My Wife's Big Mouth


He suddenly pulled back, grabbing my wife by the waist and began to slam his cock into her. Her head rolled from side to side as he mercilessly fucked her. Her mouth stayed open and she moaned and panted, her eyes partially open and glazed over. She then began moan deeply and her arms came up in front of her as though she was trying to push him away

He began to moan. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck.” Over and over again. He pushed deep and exploded into my wife. She threw her head back and screamed as he pumped deep into her. She kept screaming as he emptied his cum deep into her.

He withdrew and stood up and turned towards me. His cock looked huge even as it softened. He sat down next to my near comatose wife and smiled as he looked in my direction. My wife laid there, her body like a rag doll, her arms lying at her side.

I felt helpless and ashamed. I pulled and pulled at my bonds and suddenly felt something slide slightly up my wrist. The pain was incredible, but I was making progress.

The last man stood up and began to undress. He was larger than me and well muscled. As he turned, I caught a side view of his cock. It was larger than the first black man and standing straight out, long and hard.

Then he kneeled between my wife’s legs and positioned himself before shoving his cock home. My wife screamed and raised her head off of the mattress. Her body jerked as he began to fuck her immediately with hard deep strokes. Her head rolled from side to side as she was being fucked, and I could hear her muttering, “No. No. No.” over and over again.

The leader looked over at me and grabbed his cock and stroked it. It was growing hard and he had an evil grin I wanted to choke off his face. He moved towards the mattress and my wife’s head. He grabbed her head and pushed in his cock into her mouth and began to fuck it roughly.

I watched as he pushed his cock in and out of her mouth while the immense black man fucked her senseless. I could hear moans and grunts from the three of them, not being able to make out who was making what sound. I tugged and tugged, still trying to free myself.

I watched as they abused her body like that for several minutes. I kept pulling at my bonds and sometimes looking away from the awful scene before me. I could not decide what hurt most, my wrists, and the pain from my lovely wife being abused like this.

I looked away briefly until I heard her scream from her cock filled mouth. Her legs had been raised up on top of the black mans shoulders and he was fucking her so hard I thought he would break her in half.

I pulled strongly at my bonds and the pain almost made me pass out, but I had to keep trying to free myself. The leader was still holding my wife’s head and pulling it towards him as he fucked her mouth. Her eyes were closed and I was not sure if she was even conscious.

I again turned away briefly, trying to focus on getting free, but looked back as the sounds from that mattress became louder and more intense. The leader had now released her head, and my wife was now actively sucking his cock, pushing her head towards his cock. I could hear her moan and grunt on every thrust of the huge black cocking fucking her while her cheeks sunk in as she sucked on the cock of the leader.

I looked away again.

Suddenly, I heard her scream. A scream unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. I looked to see that she had released the leaders cock from her mouth, her eyes had flown wide open and she was grasping at the huge black man fucking her.

She kept screaming and had a look unlike anything I’d ever seen from her in my life. It was a look of total abandon and pleasure. She had lost control of her body and was orgasming, and orgasming unlike she ever done with me.

Her body shook as wave after wave hit her. She pulled herself up towards her rapist and tilted her head back as she continued to cum. I watched as the leader began to stroke his cock inches from her face, and then moan as he shot cum all over her face.

She finally relaxed and collapsed back onto the mattress. The black man fucking her began to grunt and moan deeply. He grabbed her waist tightly as he pounded deep into her. He shuddered as he pumped his cum deep into her. He pumped and pumped until he softened.

He withdrew and stood up next to the mattress. My wife lay there, seemingly unconscious, not moving other than breathing shallowly. Then men encircling her laughed quietly at what had just happened. They grabbed their clothes and seemed to quietly drift off into the darkness.

The leader walked over to me with a maniacal look in his eyes.

“Enjoy the show shithead?” He said as he sneered at me. He spit in my face and then walked back to the mattress.

I pulled as hard as I could one last time and felt whatever holding my hands slip off. My hands were free! I looked at the leader who was now lying next to my unconscious wife. He looked at though he was about to pass out. I began to struggle with the tape holding my legs.

I worked slowly and waiting. I was not sure if the others had left, but I did not feel I could wait much longer. I slowly undid the tape, watching the leader, who now appeared to be sleeping. It seemed to take forever, but I slowly worked my legs free.

I surveyed the area and found where he had left the gun, right near his clothes. I slowly crept over to it, making sure no one else was around. I checked it to make sure it was loaded and the safety was not engaged. I moved slowly over to the leader.

I cocked the pistol and put it between his eyes and woke him as I covered his mouth. His eyes filled with fear. I told him quietly I’d kill him if he said a word. I had him roll over and I secured his arms with the tape that had held my legs. I gagged his mouth with his shirt.

I tried to awaken my wife, but she was unconscious. Her face was covered with cum and her pussy was a mess. I quickly grabbed her blouse and her slacks and put them on her. I kept checking around to see if any of the others were still around, but did not see them.

I carried my wife to the door and looked outside. The car that was there before was gone. As was our SUV. I looked around and figured I had to get as far away from there as possible, as quickly as possible. I did not want to wait for them to come back.

I carried my wife out of there as fast as I could. As I emerged from the warehouse area, I flagged down a car. We drove to the local hospital where the police were called. They went to the warehouse and found no one. The leader has gotten free.

Our SUV was found a few days later, stripped of anything of value. My wife recovered, and has no memory of what happened to her, and I have never shared it with her. The police never found the men responsible. But I know they are out there and it both scares and angers me.

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