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Naughty & Nice Daughter-in-Law


[1] Sunday Noon; the First Time

Here I was, dressed in my Sunday best, sitting about halfway back in the pews letting my mind reminisce instead of listening to the country minister's message. In my mind, I reckoned myself to be a 'good' man, yet by the same token, I had suspicions that I was a piss-poor Christian! One of the things distracting me was the thought that there were several damn-fine looking ladies here for me to look at. My widowed status made me fair game for those women to look back at me.

Ladies aside, my mind's meanderings were making me think of the past and wonder about the future of my family...


My father was a brusque, burly bear of a man who topped out in height at the 6ft 6in tall mark. When I reached the fullness of my maturity, I retained much of his burliness, but I turned out to be only 6ft 2in tall. Following family tradition, my boy turned out to be 4 inches shorter than I was. Using this illogical reckoning, I suppose I will have a grandson who will grow up to be only 5ft 6in tall. Hell, maybe I'm counting my chickens before they have been hatched, because the way things are going it seems like there won't be any grandkids for me!

For some reason, my father's rough, abrasive manner skipped a generation and fell for my son to inherit. How the boy ever managed to win and wed pretty Jenna Parker was a complete mystery to me. Oh, I suppose the girl thought she could change Benjamin once they were married, but if so, she was only fooling herself.

Now, I can't say that Ben and Jenna don't have a good marriage, because in truth, I guess they do. That little 5ft 2in tall daughter-in-law of mine must have the patience of a saint to put up with some of the stupid shenanigans my son pulls! Often, I'm not even sure if that boy has one single brain cell in his head! In my eyes, his misguided mistreatment of his wife is unforgivable!

Ben and Jenna had been high school sweethearts and the couple had seemed to have much in common. As the kids of neighboring farmers, they participated in many farming activities together. Jointly, they had worked on animal husbandry projects for 4H and the FFA. These two had been prom dates yet neither cared about being the king or queen of the ball.

Immediately after graduation, these two 'kids' had married. Ben had become a partner in a hotrod machine shop and had given up all love for country living and farming. On the other hand, Jenna, a longtime babysitter, had taken a position as a sitter at a preschool daycare facility. I had never seen a young woman who loved children as much as my daughter-in-law did! Although now living in the city, this girl never lost her love for her roots in the country.

While dating my son, Jenna had begun a tradition which lasts to this day. This farm girl really knew how to cook, so she began cooking Sunday dinner for Ben and me every week. How ironic it was that my dad, a long-time tobacco farmer and smoker, had succumbed to lung cancer by this time. My wife, a smoker also, passed away within months of Dad. Those goddamned, flesh-eating cigarette cancer-sticks made me so sick of death I changed my entire farming operation! I no longer produced the cancerous weed. My farm became strictly a hay and cattle operation.

I know that sweet Jenna goes by a couple of erroneous assumptions, which I foster and even encourage. The first is that I can't cook at all myself. The second is kind of a delicate subject. Well, it's this; that pretty little gal daughter-in-law of mine thinks I never get any pussy! Now, those are my words, not hers. That child would never voice any such vulgarity! Yet, knowing women, I know this is what Jenna thinks and I know this is the reason she keeps trying to set me up with ladies!

Well, unbeknownst to my uninformed daughter-in-law, and unlike most men, I 'do' like to cook and I do a damn-good job of it! My secretive ladyfriends, a couple of whom attend my church, like for me to cook for them. After feeding one of them a good meal along with a fine wine, I'll usually get a really nice reward in return. A wet, piping-hot pussy and a couple of rounded, tender-nippled tits, mixed with a heaping helping of engorged man-meat cock, makes an excellent recipe for dessert. Served at room temperature, this scrumptious indulgence will be topped-off with an orgasmic portion of steaming hot cock-cream mixed with a cupful of sizzling pussy-juices.


"Dad, Dad, wake up," a soft, timid voice whispered. I felt an elbow poking my ribs. "Dad, you're daydreaming again!"

