My Wife as Stand-in Escort


After he had pulled out he said, "Bill, you have deserved to have some of this too. If you don't mind sloppy seconds I invite you to fuck Jennifer too - she is a wonderful fuck and I am sure you will enjoy it!" Susan hadn't moved after Mike had pulled out of her and her legs were still wide apart and her cunt was showing with some of his cum starting to ooze out of her hole. She held up her arms to me and welcomed me to fuck her too. I hesitated perhaps a little too long because Mike got behind me and gave me a push. I took off my trousers and underpants and then moved towards Susan's open and inviting cunt! Mike told me to get the rest of my clothes off so I stripped everything off and then entered Susan. She was absolutely wet through her own juices and Mike's cum but I pushed into her just the same. I hated following this big man who had made her cunt so big. She held onto me and I had to admit it was a wonderful fuck but she was so loose and sloppy I didn't enjoy it as much as I usually do.

Mike left the room and went to the bathroom. I asked Susan if she was ready to go home and she said it would depend on what Mike wanted her to do. She remained naked on the bed but she moved up further onto the bed but still kept her legs apart and I could see cum from both of us running slowly out of her.

When Mike came back he asked me what I thought of Jennifer as a fuck and I told him I thought she was great. He said he intended enjoying her a lot more and with that he climbed onto the bed and placed his almost hard cock in her mouth. She began sucking him hard but he made her stop and moved down so he could enter her cunt again. He fucked her hard and it wasn't long before they were both cumming again. He shot another load into her and now she was really full of cum!

Susan had that look of total satisfaction on her face and I was really disturbed now because I didn't know what Mike would do next. He turned to me and said, "Bill, I know you want that contract signed and I will sign it but I want Jennifer to do a few more things for me first. How well do you know Jennifer - do you trust her? I'll tell you what, I will spend the rest of the night with Jennifer and then in the morning I will sign it for you and give it to her. You can arrange to collect it from her - you have my word on that!" I dared to ask why he couldn't sign it now for me to take but he said he had decided what would be done and that was that! He thanked me again for arranging for Jennifer to be his escort and he then told me to leave. I looked over at Susan and wondered if I should try to take her with me but she waved at me and said, "Goodbye Bill, I have enjoyed your company and thank you for fucking me so well. I will call into your office tomorrow when I leave Mike and bring the contract with me!" With that, a naked Mike escorted a dressed me to the door and he literally pushed me out of the door! I was leaving my loving wife behind with Mike for goodness knows what!

When I arrived home I didn't know what to do with myself. I was worried sick that something nasty might happen to Susan but tried to tell myself she could take care of herself and anyway he was supposed to be a gentleman - even if he was fucking my wife.

Next morning when I arrived at the office about 10am there was a message which simply read, 'The papers will be delivered to your home late this evening or tomorrow but there is no need to worry - everything is in order'. I asked my secretary who had phoned the message but she said she didn't know but it was a woman's voice.

This meant Susan was going to spend the day with Mike as well! She wouldn't be home until this evening - what on earth was I going to do with myself all day worrying about her. I phoned Cliff and told him I thought the contract was a signed deal and congratulated him but told him there was a delay with the papers and I should have them next day.

I couldn't stay at work so I went home although I don't know why. This was probably the longest day in my life! I really started to worry when she wasn't home by dark but I also knew I couldn't contact Mike because I shouldn't be showing an interest in Susan's safety. I thought of asking him if the contract was all in order but that would look as though I was pushing and I didn't want that either!

Darkness fell and next thing it was mid-night! She still wasn't home. I went to bed but couldn't sleep because I was too worried. I must have dozed off because next thing I knew it was morning and still no Susan! The whole day was a total write-off for me as I was worried sick about Susan. By darkness she still wasn't home and I thought of ringing the police or the hospitals but thought that was a bit dramatic. Again she wasn't home by midnight and again I went to bed. Next morning she still wasn't home and now I was really worried! About 11am I heard a vehicle in our driveway and I rushed to the front door to see Susan climbing slowly out of the cab after paying the driver. She walked very slowly to the front door and I could see she looked very tired and drawn. I took her into my arms and she seemed as if she collapsed but she regained her composure and her only thought was to kiss me and tell me she loved me and hoped I still loved her! I told her of course I loved her but she had better start to clean herself up and get some rest. I took her into the bedroom and helped her remove her clothes. She only had her top and skirt on and it was easy to remove these. When I saw her breasts I was amazed. She had bite marks all over her breasts - her lovely firm breasts - and her nipples were bright red but not from the lipstick but from being chewed! She had lots of bite marks and hickeys all over her belly and around her navel and further down she had been shaved clean but where her bush had been she had lots of hickeys there too!

