Natural Cruise


Glenn and Linda had been friends for years. There had never been anything between them (that they would admit). There were both in relationships that were stable if not altogether passionate. It was a series of coincidences that led them to their current location.

Getting off of the plane in Florida with neither of their significant others felt strange. Glenn reflected on all of the planning it took for him and Bonnie (his significant other) to prepare for the trip. They both had to work to get the time away and bought the airplane tickets nearly a year ago to get the best deal. The plan had been to go the pier and get last minute cancellation tickets on a cruise ship.

The day before they were to leave for the airport Bonnie was called and asked to work. She knew when she saw what was going on that the department was struggling to keep its funding and if she did not help there might not be a job when she came back.

So they decided that he should go and she would stay. The problem was finding someone else to take the extra airplane ticket. There was some risk since the return trip was for after a cruise that had not been booked that no one would want it. All of their mutual friends had turned it down.

Glenn finally found Linda whom he had known from work and she was in a position to take some time off between jobs. She agreed to pay the change fee and take the ticket. That's how they ended up helping one another with luggage and getting into a taxi.

As Linda and Glenn neared the pier they saw a cruise ship loading and began to get excited. They hoped to be able to buy a berth at the last minute rock bottom price. As they neared the ticket booth it was clear they were not the only ones with this idea. Glenn saw a sign that indicated the cabins available and counted the people in line. It was going to be very close.

As Glenn and Linda got closer to the counter their hopes dwindled. Just before it was there turn, the sign registered "Sold Out" to the sound of groans from the people behind them. The clerk was on the phone and motioned to them to wait.

The clerk hung up the phone and said "We have just had a cancellation and have a small suite with two beds available. Would you be interested?" He slid a paper with the price on it across the counter.

Both Glenn and Linda were shocked at the cost. It was less than they had hoped to pay for two separate rooms.

"Sir?" the clerk said to Glenn as he and Linda exchanged dumfounded looks. Linda quickly nodded.

"We'll take it" Glenn said, quickly producing a credit card.

The next fifteen minutes were a flurry of activity as they registered, got their boarding papers and rushed onto the ship. Less than half an hour later they were in the room. The horn sounded and the ship began to pull away from the dock before they had surveyed their accommodations.

"Small suite" was a barely adequate description. There was one full sized bed and a couch a few feet away that converted to a second bed. They also had a tiny desk with a phone. On a stand in the corner was the requisite TV nearby broadcasting the ships event schedule. They barely had unpacked when the ship fire drill began. Glenn had been on a cruise before and was familiar with the routine. Linda was lost but followed Glenn and before they knew it, they were underway with no particular thing to do.

As they took a deep breath, the Captain came on the TV and welcomed them. "The casino and duty free shops will open once we cross into international waters. Please remember that our agreement is that clothing must be worn when we enter each port of call. We will make announcements on the TV and intercom to provide ample time. We have suspended the formal dress requirement for the formal dining area but do require clothing in that facility for all meals. Thank you and enjoy your stay."

Linda spoke first "What was all that about clothes?" she asked.

Glenn shrugged and said "I don't know."

They continued watching as the screen changed, "Welcome Naturalists, to the third annual clothing optional cruise. We hope you enjoy your experience. Don't forget the sunscreen. Wink. "

Glenn felt himself begin to turn red and he looked at Linda who was already blushing furiously.

Finally Glenn broke the silence, "I don't know what to say. This is not what I expected and we don't even reach our first port to get away for two more days."

Linda could hardly speak. "Do we just stay in here and hide?" she asked.

"We could get room service." Glenn said.

They thought about that for a while and both seemed to come to the conclusion that hiding in a small room for two days was not the best solution.

"I have an idea." Linda said. "We could put on our bathing suits and walk around as if today we preferred to wear something. That way we could get something to eat; I'm starving, and find a bar as I seriously need a drink."

"I like that plan" Glenn answered and started to find his bathing suit.

Soon Linda and Glenn were venturing out of their room. Glenn wore a one piece multicolored suit while Glenn wore long length trunks. As they stepped out on the deck they realized how their idea was not going to work.

