tagRomanceNatalie-Alone Ch. 05

Natalie-Alone Ch. 05


Dear reader: next chapter is called Meet the Vegas, and it will give this story a 360 turn so I must ask you to decide what you want from this story or if with the next 2 chapter, as they are ready, I should conclude this story.



To awake like this, kisses all over my body...

Oh, how many stories have I read and just when I reached this part: my body shivered, excitement running through my body, wetness and desire between my legs. Now it's true, I can finally say: "I know how that feels!"

I remember reading once: "It's incredible to feel how your mind leaves Morpheus' hands while a heat invades your body, a pressure in your head and stiffness in your muscles while receiving little electrical jolts that run through your spine, and you are enjoying it because it just makes you so conscious, so desiring and at the same time you just say oh God..." Pff a prayer to God? Which God? Desire God or it is an easier word to say at that moment, when pleasure and release is reached?

That is something I never got to say with J, It was always his needs, his desires...his...always his...

J, my ex, never looked for my satisfaction, it was a constant shouting just to wake me up, and how many times I sent him the hell out of my life? Told him to leave once and for all? but he did not. I was his and that way everything worked okay between us. His point of view as to everything "working ok" was easy: "when I get home I want the food ready, dishes, bedroom and living room clean". Certainly, he wanted it all clean and ready however he was a mess himself, HELL, he was THE MESS.

Now I'm free of him, I'm free!

I am still half awake, thinking all this when a joyful moan comes out of my mouth and then I open my eyes...I still don't know what makes you say "oh God" but if it is with this man, I'm willing to learn it...He is a good professor already.

I thought I wasn't worth feeling like this, but he is showing me differently. Here I am looking at a real man... what a technique to wake me up, kisses all over my body. He looks at me with those beautiful golden eyes...they are so clear today from the amber eyes I've seen before, is something wrong? Is he worried? Although no words come out of his mouth, his eyes are asking me if I'm all right with this so, I smile and he said: "good morning".

That was all I needed to hear, he is ok and his lips are much better....I'm falling for him, I'm longing his body, our moans are burning in the heat of our mouths, between the erotic games of our tongues. I want more of him; so my hands explore his back, under the shirt he is as hot as the sun, strong as a superhero but his lips say so much, he is different, he is fire, his hands run my body within seconds one after the other, his left leg over mine, his manhood calling my heat, oh, what a reminder from the day we danced when I could feel him; but, this time is real, this time he's full of me, his body is all over me and I can feel it with my body and hands. I can feel his need, there is no more to say, our bodies understand each other...


Our clothes on the floor, his body over mine, I call for his lips while he is taking me on another trip. While drinking from my deepness he says: "it is a sweet nectar", I don't care as long as he stops...oh please I can't wait, I need him with me, I need more...!!!

"Raphael" I call. He looks at me and seems to understand my silent prayer. He slowly travels back up to my mouth, planting little kisses all over my body before he finally reaches my mouth. I'm on fire. This heat is burning me to ashes, taking me to a place I had never been to with J. The need for him is unbearable. When he finally reaches my mouth he pauses, pulls away, looks at me...

"Tell me what you want" he said with sweet, glossy eyes, desire burning his body and soul, I can see it, the need...

"I can't", is my response. I want you inside me now!! Can't you understand? You are teaching me something that no one else did and this is torture! Shouted my mind

"Are you ok? Are you ok with this?" soft kisses running from my neck until the valley of my breasts; as if trying to shut my mind with the shivers running through me and that way letting him do everything with me.

"I'd rather not talk" was my reply, "I'm too loud..." and smiled. Not being able to say: too loud to say anything that is screaming into my mind.

We smiled and kiss again, emptying our minds and going deeper into the sea of desire until finally I can feel him, we are one, he's so big; and he's mine, totally mine, I love how I feel with him, I love how he feels with me, inside me, his hands over me...

He stayed still, I wanted for him to move but he held me while breathing hard, trying to control himself and said: "I love how you feel around me and how I feel inside and outside you". I just let him say it, no response comes from me but I am feeling just that!


One after another, the orgasms received took me into a mind blowing trip out of my body, again and again, I don't know what it was but every bite and every scratch made me feel splendid, excellent, my screams were incredibly loud and his moans made me feel....oh God, now I know why this is the only word that comes out of our mouths after such an intense activity. Spent, hugged under the sheets, holding each other looking into our sleepy eyes, he said: "We are made for each other". This is what people want to hear after sex but, do I want to hear that?



The smell of food was invading the room and I was trying to wake her up by calling her name and rubbing her hands when she yelled:

"Nooooo, leave me alone! don't touch me, what did you do, what did you do to me?

I told her: "hey, what's up? I did nothing! You're ok, it's me...look at me!

She was wrapped on the sheet, sitting at the floor, her legs bent and her hands holding her legs as if protecting herself from being hit by someone?...

