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Mystery Lover


I couldn't believe I was going along with this.

It was my husband's idea to spice up our marriage, and we had fantasized about another male in the bedroom. But I'd only gotten into it when we were really horny and worked up.

Now, he'd taken me out to eat, got some good wine in me, surprised me by wisking me into a hotel suite and was slowly ravishing me when he stopped. He told me he had one more surprise for me, and I sensed I knew what he was up to. My part of the bargain was that the lights stayed-out and I had to go with the situation. I was already so worked up and wet that I gave in.

He threw on trousers and a shirt and was out the door. Not two minutes later, I heard the key in the door,and my mystery man walked in.

I couldn't possibly make out any of his features in the dark, but the silouette was plainly that of a tall, well-built man.

He walked to the edge of the bed and without a word started taking off his clothes. I wanted to see, but I also knew this would be easier for me if I couldn't. So, I just took a deep breath and laid back.

He was on the bed down at the foot of it, and he proceeded up very slowly by kissing and rubbing up my legs, using his hands to part my legs for him. I reached down and put my hands into his thick head of hair, while his expert lips traced up the insides of my legs.

He teased all around my pussy before he ever set his tongue to my pussy lips. When he did go there it was like a switch was flipped as he loved tasting me and lapping at my juices. I moaned my approval as his tongue and lips played at my pussy lips and clit.

"Yyyyeeessss... ." I was loving it and starting to relax more.

After taking his time down there and kissing every inch of me there, he pulled himself up so that he was on his knees on the middle of the bed. I instinctively sat up and moved to where I could bend to his cock.

I gripped him and instantly marveled at his thick and long cock. I had sensed he was young, and for some reason I was even more sure as I had him in my mouth---he was very hard and so so into it. As my tongue licked up and down his shaft, he put his hands in my hair, eventually bringing my face up to kiss me.

He kissed me sensously, cupping my face with his hands. He deeply french-kissed me and eased me back onto my back in a very loving and gentle way. For a moment I smelled a very distinctive scent about him that I just couldn't place at first. He kissed at my neck and chest, leaving wet trails down to my breasts and hard pointed nipples.

I was very wet and needed him in me. I reached back down and stroked his cock with my hand. With his mouth sucking sweetly on ny nipple, I realized the colonge to be one that was new, I think that my son had tried it. So, it made sense, this was a young guy, too, who had tried the same.

My attention was back to the nipples he had sucked so well. He pulled off them and positioned himself between my legs.

At long last, I thought. First my husband teases me and works me up only to leave, and now this kid has taken his time getting his cock into my pussy.

He took his cock in his hand and worked the head between my lips teasing me, making me somehow even wetter than before. I was ready to fuck and to be fucked. I wanted him to know, too.

"I need you to fuck me. Give it to me." I pleaded.

He immediately stopped when he heard me, which was the opposite of what I intended.

"C'mon," I moved to him and pushed at him,"I need this."

I was so ready, so wet, so beyond control.

I heard his voice low and eerily familiar, "are you sure you want it?"

Then, I knew. I couldn't believe this. My son was between my legs with his cock pressed to my wet and inviting pussy lips. My head was spinning with the thoughts of how he had licked and tasted me, I'd sucked him, and we'd deeply french kissed. Now, he was there.

One last thought had entered my mind as he was poised on top of me and at my pussy---he'd stopped at the sound of my voice and revealed his own to me. But he didn't jump off the bed. No, he asked if I was sure. So, I replied the best way I thought I could.

I tilted my legs up and back in response, sending him the message he needed.

"Give it to me," I blurted.

And with that, he pushed forward driving his cock deep inside me and causing me to cry out. When his cock was completely inside me and filled me, he still pushed into me, grinding me and letting me feel his balls against my ass.

"Do you like that? Is that what you want?" he implored, no longer worried about his voice.

"Yes," I screamed as he stretched me and started fucking me powerfully in long firm strokes.

"Fuck me darling," I grunted, urging him on, no longer worried about my voice as well.

He moved smoothly and sensuosly over me. He knew just how to vary the strokes and make me squirm. After we had been moving in sync for a while together, he picked up the pace, and I got into it even more, getting very vocal with my moans and grunting.

"Yeahhh, you fuck me so good, baby. Give it to me. .... oooohhhh."

He got close and was soon pistoning in and out of me, and I brought my legs up higher, open for him. His head jerked back, and now he grunted.

"uuuhhhhh ... yyeeeaaaahhhh."

He slowed as he shot into me and started rocking against me. I held his ass as he finished in me.

"Oh baby, that was fantastic," I told him, stroking his broad shoulders as he rested on top of me. He kissed the side of my face with moist pecks, and I moved my lips to his. I kissed him and he was no longer Brad, my son as a kid, but Brad an adult and a man. Okay, ...and my son. I sensed he felt differently now, too.

"That's wild that you were in on this," he said to me as we moved about and got up.

"Huh, what are you talking about?"

"Well, when Dad set this up, he never let on that it'd be you in here."

"Are you kidding? He didn't? You mean, you didn't know?" I was staring at him in disbelief.

"No, he told me that he had a friend who was hot, fun and good in bed. We talk sometimes about my wanting to get more experience, and he said he'd try to set me up. Couple days ago, he told me to be here but that his friend would be shy and want to be discreet."