There were some people wearing suits but those were g-strings or Speedos but the vast majority of people were completely nude and entirely casual about it. Glenn and Linda could not have looked more out of place if they tried.

Determined to get food and drink, they made their way to the buffet and somehow managed not to stare. They got their food and found the most secluded spot available to eat. Glenn and Linda ate as quickly as they could, in spite of both of them blushing furiously and looking only at their food.

Glenn pulled out the ship guide and located a bar that seemed somewhat secluded. Linda agreed that they should head there right away. Linda led the way while Glenn gave the map directions. He watched the map so closely he forgot to watch where he was going and ran right into a tall middle-aged woman wearing only a sheer robe that was not belted.

Glenn saw the woman a split second before he ran into her and braced himself with his hands. His hands went directly onto her nude and very large breasts. It only took a split second for Glenn to pull his hands away like he had touched a hot iron. His blush followed immediately and seemed to extend halfway down his chest.

"I am so sorry..." Glenn blurted out.

The lady raised her hand stopping him and smiled broadly. "Honey I enjoy having a handsome stud cop a feel now and again. You're welcome any time. I'm Fiona, and you're...?"

"I'm Glenn." Glenn managed to stammer out.

"I'm Linda" Linda said as Fiona turned to her and raised her eyebrows.

"Pleased to meet you both" Fiona said as she smiled broadly. She looked them both up and down and instantly sized up the situation.

"You did not plan on having a naturalist cruise, did you?" she asked.

"No."Glenn admitted and quickly told the story of how they came to be here.

"Are we that obvious?" Linda asked. "We don't want to make you all feel uncomfortable."

"Honey, you two look more uncomfortable now than anything you could make our group feel." She said. "You need to understand that we all felt uncomfortable at first and all worked our way up to this level of comfort. You two were thrust into it without and preparation or baby steps. Let's go to the bar and talk about how I can help".

Fiona just took charge and led the way. Glenn and Linda looked at each other with a strange mixture of relief and apprehension. Glenn watched Fiona's rather large but sexy bottom lead the way and felt a warm excitement begin deep inside him.

Fiona seemed to know everyone they met on the way to the bar. She was free with warm hugs and a smile. Linda and Glenn were introduced to a variety of friendly but nude people. By the time they were at the bar Linda decided she had just seen more penises in ten minutes than her whole previous life. She was astounded to know what a variety they came in: long, short, fat, thin, cut and uncut. She was fascinated and a little aroused.

After they had ordered their drinks and become more relaxed. Fiona started the conversation.

"Let's see if we can come to a solution that does not involve you two hiding in your cabin aboard a beautiful cruise ship in the Caribbean simply because you are embarrassed. Let's rule out other factors.

Fiona began a quick series of questions regarding medical and religious areas. She explained that she was a nurse when she was not leading naturalist causes. She tallied all the responses in her head proclaimed: "There does not seem to be any strong religious or medical reasons for you to not participate in Naturalism. That leaves psychological. Neither of you indicate that you have been traumatized or seem to have any psychological problems so it is merely something new that scares you. That and self-image issues."

Fiona saw that both Glenn and Linda nodded in agreement. Fiona continued "First thing then is to make you less conspicuous. It is not unusual for someone to decide not to get nude in public on their first naturalist adventure. But the difference is they accept that others choose to do so and they blend in as best they can. I can see you are both well on the way to acceptance. I took my robe off five minutes ago and neither of you noticed."

Glenn and Linda looked at other and then at Fiona realizing that they really had not noticed. Fiona smiled and went on.

"So as far as conspicuous, you will notice that most of the people here wear a robe of some sort frequently. A thin robe has a number of benefits. It is a good place to keep your card key. It helps to comply with the 'cloth between you and the furniture' rule and it can save your seat for you when you venture around." She smiled as they nodded.

"Let's go to the ship store and I will help you pick something out." Fiona declared as she got up slipped her robe on and led the way.

