Natalie's Substitute

byAnson Macabre©

"Now you're in the big leagues, white girl," he yelled. "Can you handle this big black cock?"

The head of his cock struck her tonsils, causing Natalie to cough. She pulled her head from his cock. It gleamed with saliva.

"Too much cock?"

Natalie disagreed with a nod.

Mr. Randle wiggled his cock back and forth before her eyes. Natalie loved the taste of his cock, and if Mr. Randle wanted to play rough, she would accommodate him.

The massive cock was five inches deep inside her mouth. He held the back of her head with one hand as he drove his cock deeper and harder inside her mouth. Natalie slurped, gagged and coughed on his cock, a feat no other man had been able to accomplish. She had a taste for cock, and usually would reward a high school boy with a nice, wet blow job in the back seat of his car-kind of a thank you for the dinner and the movie-but nobody had ever assaulted her mouth.

His heavy balls slapped her chin and cheeks. A musky aroma from between his legs assaulted her nostrils. Disgusting globs and strands of plummeting saliva glazed her breasts.

Mr. Randle slid his cock between her breasts. Natalie held them in place as he fucked her tits. Each time is cock head poked through the mountainous flesh, she would kiss and lick it.

"I love these tits," Mr. Randle moaned. "And your mouth was made for this big black cock."

"I love this big black cock," Natalie said, kissing his cock one more time.

"Do you want this big black cock in your tight white pussy?"

Natalie nodded her agreement. She didn't think Mr. Randle would be able to fit his cock inside, but experiments were welcome.

Moving Natalie into a missionary position, he slid the head along the dripping wet opening. When he finally managed to squeeze the head inside, Natalie gasped out load. Lost in the immense pain, was great pleasure, but first she had to endure.

"It hurts, Mr. Randle."

"Don't worry. It'll get better."

One agonizing inch at a time, the monster invaded her stubborn pussy. Natalie cried out several times. Mr. Randle pulled his cock out a little, then pushed back in a little harder.

"This is the tightest pussy I've had in years."

"Ouch," Natalie mumbled, and bit her tongue.

He fucked with gentle, premeditated thrusts. Natalie felt her legs being lifted high in the air, then spread apart. Mr. Randle's was pounding at her pussy with more confidence. Her giant breasts swayed back and forth as his body slammed against her.

"Yes, Natalie. This feels so fucking good."

"It still hurts, Mr. Randle."

"It's okay. It's gonna get better."

Fighting back tears, Natalie allowed her favorite substitute teacher to tear her pussy apart. Second by second, however, the pain relieved itself, and something resembling pleasure began to spread through her body. His cock squeezed and shuddered to the warm, wet confines of her vagina. Legs held against her chest, his cock fervently slamming into the pussy at this point, Natalie felt the first burst of ecstasy.

Pumping fiercely, he squeezed her breasts while Natalie kept her legs spread wide. He stroked her breasts with his tongue, never missing a beat inside her pussy. Natalie clutched the back of his thighs, digging her long nails into the flesh while Mr. Randle rammed the meat off her ass. He drove every inch of his cock in her pussy, remained steady for a long moment, then pulled out.

"Oh my God!" Natalie said. "This feels so good. Don't stop fucking me, Mr. Randle."

"Take this, bitch. When I'm done here, you're going to have sleep standing up."

He mounted her doggie-style. With one thrust, his cock was implanted inside her vibrating pussy. Clutching her by the sides, Mr. Randle slammed his cock into her with a reckless attitude, then slowed down to provide Natalie with a more controlled fuck. Her breasts continued to sway from his movements. To stifle her own screams, Natalie stuffed a pillow into her mouth. His pelvis slammed against her flabby ass cheeks, producing a slippery slapping sound.

"Oh yeah, Mr. Randle. Fuck me harder. Make me your little white whore."

With that, he yanked her by the hair, and really started pounding her pussy.

"Holy shit," Natalie moaned.

"Fuck yeah, bitch. Take that cock."

At times, it was hard to believe a teacher was talking.

Natalie's head was tilted back, throat exposed, eyes on the ceiling as she experienced another powerful orgasm.

Mr. Randle's cock came to halt in her vagina.

"Turn around. Now it's my turn to cum."

Mr. Randle straddled her chest, and once again fucked her tits as Natalie pushed them together.

" nasty...slut," he shouted. "I'm gonna cum all over your fuckin' tits."

"Oh yeah, Mr. Randle! Cum all over my tits."

His cock sprang free. Groaning loudly, Mr. Randle's first blast of cum shot from his cock, missing her tits completely, it landed on her forehead while also managing to strike the head board. The rest of his cum, Mr. Randle managed to empty on her chest.

"Yeah baby, all over my tits."

"Oh yeah! Oh fuck! Suck my fuckin' dick-

The bedroom door opened. Standing in the doorway with a shocked look on her face, was Natalie's mother.


"Oh my God, Natalie! What the fuck are you doing?"

Mr. Randle gawked with wide-eyed shock. His deflating penis dangled near Natalie's mouth. His cum was all over her tits.

"Shit," Mr. Randle mumbled.

He only managed to retrieve his boxers and dress shirt. He ran to the window, opened the latch, pulled it up, and departed from the room butt naked. Down the street, mother and daughter observed the naked black man run for his car while trying to put his boxers back on.

Natalie wiped the cum from her chest with a blanket.

She used the same blanket to cover herself when her father walked in.

"I just saw a black guy running naked outside-"

He saw the perplexed look on his wife's face, and the embarrassed look on his daughter's face. The disappointed look on the father's face completed the puzzle.

"Who was that?" Natalie's mom asked.


"You let Nobody fuck you, then?"

"Mom, please."

Natalie observed her father removing something from the floor.

"It seems Nobody has a name after all," he said. "And it seems Nobody works at Pleasant Point High School and goes by the name, Benjamin Randle."

"A teacher," Natalie's mother nearly passed out. "I can't believe it. Why would a teacher want to have sex with a student?"

"Not all students are stacked like this." Natalie proceeded to flash her parents. There was only one thing left to do: make sure Mr. Randle kept his job, and make sure none of this information left the bedroom.

The task wasn't very daunting. She knew all her parents' secrets.

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