tagGroup SexNancy Collins, Miss World Bikini

Nancy Collins, Miss World Bikini


The story of lovely young Nancy Collins who found a way to live her fantasy.

I was twelve years old when my mother decided that it was time for her to give me 'the talk'. She had good reason.

It all happened one sunny summer afternoon when my friend and next door neighbor Billy, who was also twelve, was over at my house. We were playing a game of hearts. I really liked Billy and I was also getting very curious about my body which was developing from being a little girl to being a 'big girl'. My breasts were growing and I was developing more curves. I was also beginning to notice that boys in school were noticing me.

"Would you like to kiss me Billy?" I asked.

Billy looked at me with wide open eyes.

"I guess." Billy was at the stage that kissing was yucky.

I pouted my lips and offered them to him and we had a little kiss. "Let's do it again but make it last longer." I said.

So we kissed again, but Billy was hopeless.

That's when my mom came into the room.

"I think it's time for you to go home Billy." Mom said.

Billy gasped, "Oh, yes, OK." He stammered, and relieved he dashed madly out of the house.

"Nancy, why did you let him kiss you like that?" said Mom.

"Oh mom, don't blame Billy, I asked him to kiss me, and that was my fault. I was really curious about what it would feel like."

My mother smiled. "Well, did you like it?" She asked with a twinkle in her eye.

I blushed. "I liked it very much, in fact I made him kiss me twice, but I don't think he liked it very much."

Mom shook her head and smiling said, "Then we need to have a little talk."

I have never forgotten what she told me that afternoon. She said it was OK to be curious and that there were a lot of wonderful things that a girl could share with boys. She told me that I was a very lovely young girl and that there would be a lot of boys who would want to date me. We had already had the birds and bees talk but this one was about the practical things. Mom wanted me to learn how to control situations that I would find myself in.

"Sex is a wonderful thing, and it will give you a lot of pleasure, but you must recognize that a young girl who gives in too easily can very well find herself pregnant, spoil her chances for a life that will give her a much better chance of growing up, and being very happy when she finds the right man, who will love her and share a good life with her."

We talked about a lot of things that afternoon and she answered all of my questions. I was soon to realize that her open approach to me was just what I needed. Now it was a matter for time and experience to teach me the rest.

Poor Billy was very shy toward me in the next few days, and was afraid that he had done something really wrong, but my mom was great with him and went out of her way to let him know he was still very welcome at #16 Oak Lane. That wasn't the last time I kissed Billy, but the next time we kissed he was older and liked it a lot more.

By the time I was thirteen, I was much more developed that most of the girls in my grade, and by the time I finished high school I was 5' 6" and had nice long legs, firm breasts, and a beautifully rounded tush. My hair was raven colored and I liked to wear it long. I was asked out for a lot of dates, but resisted any attempts that were made asking me to 'go steady'. Don't get the idea that I was a prude though. If I really liked a boy I would let him 'go farther'. This meant that I would let my breasts be touched and caressed, and sometimes I would even allow a hand to slip under my dress and stroke my thighs. I must admit that there were one or two boys who could get me hot and bothered, and then my thighs would part just enough for them to feel my panties between my legs. But I always stopped it there, even though when I got home my panties would be soaked and I knew I had been very close to letting them strip them off. My mom had told me that when a girl lets a boy take her panties off, she is surrendering to him and whatever he wants to do. So my panties became my last line of defense and I knew exactly where to stop. This became such a thing with me, that it wasn't until I was a 20 year old college girl, I finally let a boy, who got me very 'hot', slip my panties down for the very first time, I had a very big and unexpected orgasm. He was special though and I desperately wanted him to do it. But that's another story.

I was never reluctant to wear revealing bathing suits at the pool in the summer. I had discovered that I liked being looked at, and it wasn't just boys, men would stare at me as I walked around the pool, or sunned in a chaise. I could feel their eyes on me and it could make me get very warm. It wasn't always the heat of the sun that would make me dive into the water and cool off. I don't think my daddy approved of some of the bikinis I chose to wear, but mom would just shake her head and smile.

"You're driving them all crazy." She once said. "Just be careful."

I was still a virgin when I went off to college. My sex life had never been more than heavy petting, lots of kissing, and sometimes I would allow an exploring hand to go between my thighs. So my mom's advice was working. It didn't bother me that I was still a virgin. It was my choice and not because there hadn't been a lot of opportunities.