All the way through the ship they ran into people who hugged and spoke to Fiona. They were introduced to many people and could not remember any of their names. Glenn and Linda soon realized that they were more concerned with remembering everyone's names than observing the various forms of naked bodies they encountered.

Soon they were shopping among a huge selection of robes. Most of them were very thin and some were sheer, like Fiona's. Some even had clever pouches for the key card. Glenn picked out a blue silk robe and Linda picked out a white one that matched her suite.

Fiona suggested that if they wanted to wear clothes under the robe it should be as small as possible. She explained that women occasionally had to wear suit bottoms even in the natural. So it was not uncommon to see a woman in a bikini bottom.

As for Glenn, it was fairly uncommon to see a man in a suit, Fiona explained, but the smaller the better. She showed Linda a bikini and Glenn a Speedo. They decided to buy them and some dark sunglasses to help hide the "embarrassed eyes".

Glenn and Linda thanked Fiona and went back to their room to change. They promised to meet her at the Bar near the pool in half an hour.

Linda went into the bathroom and changed while Glenn stayed in the room. It did not take long. Linda entered the room her face red and the robe held tightly around her. Glenn was not much better off trying to look inconspicuous as he hid himself.

They agreed the suits were much smaller than they thought they would be. Lynn saw Glenn looking at her with unmistakable lust. Instead of looking away she looked at him. The sight of what obviously was a substantial package straining at the tiny Speedo made her feel all warm below. She relaxed and let the robe fall open revealing her skimpy bikini to his lustful gaze.

Glenn stared unabashedly at Linda for several moments before he could speak. "You look awesome in that" he told her.

"You don't look so bad yourself" Linda said smiling as she looked at him. She watched in fascination as his package grew inside the tight, and apparently stretchy, suit.

Glenn broke the trance first and said "Fiona". Looking at his watch grabbed his room key and together they headed out the door. As they made it to the deck they noticed that fewer people seemed to be staring at them. They received more nods and hellos than before and two people even stopped to make small talk. They finally made it to the table where Fiona sat grinning at their transformation.

"Well, look at you two" she began "just a few hours ago you were thinking about going overboard. Now you look like you are starting to enjoy yourself. I think you'll soon discover that there are some really nice, fun loving people here who just happen to like to wear as little as possible on a beautiful day in the Caribbean."

Glenn and Linda nodded. "It is a warm day" Linda agreed. She decided to jump into the pool to cool off.

Linda stood up and took off her robe then walked to the edge of the pool and dove into the cool water. Glenn decided to follow after her.

They enjoyed the warm water and swam a few laps before deciding to head back to the table where Fiona was entertaining friends. Linda got out of the water first. Glenn watched her get out and gasped. Her white suit had become almost transparent. Glenn could clearly see her dark nipples and the triangle of hair between her legs. He watched as several men gave her appreciative looks but considering that everyone else was nude there was no reaction.

Linda seemed oblivious to the looks or the fact that she was almost nude herself.

Glenn had an epiphany. He and Linda were the only ones concerned with clothing, or the lack thereof. He realized the naturalists were not about sex but simply what their name implied: being natural.

With a sense of comfort and understanding he got out of the pool. He was unconcerned that his suit had become transparent as well. That is until Linda sat down at the table. As she turned and saw him she visibly blushed then looked down at her own suit and quickly pulled her robe around her.

Glenn came back to the table and casually sat down. Linda could not help but watch as his manhood was displayed for her in the tight wet and nearly transparent trunks.

Glenn sat down and smiled at Linda. "I had an epiphany" he explained. "Watching you come out of the pool in a nearly transparent suit, I realized that I was the only person who noticed. You were the only one who noticed mine had the same issue. Sex is just a part of these people's lives the same as it is for you and I. They just happen to not wear clothes when we choose to wear them."

Fiona smiled and said "Welcome to the club, now you understand."

Glenn looked at her and remembered that she had selected the suits and urged them to meet her at the pool in the hottest part of the day. He began to wonder if she set this up. "Naaah" he said to himself as Fiona winked at him and turned back to her friend.

