My Wife's Best Friend


Looking up I only had sight of Nikki's firm ass, her asshole at my nose, and some of her back. However, I also caught glimpses of arm movements up there and I knew that they were kissing each other and, from the sounds I heard, they were also sucking at each other's tits. Again, I didn't mind at all. The thought of it, if not the actual sight, turned me on like crazy.

Nikki began moving her body up and down, fucking my tongue. I held it as deep and rigid as I could for her to fuck. Some men may not have liked doing that because of the smell, taste, or sensation of being smothered, but I absolutely loved it.

At the same time, Brooke began stroking her perfectly formed tight pussy up and down my cock in rhythm with Nikki's movements, fucking me. "His cock feels so good inside me," Brooke told Nikki.

"He has a long fucking tongue," Nikki replied as she built up speed. I encouraged her to go faster and harder on my face. She took the hint.

After a few moments, Brooke again matched Nikki's rhythm and they were both pounding down on my body in sync. In the back of my mind I wondered if the couch could take the pounding.

"Oh, god, yes," Nikki cried out.

Both women were trying to pound my body through the couch, but I loved it. My day had gone from a lazy shower to having my wife's pussy pounding down around my raging cock and her best friend's pussy fucking my tongue. It was almost frightening but I loved it. I felt so wanted.

I breathed on every upstroke and continued to rub Nikki's clit with my thumb while she fucked my face. Then, with the hand on her ass, I used my finger to first tease her little asshole and then to slip it inside to the first knuckle.

"Oh you nasty, fuck, I'm going to come!" Nikki cried out.

"Keep it up, babe," Brooke encouraged.

I smiled to myself in triumph that I was finally going to be make Nikki come. I had gotten complacent over the last year, knowing Brooke as well as I did. I was proud that I still had the skills to try different things until I managed to hit on the right combination to make the magic happen.

Nikki slammed her pussy down on my face once, twice, three more times and then she came. She pressed down hard against me cutting off my air as she moaned and gasped in orgasm. She was quiet when she came, the only time she didn't have something to say.

Brooke continued to pound her cunt down around my cock until she too came, shouting at the top of her lungs as she often did, "I'm coming!"

Both women ground their pussies firmly down against me. I reveled in it. My cock was humming nicely with Brooke's sweet cunt spasming around it in orgasm. I could feel her juices running down my balls. Though I couldn't breathe I knew from swimming in the ocean a lot that I could hold my breath for nearly two minutes, so I let Nikki enjoy herself. I pulled my tongue from her dripping snatch, her juices running freely into my mouth, and licked delicately at the outside of her pussy, at least the part that was in my mouth.

Nikki sighed, coming down from her orgasm, and said, "You love eating my nasty pussy, don't you?"

As I couldn't inhale or exhale I couldn't say anything. I lifted both my hands and felt her tits, her back still to me. Both of her nipples were covered with fresh saliva, which I surmised was my own sweet wife's. I rolled them between my fingers for a moment. Then, unable to hold my breath any longer and starting to feel quite light-headed, I reached back and tapped her on the ass.

Realizing what I was asking, Nikki gasped and got off the couch. She spun around and dropped to the floor beside me and said, "Oh god James, I'm such a selfish cunt. I almost suffocated you with my nasty pussy."

I took a couple of good breathes of air as Brooke lifted herself off my cock and stood beside the couch, her bikini bottom askew and her top pulled down below her big tits. She laughed and said, "Don't worry about it Nikki. I do that to him all the time. One time he had to push me off him and I rolled onto the floor. He's strong."

I smiled at Nikki, my cheeks and chin wet with her juices, letting her know that I had enjoyed it and that she need not apologize. I said, "I'm just glad I made you come."

She kissed me and said, "You dear sweet man. That felt so fucking good. Thank you."

I was beginning to worry that they were done and there I was lying on the couch with a raging hard-on. I mean, I had made them both come and they still had on their bikinis. Maybe that's all they wanted and now they were going to head off to the beach.

Before I could form a question about it, Brooke said, "Let's take this to the bedroom."

I was ecstatic. If they had tried to leave I might have just had to wrestle one of them to the ground, I was so horny. Thankfully, that wasn't going to be necessary.

Leaving the robe behind, the girls helped me up and then, with Brooke's fist around the base of my cock and Nikki's around the head, they led me on a very enjoyable walk to the bedroom, making me wish we had a bigger apartment.