I got scared, Sandra and Michael came into the room; Sandra hugged her and asked what had occurred? She just looked at all of us, stood up, picked up the shorts, t-shirt and went into the bathroom without saying a single word.

We were looking and asking ourselves what had occurred. When she came out of the bathroom looked at us and said: "sorry for scaring you all, I have to go".

She left the building in a hurry...

Sandra was submitted to our interrogation but she knew as much about her past as us....NOTHING!



It's been two days Nat doesn't answer my calls at her place nor her cell. I called her at work and once I tried to get personal by asking "how are you" she just said: "do you need to speak with Mr. Williamson?" When I said, "I want to talk to you," she just hung up.

Did I do something wrong? We were so happy and now...

Sandra tried to talk to her but she went into her room and stayed there the whole night, not even eating, nothing, she locked herself up. I'm not going to let this happen, I need to talk to her, see her, even if she doesn't want to tell me whatever that was, I need to be near her!



I had to use my friendship with Michael and his relationship with Sandra to get information as to what Nat is going to do at lunch since she is just ignoring me, Sandra said Nat was going to meet with a person regarding a business they have been running for a while, so I'm waiting for her...she's got to use the elevator so I'll wait here, if I have to follow her I will....but I need to see her, be sure she is ok.*******

Oh, sweet Jesus she looks beautiful; while coming out of the elevator I notice she looks more like a business person than an employee; a portfolio in one hand while her big purse on the other.

She stayed still while looking at me, I'm slowly walking towards her with a smile and I have not said a word when she tells me: "I don't have time to loose, keep up your life and just let me be."

When I heard those words, it felt like if a bucket of ice was thrown over me. But I walked beside her, not a word, a look or a smile. I just kept walking.


We reached the train station, wow my first time in years! There was a clutter of persons, for a second I lost her but thankfully I was able to reach her. It is lunch time, people use this transportation at this time and now the Mayor is launching some new, eco-friendly wagons? Worst of all, the media is here! I hate media, they want to know so much that if you don't keep your life into a security box they might even steal it from you!


"...and you heard the Mayor, dear viewers; these new wagons will assist reduce electricity expenses on a long term value, so hopefully...Oh my, look who's here!" She said as she signaled and moved with her camera man towards Raphael and Nat.

"...Raphael Vega! Raphael, are you here because of the launching?"

Thank God Nat found a space between the persons and moved towards the wagon where people were trying to get into, and I followed her leaving the reporter on her own. Once inside the train, I sat beside Nat, she was not talking to me but her constant looks towards me were asking something, what was it? I can't figure it out, she doesn't even hold the look enough for me to try and imagine a question.

http://thediary/ jsimpleton/thelovewagon/0627.com

The Diary of Maple City

Wednesday, June 27, 20121:55 p.m.


By: Jinni Simpleton

On my way to this diary, near the closing of this edition, this is what this reporter had the pleasure to live regarding the now, very loud rumor that Raphael Vega (recently called the most handsome, single, under 40's, multimillionaire) is going out with a woman who appears to be on her late 20's.

I was at the South Eastern, 49th street, train station where our Mayor was announcing the now well-known, new eco-friendly wagons when a colleague reporter from a TV station announced that Mr. Vega was there and while she was reaching him, I noticed that right in front of him was the mysterious female (whose nickname I just learned is Nat), the same woman that was captured on photos when they were taken out of a pub by the firemen, just two days ago.

The female, very attractive, business-like dressed, neared the train that was about to leave for its first time. Meanwhile, the colleague reporter tried to reach Raphael, who left after Nat to get into the wagon.

Luckily this reporter had to take the train not only to prepare my report regarding the new train services but, also to reach this diary; and this is what I lived at the "Love Wagon".

Raphael: "Nat, are you going to talk to me? Because I'll follow you until you do so!"

Nat: "No. I can't, I just...I don't know what you must think about me, I don't even know what that was! Sorry, please...."

Nat got inside the train and so did Raphael, sitting just beside her. I was lucky to get a chair near enough.

Raphael: "Ok, I get you don't want to talk about it so, whatever it was...in due time you will let me know?"

Nat: "That is the problem, there is nothing to tell, I just don't know what happened there!"

Raphael: "Have you suffered an accident...maybe temporary loss of memory?"

Nat: "No"

Raphael: "There's, have you...a traumatic incident? This is no place to talk about it but..."

Nat: "No! Are you talking about...Rape? Never, no, no!"

Raphael let out a long sigh when he heard Nat's answer to a silent question.

Raphael: "ok, forget it...let's, just forget it. It never happened we're ok!

Nat: "We're not ok, as a matter of fact; there is no WE!"

Raphael: "Yes there is, you felt it, I felt it and I know that there is something between us! It's more than just...chemistry!

Raphael said those last words so loud that through most of the wagon you could hear the persons saying: "Awwww".

Both of them blushed to the situation and kept themselves silent for a while.

Raphael: "Where are we going?"

