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Natalie Portman's True Love


Natalie awoke from the dream covered in sweat. Her breaths deep gasps as she tried to focus her eyes on anything in the bright room. As her eyes adjusted and the familiar shapes of her apartment the hot sweat on her barely covered body turned icy and hurt her skin. She sat up on the bed, her breath still rough, and unhooked the soaked white Nancy Meyer bra in the bright room. Exposing her small breasts and little nipples. Natalie slid her legs off of the bed and slid the matching panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them, exposing the thin strip of pubic hair she meticulously trimmed in the morning and before she went to sleep. The smooth skin around it reflected the light of the room more so then the rest of her sweaty body, inferring something heavenly about her. She picked up the cell phone from her bedside table and nearly dropped it, trying to dial with her shaking hands. The digital clock's blue letters beside her read 4:12am, and changed to 4:13 as she held the phone beside her ear pulling up her legs and holding her knees to her chest, her ankles framing her delicate pink lips.

"Ms. Portman?" Came the gravelly voice from Natalie's phone. The voice was drowned by deep sleep, Natalie hoped that he was really awake, she always felt terrible waking Daemarius up when he only slept a few hours a night.

"Umm, Dae, day or night, right?" She said nervously into the phone.

"Uhhg." Came his rough voice before the line disconnected and Natalie lifted herself onto her feet resting on the bed and felt ashamed of her fear as she leapt quietly onto the thick carpet of her apartment happy she'd closed the blinds as her small breasts bounced lightly on her chest while she sprinted through the thresh hold into the small, cold bathroom and turned on the shower. She waited for the water to warm in the poorly lit room glaring suspiciously at the bit of shadow under the sink and then stepping over the tub wall and slipping, landing very hard on her small butt with a thump. Instead of getting up Natalie just slid back from the wall and into the refreshing spray of the shower. Letting the perfectly adjusted water roll down her smooth skin, tumbling off her breasts between her legs. She dropped her head and let her beautiful brown hair fill with water and watched it run off onto her lightly tanned thighs. The small knock on the partially closed bathroom door elicited a light scream from Natalie, her own voice scarring her further. The first thing through the door was the 110lbs fighting dog. The pit-bull looked like he was carved out of solid onyx, every vein and muscle clearly defined, his teeth horribly contrasted with his black muzzle. A heavy, black, steel studded, leather harness connected to the thick chain that looked like it could prevent a 747 from taking off. At the opposite end, bare chested with black tattoos seeming to suck the light from around them was Daemarius, Natalie's best friend for the last 10 months and secret love for the last 8. His muscles were just as well defined the dogs, the long sleeves of the fur coat failed the conceal the black pistol in his right hand. Natalie gasped and pulled her right arm across to cover her breasts and the other hand sliding between her thighs to cover the face of her pussy.

"Jesus Dae! What the fuck, how did you get in?" Natalie asked admiring for the millionth time the tattoos. Daemarius sighed and pushed the pistol into the waste band of his black Ecko Jeans and inserted the hand into his coat pocket pulling from it a Cyan device that looked like a pistol with a black needle coming out the end.

"Key to the city, I didn't know if you'd went back to sleep already and didn't want to wake you." He said turning and starting to leave.

"No!" Natalie said reaching out to grab his jeans by the back pocket, then retracting the arm at lightning speed to again cover her breasts. "Stay with me, please, I had a horrible dream. Did you look around to make sure that there's nobody here?" Natalie asked blushing lightly.

"Yeah, kitchen, pantry, living room, bedroom closet," He said and Natalie looked up as he finished his heavy yawn. And dropped down the toilet seat cover and took a seat on the porcelain slipping off his expensive coat and throwing it out of the bath room and onto her bed. She looked up at him lovingly while he unharnessed his dog and smacked him on the back as he left the bathroom. Daemarius slid of the seat and sat on the floor with his back next to Natalie, she mimicked him with back against the wall of the tub, only a foot from him. She lifted up her right leg, her knee raised up and hooked the crook of her elbow around it. And straightened her other out flat on the warm tub and let her left hand casually drop between her legs, she was in that moment the tiny, female version of Daemarius.

"You were too tired to put on a shirt but you managed to get on all that jewelry." Natalie said carefully eyeing his white gold chain, silver Seiko watch, and pinky rings while making sure that he didn't open his eyes.