In my sophomore year, my sorority sisters approached me about getting into the Miss Nebraska beauty pageant. They thought I had a real chance and it would be a big feather in the sorority's cap. When they asked me, I was thrilled at the thought of being in that kind of a spotlight, and after talking to my mom on the phone that night, I agreed to enter.

It was a great experience, and one that I have never regretted. I didn't become Miss Nebraska. But I was first runner up, and received a trophy and gifts as the winner of the bathing suit part of the pageant. I loved the whole thing, and was besieged by requests for dates. Holding on to my resistance to go steady, I had my pick of boys, or I suppose they were now young men. There was one special guy though. His name was Chip Hardison. Real name Charles. But he was such a happy guy. Always smiling, and he made me laugh. He was well mannered and I loved his eyes and the way he could make me feel when he smiled at me. I am sure my dad would approve of Chip. I always enjoyed my dates with him because he treated my like a normal date. A lot of dates couldn't get past the 'Miss Bikini' title that I was now stuck with. They became one time dates.

Chip and I had met in class, so he wasn't a result of my temporary campus fame. He wasn't the most handsome guy, but I liked everything about him. Mostly the way he treated me. And he was very sexy, at least he was to me, although he seemed quite oblivious to the fact that he was very attractive to girls. I think his natural decency and great disposition really set him apart. Anyway, while not wanting to be in a relationship didn't bother him at all. In fact he never mentioned it. We just dated a lot. As healthy young people we enjoyed our moments being alone together, and our kissing became more passionate, and his lovely hands, with their long slender fingers, began to explore more of me, as our kisses became tongue caresses. Yet he never pressed me, and actually I was the one who was desperate for him to be bolder. Sometimes my nipples would be rock hard as he passed his fingers over my breasts, and sometimes he would slip his hand under the hem of my dress and explore my thighs and the tops of my legs, until finally I couldn't stand it anymore, and one memorable night, in the back seat of his car, when his hand was under my skirt, and our tongues were probing each other, I parted my legs inviting him to invade my most intimate place. Slowly he did, and after rubbing my vulva gently with his lovely fingers, he actually pulled my panties aside so he could slip his finger into my vagina. I had never let anyone do that to me before, and it felt so good, and my body was alive to his touch. "Oh God Chip, please take my panties off." I gasped. I immediately remembered what mom told me about surrendering my panties, and I knew what I had done.

I thrust myself forward from the waist down to help him, and Chip put his hands, one on each side of my hips, and slowly slipped my panties down over my bottom, and then I closed my legs so that he could slide them all the way down, and they were very wet and sticking to my pussy as he pulled them down. That is when I had my very first and memorable orgasm. I couldn't believe it. I suppose the years of never letting anyone pull my panties down caught up with me, and now a man, was taking off my panties, and that triggered my first great sexual experience. Anticipation, I discovered, is a big part of sex.

I gasped and clung to him as my body was racked with pleasure, and he paused and kissed me, before sliding them on down. I raised my knees and let him pull them over my feet. Freed of my panties, I opened my legs and kissed him, putting my arms around his neck, as his hand returned to that magical place between my legs. His explorations quickly found my clitoris and I jerked with pleasure as he touched it. We were both on a learning curve, and so he found that slipping his finger through my slit, he could excite me in many places. I was finding equal pleasure as he explored, gently and slowly, all the many sensitive spots, my pussy lips, my clitoris, my vagina, and soon found that he could slip more than one finger inside me. I was very wet and slipping more fingers into me was easily done. By now I am uninhibited and moving lasciviously against his hand as he unknowingly is turning me into a lust filled body I didn't know existed. Then I almost fainted as the first orgasm of several swept through me, I cried out and clutched him as I experienced pleasures I never could have dreamed of. I was crying as I went limp and hugged him to me.

"Nancy are you all right, why are you crying?" he asked.

"Oh Chip, I am wonderful, you are wonderful, I have never felt anything so superb, I feel relaxed and fulfilled. You can do that anytime you want too my darling."

