tagLoving WivesMy Wife And Our Neighbours Son

My Wife And Our Neighbours Son


When we were in our mid 20's my wife Louise and I bought our first house. A typical English L shaped 3 bed Victorian with a small enclosed garden. Next door lived a really pleasant family with two children Alex and Kate, his younger sister by about two years. They were really nice kids, liked sport etc and I have to say were both very good looking. As the first few years went by we got to know the family very well and by the time he went off to University Alex was a becoming a good looking young guy and I could imagine him stealing a lot of hearts whilst away studying.

At the end of his second year he came home to celebrate his 20th birthday and his parents arranged a large bar-b-que in their garden. Louise spent a lot of time sitting and chatting with Alex and she later told me he had been talking about his time at University and his involvement with the tennis team. I could sense that Louise was taken by his charming, if somewhat shy manner, as she went on to explain her surprise that he did not have a steady girl friend as yet and how she couldn't understand why as he was so good looking.

It was to be a long hot summer. Alex's bedroom was at the back of their house and overlooked our small garden. Louise said she would see him in his bedroom if she was in the garden and often wondered if he was in any way thinking of her. Initially Louise never blatantly teased but our garden could only be overlooked from his room and very occasionally she might be sunbathing and was sure he was watching her. She felt good about it and to be honest as she was in her late 20's was a little flattered by the attentions of the young student. Mind you Louise was extremely attractive. I was a lucky man. She was slim, had a cheeky smile, long dark brown hair and was slim with small perfect breasts.

Our back room also overlooked our neighbour's garden and Louise had a good idea that I would watch Kate in her garden in a similar way and over the years Kate was increasingly in their garden by herself or with her friends and eventually little groups of them would sunbath and chat together.

Both Louise and I shared a voyeuristic enjoyment of seeing Alex and Kate growing up and the payoff for us, as she thought about Alex and I thought about Kate, manifested itself in bed as we enjoyed great sex. She was in her prime and we so enjoyed making love.

* * * * * *

For a long time I had wanted to take pictures of Louise with nothing on, but no matter how often I suggested it and however many times I asked for whatever reason she never wanted me to take pictures of her nude. That is until one night when as ever I asked yet again expecting the answer to be No and she said Yes. Oh my God I thought and I got the camera out as quickly as possible before she changed her mind.

"I don't want anybody to see these." she said.

"They wont.'' I replied, "I will develop them."

As I fumbled with the camera she added, "You've got to be in them as well."

"OK" I replied. I didn't mind, I was so excited and couldn't wait to get the camera onto the tripod.

As we fumbled around on the bed with nothing on she was giggling and my cock was erect and straining. We took a couple of photos of us together from the tripod but then I took it off and concentrated on her. She was relaxing a little and I tried to get her to show me more and more of her body and get her to open her legs so I could see her pussy but she would insist on posing in such a way that her crotch was not exposed. I moved around the room taking photos with my erection waving in front of me and she posed on the bed.

Between shots Louise squeezed me and said "Mmmmm I can see what you're thinking. You've wanted to take nude pictures of me for years. I hope as a reward I get a good fuck tonight."

I was torn between dropping the camera and fucking her there and then or trying to take more photos, but I so much wanted her to open her legs completely that I carried on encouraging her to show me more and more. I was so engrossed it hadn't dawned on me that she had planning the whole thing and knowing full well what she was doing she was about to spring her trap on me.

"What do you think of Alex and Kate next door?" she asked casually

"They're great, why?"

Louise looked at me and said, "Because I want Alex."

"What do you mean you want Alex?" I asked puzzled.

"Just that, I want Alex. He's a good looking young man, he hasn't got a regular girlfriend and I want to seduce him, I'm sure I could teach him a thing or two."

"I know you could but he's only 20." I said

Louise sounded a little disappointed and went on, "I know, but that's what makes me feel horny about him."

As she made a move to cover herself with a sheet pulled up to her chin her voice started to plead, "He's so good looking and I want to seduce him and show him what real sex is all about. C'mon I know you have fun fantasising about Kate, I want some fun as well."

She was right and I couldn't argue with that.