When we reached the bed, both girls released me and crawled up in the bed, all asses and elbows from my perspective. They tumbled into the center of the bed together side-by-side, giggling and kissing.

I didn't know exactly what the limits were, if any, but I decided to pretend that there weren't any, short of fucking Nikki. There was no way I was going to assume that was okay. I would never hear the end of it for the rest of our marriage if I assumed that was okay.

So, I climbed into the bed after them.

Brooke rolled on top of Nikki, kissing her more and more passionately. My wife palmed her friend's tits in her hands and pressed her hips against her as they kissed.

I caressed up my wife's legs and knelt behind her. Her ass looked just perfect, nice and round. I pulled the bow on her left hip, freeing her bikini bottom to drape down her left leg.

Brooke turned and looked at me. She smiled as she crawled up her best friend's body and turned around. Facing me and looking me in the eyes, she settled her pussy down atop Nikki's face.

Nikki slurped strongly at my wife's dripping snatch. I could tell that wasn't the first she had done that. I wondered again if they had done that in the last year, while we were married. How could they not have? They spent so much time together. Was I upset about that? I couldn't decide.

I was confused for a moment until Brooke reached down and pulled open the bow on the hip of Nikki's bikini and pulled it completely to the side. She then spread her best friend's pussy open with the fingers of her left hand, looked at me, said in her sexiest voice, "You want to fuck that tight pussy with your hard throbbing cock, don't you James?" she said, with that mischievous smile I loved so much. I could tell she was getting off on her own words.

I nodded. I wanted to fuck Nikki so bad I could barely contain myself. There was really only one answer to that questions and I couldn't lie, not in the state I was in. Of course, if Brooke told me it was off limits, I would have somehow managed to resist.

Brooke reached out and began stroking my stiff pulsating shaft in her little fist. She had one hand spreading her friend's pussy, and supporting her upper body, and her other hand jacking my dick. She smiled at me. "You want to fuck my best friend? Fine! I'll let you. Hell, I'll even help you. But there one little condition."

I would have agreed to anything in that moment. I nodded. I hoped I could meet the condition, whatever it was. I wanted to fuck her so badly and my wife was giving me permission. I decided to shelve the question of what Brooke had been doing with Nikki over the last year to another time. "Name it," I said hoarsely.

"You have to make sure she comes again," she explained. "Can you do that?"

I nodded. From my experiences before I married Brooke I knew that a strange pussy could either make me come much more quickly or make me last much longer. I had no idea which category Nikki's cunt fell in until I was inside, but I vowed to be careful. Nikki took a lot to make her come, I had seen that, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. Of course, even if I failed I'd give it a hell of a try.

Brooke rose up and kissed me. I still had Nikki's juices all over my face. She whispered in my ear. "I love you, babe. Please, fuck the shit out of Nikki for me."

For her? She had phrased it like I was doing her a favor by fucking her best friend. That was even better than her giving me permission. With Brooke's hand guiding me, I nestled the head of my dick at the entrance to Nikki's pussy as I whispered back to Brooke, "I love you, too."

"Make her come," Brooke's ordered as she released my cock and sat back, pressing Nikki's head into the bed with her pussy. She beamed a wicked smile at me and added, "I dare you!"

Nikki's cunt was slick but, I realized, very tight as I eased my prick into her. I had always wondered what her pussy would feel like, wrapped tight around my dick, but I had never imagined I would ever have had the opportunity to feel for myself while still married to Brooke. But here I was, pressing my cock deep into my wife's best friend. It was so surreal to me. I was sure I'd have woken up at any moment.

"Oh, yes. Stretch my nasty cunt with your big dick, James!" Nikki called to me from under Brooke's pussy. "Make me feel it!"

I pressed forward until my balls brushed against Nikki's ass, my cock just tapping the back of her cunt, filling her completely. I looked at Brooke and her face was covered with lust. The act of me fucking her friend at her direction, as well as her friend eating her pussy, was really turning her on.

Brooke called down to Nikki as she ate her pussy and asked, "How does that feel, Nikki?"

"Fucking great!"

I knew I couldn't have owned the biggest dick Nikki had ever fucked but the fact that I was hitting bottom told me that I was filling her up and that's what really mattered. I could have had another foot of cock but if I couldn't get it in there what good would it have done me?

