tagInterracial LoveMy Wife Judy Ch. 04

My Wife Judy Ch. 04


I don't know what makes women go cock crazy. Some fuck a guy at work or get infatuated with a neighbor. Some women would go to a bar and just find a guy to fuck Maybe just fuck a couple of guys and be done with it. The husband doesn't know and everything is fine. My wife told me her sister Joanie was like that.

I mean pick up a stranger and fuck him. Go home with a cunt full like nothing happened. Joanie liked to go home and fuck her husband afterwards. He liked to tell me she would go dancing on a girls night out and come home hot to fuck. Much like me he had no idea how women can be.

Joanie was one of those babies you have when you think you are long over having babies. Judy was fifteen when Joanie was born. Joanie stays married to her husband. Judy says that her sister has probably fucked a hundred guys. I think Judy got tired if the stories about all the great cock Joanie was getting at those bars and roadside honky tonks. Joanie even told her about a time she crashed a family reunion in a park and fucked about a dozen of the cousins and uncles.

So, I guess if there was a bad influence it would be baby sister Joanie making a mile long string of cock sound good with no regard for marriage. Or, like my first statement: "My wife's a fucking whore!"

Whatever the case, my wife has a black guy fucking her now. Maybe I should say breeding her now. She sure wants to have his black baby. I think the others that fucked her are long forgotten as sex partners since none of them can fill her with twelve inches of black seed spewing cock. I don't think she ever set out to fuck a black guy, let alone want his baby. She just wanted to fuck around on me for some reason and got hooked on having her cunt spread wide open.

My plan is to dump her and leave her with nothing. Not even a home to live in or a car to drive. I don't care if she fucks black guys on a park bench. She just isn't doing it while married to me. Haley really hates her and we get together as often as my wife and her husband. I don't see us as a permanent thing, but she wants it over. She says this isn't high school. That real life shouldn't be like this.

I watched the videos of me fucking Haley and Ernest fucking my Judy. Had they been on film I would have worn them out. I must have watched them a hundred times. More often I'd watch the ones of Judy getting fucked. As much as I had learned to despise her I was fascinated to watch her get fucked with that black cock. After we made four videos Haley had quit turning on the cameras. I had two of me fucking her that I told her I had deleted.

Again, it was the ones of Judy fucking I watched. Most times I would take out my prick and jack off while watching her fuck him. By the time she would be screaming for him to cum in her I would have spilled my load into a tissue.

Then while watching Haley and I one day I could see she really cared for me and was enjoying the fucking I would give her. That's when I realized I was in love with her. Suddenly it hit me ... "I was fucking some other man's wife."

And, I liked it. Maybe I should see how easy it is to fuck a married woman. They all seemed to enjoy a good fuck. I hadn't tried to get one to cheat with me, but I knew several that did by rumor that was probably true.

I told Judy we needed to talk over a few things. We had discussed getting a bigger house. One to make her friends jealous. I told her we should sell our house and live in an apartment for a while. That would give us time to get just the one we want. Our mortgage was paid down twenty years and the value was sky high for the area.

Judy agreed and we listed the house with an agent. I made sure it was a young and pretty one. Judy liked her right from the start. A really good offer came in the first week. The kind I would jump out of my shoes to sign. I played it like I wanted more and made a counter offer that the prospective buyer turned down.

Our agent's name was Emily. Married four years and wanting a house and family. She got her real estate license while her husband worked two jobs. I wanted one young and pretty mainly to piss off Judy. But, as I said, Judy liked her right away. I was stupid enough to think I might have a shot at Emily when I found out that her family are members of the LDS Church. The Mormons, as they are known. So, I picked a girl with highly religious and family values.

I'd been by their church. I didn't know much about them except for a few jokes about unusual underwear. Emily was super nice. Pretty, with blue eyes and blond hair. She gave me a call about the offer and wanted to talk about it.

"What is there to talk about?"

"I talked to your wife and she said talk to you. I think if I can explain the offer you would want to accept it. Can you meet me at my office?"

"It would be easier for me if you came over here. This house is what you are selling after all." I was standing at my front window looking at her picture on the for sale sign cursing the fact I picked a religious chick for an agent.