"But I need your help," she carried on, " and if you promise to help me......" she paused and looked me in the eye with a cheeky smile, "I'll open my legs for you right now so you can take the picture of my cunt that you're so desperate to take."

Louise knew exactly what I wanted to do, she knew me well and just knew how to get me to do what she wanted, once again she had caught me out. My answer was obvious.

"Open you legs." I said.

With a big smile on her face she threw the sheet off her, threw her head back onto the pillows and opened her legs. Viewed a thousand times I never bored of seeing her legs open. Her pussy always looked so inviting and I took the photo I had wanted to take so badly for years. As the flash went off neither of us could wait any longer and she sat up telling me that was enough, took my cock in her hand, its helmet oozing precum and dragged me onto the bed and we fucked ourselves stupid for the rest of the night.

She was so aroused I made her cum several times by just licking and kissing her beautiful swollen wrinkled vagina lips, her love juice warm and scented covering my mouth and her clitoris hard and prominent below its protective hood. I penetrated her with such ease sliding into her cunt on the wave of slippery lubrication from our combined sex fluids. It wasn't long before my crotch shrivelled and my balls expressed their load of cum into the depths of her womb.

Both satisfied we lay on our backs and she wanked me slowly as she told me what she wanted to do to Alex. As I listened to her plan my cock grew again in her fingers and she kept wanking me. I tensed, my balls contracted my cum shot out and over and over in hard pulses into the air, onto her hand and onto my stomach.

She smiled and rubbing my helmet in the pool of cum below my belly button said, "I think you're going to enjoy this."

The scene was set and for some time our sex life was spiced up by Louise's descriptions about what she planned to do to Alex and what eventually happened. I wasn't going to try and stop her because my reward was fabulous sex at any time and anywhere.

* * * * * *

At the back of our house in the area of the garden that was only overlooked by Alex's room she set up a sun bed and started to regularly sunbathe at times when she knew Alex was at home and not out playing tennis. I would watch as in the beginning she would simply lay in her favourite blue bikini made of thin silky shinning material that showed her curves so well and couldn't hide her pert hard nipples that could be easily seen pushing the material into little peaks. She didn't lay there for long, just long enough, as she said, to make sure he knew he could get a peep of her.

Then she started to sunbathe with her bikini top off and make a point of rubbing sun cream on at just the right times. She now knew exactly the times when he was in his room because wearing dark sunglasses she could watch what he was doing without him suspecting and she could see his window would be very slowly opened and the curtains adjusted as he sat in the darkness of his room.

Then one day, as planned, she said it was time for my help. I knew what the reward would ultimately be for me so I followed her instructions to the letter. I came out to find her sunbathing. She was lying with her feet pointing towards Alex's window.

She whispered, "He's watching."

She rolled over onto her tummy and that was my cue. I released the catch of her bikini top and raising herself to her elbows she let it fall forward and I took the straps over her shoulders. Then I pulled down her bikini bottoms and she lifted her tummy so I could slip them off. I squirted cream onto her back and bum cheeks and slowly rubbed it in. I then had to leave her and go into the house where I stood and watched what happened next from the kitchen door.

She lay still for just a minute and then she started to rub her bum cheeks herself and as she did so she separated her legs and let her hands fall into the curves of her bottom. Again she lay still.

Then turning over she lay on her back. Oh my God she looked so good with the light glistening on her breasts and her neat pubic patch catching the sunlight. It was so erotic to think she was exposing herself to somebody else, to our young unsuspecting neighbour and that she was so aroused by the whole situation her juices would be flowing between her legs. I could imagine Alex taking himself by hand at this point as I so wanted to do as well, but I knew the agreement was that I mustn't touch myself at any time.

Again she lay still for just a few minutes and then spreading a little cream on her tummy she began to massage her breasts, one in each hand in a gentle circular motion as she rubbed in the cream. She would pause now and then at her nipples, which she would spin between her fingers making them stand up like dark hard acorns on her small tits. I could tell by the ever so slight movement in her legs that she was becoming very aroused.

Dropping her hands again to her tummy she moved them to her crotch and began to rub them into and out of her legs along the sides of her mound of Venus. Seconds later she started to skim her fingers over her pussy and inserted them into the slit of her vagina lips, which she parted ever so slightly, exposing the secret pink interior of her pussy. I was desperate to touch myself and give my raging hard on a wank but I resisted, instead I watched mesmerised as Louise gave her little show to Alex.