"That son-of-a-bitch." I was incensed.

"What?" Brad asked.

"Son, I didn't know either. I had no idea."

"But, Dad left the room. I passed him. You knew that, right? It wasn't him--you knew, right?" Now I was a little taken back. No easy way to explain this. But after intense sex, well why not go here, too.

" Well, we'd talked at times about another guy, and ... well," I paused and it started to sink in for him and he smiled a devilsh grin. "He brought me up here tonight, got me going, and sprang it on me in bed right before you came in. Only,I had no idea it was you." We were talking as we dressed, and I openly stared as he stuffed his cock into his boxers, before tugging on his jeans.

"So I didn't know and you didn't know," he said.

"Well, not until well after you were here." Now, I had the grin. We both hugged tight, and things had forever changed between us. Exactly how we couldn't completely explain, but of course. ...

Brad's dad had told him to slip back downstairs, before his friend was back out of bed. Brad was to meet him down in the bar.

"Good son, let's go see your dad," I told him, and Brad gave me that look like maybe Brad didn't want to be around when I saw his dad.

"C'mon, everything's fine," I assured him.

We rode the elevator downstairs, and I actually felt a warmness standing next to Brad. Here I was, till tonight the reserved and shy wife never given to step out-of-bounds, try much new, or really have a wild side. Then, ol'hubby let our imaginations go a bit, and he decides to hatch this trick. Well, what a trick.

Maybe it was the buzz from the great sex or maybe just my state of shock altogether, but I felt a certain stride as I walked Brad into the bar from the elevator. Brad's dad was at the end of the bar finishing a gulp of scotch, when we walked up beside him, and he turned and saw us---both of us right before him.

The look on his face said, uh oh. Then came the nervous half-smile. Brad beside me probably didn't know what to do.

"Look, let me explain," he started.

"Oh Bill," I stopped him in a light-hearted tone he never expected, "really, there's no need. Right, son?"

And with that I turned to Brad, who turned his face to me. My left hand reached up and I brought Brad's mouth directly to mine, and I proceeded to lay a deep, slow french kiss on Brad, letting it last for a long moment. I worked my tongue around the inside of Brad's mouth good, teasing his tongue with mine, before I let him loose.

I looked back at Bill, and his mouth was wide open and trying to find words.

"Try not to overdo it before driving home, dear," I told him, "we'd stick around and have a drink, but I got this horse I want to ride some more," and I grabbed Brad's crotch with a squeeze, smilimg a big smile to Bill.

I turned Brad toward the door, wrapped my arm around his waist and led us out of the bar. I never looked back but I could feel Bill's eyes still on us as we left. Before we were actually out-of-sight, I draped my hand from Brad's waist down into his back jean's pocket, grabbing a handful of his ass. Brad was speechless.

Up in the elevator, Brad finally spoke.

"What are we doing?"

"Going back up to finish what we started," I watched the crotch of his jeans twitch. "That is, unless you'd rather not."

Out of the elevator, we walked down the hall, and I unlocked the door to the room. We stepped inside, and as soon as we were inside, he was still concerned about everything, "What about dad?"

I gazed at him thoughtfully for a couple of seconds. Then, I slowly dropped to my knees in front of him. I took my time, undoing his belt and unfastening those jeans. I let the sound of that zipper I was pulling down stay in the air as I peeled back the sides of his jeans showing me close-up those boxers again. He helped with kicking off his shoes.

As he peeled off his shirt for me, I saw in the light that stomach and smooth hair I'd only felt earlier tonight. He had a trail of black hair going into his dark red boxers, which were tenting in front, giving away my effects on my young man.

I hooked my fingers into the sides of his boxers and started the slow stripping down of them. First, there was the mat of hair being revealed, and next the thick base of his dick which strained against the fabric I was pulling. I moved them some more, until they weren't quite off the end of his penis, and the effect was to bow his meat so that the shaft jutted out and down, with the head still captured just below.

I moved my face closer and pulled the boxers on over, causing his thick cock to slap at my face and lips. Wow, I thought, is this my son? Thick and enlarged, his cock angled up, me letting it rub my face as it twitched. I felt warm smooth flesh as it patted my face. Brad moved his hands to his crotch as if to keep his twitching member from hitting my face, but my hands stopped his and held them. Then I put them in my hair, which I could tell by the way he stroked my hair, that he liked my idea.

I brought my left hand to massage his balls, and with my right, I worked my hand around the base of his cock. I stuck my wet tongue to the underside of his shaft and started a long, wet lick up him, savoring the smooth hot flesh that was for me. The tip of my tongue lighly played at the crown of his head, and I moved it against the sensitive area underneath his head, hearing him slowly moan his pleasure.

I tilted back for a moment of no touching but of my breath on him. My right hand moved a little farther up, and I wrapped my lips onto him.

"YYYEEESSS," he urged as I slowly took him on into my mouth and started my up and down stroking of him with my wet lips and mouth. He got into it with a gentle pumping motion between my lips, and I now had my son fucking my mouth.

It didn't take long before he seemed ready to erupt. As much as I wanted it, I had something else in mind. I backed his dick from my mouth.

"Honey, go get on the bed."

(to be continued)

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