"In for a penny, in for a pound" Glen said as he excused himself to go to the room for a quick change. Linda followed him without asking.

Back at the room Glenn removed his trunks and hung them to dry in the bathroom. He stepped out of the bathroom naked.

Linda smiled and went into the bathroom herself. She hung her suit up and taking a deep breath walked into the room naked. Glenn looked at her and in spite of his recent epiphany was instantly aroused. She was incredible and he had secretly desired to see her body for a long time.

Linda looked at him sitting on the edge of the bed his cock rising as she watched until it was throbbing and fully erect.

"We can't go out with that looking like it is" she smiled.

Without another word she walked to the bed and kneeled on the floor in front in him. She smiled up at him and took him and began to lick and stroke his throbbing hard on. She cupped his balls with one hand while sliding her other up and down his shaft. All the while licking and sucking the head like a lollypop. Before Glenn had time to react he began to feel the stirrings deep inside.

Linda quickly sucked him inside her mouth sliding up and down his shaft with her lips while using her had to help bring him off faster. She felt his balls begin to tighten up and knew he would not be long so she worked even faster. Linda was rewarded with a trickle of pre-cum. She loved the flavor and sucked as much out of him as she could while licking the tip to get every drop.

It was all too much fro Glenn as he warned "I'm cumming."

"mmmmm" Linda replied humming onto his throbbing cock.

She took him deep into her mouth and felt it harden as he began to cum. She sucked every drop out swallowing quickly to keep from gagging. She cleaned him off and stood up in front of him.

"Let me repay the favor." He said huskily.

"No" she told him, "if you do that you'll be back where it started. Let's go out and try our new skin then come back for an extended session.

Glenn laughed and nodded in agreement. They each pulled on their robe and ventured out into the hallway for their first time without clothes.

Glenn and Linda had a great time. They explored the ship and met hundreds of very nice people. This being their first time without clothes they were acutely aware of both their own and everyone else's nudity. It kept them on the edge of excitement for the entire evening. Between visits they talked about the vast variety of human forms. Neither of them realized that there were so many shapes and sizes of equipment.

Linda discovered that there were penises she thought of as very attractive and some that were somewhat repulsive to her. She soon discovered that what she thought of as the perfect size and shape was hanging between Glenn's legs waiting to take her when they returned to the room.

Glenn watched with wonder ad a parade of boobs passed but. There were big ones, small ones, saggy and pert ones but none of them turned him on like the ones beside him on Linda. He smiled at her and she smiled back. They headed back to their room.

Linda lay down on the bed as Glenn followed her. He kissed her deeply on the lips and their tongues met for the first time. They stayed kissing deeply for a few moments as the passion rose. Then Glen moved to kiss Linda's neck. She moaned as he nibbled and kissed her neck moving slowly down her front.

Glenn tried to move slowly but her hard nipples on firm large breasts drew his mouth to them like ripe cherries on a vanilla sundae. As much as he wanted to save them for last, he could not. Glenn sucked her nipples into his mouth and nibbled on them. He sucked and licked her hard nipples for several long minutes and was rewarded with Linda's moans of pleasure. In spite of his enjoyment sucking first one nipple into his mouth and then the other, her rising scent was reminding him of his purpose.

He began to slide down her stomach inching closer and closer to her scent. He nuzzled her thigh and the top of her mound breathing deeply the heady aroma of her arousal before he flicked his tongue to touch her wet lips. He plunged in and began to lick her with wild abandon his lips sucking hers and sucking her wetness into his mouth. He licked hungrily at her lips, full up the lengths of them and the plunged his long tongue in and out of her as far as he could.

Linda spread her legs wider to allow him access and grabbed his hair in her hands. She pulled his face against her trying to urge him onto her clit. Glenn got the hint and began to lick her clit with furious flicks of his tongue. Faster and faster he went as she began to moan under him. Soon she was making little yelping noises and he redoubled his efforts up and down then side to side as hard and fast as he could get his tongue to go.

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