And, so I had been. Now I was awakening to the sight of an angelic beauty sitting at my side. Dressed in a sparkling white, short-hemmed sundress, Jenna's sexiness was doing little to quell my horny imaginings. This young lady had started calling me 'Dad' when she was dating my son. Okay, that was fine for then and I reckon its fine for now. I 'am' forty years in age while the girl is only twenty-one, but by god, I'm not that gorgeous female's Daddy!

Jenna drove us home from church. It was just we two because my self-involved son was out scouting deer hunting sights with some friends. Hell, deer season doesn't start for two months! Shit, it would serve that young fellow right if some other guy were to jump the bones of his abandoned wife!

Forgetting about my son, I ate our noon meal with my daughter-in-law. As she strolled around the kitchen, I could see only two changes to her church wardrobe. One was the addition of a checkered apron. The other was the removal of her pantyhose. Oh, she was barefoot of course. Now, back to that absence of hosiery... Hmm, this made a man wonder about whether or not there was any other article of feminine attire beneath her dress. Specifically, panties!

"Dad, I have to tell you something," Jenna blurted out from across the table. "And then, I have to ask you something."

Since she didn't yet elaborate, I patiently replied, "Okay Sweetheart, tell and ask."

Jenna neither told nor asked for anything for an intolerable interval. The young lady eventually took a few steps towards me. Tears streamed from her eyes as she planted her shapely young ass in my lap. My burly, 6ft 2in masculine body swallowed up the petite, 5ft 2in young woman. Perhaps this gal didn't know it, but her short sundress' hem climbed up nearly to her feminine unmentionable. Without really intending to do it, I laid a hand on my daughter-in-law's exposed leg high up on her thigh. If I so dared, I could have easily answered my musings about whether or not she had panties on. God help me, I did dare, and she did not!

By now, Jenna was well into her speech, so perhaps she didn't even notice my slight thumb flip across her pantyless pussy! "So Dad, it's not my fault I can't get pregnant and give you a grandchild!" she cried. "My gynecologist ran test after test on me and concluded that I am as fertile as a humping rabbit! Without Ben's knowledge, I saved a mouthful of semen when I gave him a...a...well Dad, its BJ, for short! The semen was tested three times just to be sure. Dad, I'm sorry to tell you that your son's seeds are sterile! Ben doesn't know it, but he can't impregnate me! Now, that's what I wanted to tell you."

Good god, I was floored by the news! The Spencer family name would stop with my only son! It was an inconceivable tragedy. What in this godforsaken world could be done about this? High-priced fertility treatments? Cloning? Adoption? God damn, what a catastrophe!

"Dad, I know you're upset," Jenna continued nervously. "But, my doctor had an answer to this problem. She told me to discuss it with you. So now, I want to ask you a big, big favor. I hope and pray you will grant me my wish. Dad, will you come to my doctor's office and...and 'cum' in a cup so your semen can be implanted in my womb! I want a baby so badly, and your semen is the only way to allow the child to carry the Spencer name! Please, will you do it for me?"

Cum in a cup? Semen in a womb? My mind dizzily attempted to understand. While I was thinking this over, my hand was still lying high up on Jenna's slender, silky-soft thigh. My fingers were gently massaging her tender female skin. My thumb flipped this woman's pantyless pussy again. Discoveries were made. This gal's kitty mound had no furry hair. It was also drippy-wet with arousal!

"No!" I angrily replied to my little daughter-in-law's request. "There will be no test-tube babies in this family! Girl, if you want my seed in your womb, then you will let me implant it the natural, old fashion way!"

The ensuing silence was not entirely unexpected. Jenna moved not a muscle in her lightweight, small-framed body. I wasn't even sure if she was breathing. I had a strong suspicion that the cells in her brain were jumping around like Mexican beans. I knew for a fact that my brain cells were dancing an adulterous jig.

