tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNancy Porter's Journal: 08

Nancy Porter's Journal: 08


Nancy's eighth journal entry finds her on her way to the family vacation in Stowe, Vermont. After an interesting holiday gift from the Professor, Nancy gets to relax for a few days.


1. I met a boy.

It happened on my first day up at Stowe. I was on a trail that I really shouldn't have been on, given the limited amount of skiing I had been doing over the last couple of years. It was something I could have handled easily when I was seventeen and was skiing every weekend but now I ended up taking a rather nasty fall.

Nothing broken, I could tell as I struggled to my feet. My ankle was a little tender but that was it. As I was getting myself back together, one of the patrol guys came over and complimented me on my cartwheel, having seen me go flying from up the trail.

He was a nice kid, and after a while he came right out and asked me if I wanted to hang out with him later that evening. I don't know what was more surprising; his asking me or my accepting.

Anyway, he made me promise not to kill myself for the rest of the day before we headed down the mountain. Me, on an actual sort of date! I told my Mom about it down at the base lodge and she seemed thrilled about it, and wouldn't mind my skipping dinner that night.

2. Greg.

His name was Greg, and even though we really didn't get real good looks at each other on the trail, I recognized him right away at the burger joint.

He was even cuter than I remembered. Greg was only a little taller than me, and had long light brown hair and dimples. It turned out he was twenty one, only a couple of years older than me.

I was really happy that he didn't seem disappointed in me either, and we had a lot of fun. His friends were okay, but I only had eyes for Greg that night.

He suggested that we go back to his apartment, and he seemed shocked when I accepted. The "we" turned out to be just me and Greg, which was okay by me. He had a little apartment in the less prosperous section of town that he shared with a guy he worked with. The guy wasn't there, and wouldn't be either, Greg explained.

We sat around and talked for a little bit, and then we started to make out. After some kissing and dueling tongues, I felt Greg's hand slide under my sweater and begin playing with my titties through my blouse.

I hadn't bothered with a bra for this very reason. If I was going to get felt up, I thought it would be better to have Greg just be able to find out right away how little was up there, rather than play around with the padding and be disappointed.

Greg certainly wasn't disappointed, as he worked his hand inside my blouse rather expertly and was cupping my little buds in record time. My nipples were already hard but this made them diamond cutters, as Greg squeezed and tweaked them excitedly.

I was getting really hot in more ways than one, so I broke away for a second and pulled my sweater off, giving Greg less to work around. He took advantage of that and worked my blouse upward. I felt a feeling of embarrassment as the blouse went up under my arms, exposing my rather meager offerings to Greg in the dim light, but his animal-like attack only got more intense.

I tentatively reached down and put my hand on his lap, which made Greg moan a little as he tried to shift himself in order to make contact with me.

"Oh Nancy, you are so beautiful" Greg said between nipple munches.

Beautiful? I'm in love, I thought to myself as my hand groped Greg's crotch, having no problem finding his erection through the jeans. I pulled and squeezed the bulge, making Greg squirm under my touch.

We kept this up for quite a while, and I rebuffed Greg's attempted explorations of my own crotch a couple of times. I wasn't about to go that far on the first date, but I was horny as hell, and wasn't going to send Greg away unhappy.

I unzipped Greg's jeans and squeezed his dick through his underwear, which had a little stain of excitment on them. That turned me on, as did the fact that what I was groping didn't feel very big. After the Professor last Friday, I wasn't interested in any more horse cocks, thank you very much.

"Here... let me..." Greg said as he pulled his jeans down and leaned back on the couch. I tugged his underwear down and saw his dick spring out from behind the elastic.

Greg's dick was really kinda small and thin, I thought to myself as I took it in my hand and slid my hand up and down the shaft. Hard as a rock, though, and I was never much on sizes anyway. How could I be, with Greg perfectly content to play with my little breasts like they were something special.

I got up from the couch and pulled Greg's jeans and underwear completly off, and knelt between his legs. I ran my hands up and down his muscular legs, feeling the light dusting of hair underneath my fingers.

I moved further up and took his dick in my hand, as he looked down at me through the small tuft of hair that grew above his cock. My other hand began to knead his nut sack, rolling those rather sizeable balls in my palm as I bowed my head down over him.

Greg gasped as my lips found the acorn shaped head, rolling my tongue around the rim and opening. Greg's dick was probably only five inches long at best, so it was no problem for me to slowly slide my lips down the entire length of his thing, until my nose was nestled in his soft pubic hair.

"Aaaarrrrggghhh!" Greg howled as my mouth burrowed into his groin, looking for even more dick, before slowly pulling all the way back up.

After a few more of those strokes, I pulled back and began licking and sucking on the head, holding his dick at the base between my thumbs and index finger. I loved watching Greg squirm under me, making him writhe with every move I made.

Looking up at Greg while I tortured the tip of his dick with my rapid tonguing, our eyes met. His eyes were glazed over and he was sweating like a pig. Me, I was cool, calm and collected.