I had never felt a man's maleness before, but I didn't want to be just a teaser after the indescribable pleasure he had just given me, so I made myself put my hand at the top of Chip's legs, seeking him, and discovered that he was very hard. Unzipping his pants, I had to extricate his shaft from the opening in his shorts and it sprang out. It was larger and thicker than I expected. I slipped my fingers up and down the length. He gasped and I stroked him until very quickly he whispered, "I'm going to come Terry, don't stop," and suddenly his body jerked and I felt a warm sticky liquid coming all over my hand, and after several seconds he put his hand down to stop my fingers from massaging him any more.

After holding each other quietly and talking we found ourselves laying down in the back seat, out bodies pressed together, and I could feel Chip getting hard again. I put my hand down and slipped his shaft between my legs.

"Oh Chip, that feels wonderful." I could feel his entire length from my clit to my labia, as his member fit beautifully in my slit. We moved against each other and very quickly I was swept by repeating waves of pleasure as one orgasm was followed by an even better one. I felt Chip's body stiffen, gasping, he came between my pussy lips and then we lay there enjoying the intimate feeling we were sharing as he slowly lost his erection.

I was so grateful for mom's wise advice. Because of her, I had had a great life so far, and my first real sexual experience had been everything I could have wanted.

He could have done anything he wanted to me that night, and he didn't know it. I was wondering how long it would be before I wanted him to take me and take my virginity. I knew that it wouldn't be long.

We must have dozed off together, because I was awakened feeling Chip getting hard between my legs. I opened my eyes and Chip was wide awake, he kissed me and I moved my body against him as his now full erection was again slipping between my labia and exciting a very sensitive clit, a little tender but receptive to his movement. We both came again, the feeling of him thrilling me as I felt his warmth spilling between my legs.

"Oh Chip, this is just lovely, but I think we are making a mess of your back seat."

"It's fine," he responded, "I have some old towels in the trunk, and tissues under the seat, I would love to clean you up though if you will let me."

I nodded yes to him wondering what he meant.

Chip's car was an old Cadillac de Ville that his dad gave to him to take to college. The old sedan was large, allowing us the big back seat that we had just taken advantage of. The front seat was a wide bench, which allowed me to get close to him as he drove. I discovered there were a lot of positive things about big, old, cars.

Chip reached under the front seat and pulled out a box of Kleenex. Pulling out a handful, he parted my legs and gently began to clean my pussy. It felt heavenly. Too soon he was done and I sat up and we found my panties. Between the towels and the Kleenex we managed to clean up the seat. It was getting close to dawn as we got back to the campus. We kissed and he drove off as I went into the dorm.

The next few days, all I could think about was the wonderful feelings Chip had aroused in me in the back seat of his marvelous old car. Even more I was thinking about losing my virginity to Chip. By Thursday I couldn't wait any longer, and when he called to see if I wanted to go out on Saturday night, I promised him that it would be a very special night. My mother had insisted that I take 'the pill', but I never had. But starting on Friday I took my first pill. I was a 21-year-old virgin, but I didn't intend to be one much longer.

I dressed for the occasion. I wore an almost transparent blouse, a very transparent bra, and some almost nothing panties that hid nothing and revealed much. Add to this a short skirt that barely came to my thighs, and some high heels bought specially for the occasion.

Chip was right on time, and he always got out of the car to let me out, and he always opened the door to let me get in. I had said something to him once about how well mannered he was. He had laughed and said, "don't give my manners all the credit, mostly I love to look at your legs as you get in and out of the car." After that I had found myself getting careless about keeping my knees together, and enjoyed the fact that he got some pleasure from looking up my dress.

When he asked me what I wanted to do that night, I had said, "Let's have a picnic. We'll go down to the river, there won't be anyone around, we can cuddle in the dark, spread a blanket and have a lovely evening together."

Chip had done his part, and as we carried our picnic and a blanket, we were holding hands as we walked. I had taken my heels off to get through the grass, they probably weren't the best choice of shoes, but they went with the way I was dressed and my mood.

"You look beautiful tonight Nancy, but you always do, and yet tonight you seem to be glowing."

I was glowing, and I was full of, well the only word that comes to mind was lust.

"Kiss me please Chip"

He gently pulled me to him and we kissed exploring each other with our tongues. With the scantiness of my clothing, plus he was wearing light summer weight slacks and a cotton shirt, we were very much aware of the touch of our bodies. Soon we were lying on the blanket. My skirt was up around my hips, and I wasn't even thinking about pulling it down. I pressed against him and I whispered to him, "Chip, I want you inside me."

