

I shot about ten minutes of film, sat down the camera, and started shooting them until all seventeen cartridges had hit both their bodies. The smell of blood, sex, and smoke from the gun filled the air.

I then went to the phone and dialed 911. When the police arrived, I was slumped in a chair in the den, crying like a baby.

I kept mumbling, ”I did it. I did it. I did it."

One of the cops returned to the den and told me they would have to take me to the station house where I could call my lawyer.

When the jury saw the film, it only took them fifteen minutes to come back with a ”not guilty” verdict. My lawyer had pleaded temporary insanity during a crime of passion.

I moved to California, set up a new practice, but the horrible image still haunted me. Forever.

The End

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by Anonymous05/02/18


Too hilarious! Was this the battle of the giant....cocks? Hubby had 10 fat inches and John with 15 fat inches. LOL .....give me a fucking break....either tb is gay and a fantasy lover or just has no graspmore...

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by Anonymous10/03/17


Would never happen!

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by MightyHorny08/14/17

Cheap thrills...

Sure, sure - let's praise the righteous ending, since it is so righteous.
But let's also see this story objectively: it's not real good.

First off, it's not hot - I'm grown enough to admit that, evenmore...

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