"Ohhhh Nancy, I wanna do you so bad" Greg groaned.

"Not gonna happen" I told him, just before diving down and deep throating his staff. "Isn't this good for you?"

"Yes... but I'm gonna cum if you... "

My response was to go down on Greg with a vengenance, my lips sliding up and down the rigid tube harder and harder. My hands worked the base of his dick, churning and squeezing without mercy.

I felt his dick spasm in my mouth just before he yelled out what I knew was about to happen. I continued going up and down on his dick as he spasmed, the warm cum blasting into my mouth and throat. I didn't stop until I was sure I had sucked him dry. Only then did I let the little limp pecker out of my mouth.

"Oh Nancy, that was so great" Greg said weakly as I got back up on the couch.

"I liked it too Greg" I told him, and I meant it.

3. This is my boyfriend, Greg.

That was how I introduced him to my folks a couple of days later. I think this was the first time I had ever been able to do that in my entire life, and it felt kinda neat.

Mom liked him, and afterward told me how cute he was and started warning me about falling for him too hard. I know, Mom, I assured her.

Dad peppered him with career and financial questions, which Greg fended off as best he could. Shit, Dad. We're just hanging out for the week, I thought to myself. We're not getting married or anything, I'm just sucking his dick. A lot.

I spent just about every night that week at Greg's apartment. We'd watch some television for about five minutes, and then make out. He was pressing hard to break my maiden, and I was beginning to feel myself weaken by Thursday night, my last night up there.

I figured that I had given him head about a dozen times so far, and it was something that I think I was getting pretty good at, although Greg's modest size made it really easy.

I was also getting my pussy eaten evry night, and Greg was pretty good at it, although he was no Pam. I'll never forget the first night he pulled my panties off and saw my smooth, hairless mound.

"Wow! You got no pubes!" he announced in amazement.

When I told him that I shaved it, he got even more excited about it. I wonder how much more excited he would have gotten if he watched Monica doing it to me?

Anyway, Greg and I were going at it hot an heavy that Thursday night, and he was really trying to go for my cherry. I was really liking him a lot, but managed to keep my head about me enough to resist temptation.

I was on the couch, naked of course, as was Greg. Greg was down on his knees between my legs, going down on me enthusiastically. I looked down and watched his face sliding up and down the shiny opening, tongue dancing madly about, and felt my orgasm build.

"Please Nancy" Greg pleaded. "You gotta give it to me. I need something to remember you by!"

"You're going to forget me after all this?" I asked, more than a little miffed at the comment as well as being distracted from my orgasm.

"No... but geez Nancy" he whined.

"Do you have a rubber?" I asked him.

Hell yes!" he said as he lept up and ran out of the room.

I loved the way his butt wiggled when he moved. The way his dick sprang around when he came back with a fist full of condoms was amusing to say the least, as was the expression on his face.

"Got any lube?" was my next question, which sent him running out of the room again.

I heard him cursing as he rummaged through drawers and shelves in frustration. I got up and followed him into the bedroom where he was appearing to lose his mind.

"Nothing? I asked.

"No!" Greg snapped, before running into the kitchen.

"I can't believe it's not butter?" he yelled out hopefully, and I tried not to burst out laughing when it occured to me that he might not be kidding.

"Come in here Greg" I called to him. "We'll think of something."

Frankly, I didn't think I would have all that much trouble with Greg, and when he rejoined me I took his hand and brought him down to the bed. Greg's fingers went right to my pusy, but i redirected it further down. When his fingers reached my puckered anus, he figured out what I wanted him to do.

He rammed one finger in rather roughly, and I worked my ass back and forth as he probed. It took a long while until I relaxed enough to allow him to give it a shot. I ripped open a condom and slipped it down his erection in record time. In a minute I was on all fours and Greg was climbing behind me, poking at my bottom with his boner.

He slid it in slowly, and it didn't tickle, despite it's slender shape. A few strokes and it began to get better for me. Better for Greg too, and although I suspected it was his first try at this, he was liking it a lot. Soon he was pounding away into my ass like there was no tomorrow, which there wasn't for us.

As he orgasmed, and I enjoyed the sensation of his pecker spasming inside my ass, I wondered if I would ever see him again, or if this was a goodbye of sorts.

I also wondered that when he was drilling his dick into my butt again an hour later, Greg having taken quite a shine to my asshole. I kinda liked it too, although I have a confession to make.

By the third attempt, I was getting sore down there so I asked for a remedy, which sent Greg and his bouncing boner to the kitchen.

"It ain't I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, it's Move Over Butter!" Greg explained as he reappeared with the plastic tub.

"Mooooooo!" was my only response, as I positioned myself to achieve yet another first.

It works, in case you're interested, but warm it up first should you ever get the urge.

A lot of laughs, and a lot of fun. That was my week at Stowe with Greg. I didn't realize then that it would probably be the last normal weekend of my life.


Thank you for following along this rocky road with us. Next Friday finds Nancy back at the Professor's house once again.

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