tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Young Neighbor Ch. 01

My Young Neighbor Ch. 01


Attention: This story is fictional it is not real. You need to be eighteen years of age or older to read this story. If you are not or if you don't like sexual themed stories please stop reading this story now! Please go to a different web site.

Note: I think what I got in this story is a little BDSM. This is my first try at Non-Consent/BDSM, so I will let you decide if it is. It may be a little so at the beginning.

* * * * *

My name is James. I am a thirty year old white male with my own place. I am six feet tall and weigh 160 pounds. I have straight, flat, silky, soft, strawberry blonde hair to my shoulders and sparkly dark ocean blue eyes. I have long arms and legs with medium-size hands and feet. My ass is medium-size, firm, soft, and round. My dick is seven inches long by two and a half inches wide.

I am in my bedroom, looking through my telescope at my neighbor Karen. Karen lives with her parents in the house she grew up in. Karen is in her bedroom. She is an eighteen year old, white female with olive skin. She is five feet four inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. She has straight, flat, silky, soft, platinum blonde hair to her lower back and sparkly light blue eyes. She has medium length arms and legs with small hands and feet. Her ass is small, firm, soft, tight and shaped like a heart. Her breasts are medium-size and firm. Her stats are 34B+/23/30.

Karen pulls off her shirt that is tight to her body; it stops just above her belly button and is white in color. I see through my telescope that she is wearing a white, lace, sheer bra. She drops her shirt to the floor. Now she is unbuttoning, unzipping and pulling down her tight, low-cut, light pink, tights. She drops her tights on top of her shirt. I see that her low-cut panties are a matching set to her bra. Karen unsnaps her bra and pulls it off putting it on top of the rest of her clothes. She pulls down her panties taking them off. I see that her pussy is shaved clean. She picks up all the clothes and puts them in the clothes hamper.

I have watched her this way every night sense I moved here and nobody has found out about it. She is the most beautiful female I have ever seen. She is stunningly very hot and sexy. She makes me horny very time I see her get undressed.

Her parents went out of town on a vacation for two weeks. She wanted to stay home and did not want to go. So her parents said she could stay home by herself sense she is old enough to take care of herself.

She walks back over to her bed and lies down on top of it without covering up. She lays one of her hands on each of her breasts. She takes her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She rolls and pinches them until they are very hard. She then caresses both of her breasts with her hands making herself get very hot. She brings her right breast up to her mouth sticking her nipple into her mouth. She sucks on her nipple for several minutes. She brings her other nipple to her mouth and starts sucking on it. She goes back and forth between her breasts making herself as hot as she can.

She stops playing with her breasts and slowly brings her hand down to her pussy. She rubs the outside of her pussy getting herself very wet. She then sticks her finger into her pussy to see how wet she is. She takes her finger up to her mouth and licks her finger clean. She puts her hand back down to her pussy sticking it back into it finding her clit. She rubs her clit between her thumb and forefinger until she almost brings herself to a climax. She stops for a couple of seconds to clam herself down. She pushes her finger completely into her pussy and starts finger fucking herself. She probes all around the inside of her pussy finding her g-spot. She continues to finger fuck her pussy making her wetter and wetter. She senses that her climax will start soon so she picks up her speed on fingering herself. Her body starts to shake with mind exploding power. It takes so long for her body to clam down that she falls asleep during her climax.

I was watching her the whole time, while she was playing with herself and having an orgasm. I see her fall asleep so I get a small bag out of my closet. I go back to look through my telescope and watch her for an hour more to make sure she is asleep. I put on clothing to cover my entire body so I would not leave any evidence behind. I walk out of the back door of my house quietly. I then walk over to Karen's house. I walk up to the window of her bedroom and look inside. She is still lying on her bed face up asleep. I go to the back door of her house and use lock picks to unlock the door. I walk inside the house quietly and find her room. I go inside her room and over to her bed.