"Will you wife be there?"

"I wouldn't expect her." I told Emily. Haley had called and said Ernest was running errands. That means he is fucking my wife ... over and over again.

"I wouldn't feel comfortable being alone in your house with you. Not that I mean it in a bad way, but it is not considered decent to be alone with a man. People could talk. My husband could be offended."

"Look, Emily, that's the deal. If you are a big enough girl to sell my house you can certainly come over here and talk to me about it. Otherwise, we can try to get in to your office in the next few days."

"No, I have to respond to the buyer in 24 hours. I'll come over if you won't meet me here."

I'm not real smart about the ladies, but I just got Emily to agree to do something she did not want to do. Maybe I can work a little something into this in my favor.

Less than 15 minutes later Emily rang my door bell. She had an armload of papers. She looked good. I could see her shaking a little when I opened the door and asked her inside.

"Could we just do this on the porch?"

"Do what, Emily? Come inside. I don't bite and I don't expect you to bite either." That got a little laugh as she took a deep breath and came inside.

"Can we sit at the table here in the dining room?"

"It would be more comfortable for me on the couch. If you are trying to get me to take less money for my house you should want me to be comfortable."

We sat on the couch. She showed me some papers and started to explain that we were getting a good price. The young woman had to sit close enough to me to show me the papers. Her shoulder was touching my shoulder and my knee was against hers. She pointed to a figure on the far side of the page. I pretended not to be able to read it as we pressed together.

"Don't take this as an improper move," I said as I raised my arm around her, "but I need to get closer to see."

I first thought she was going to get up and run. Then she sighed a little sigh and settled back against me. I think the commission was adding up in her head. "So, you see if you accept the original offer you are only about five thousand dollars off what you were asking."

"That's a lot of money. What would you do for five thousand dollars, Emily?"

"Gosh, I don't know. I've never in my life had that kind of question to where I was deciding over lot of money like that."

"Well, Emily, let me ask about your commission on the sale of this house. Do you know how much you would make if I accepted this offer? I mean to the exact penny?"

"No, I think that would be wishing for something I might not get."

"Are you working on a regular rookie agent commission where most of the money goes to your broker?"

"Do you realize that if you take the deal you and your wife will net almost a quarter of a million dollars?"

"Do you realize you will get almost twenty thousand for commission for a house less than a week on the market? The price you want me to accept is five thousand less than the asking price? What are your dreams for making use of your share, which is about twenty grand?"

"As you may know, this would be my first sale. I need a better car, some more professional clothes. My husband and I want a place of our own so we can start a family. Actually, we've been trying to start the family with no luck yet."

"This takes me back to my earlier question. I'd like to ask you to take the difference out of your commission. Or, if the offer doesn't fly it would be the whole Twenty thousand in commission." My heart was about to beat out of my chest. I still was on the couch with my arm around her shoulder. I could look like a real horses ass here if she flat turns me down.

"If we are talking about my commission, what do you want me to take off?" She looked intently at me to see if I meant what I really meant. She turned just enough to plant a tit against my chest while she spoke. There wasn't a lot of tit there, but I could feel the nipple stiffen as she locked into my face.

"To quote an old punch line from a joke, you could leave on your earrings." There it was out there. I just propositioned the religious chick.

"So, your offer is to get to see me naked you will sign the buyer's offer and I keep my full commission?"

My God! The deal was done. Every woman has a price. Shitcan the marriage vows. My husband won't ever know I fucked you to make the sale on your house is what she must be thinking.

"Not exactly, I can see that for less than ten bucks at most dancer bars. I want to know if you are serious about the sale enough to either get the customer to pay the price, make up the difference out of your commission, or you can have sex with me to get me to sign." There! Am I going to jail for this, I wonder?

She must have given some thought as to what she would do if this ever came up. Hell, I was going to take the offered price. I just want to see if this is another woman that will fuck around on her husband if the circumstance suits them.

"I don't think you are a stupid man. I think you know you should take the offer. Are you a stupid man?" she asked.

Shit! Which way is this going? She just called me stupid. I really feel like she is right. I was stupid to asked her to fuck me for her commission.