"I had everything but the coat on. You sounded scared so I threw it on, on my way to the truck. Didn't want you getting hurt or hurting yourself." He said, his shaved head slumped forward and with his eyes still closed he readjusted the black Glock, switching on the safety. Natalie straightened her back, removing her stomach from the fall of the water from the high shower head and gently spread her thin lips, she ran the middle finger of her right hand down the inside of her thigh and into her tiny hole, then she slipped her middle finger inside to the second knuckle inhaling sharply as she scooped out the honey that was working it's way out of her since she' d been watching Daemarius. At the sound of her sharp breath Daemarius' head snapped up and out came the pistol, pointed where an adult man's face would be if there was anyone but there wasn't.

"Dahmer wake your ass up and keep an eye out," he said glancing at Natalie with what looked like only one eye then adding to his statement. "For Natalie you lazy shit!" As he spoke she reached out with her left hand and took his, then turned his palm up and placed her right hand and the mixture of her love and water in his palm.

"It's a present, for being my knight in shining," Natalie paused looking over him trying to find something other then his jewelry which she found to be an inaccurate representation of the monster that dwelled behind the disguise of a, well monster. As she traced his body under her gaze she noticed the light reflected off of Dahmer's spiked harness.

"For being my knight and shining pit-bull. Thank you for coming." Natalie pulled her legs under her butt, the hard porcelain hurt the bones of her feet, her beautiful breasts where exposed totally to Daemarius who didn't break eye contact.

Exposing her pink nipples just smaller then a dime, with only 3/4s of an inch of areola framing them, she smiled as they tightened and her heart fluttered as Daemarius leaned forward. His nose touching hers, still holding her eyes in an iron grip as he raised his right hand up to her face and touched the line of her jaw so lightly she could feel the cold more then his touch. He leaned in another half an inch and kissed her, lightly, on the side of her mouth, her lips pushing out the tiniest amount to greet his. Her first kiss with her true love, so gentle, so loving, the way you'd kiss a sleeping lover, barely touching, the way she'd kiss her child, the day after it was born. Just a confirmation of love.

Daemarius pulled away slowly, still holding her hand, her diluted juice ran over the side of his palm as she squeezed his hand tightly, she tried her hardest to see past his eyes. Beautiful, shockingly crimson with no flakes of color in them, totally plain, so dark that in the right light they blended with his pupils and he looked possessed. The way he watched the world, with so little interest in it's inhabitants like a stockbroker watching pigeons at a stoplight. His eye lids were so rarely open enough to see the white rim of them, his irises were larger then they should be, his pupil dilated further then it should.

"I love you." The statement seemed so plain in the air. Daemarius' pupil's widened only ever so slightly, Natalie had thought it would shatter the air, stop every thought in her mind, all senses would turn down except for her eyes and ears as he grabbed her little body and lifted her off the floor to kiss her. God was she that delusional? Daemarius' let go of her hand and smacked the side of the pistol on the toilet cover hard pushing himself up and grabbing his dog's gear. Natalie stood up just as fast and grabbed the thick, fluffy white towel from the counter and followed into her bedroom. He hastily tightened the harness around his dog and pulled on his coat.

"Don't leave me Dae I love you! Please no don't leave." In the back of her mind far away from the concern she might be losing her shot at happiness was the returning nightmare and the memory of the near crippling fear that had awoken her.

"That's not my fucking name!" Daemarius said, only Natalie was permitted to call him by that, as far as anyone was concerned his name was D. "Look, the next time you wake up wet, call your fucking boyfriend! I'm your friend not your fucking booty call!" He said tucking the gun into his pocket and grabbing his keys off of Natalie's dresser as he exited the bedroom.

"Please I love you with my all my heart and soul, I'll do anything for you name it! I just want to be with you." The tears were camouflaged among the water on Natalie's beautiful face. Her eyes gave her away as they shook horribly.

"Look, Natalie if you want to cum get a boyfriend who doesn't take it in the ass and fuck him. But don't fuck with me." Daemarius' tone was rough his voice was rising as Natalie pushed the front door shut with every ounce of strength in her body and snapped the deadbolt shut.

"I'm not fucking with you I love you. Call my mother, or my cousin Marissa they know. They'll tell you how much I love you. That you're the only thing I think about when I wake up and the name I whisper before I fall asleep." She paused seeing his eyes light up like embers and his brow crease tightly, his nostrils flaring he looked like a savage animal. Natalie's nightmare was coming true.