Then she entered the closing stages of her exposure. She parted her legs and gave her vagina full attention, rubbing her hands up and down from her clitoris to the shaded perineum nestling below her pubic hair and circled her fingers around and into her cunt. Finally she lifted her knees off the ground and separating them continued to work her hands over her inner thighs, waist and tummy. She rubbed her pussy and intentionally pulling aside her pubic hair separated her outer lips as much as she could completely displaying the wet and aroused inner lips of her vagina. Her cunt was in full view and totally exposed to Alex. My head was spinning. I felt such elation and yet no sense of envy, my lovely wife was writing around just feet from me displaying her most secret body parts to a young man.

She rubbed herself like this for three or four minutes and then lay very still, although I could see her chest pounding as the beating of her heart betrayed her excitement. Slowly she sat up, raised herself off the sun bed and walked into the house and into my arms.

Almost slumping into my embrace she sighed, "If he wasn't getting a good view before her got it then. What do you think?"

"I think he's a lucky young man, your cunt looks fabulous in the sunshine."

Louise tugged at the waist of my trousers and pulled them and my pants to the floor in one go. My prick was hard beyond belief and very wet, my precum shinning on its shaft and helmet. She took it in her hand and started to wank me. I had abided by her rules and now her fingers on my cock were heavenly.

Louise looked at me as she wanked and said, "If he's half as excited as you are I suspect he's jerked himself off already. Take me upstairs because I'm soaking wet after that and need a good furious fuck."

We walked through the house naked heading for the bedroom Louise's gorgeous body in front of me, my cock swinging from side to side, but we only got as far as the stairs because as Louise went up in front of me the glimpse I had of her bum waving in front of me was too much. I grabbed her waist and told her to kneel down on the stairs. She did and I took her from behind doggy style. She was so wet I slipped completely inside in one cosmic thrust until my balls compressed against her pussy and as I pumped in and out furiously they slapped against her cunt.

She groaned and came to an orgasm in seconds. I couldn't hold on either but pulling out I wanked myself for the last few seconds and deposited a flood of hot cum on her arse. I pushed my still engorged cock back into her cunt and continued to ram into her as I rubbed my cum into the cheeks of her bottom. My silky juices were soon spread across her bottom completely and finally withdrawing my cock I leaned forward and licked and kissed her bum cheeks.

We weren't finished though and quickly ran up the stairs to our bedroom and carried on fucking into the afternoon.

* * * * * *

In the following days Louise seemed to be feeling horny every minute of every day as she planned what she thought would work next. Totally out of the blue I even got a blowjob while driving the car. We were out and about and she saw Alex and his sister Kate.

She said, "Oh look there's my lover to be."

She turned to me and as I drove on undid my zip and pulled out my penis.

She started to rub my cock saying, "I think he's gorgeous and quite fancy giving him a good blow job right now. Just like this."

I was rigid very quickly and lowering her head she sucked me out of sight of passing cars.

She paused briefly just to say, "If you like you can think about Kate doing this to you, I don't mind."

It was hard to concentrate on driving but she made me cum within minutes and sucked me completely dry. She put my prick away, pulled up the zip and tapped me on my crotch saying, "I bet Alex would like that."

"I bet he would." I replied.

"And I bet you were thinking of Kate doing it for you."...I was.

* * * * * *

Louise had finally planned everything and telling me what she planned to do said I could watch but was not to make a single noise or be seen and as before must not touch myself in any way.

On the next Saturday, a very hot day, I hid myself in the middle room of our house and she went to the back door dressed only in a pair of very sexy tan coloured hold up stockings and a long cotton dressing gown tied at the waste with a small cord.

She called over the low garden wall, "Alex," there was a pause, "Alex."

Looking out of the window I saw Alex come to his kitchen door with just his tennis shorts on.

"Hi Alex, John's out and I've got a problem, I can't release the catch on out loft hatch, could you have a quick look?"