"No, I don't think I am a stupid man. You just told me what you would do with the commission. In that light I don't think I am a stupid man. Are you a stupid young woman?"

"What if I tell your wife?"

"Why do think I am selling the house? I have more on her that is enough to make what I just said to you trivial."

"Oh, a standoff seems to be what we have. I need the papers signed today. Are you in or out?" she threatened.

She was still so close I could easily kiss her. Her nipple was still hard against my chest. Could it be she was getting wet in her panties as well?

"No, It's not a standoff," I answered her. "It's up to you. You do me I sign. If you don't I won't."

"What's with you. I could sense something was wrong between you and your wife?"

"If something is wrong it's twelve inches long and black?"

"Oh my God! She made me think of someone that would sleep with a black man when I first met her. Does she even feel it when you do her now?"

"Hey Church Lady, it's not that I'm small. I could show you a really good time. My wife didn't have any complaints for twenty years. She just went nuts!"

"Is that what you want me to do? Just go nuts?" I'm twenty two years old. I can have almost any guy I want my own age. You're old! How old are you, anyway? Like forty?"

"God Damn it. Yes, I'm like forty!"

"Yes ... "

"Uh, yes what?" I asked her.

"I'll do it," Emily answered. "I knew when we signed the listing contract that if it came to this to get you to close the sale that I'd do it."

"You'll fuck me if I accept the offer? You made up you mind when we listed with you?"

"Yes ... but I don't use those words ... and you better be right about showing me a good time." She thumped me on the chest with a clenched fist. Then Emily rose up and came back down on me with a leg each side of my lap. Her skirt went up and where I was supposed to see some frilly panties on a young woman I saw that plain looking Mormon garment.

"Oh, it's true. You do wear funny underwear!"

"Yes, but it comes off. It just makes what is underneath all the better. This is our women's promise to be faithful to our husbands. Some promises are made to be broken. Mine are made to be removed and taken off."

"Do you think he will be upset?"

"It's not like I'm going to tell him," she laughed.

Emily got up from me and dropped her underwear to the floor. There were regular panties underneath. "The ugly underwear rides into my slit and the crack of my butt," she offered. "But, on the top" she spoke as she removed her blouse and took off the garment, "I like the way my nipples rub against the fabric. And, I don't have a lot to flop around up top anyway."

She was right about that. Her tits were small, maybe tiny. Most certainly A-cup size. But, God seems to give women a nice pair of tits or a great ass and pussy. Trust me, God gave her the second selection. She was incredible below the chest and the little titties were becoming a turn on for me.

"Well?" She asked as she stood naked with her hands on her sides as she spun around, "Any surprises?"

"Oh God, no." I stammered, "you're perfect, just perfect ... "

"Let's see if I'm getting the good deal you seem to think I am getting. Am I the only one naked here?"

Getting my clothes off seemed important. Getting them off fast seemed even more important. I was naked in seconds and standing in my own living room with a twenty-two year old wife of another man. A damned good looking wife of another man.

"Wow! You aren't so bad for an old guy. Little out of shape around the waste," she commented as she poked me as she continued to circle me. Nice enough ass ... and, holy shit. I can't believe I said that. Your man thing is way more than I expected."

"I didn't say it was huge. I am a big person ... " Was I apologizing for my dick being too big for this little Mormon gal?

"Oh, I love it. It's just that it's more than I thought they could be." She reached out and touched it. "My parents would just die if they could see me. After all those years of dragging me off to church affairs and I end up with a stranger's penis in my hand.

I damn near felt some guilt there for a second. But, that passed quickly. I grabbed her and gently lowered her to the couch, sliding between her legs as we went down. I moved my face down and kissed her stomach. She let out a groan. I kissed her on her pubic mound and then planted my mouth on her pussy slit. I started to lick. She started to wiggle and moan. She was wet when I started and getting a lot more wet as I continued. She started to having a couple of little orgasms.

Emily grabbed my hair and pulled me up after she got hit with a little bigger orgasm. Her cumming released a lot more of her cunt's juices into my mouth. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"It's mostly inspiration from you. Haven't you had your pussy eaten?"