"GOD DAMN IT!" Daemarius shouted his scarred fist colliding with the special 10 gauge steel door behind Natalie and making it buckle under the assault. And before he said anything further a light clicked in Natalie's mind and she understood his anger.

"Baby," She said soothingly, lovingly reaching out and holding his face. "It's okay, nothing bad will happen, it'll be amazing." Her words drifted down to a whisper.

She wasn't talking about the sex but she'd done her homework, work which she had the cliff notes to when a friend of hers told her that his brother was in their psych class. Looking at J you wouldn't think that Daemarius would associate with him at all but he explained that they were brothers by blood, not genetics and told her if she didn't understand then she wouldn't . He laughed at her not so subtle hinting and gave her a link to a website which featured a video of Daemarius being awoken by two beautiful young black women and after some convincing her fucked them both, they screamed in orgasm and begged for more. She was hurt for no reason that he'd do something like that but also kind of happy that he was so well endowed and could obviously use it.

Her statement was about their friendship, about the relationship they could have together.

"I can't, this is too important. Natalie you're all I've got, you're my best friend, you're my whole world!" He said his eyes not breaking.

"And you're mine. All I want is to share everything with you." She didn't think she could win. She'd seen him embarrass Doctors and argue down teachers with Psychology Ph.D.'s. She let the thick white towel from around her chest drop and leaned forward, holding him tightly. Her small breasts squeezed between them. After a moment he pushed his arms underneath hers and hugged her tightly. He was a little more then a foot taller then her but held her so her head was above his. They held each other for a long time. Natalie was the one to break the embrace. She moved her arms from around her shoulders and lifted his chin. The second kiss with her true love was the polar opposite to their first. Filled with passion and need Natalie couldn't wait any longer. Her desire had been building for almost a year. Her tongue explored every inch of his mouth and found his, different than hers or any of the other guys she'd kissed it was hard and prehensile. For a single frame in her mind she glanced at a red light and after a sigh Daemarius speaking so quickly it sounded like gibberish, continuing to do so till she laughed at the spectacle.

His tongue seemed to wrap around hers, she opened her mouth wider trying to consume him. She held tight and ground her wet box against his hard chest, striking her clit she gasped and dropped from his grip to the ground. Still pressed against him she pulled off his large chains and he plucked off the rings while she kissed him more as he leaned down to her. His jeans several sizes too large she pushed with ease to the floor as she grabbed his hand. She led him back to her bedroom. Fell flat onto her back on the bed, his big coat flattening under her butt as he kneeled between her legs mirroring his body and kissing her more. For a long time they're kisses were alone until Natalie's small, but strong legs wrapped around his back and she pulled herself up to be pressed against him again. As her precum ran down her thigh and down her butt tickling her she giggled and fell with grace back to her soft mattress.

"Lick me" she moaned, smiling wide when his head slid lower and he kissed her neck, moving down her chest taking the first step to becoming her dream lover. Natalie's boobs were small plain and simple so her whole life boyfriends had skipped over them ignoring them. Not a wise move because her breasts were super-sensitive. He kissed everywhere on them, massaging them gently and sucking her nipple perfectly how she loved it. He moved lower still peppering her tummy with tiny kisses and quick flashes of his tongue. After 30 seconds between her legs Natalie moaned herself hoarse from the orgasm he gave her. But it didn't stop, he continued making her cum again, and again and several overlapping each other she squeezed his head between her athletic legs as hard as she could till it hurt her to do so. She let him eat her until the pleasure was too much and every flick of his tongue felt like fire. She pulled him back up with the strength she had and kissed him. She'd never tasted herself before, except for once when she was fourteen and she'd just masturbated for the first time she licked her fingers for unnecessary extra moisture before caressing her tiny breasts and gotten a taste of her honey and had wondered why she'd always heard it referred to as such. But now the taste seemed different her orgasm tasted strangely good. Tangy, something she hadn't experienced before and mixed with Dae's saliva and love it was something she couldn't get enough of. Her box was soaked, her cum covered her bed as she rolled her lover over onto his back and straddled his long, thick dick. She lowered herself down and realized why she'd had to scream to get him to stop eating her, Daemarius was preparing her. She felt a tiny flare of pride when she felt his big head plunged into her and whimpered as she lowered herself down. She rose back up a few inches, and slid back down. Her biggest boyfriend was about half of Dae's size and she was overwhelmed by how good he felt pushing against her. She rode him harder now that the pleasure was coming, putting her frame as she dropped down stuck out her butt. She drifted lower and lower getting halfway down the ten inch rod and wondering if she could manage any more.