I set the bag down quietly beside the bed. I get in the bag bringing out a rag and a small bottle. I pour a good amount of the content onto the rag. I put the bottle back into the bag. I put the rag over her mouth to make sure she doesn't wake up until I want her to. I put the rag back into the bag and tie the bag onto my belt. I pick up her naked body off the bed. I take her out the back door of her house. I go over to my house taking her down into my sound proof basement. I spread her body out on a bed that I have down there. I tie each hand and foot to a post of the bed. I put a blindfold on over her eyes. I leave her there to sleep until she wakes up tomorrow. I go up to my bed and go to sleep.


I wake up very early the next day to make sure I wake before she does. I take a shower and put on clean clothes. I walk down to my basement and over to the bed. I make sure that she can't see out the blindfold. She is still asleep so I go over to a chair and sit until she wakes up. An hour and a half later she wakes up. She sees that there is a blindfold over her eyes. She screams at the top of her lungs. I go over to her and slap her across her left breast. I tell her to stop screaming and shut up. She stops screaming and starts crying.

I go over to a nightstand getting two nipple claps and a collar out of it. I go back over to Karen lying in bed and put the nipple claps on each of her nipple. She starts crying even louder. I then put the collar around her neck tightening it down and buckling it. I untie each arm and tie it back down on the other side. I do the same with her legs so that her ass will be facing up.

I go get a small round paddle and a long belt from my room upstairs. I come back down stairs and go over to Karen on the bed. I put the items down on the floor by the bed. I go get a chair setting it by the bed near her ass. I set down in the chair where I can reach Karen's body. I reach over to her ass cheeks putting each of my hands on an ass cheek. I lightly caress her ass a little. She continues to cry but I hear a small moan escape her mouth. I raise my hands up high and bring them back down hard onto her ass cheeks leaving hand prints on her ass. She starts to ball even louder and louder. I continue to bring my hands down on her ass harder and harder. I spank her until both of my hands start to turn red. She is now crying so loud that I can't hear my hands hitting her ass.

I stop spanking her to reach down and get the paddle on the floor. I raise the paddle in the air over her ass bringing it down hard on her right ass cheek. She cries out so loud that I can't believe someone can cry that loud. I raise the paddle back up bringing it down on her other ass cheek. I continue to spank her with the paddle harder and harder going back and forth. Her ass cheeks are starting to turn very red. She continues to cry out very loudly. I spank each of her ass cheeks two more times for good measure. I stop spanking her with the paddle. Her crying starts to lessen a little. I put the paddle down on the floor and get the belt.

I bring the belt up over my head to get a good whack at her ass. I bring the belt down across her ass hard. I leave a bright red mark across her ass where the belt hit her. She starts to scream and cry very loudly. I keep whacking her ass with the belt while she is crying and screaming even louder. I continue to swat her with the belt until her entire ass is bright red. I stop spanking her with the belt and put it back down on the floor.

I say to her "You are now my property. You will do as I say from now on. You will stop crying and screaming or you will be spanked with the belt again until you stop crying. This room is sound proof so no one can hear you."

She stops crying and screaming to say in a sobbing voice "Please don't spank me any more. I will do everything you tell me to do."

I say to her "Good. I will show you the rules that you will follow. Here is a list of the rules on a piece of paper." I remove the pillow and the blindfold putting the paper in front of her face so she can read it. "You will memorize all of them and you will always follow them. Now if you will be good I will reward you for doing as I say."

She says "I will be good and do as you say, sir!"

I say back to her "I am glad you will. I am going to play you now. But you will not have an orgasm until I tell you to. Understand?"

She says "Yes sir!"

I pick up the piece of paper and put it away. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and caress them. I caress her ass until the redness goes away. I caress her entire ass finally coming to her asshole. I insert a finger into her asshole. I finger her ass making her moan. She likes what I am doing to her. I insert a second finger in her ass. I finger her ass with both fingers going in and out. She is about to have an orgasm so I stop before she does to prolong her.