"My husband tried it a couple of times. He got a hair in his mouth. I thought he was going to gag and die. That was the end of it. I'm so glad we are doing this."

"Not as glad as I am?"

"You don't know that."

I had to nurse on those little tits of Emily's. I moved up from her cunt to her chest and start to kiss her nipples. For a gal with small tits she sure reacted strong to having them kissed. When I sucked a nipple into my mouth she started bucking around to where I almost couldn't stay connected. After a moment she calmed down and let me work them over.

As you may have heard, anything more than a mouthful was a waste anyway. I really couldn't argue with that. This girl's little boobs were fun. Almost like she was grateful that I found them sexy. Unlike some broads with big tits thinking you were receiving some kind of gift from the gods.

"I'm ready for you to fuck me."

"What did you say?" I asked her surprised.

"You heard me. I'm ready for you to fuck me. If I'm going to fuck you, surely saying the word isn't going to hurt me."

"I couldn't agree more." I moved to where the head of my cock was lined up with her pussy opening.

"I'm not going to ask you to be gentle with me. I know you are bigger, but I have no doubt I can take you inside me. Just don't be disappointed if you don't have couple of inches sticking out that won't go in because I fully intend to get it all."

I gave a little nudge and the head settled into her folds. A little more and I had it past her inner lips. Things were going well and I had about half in when Emily started rocking her hips and thrusting her pelvis at me. She gave a couple of big heaves and starting to cum like I can't really remember making a woman cum before.

There was still some more cock to feed her and she was just lying there limp. "Oh, don't stop. It feels good. That was kind of overpowering."

I got about another inch in and Emily started to fuck back at me. I started to shoved a little more when Emily stopped me.

"Right there. Fuck me right there. Don't go any deeper. That's about where my husband goes in me when it is all in. Just fuck me right there."

Emily reached down and grabbed about three inches of me that was still wanting to get inside her hot slippery cunt.

"Darn, that's still a bunch of cock left to fuck me. I guess the inside joke about Mormon's having small penises might just be true. Okay, I'm well stretched wider than I've ever been. Come ahead and fuck me with the rest of it."

"I'm looking forward to that. Amen, sister."

"Now don't you be fucking with God. Oh, shit I can't believe I said that. I mean don't be mocking prayer. I feel so naughty. I was thinking that would be a nice t-shirt. You know, DON"T FUCK WITH GOD! I think I have been fucked silly on your cock for saying that."

"I'll go in the t-shirt business with you. How about MORMON PUSSY IS REALLY GREAT PUSSY? Do you think that would sell?" I asked as I was thrusting away.

"I'd buy one! If I was your wife would you let me wear it?"

"If you were my wife and I had this every day you could wear whatever you want."

"Oh, I need to tell you. When you get ready to cum you need to pull out. I'm in my fertile cycle."

Fuck ... is every woman I'm ever going to be with be in her fertile cycle? What ever happened to "Not now, I'm having my period?"

"I'll try. You had me close a couple of times. Maybe if you been trying three years you should take a chance. It might not be his baby, but it would be your baby. Maybe you won't ever get knocked up with him."

"That's just crazy talk. We could adopt."

"If you adopt it still isn't his."

I had kept stroking and I was just at the point my balls were hitting her ass. Another inch or so and she would have me all inside her. God, I love to shoot my load deep in this woman.

"Hey, you almost have it all inside you. I guess you knew what you wanted."

"What? Oh, it does feel good. I don't think we should ever stop doing this."

"Most of my days are open. Especially for you."

"I meant now. I don't want to ever stop now. But, what you said about another time. Yes ... The answer is yes. You aren't a very good negotiator, but the answer is yes. Once isn't going to be enough."

My cock was all in. Bumping against the end of her cunt. I don't know if she could have taken another inch at the time. This little Mormon bride was all into it as well. We were going at it with me stroking for all I was worth. Her own cum was squeezing out of her and down her ass crack onto my couch.

I knew I was to the point of no return and it looked like Emily needed a couple of more minutes. I leaned to her ear and told her I was about to cum.

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