As I slowly pulled my cock from her cunt, glistening with her juices, Brooke said, "You are so wet, Nikki."

"I need this so fucking bad, Brooke," she replied.

"I know, honey," she cooed.

I wondered about their closeness again for a moment before slipping my cock back into the velvet vise of Nikki's tight cunt. She was slick enough inside for me to slip in easily but the grip she had on my prick was almost painful. I groaned in pleasure and pain as I nestled my balls back down against her ass.

"Shit, that's a thick piece of fuckmeat," Nikki groaned.

"Just relax, honey," Brooke cooed to her as she reached between us and began gently rubbing Nikki's clit.

I looked down and watched. It was so fucking hot to see my wife's hand on her best friend's pussy as I pulled my cock from her cunt, all glistening with her juices. I stroked back in, this time a bit more easily. Her body was adjusting.

As Nikki's cunt accommodated to the breadth of my dick, I increased my pace, sliding in and out of her and savoring the feel of her pussy lips clasping to the sides of my shaft. She was so wet that I couldn't feel too much of the inside of her cunt. If my cock had been in danger of deflating I would have wiped some off but I was as hard as a rock at the situation itself and her wetness would only make the sweet pleasure last that much longer. I had a mission to fulfill, after all.

Brooke eased herself off her friend's face so she could get down and suck at Nikki's tits as she continued to rub her clit. She wasn't concerned with her own pleasure at all but was totally focused on her friend. She obviously loved her, as all best friends do. Did she love her even more than me, I wondered? Did it matter? Was it a competition?

Nikki looked up at me and said, "Yeah, give it to me, James. Fill my nasty cunt."

Faster and stronger I stroked into Nikki. Her cunt squeezed my cock firmly but without pain any longer. She was tight but definitely fuckable and I was really enjoying myself. Any concern I had about my wife's relationship with this little sexpot were being brushed aside by the sweet friction of her pussy all along my shaft. I'd worry about it later, I scolded myself again.

"Harder," Nikki urged as she panted and moaned with pleasure. She wrapped her legs loosely around my waist as I fucked her. She flexed her legs on each stroke, driving her bare heels into my ass and trying to get me to fuck her with more force.

Brooke pulled her hand from her friend's clit as I leaned forward over Nikki, supporting myself with my arms. My wife sat up and watched, with her hands on her friend's tits, rolling the little nipples between her fingers. She smiled at me, letting me know she was happy with the way it was going. "Give it to her," she urged.

I slapped my hips down against Nikki's, driving my prick into her deeply with each stroke. My balls slapped firmly against her ass as I fucked her. I watched her small tits rock back and forth under my wife's hands with each impact.

Nikki continued to try to pull me into her harder and harder with her legs. "Come on, fuck me harder than that," she complained.

I didn't want to hurt her, or me, but she was asking for it. I lay on my elbows, pressing my chest down against her breasts, forcing Brooke to withdraw her hands from her best friend's tits. I hooked my hands behind Nikki's shoulders and began ramming into her with all of my strength. Sweat beaded on my back as I worked my cock in and out of her clasping cunt with brutal force.

"Yeah! That it!" Nikki cried out, right in my ear. "Pound the shit out of my slutty fuckhole! Tear me up! Treat me like the whore I am!"

As Nikki unwrapped her legs from around my waist and spread her thighs wide for me, Brooke slapped my ass and said, "Fuck that little bitch, James!"

Both of their words inflamed my senses and drove me onward. My cock was as hard as steel as I fucked Nikki's tight cunt and I was surprised I hadn't needed to come yet. The physical exertion was dampening the pleasure just enough to let me keep going. Sweat covered my body.

As pressed her feet into the bed and used the leverage to thrust her hips back up against mine Nikki moaned, "Don't stop! Fuck me! You're going to make me fucking come! Don't you dare fucking stop!"

I didn't. I felt Brooke's hands on me, caressing my back and slapping my ass, but my attention was completely focused on Nikki. How this had happened and if it would ever happen again I didn't know, but I was determined to make the most of it. Besides, if I made her come it was much more likely to happen again than if I failed. I stroked in and out of her as hard as I could, rocking her below me with brutal force.

Nikki grew suddenly quiet as I slapped loudly down against her. The she gave a single grunt of pleasure as she came. Her cunt spasmed around my plunging cock as her orgasm swept through her.