"Sure." said Alex, and he jumped over the low wall and followed Louise into the house. They came up the stairs to where Louise had left a chair under the loft hatch. I stood inside the middle room looking through the crack of the door.

With her back to Alex she got up onto the chair so that she was standing above him and pointing upwards said, "Do see that catch, can you release it for me?"

"OK." said Alex.

But instead of getting off the chair Louise turned to Alex and said, "Alex, you've been looking at me sunbathing haven't you?"

Alex looked guilty and replied, "No."

"Yes you have, I've seen you looking through your window so don't deny it. You've been watching me haven't you? Go on admit it, there's nothing wrong with that, I don't mind. In fact I quite like the thought of you looking at me because you are so good looking. Have you been watching me?"

"Yes", he replied.

"Do you like what you see?"

"Yes." He said quietly

"Very much?" she asked


"Say 'very much' if you do.' she insisted.

"Yes very much."

At that point she released the cord on her gown and pulled it aside. Standing on the chair she put her hands on her hips and pushed her elbows out so she was exposing herself completely. Her small perfect breasts with the teats of her beautiful nipples were above him and her pubic patch just below his eye level. Bending one knee slightly she looked overwhelmingly sexy in her stockings with their lace tops. I'm sure Alex gasped. Louise smiled at him as he stared at her from top to bottom. As her looked down at her legs she glanced quickly sideways at me and winked.

Looking down at him said, "Do you like it better seeing me this close to you?"

I could hear him swallow and nervously reply, "Yes very much."

She jumped off the chair and leaving her gown flowing open took his hand and walked into our bedroom. I repositioned myself by our bedroom door. Standing in front of him she pulled the waist of his tennis shorts open with her left hand and slid her right hand down to his crotch. He almost stepped back and I could see he was very taken aback by what was happening. She looked him straight in the eye with a big smile on her face and started to move her hand, it was obvious she was giving him a wank.

Cheekily she said, "Mmmm you do like what you see don't you. You feel very firm and strong Alex, do you like what I'm doing?"

He didn't reply, instead he groaned and shivered and as her eyebrows lifted in feigned surprise Louise said, "Oh you are excited aren't you. I've made you cum, that was quick, I'm very flattered though, it must be because you like me touching you. Is that right Alex?"

"Yes." he replied panting.

"Well Alex I think you should go home and clean up."

He didn't argue at all and Louise removed her hand from his shorts and motioned him to the door. I dived back into the middle room as he walked passed and made his way downstairs. Louise came out of our room and smiled at me not saying anything and then she called down the stairs, "Alex."

"Yes." he called back.

"Don't forget I may need your help with the hatch at some time." she said standing at the top of the stairs giving him one last flash of her body beneath the open dressing gown her hips cocked to one side.

"Certainly." he replied and he left.

Louise joined me in the middle room and through the window we saw him jump over the low wall and go into his house. She turned and with a huge smile on her face waved her right hand at me. It was covered in a sheen of white cum that was beginning to dribble off her fingers.

"Look at that." she said proudly, "He exploded in my hand and shot buckets of cum in his shorts. Isn't he gorgeous, now he's well and truly mine!"

She lifted her hand to her mouth and with a huge smile on her face started to lick her fingers. I couldn't hold off any longer and stripping off my clothes I removed her gown and laid her on our bed. Her cunt was streaming with juices so much so that her pubic hair was wet and the droplets were running down the insides of her thighs and onto her lace stocking tops. I just loved her in stockings and rubbed my hands up and down her thighs feeling the smoothness of the thin skin hugging material over her shapely legs.

I started to lick and kiss her body and for the next half an hour we revelled in an oral orgy. I'm pretty sure she was unusually quiet because she was thinking of Alex all the time. I didn't care I was in heaven sucking her slippery cunt lips in and out through my pursed lips.

We finished with a fuck and she was so wet I can genuinely say my cock didn't touch the sides. Her womb was drenched in her sex fluids and the lubrication poured out ceaselessly onto my cock and down onto the bed. Neither of us lasted long and we came together our bodies writhing in unison as she had an electrifying orgasm and I ejaculated my load into her cunt. We didn't get out of bed but stayed there and I ran my fingers in and out of her cum filled cunt while Louise, still on a high told me what she wanted to do next.

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