tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNadine Jansen, Agent 48EE Ch. 02a

Nadine Jansen, Agent 48EE Ch. 02a


This is a CELEBRITY PARODY. No inference should be drawn as to the main character's sexual preferences, activities, or actual sexual acts.


the FF version of this story was written by both of us. Lila wrote the MF parts of this version.

The other version is subtitled ANAL R & R.

Nadine shifted in her seat and crossed her legs, then winced as a sharp pain lanced through her poor, tenderized asshole, a souvenir of her encounter with the evil Madame ButtPumper. The flight would take about 3 more hours, and she decided that if she was going to get any sleep, she had better take a pain pill. Making her way up the aisle, she ran-into the tall, striking-handsome pilot striding in the opposite direction. His ebony features split into a restrained grin and his deep melodic "hello" had the lilt of the island in it. His eyes boldly swept her luscious curves as he passed her, and the busty brunette felt that "twinge" she always got she was getting turned-on.

On impulse, she decided to follow him and see if a membership in the MILE-HIGH CLUB might be in order. They ended-up in the pilot's lounge, chatting over cocktails, and Nadine discovered a little about the gorgeous black hunk. His name was Jacque Mertiene, from the island of St Croix, and had been a pilot for 6 years. He had switched assignments with a friend, which was how he came to be piloting an AIR FRANCE aircraft. Nadine used the cover story of Greta Hume, a writer for a Stuttgart sex magazine recently returned from an assignment in Paris.

Since Jacque couldn't keep his eyes off her abundant cleavage, Nadine decided to take matters into her own hands. Taking both of his hands in hers, she placed them on her prodigious bosom; Jacque, the quick study, kneaded the huge mounds while Nadine got her blouse unbuttoned. Her blouse and lace bra were tossed to the side, and the muscular islander spent long minutes nibbling & sucking at her stiff nipples and deep cleavage.

They took a few extra seconds to get out of their clothes, leaving Jacque stark naked with his huge black cock standing at attention and Nadine clad only in green lace garterbelt, stockings, and high heels. Nadine eagerly went down on the well-built brother, using her tongue, lips, and teeth to skillfully excite him even further. She had a little trouble fitting all of his rampant member in her mouth, but as usual, our girl was more than up to the challenge. They began in the

missonary position, with Jacque pistoning his big prick steadily and rhythmically in her sopping wet cunt. Nadine was no un-involved spectator; she used her inner cuntal muscles to milk Jacque's fat dick as it slid in and out.

The sweating partners changed positions, and Jacque got even more turned-on as he watched his 12" staff appear & disappear in the depths of Nadine's grasping pink twat from the "doggy" position. He chuckled after noticing her slightly-gaping anus, and decided to slid his index finger into it to conduct additional tests. Nadine winced as the big finger pushed into her rectum; it seemed that everyone she met lately, men & women, wanted to anal-fuck her: why should Jacque be any different. The pumping cock and pumping finger were driving her wild, so the horny brunette got-hold of her near-by purse and drew a small bottle of lube from inside. "Here" she panted, handing it back to the hard-thrusting pilot, "use this"

Jacque never stopped fucking as he squirted the entire contents onto his cock & finger, and Nadine's asshole. In one smooth motion, Jacque withdrew from Nadine's dripping pussy and buried his throbbing meat deep into the hot nest of her bowels.

The discomfort is minimal; her session with the depraved Madame had left her asshole loose and very receptive, though quite sore. Jacque waits a few moments before his hips start pumping, slow and steady, his hands lock onto the huge-titted brunette's prodigious hips, his pace quickening slightly.

He suddenly stopped thrusting and peeling his panting partner's lush ass-globes apart, buried his face between them, lapping-away like a hungry kitten with a bowl of milk. "Ooooo!" Nadine groaned, as the soft, wet strokes bath her battered anal orifice with soothing spit. The voracious rim-job lasted a few minutes before the big, helmet-shaped tip of the black man's thick weapon knocked at her backdoor once again. The considerate pilot reached around to thrust a pair of fingers into his partner's wet, dripping cunt; his fingers grasp and tweak the unsheathed, very large clitoral bud he found there.

Nadine's big, soft buttocks wobble and shake with each hammering thrust, and her EE cup titties bounce and jiggle heavily, free of support. Both of them are close now. Jacque's fingers tighten on the slippery red clit they are holding, and a gout of female cum jets from it as Nadine is lost in the climax that explodes through her. Seconds later, Jacque follows her, spraying her interior ass with a gout of hot, sticky, male cum.


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