"Are you sure Nancy, really sure?"

"Chip, kiss me and do whatever you want to me, because that is what I want tonight. I want you to take my virginity."

For the second time in my life a man was taking off my panties, and he was doing it very slowly, driving me crazy with anticipation as I felt the cool night air on my belly, on my mound, and between my thighs. Finally my panties were off, and then, as though to tease me, he began to unbutton my blouse, pulling it down from my shoulders. Then he pulled my bra straps down releasing my breasts, with their now erect nipples, from their scanty prison. He undid the zipper on the side of my skirt. His motive became clear when he asked me to sit up and he pulled my blouse away from my body, and then my bra. He was going to take off all my clothes. He laid me back down, tugging my little skirt down my legs. I wriggled in the cool air, wearing only my high heels as he began to kiss my nipples and his hand slid down over my belly, caressed my mound and slipped between my legs. Feeling completely wanton, and full of lust, I spread my legs giving him full access to my vulva. He gently, and slowly slipped his sensuous fingers over my pussy lips, and then began to make little circles around my clit. I could hear myself moaning as he teased me. His touch was so light that it was almost like tickling. He was driving me wild. Then he penetrated my vagina with his fingers and began rubbing my inner walls. I just wanted him in me. My nipples were very touchy now as he nibbled first one and then the other. I felt like my entire body was an erogenous zone.

"Chip, please, please, fuck me, please, fuck me now."

I had never used the 'F' word before, but it came out without me even thinking about what I was saying.

He had removed his slacks and must not have been wearing any underwear because he quickly rolled between my legs, and kissing me he reached down and placed his shaft into the entrance of my vagina. I cried out with pleasure as he slowly pushed the head of his maleness into me and then he was inside, and going deeper and my legs naturally wrapped around his waist as I pulled him to me. He thrust into me and pulled away and thrust again. I came explosively and quickly, and seconds later Chip groaned and jerked against me as he flooded me with his liquid. If he had broken my hymen, I was not aware of it. I felt no pain, only the ecstasy of total intimacy as I luxuriated from the feeling of him inside me. Stripping me naked had made me feel so vulnerable, and had magnified my emotions and my sexual delight.

"I thought losing my virginity would hurt, but it didn't, and I loved every second of it." I confessed.

Chip giggled.

"What are you giggling for?" I said as I playfully punched him.

"Losing my virginity didn't hurt me either." He laughed again.

"Oh Chip, I didn't know. The way girls come to you, I just assumed . . ."

"You make me so happy Nancy, I will never forget what we just had."

I didn't even bother to dress. I folded my clothes while Chip put out our picnic dinner. I loved being naked, and naked for him, although in the dark our figures were not very distinct, but the cool night air felt wonderful again on my bare flesh as we nibbled our food between kisses and fondling.

I wanted to touch him and not feel self conscious about it, and after we had put the remains of our meal in the picnic basket, we were sitting side-by-side sipping wine.

I put my wine glass down and lay back on the blanket, Chip leaned on one elbow and gently kissed me. Boldly, to cover my nervousness, I put my hand on his thigh and moved it up until I found his penis. It was only semi soft, and as I touched it, and wrapped my fingers around it, I could feel it growing in my hand. Our kisses became more passionate as he stiffened in my fingers, and soon my fingers barely could reach around it. Still holding him I climbed onto him, straddling him, and guiding him into me. I took my hands and put them on his chest as I felt that gorgeous member enter me as I lowered myself on him. I took all of him in me, and then feeling totally free, I put my hands behind my head and began to rise up and drop down on him, feeling marvelous as I felt that very large shaft completely filling me. This time I was able to last longer, and I loved it when he came before I was ready. Happily he remained hard in me as I continued to treat myself to him as he was quickly beginning to go from softening to hardening. Then he apparently had had enough as he quickly flipped me onto my back, and entering me he proceeded to screw me with very rapid and long strokes, and his body was now pressing my clit, and that was all it took for me to almost faint as he brought me to a volcanic series of orgasms, leaving me weak and helpless. I may have fainted. I opened my eyes to see the evening stars overhead.

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