tagSci-Fi & FantasyMyrna and Ilia 02

Myrna and Ilia 02


"Mmmm," Myrna moaned contentedly. "Gods, you taste good." Ilia nuzzled up to the Dragonborn, and could smell herself on her lover's lips and face.

"Thank you. You're not bad, either."

"Not bad? Hardly a resounding endorsement."

Ilia, a powerful conjurer, called forth a tiny shock of electricity from her finger to Myrna's nipple.

"Ow!" cried the Dragonborn. Ilia giggled.

"See? You're defenseless with your weapons across the room like this, your armor off...You really ought to learn to harness your magicka," said Ilia.

"I've always got my shouts," Myrna teased.

"I prefer your moans," said Ilia.

"Well, anyway, that's my story," said Myrna. "What about you?"

"Oh, you know. Coven of witches. Kind of goes with the territory."

"Sounds nice."

"It was nothing like what you had, from the sounds of it. It was a lot of older women. Not very attractive. Well, you saw some of them. There were a few I had fun with. A few male members as well. I must say a nice warm cock up inside you has its charms from time to time. But there's nothing like the touch of a woman."

"There's nothing like your touch, that's for sure. When you get that electricity dancing at your fingertips...mmm."

"You like that little trick, huh?"

"I do."

"So...what's the rest of your long story? Why did you leave your little group of thieves back in the Imperial City and wind up out here?"

"I'm the Dragonborn, silly. It was my destiny," Myrna laughed.

"But you didn't know that at the time..."

"No. Well, essentially, I got caught. Liana would send me on the most challenging jobs, training me as she had since I was so little. And she had her thumb on the pulse of the city. Her little organization had tacit approval, so long as the right amounts of money crossed the right hands at the right times. The job was a commission from a Council member, and the target was another Council member. Bitter rivals, apparently. I was to steal the one's most cherished possession. Unfortunately, Liana had been given bad information. The mark was supposed to be across town, but was, in fact, at home. Just as I snatched what I needed from his bedroom, in he came, a sly grin on his face. 'Aren't you a pretty young thing?' he smirked. 'I will give you two options. Give yourself to me and you may yet live. In a dank, dark cell. Or refuse me, and my two guards outside will violate you in every way imaginable. And then you'll be beheaded. And every last member of your little guild will suffer the same fate. The choice is yours.'

"Well, needless to say, I didn't care for either of those options. 'My Lord,' I said, 'you needn't threaten me to get me into your bed.' I slowly, seductively, moved toward him. 'Consorting with a man of your position and...reputation...' At this, I put my hand firmly on his crotch. '...Is every poor girl's dream. In fact, I think, once you're sated, you'll want to keep me around.' As I spoke I leaned into him, my mouth almost touching his, my hand feeling his member grow rigid, even as I pulled a stiletto from my belt with my other hand. As our lips met, I plunged the dagger up through the base of his skull into his brain. He died instantly, although happily, I imagine."

"Gods," said Ilia.

"He was my first kill. I must admit, I got a huge charge out of it. Had I not known there were guards outside the door, I think I would have pleasured myself then and there. As it was, I was out the window in a flash. But, having killed a man of that position, I had put Liana in a terrible bind. 'My darling,' she said, 'all the money I can lay hands on in a lifetime can't make this crime go away. We'll be destroyed if I don't give them the murderer.'"

"She betrayed you?" Ilia gasped.

"Well, I understood. It was me or everyone. I asked only for a head start. 'Until morning,' Liana said. I quickly gathered my things and slipped out of the city through the sewers. She'd told me to head for Hammerfell. I came here instead. They caught me crossing the border. I was on the block when that dragon attacked Helgen."

"Well, lucky for you that the Stormcloaks have taken over then."

"Luck? I played no small role in their victory, my dear. If I learned anything from Liana, it's that one must make her own luck. Anyway, it's clear now that Skyrim is where I was supposed to be. So everything happened for a reason."

"I wonder," said Ilia, "Do I fit into the grand scheme of things somehow?"

Myrna took Ilia's hand and guided it down between her legs. "You fit just fine," she whispered. Ilia slid two fingers into Myrna's still-wet hole, curling them forwards and rubbing the front wall of Myrna's pussy. Myrna gasped as Ilia sent a little current of shock through her fingertips. Only the howling wind outside the Nightgate Inn kept the lover's cries from the ears of the innkeeper and the rest of the guests. They slept long into the morning, almost numb with pleasure and contented by each other's warm, soft flesh, neither wanting to face the chill outside the furs that covered them. When Ilia finally awoke, she saw Myrna slip through the door, nearly invisible in her sleek black armor, her ebony axe dangling from her perfectly-shaped hips. Was she leaving, Ilia wondered? But the fierce-looking Daedric bow still sat in the corner, a quiver of arrows beside it, and Ilia knew her young lover would be back. She felt the stickiness between her thighs and sighed at the remembrance of the night's pleasures. When, she thought, would they again have such a cozy room in which to enjoy themselves? It was much better than cold nights outdoors next to a fire on the hard, rocky ground. "She's never going to settle down," Ilia said to herself. And then she wondered if she ever would, either.

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