I didn't slow my pounding of her quivering quim but instead continued even harder, trying to see if I could coax a multiple orgasm from her. The slapping of my hips against hers was loud in the small bedroom.

Nikki's cunt relaxed and girl-cum surrounded my cock. The squeezing of her tight pussy vanished and she was as wet as ever. She moaned in pleasure as her breathing slowed.

I could see that a multiple orgasm wasn't going to happen so I lifted myself onto my hands and glanced at Brooke. If this was a threesome, she wasn't getting any attention. I worried for a moment that I had gone too far.

To my surprise, Nikki had three of her fingers buried deep in my wife's cunt. Seeing my concern, Brooke smiled at me and said softly, "Don't worry about me, babe. Fuck her until you come."

I was surprised by this, though I probably shouldn't have been. This whole time she had been mostly worried about showing Nikki a good time. She had always been generous but this level of munificence was surprising me. She really loved her best friend quite a lot.

Brooke moaned in pleasure as Nikki worked her fingers inside of her with wet sloshing sounds. She wasn't totally bereft of pleasure in this, so I tried to push that concern from my mind completely.

Hoping to give Nikki another orgasm before I came and starting to figure out what she needed to make that happen, I hooked my arms behind her legs, lifting her ass off the bed, put my hands down on her shoulders, and resumed pounding my cock deeply into her from this new angle. This provided me with more support and leverage than before and I soon resumed a hammering of Nikki's cunt that made the previous pounding look tame in comparison.

Nikki looked up at me in pleasant surprise. Sweat covered her, though it was probably mostly mine. Above the loud slapping sound of my hips on her upturned thighs, she gasped, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

I saw that it wasn't a complaint at all and I took it as about the best compliment that she could have given me. With the tightness in Nikki's cunt relaxed and her fuck-hole fully wet with her girl-cum I was able to last even longer than I would have otherwise. The wet sexy sloshing sounds filled the gaps in between the sounds of slapping, grunting, and panting.

Nikki's eyes were filled with gratitude as she looked up at me with amazement. She moaned, "Oh my god, yes. That's it, James. Use me like your personal fuck toy."

I fucked Nikki brutally, like a pile driver, filling her with my hard thick cock over and over again. I was getting tired but I didn't falter. I could also feel the tingling along my shaft and in my balls. I knew I wouldn't be able to go for much longer without coming.

"Take it, James. Use me," she cried.

I slammed into her with all of the strength I had, the slapping of my thighs against her ass loud in the little bedroom as the bed creaked and groaned in protest. I had to drive her over the edge. She was so close to another orgasm but, then again, so was I.

Finally, Nikki grunted and fell silent as her orgasm washed over her. Her cunt gripped me like a vise and filled with her girl-cum. I lodged my dick deep inside of her and let go.

Cum blasted from my prick against the back of Nikki's cunt, filling her with my warm cream. Jet after jet of cum flowed out of my prick and into my wife's best friend. I let it happen, completely emptying myself into her, letting her have every ounce of cum I had, just as I had given her every bit of energy I had left in my body.

Recognizing that I was coming in her friend, Brooke, "Yes, that's it. Fill her up, James!"

When I had finished completely I looked down at Nikki. She had already come down from her orgasm and was looking up at me with a smile on her face. She said, "Oh my God! That was fucking awesome!"

I smiled down at her, completely exhausted and covered in sweat.


Brooke and Nikki emerged from the bathroom as I, having put my robe back on, sat on the couch to wait and recover. My cock was still covered with Nikki's juices and my own cum. I needed to clean up, but I let them go first. They still planned to hit the beach.

As they walking into the living room wearing their tee-shirts, cutoffs, and sandals, Brooke said to Nikki, "See, I told you he was good."

Nikki smiled at me and said to Brooke, "Wow, you were right! I shouldn't have doubted you. Now I wish we had done this last week like you wanted to."

I was shocked. With everything that had just happened I was frankly surprised that anything could still shock me. I looked at Brooke as she and Nikki walked toward the door, gathering their bags to head to the beach. I asked, "Wait, what? You planned this?"

Brooke looked at me with a smirk on her lips like I was so dumb. She said, "You didn't think this just happened spontaneously, did you?"

Nikki nodded and said, "These kinds of things take planning!"

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