Nat: "I don't know about you but I have an appointment"

Raphael: "Stop fighting with me, I'm not leaving you until we talk"

Nat: "You said we were not going to talk about it"

Raphael: "I don't want to talk about it but, about us"

Meanwhile, a 5-6 year old little boy was gnawing at his mother:

Kid: "Mommy I'm hungry"

Mother: "We'll be home soon"

Over and over the little one kept saying so until his mother replied

Mother: "Did you have breakfast at school?"

Kid: "Yes, but that was at 7"

Mother: "How about your snacks, you ate them?"

Kid: "No, I gave them to Danny, I don't like those"

Mother: "Well I have no snacks, sweets, nothing, so now you have to wait until we get home and the food is ready"

Kid: "But I'm hungry!"

Nat went over to the mother and showing her a snack bar asked if the kid could eat it and so, the little one got the bar asking:

Kid: "What does it taste like?"

Nat: "Mmm, this is my favorite, it's peanut butter; but you got to promise that you will not eat candies nor anything until your mom cooks, even better; will you help her cook?"

Kid: "Okay."

The little one happily ate the bar while the persons around them smiled to Nat and nodded in appreciation for caring for the kid.

Raphael: "You get along with kids..."

Nat: "Yep, it's an attraction."

Right there we were all able to see Raphael Vega softly kissing her. It was a simple touch of lips but it meant much more to all of us witnesses. (Press here to see photographs of Raphael and Nat)

At the following station, Nat left the train followed by Raphael.



"Are you crazy? Why did you kiss me?"

"I felt it" he replied. "I wanted to, I just did it and you kissed me back so that proves that you do feel like me". A smile showed on his face.

I said: "Look I have this meeting, need to concentrate on it so...we'll talk later okay; I have not said a specific date just...I'll call you"

With a wide smile and a hug, Raphael left.

I was right in front of a building door and went into the office where my appointment was awaiting.



Finally, she is really complicated but now I'll be able to work. At least she will call. Anyway I'll keep in contact with Sandra and check out if something changes.



News spreads faster through the internet than radio or even TV. Gosh, I hate this, I love my privacy and now I'm the whore of the city. Since that "Love Wagon" story, my workmates have been nagging, making comments about me, using their virulent tongues against me, hating themselves for "my luck", saying that I used my position to get in between Raphael's eyes. Oh, how many things I have not heard; or so they believe.

It all started with a cashier at the bank with nothing to do while using the bathroom and within five minutes the whole bank (customer service area) knew about the story. Someone identified me as a client when I went to the bank, yesterday, to deposit some money into my account. FUCK! By lunch today, the whole bank knew my whole name and what department I work at! Some curious ones even walked to my area or called erroneously. Getting into the elevator was a pain at the time to leave since I got to see hate, envy, appreciation, curiosity and who knows what else every time the elevator door opened.

And this morning at the gym I got the same treatment from more persons. Women mostly; apparently Raphael has been the daily treat for some of them, the main reason to exercise and wear smaller and tighter exercise jumpsuits and other clothing.

As if I care what they think; I've had the best of him over, around and inside of me!! Oh, you devilish mind was my self reply.

...and he is still waiting for my call...


It's 7:00 p.m. and Sandra just shouted: "the girls are coming!"

Our weekly gathering was cancelled due to some health situations both for Caroline (pregnancy sickness) and Cris, so we are going to enjoy some home time while watching a few movies, eating popcorn, pizza and all the junk food we can get!

Five minutes later a bunch of laughing women comes into our apartment with bags full of junkies, movies, beers, juice for Caroline and other things. We hug, laugh and fill the living room with plates, cup, bowls and bags while Michelle turns on the TV and plays a movie that ends up being a newer, action type version of Cinderella. It was so beautiful. We cried, laughed, and fought with the stepmother. By the end of the movie there was a knock on the door and I ran to check who it was

The girls are saying, oh, it's your Prince Charming, Cinderella! He's come to rescue you from us your bitching stepsisters! We were all laughing when I opened the door and...yep, there he was!!

I was surprised, no, I mean, shocked!! I'm looking at him and he just smiles and says: "Cinderella?"

Aaaaaa! Was the only thing I heard behind me. No way, how did he! And we all looked at Sandra...

"Ok, I did told him to come, it's an excellent opportunity for the two of you to get some time and TALK!, he's been bitching me about what you do!" said Sandra while walking towards Michael who was standing with a few pizza boxes, held his hand and took him towards the living room.

"Can I come in or would you rather come out?" asked Raphael while looking into my eyes.

"Please come in, sorry" was my reply. He walked behind me while I was closing the door and when I turned he was just an inch away from me.

A peck was all I needed to hold our hands and join our fingers.


By 12:00 a.m. we were stuffed, laughing hysterically while surrounded by couples; after Michael and Raphael arrived, husbands were called, invited and joined the party. A party of 5 became a party of 10!

Around 2:00 a.m. I was surrounded by big masculine hands, in my bed, wearing shorts and exercise bra. Low tune, musical snores, from both Raphael and I were joining patters.


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