I stand up and move away form the bed. I take off all of my clothing so that I am standing in the nude. I go back over to Karen lying on the bed. I get up on the bed and get on top of her. I line my dick up with her asshole so I can anal fuck her. I slowly push the head of my dick inside her asshole. I stop with just the head in her asshole to let her get used to the size of my dick. I slowly start to insert more of my dick into her a little bit at a time. When it is all the way inside of her asshole I let her get used to the size and length. I slow pull out of her ass and stop with just the head inside her. I push back in with one slow stroke. I continue to fuck her ass going in and out picking up speed a little at a time. When I am going really fast and hard, I reach down under Karen and grab her breasts. I caress them while I am fucking her ass. She is really straining to not to have an orgasm. So I stop fucking her ass and pull completely out of her. I get off of her and set back down in the chair beside the bed. I let her body calm down from everything I have done to her.

After she has calmed down, I get up and reposition her face up. I tie her back down to each of the bed posts. I get up on top of the bed straddling her. I position my dick between her breasts. I push her breasts together tightly around my dick. I fuck her breasts back and forth as fast and hard as I can. She starts moaning with joy and pleasure. I keep fucking her tits going forward and back between them. I start to cum so I pull out from between her breasts to cum all over her face. She licks up as much cum as possible. I leave her face covered with my load. I lower myself down to her pussy. I put my finger at the opening of her pussy. I stick my finger into her pussy going in all the way. I finger fuck her pussy making her even wetter. I stick another finger into her pussy. I continue to finger her with both fingers for a while. I stop fingering her when she is about to cum. I let her calm down a little before I continue to play with her.

I bring my head down on her pussy. I stick out my tongue to lick all around her pussy lips. The wetness all around her pussy tastes great. I slip my tongue into her pussy just a little. I lick all around the entrance of her pussy. She loves the pussy eating that I am doing to her. I go in as far as I can and lick around her entire pussy. I keep eating out her making her wetter. She pushes up to my face wanting me to go deeper. I stop before she has an orgasm. I let her body calm down some.

I go back up her body to line up my cock with her pussy. I put the head of my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I push the head of my cock inside of her pussy lips. I go in a little at a time until my cock is touching her hymen. I let her adjust to the size of my cock. I pull out of her just to the head of my cock. I slam the whole length of my cock into her pussy going in all the way and making her no longer a virgin. I let her adjust to the pain and size of my dick. I start to pump my dick in and out of her going slowly at first. I pick up speed a little at a time until I am going back and forth as fast as I possibly can. She is really moaning and groaning with a lot pleasure. The look on her face and body tells me she is about to have an orgasm. I continue to pump in and out of her pussy several more times. When her body finally explodes with orgasm, her entire body shakes with the joy and pleasure. I shove my dick completely into her pussy erupting deep into her womb.

I lay down on top of her to regain my strength. I bring my head to hers. I kiss her on the lips while she is recovering from her orgasm. I push my tongue into her mouth French kissing her. She opens her mouth willingly for my tongue. It takes her several minutes to calm down. We continue to French kiss each other while she does so. After she does calm down I get up off the bed and untie her hands and feet from the bed.

I say to her "Stand up by the bed facing me." Karen stands up and faces me.

I say to her "You will stand a certain way when I tell you to. You will stand with your hands behind your back with your fingers laced together. Your head will be down with chin on your chest. Your eyes will be looking up at me."

I say "Now you will follow me. You will walk to my side and just behind me."

We walk up to the first floor and go to my bedroom. We walk into my room and I close the door behind her.

I say to her "This is my room and you will be sleeping in here with me from now on."

She says "Ok sir."

I say to her "Let's get so rest. I am very tired from all of the love making and I bet you are to."

She says "I am sir."

We both get in the king size bed and go to sleep.

The End?

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