Then she felt something new, she gasped for breath pushing away Daemarius' loving hold on her rib cage, his thumbs massaging her nipples and breasts. She held his wrists tightly, she slipped further down, Daemarius' cock lunging into her. Her clit dragging all the way down it as she collapsed onto his chest, smashing her breasts and catching his mouth with hers to kiss him ferociously. Her tooth smacked his painfully but didn't slow her as her box churned and screamed in ecstasy. Her whole body quivered with her approaching orgasm. She pushed herself down further, until Dae's head was pushing wonderfully into her cervix. Her moans and whimpers became louder and changed into screams and gasps. She opened her eyes wide to stare into her lover's as her lips trembled and her first coital orgasm quaked around Daemarius' hard dick, pressing against her everywhere, the pleasure increasing with every spasm around it until her orgasms became to much and her cries of pleasure turned to pain. Daemarius' was lifting her up, his big hands squeezing her butt, almost simultaneously with her wanting the pleasure to stop. She grinned down at him, her chin against her chest to keep eye contact with him. She kissed him, every time felt like heaven. She wondered if it would be so amazing again, it was. Breathing deeply, Natalie lowered herself down onto him. She was wetter then she'd ever been, her cum drooled out of her on to his shining dick. It was easy going now, easy, but full. She rode him slowly, wanting him to hold her she lowered herself into his arms and let him roll over. She wrapped her legs around him as he gently, divinely thrust into her tight pussy. His breathing deepened in tune with hers as their orgasms approached. In the back of her mind she made a quick prayer that they'd cum together. It was a stretch to pull any of her attention away from him for even a second. Away from him, this pleasure, this love. Daemarius kissed her, moved his kisses along her cheek to her ear.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum." He whispered gently. Natalie's eyes sparked as she felt his dick thicken inside her, it throbbed lightly. As he moved to pull out Natalie tightened her legs around his back and pulled her self down further. The pleasure seemed to catch Dae off guard and his elbow slipped a little, enough for Nat to spin his big body over and get on top of him. As she pulled herself further down, their body's touching nearly everywhere. His dick pushed through her cervix making her whimper and scream in pain. Natalie bit down on his bottom lip. Her finger nails digging in to his neck and twisting his fingers entwined with her own. She felt his cum hit the wall of her womb, felt his dick throbbing as he filled her up. She held her eyes shut tight, scrunching up her face in pain. Trying to raise herself up but finding the pain to great. She tasted something different from their saliva. Her cum? No it was too bitter. His sweat? No she'd already tasted that it was similar to her own. This was metallic. Natalie opened her pain filled eyes wide and recoiled from the kiss, smeared on his on lip, and running onto his chin was shiny red blood. Daemarius face expressed no pain, only an inconceivable concern for the little pain that seemed miles away from Natalie's fear she'd hurt the man she loved. She could see the bite mark, the blood oozing forth. It was too much, the shock of the blood in her mouth, her own pain, she was already overwhelmed by joy and love. It was just too much for Natalie, the tears swelled in her eyes. The first all sliding down over the pupil of her right eye. It pooled and dropped down. Traveled the few inches to Dae's left eye and fell onto his pupil. He didn't wipe his eye, or squint, just blinked to embrace the tear. This strange sign of love baffled Natalie as she pulled her body off of Daemarius, his dick freed, and fell just to the side of him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled tight against him, starring into her tear filled eyes as her gorgeous face changed from a beautiful sorrow to a child like grin, a wide smile mocking the Cheshire cat. Daemarius leaned down and kissed her teeth, slipping his bloody tongue between them. Tasting his blood again made Natalie react differently this time it encouraged her. She lapped at it, sucked his tongue, mashed his lips. When she recoiled, she saw his worried expression and grinned again as he wiped away the mess on her face. The blood smearing until the last of it was gone. Natalie mimicked it, brushing away the last smudge with her thumb animatedly. She kissed his cut with a light peck.

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