Her cunt was an absolute mess. Not only were there bite marks all over her tender skin but there was a complete coating of cum everywhere between her legs and right down to her ankles. She was a complete mess and if anyone looked like a slut now it was my Susan! She was sobbing quietly and told me she loved me but needed some time to herself to clean up. I wouldn't hear of this and took her straight to the shower and climbed in with her and began washing her very sore body. We stayed under the shower for about 45 minutes before I thought she was ready to come out. I carefully dried her and then took her into the bedroom and put her to bed. She was asleep almost immediately and I could only look down at her abused body and wonder what she had gone through. I did see, however, that she had the contract with her and it was signed as promised! In her handbag, which was lying open where she had dropped it, she had $5,000 in notes which I knew weren't there when we left together! What had happened to my Susan?

Susan slept for almost 8 hours but I knew she needed it! When she was wide awake and I had given her some soup and some other food she brightened up a lot and was now much more able to talk to me. She started telling me what had happened.

As soon as I had left, Mike came back to the bed and had fucked her again! She said she was surprised at his stamina but I would hear more of that later. She said he told her he would use her for the rest of the night and perhaps the next day but he would see she was taken care of properly. Susan told me Mike had fucked her seven times altogether before morning, including the times he fucked her before I left! She said he was amazing. He had left her to sleep while he went out and did some business but he was back in about 3 hours and he fucked her again as soon as he came back. She told me apart from toilet breaks and twice to eat some food she never left the bed!

Mike's stamina had been amazing. All up, Mike had fucked Susan 21 times before he let her go this morning! She said he had fucked her everywhere. He had fucked her asshole several times and had fucked her mouth lots of times and she had swallowed so much cum she felt sick. Mike wouldn't allow her to shower and clean herself up and she had to remain full of cum all the time she was with him and this included having to come home to me like she was!

Susan told me Mike had sucked and bitten just about every square inch of her body in his lust but she also said although it looked bad with the bites on her she hadn't felt it very much and in fact had enjoyed him biting and sucking her! She said he hurt her nipples most when he sucked and bit them. That was the only thing she didn't like! Susan also told me he wanted to shave her bush and asked if he could. She had told him he could do anything to her and so he had shaved her and told her how lovely she looked with no hair there. She also told me he had licked all over the shaved part of her lower belly and had also sucked her cunt and gathered up a big mouthful of his own cum which he passed into her mouth when he kissed her! She said it was still warm and she loved it! She also told me she had grown to like Mike and although of course she didn't love him she had enjoyed him fucking her! This surprised me as I expected her to hate him after doing all these things to her body. She was still tired and dropped off to sleep again and slept for another 8 hours before she woke again. Cum was still running out of her but I loved her now and knew I would love her forever.

Once she was fully recovered she told me Mike had signed the contract immediately after I had left and had told her he would understand if she left straight away but would be pleased if she would stay until morning. She didn't want to leave and wanted him to fuck her some more! She told me she enjoyed being fucked by Mike and if she had the choice she would do it exactly the same again but now that she had done it once she didn't want to do it again, ever! Amazingly Mike told her she was such a good fuck that no matter what Bill was paying her it wasn't enough so he gave me $5,000 in cash! Now I am a real whore! I loved her for her honesty and hoped she would be able to settle back with just me fucking her from now on. I rang Cliff and he was excited I had the contract in my hand. This meant we were secure in our work for the next 22 months at least and probably longer if Mike honored his contract again at the end of the term. I hoped he wouldn't want to use Susan again as his escort!

It only took about 5 days for almost all of the bite marks to disappear from Susan's body and soon it was back to its original loveliness. I didn't make love with Susan for several days preferring for her to forget much of what had happened to her and to make for a fresh start again with me. When we did make love I knew by the way Susan responded to me that she loved me more than ever now! She kept on thanking me for allowing her to have her way with Mike but she said she had learned her lesson and would never do that sort of thing again ever!

Months later when we could talk rationally about Mike and her adultery she told me she had really enjoyed fucking Mike because he was the only cock she had ever had besides mine. She said although he was bigger than me he had only turned her on for the first couple of times he fucked her. After that it was very much just a matter of a man, Mike, fucking her and it wasn't as good after those first couple of times as it was with me. We had never fucked her asshole and she told me that at first it upset her terribly and had hurt her when he did it to her but gradually she became used to it and had looked forward to him doing it again. Now we do that occasionally but we make sure we lube up her asshole with plenty of KY first so I don't hurt her! Susan has also come to like the taste of cum and we do that much more regularly now and we both like it! I guess it is fair to say Susan learned quite a few things from Mike and it had made our sex life much better but I still wish she hadn't done it with him at all. On the other hand, it had turned out O.K. and goodness knows what could have happened if she had found another man and had liked him enough to carry on with him permanently.

We are now talking about starting a family. I am sure she will make a wonderful mother for our children as well as continuing to be a great loving wife for me.

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