"Okay Dad, we can do it your way," Jenna relented. "But, there must be some rules. Ben must never know! We will not 'make love'...we will only have impersonal intercourse. I don't even want to look at you while we...do it! And, no touching other than what's absolutely necessary. I think you know that I have no panties on, so for this first time, I can bend over the kitchen table and you can...you can implant your Spencer seeds into my...pussy from the rear! Just do it, Dad, and make it very, very quick!"

This little bitty daughter-in-law of mine turned herself around in my lap with her back towards me. She threw her upper body onto the kitchen table and pulled her sundress up above her waist. Nice ass, was my first thought, but I didn't dare voice my thoughts aloud. While I was thinking, I was unconsciously unzipping, unbuttoning, and pulling down my Sunday-go-to-meeting pants. Oh well, I had a man's 'job' to do, so I'd best do it.

My engorged erection pointed directly at the ass end of a half-naked woman. The part that was naked was the part that mattered now. My manhood's cockhead ball was feeling the drip, drip, drippy drops of vaginal juices dripping on it. These fluids dropped in such abundance, my entire cockshaft was nearly soaking wet and saturated with feminine lubricant. My mind was telling me that young Jenna must be quite a bit more aroused than she was letting on!

Well hell, I was plenty aroused, too! So, taking matters in hand, I guided my meaty pole towards its destination. Puffy outer pussy folds parted and my wet cockhead kissed incredibly wet inner pussylips. My well-lubricated cockshaft played follow-the-leader and disappeared into an extraordinarily tight, blistering-hot hole. Daammnn, Jenna's vaginal entrance felt like it might be about the shape and size of a fresh-minted nickel trying to take in the fat wooden end of an old-fashioned hoe handle! If this meant I was the 'hoeee', was my snug little daughter-in-law the 'hoer'? "Smile when you say that, Mister," I muttered under my breath.

"What, Dad," Jenna questioned. "Oh, just shut up and fuck me!"

Had this girl changed her tune? Whether or not she had, I began shoving my hard-thrusting cock's considerable size into my lady's constricted cunt with vigorous enthusiasm. Though small, Jenna's vaginal cavity was sweltering hot, damp, and juicy. Wetness wasn't the problem; space was. If not for the miracle of elasticity, this gal's pussy would have been torn asunder by my insatiable, pussy-pounding penile pole.

"NO, NO, Dad, don't make me cum; it's too much like cheating!" Jenna cried after several uncounted minutes of being shoved into the table. "Just make yourself cum, not me!"

I had every intention of cumming myself. If this young lady didn't want to, then she ought to have had more self-control than to ask a virile, pussy-loving man to screw her! "Okay Baby, I won't 'make' you," I assured the woman.

"Oh god, Dad, it's too late!" Jenna wailed. "Oh, good god, I'm cumming now!" And, so she was. I felt hot sprays of feminine cum wash over my loins. This young woman's whimpering moans confirmed the orgasmic ecstasy her body was having whether she wanted it to happen or not.

My job was to deliver seminal seeds into this gal's womb, so grunting and moaning with delightful pleasure myself, this is what I began doing. Pressurized streams of semen and sperm shot from my cockhole and entered into my daughter-in-law's fertile female womb. Oh Lordy, Jenna's hot little pussy was an oversized cock's dream home!

I knew that the woman I was fucking was feeling the spurts of my burning, milky-white cockcream. I knew by the fact that she was squealing uncontrollably as multiple orgasms rocked her young cunt. Abundant vaginal juices were attempting to drown the penile giant buried deep within her comparatively tiny body.

I knew that Jenna might say she surrendered to lust reluctantly, but from where I was sitting, it seemed like she was capitulating willingly and with a great deal of enthusiasm. That young lady slipped her upper body off the kitchen table and sat back against me. From this position, 'she' became master of her own fate when she started riding my cock as hard as she could. Up and down she bounced upon my slippery pole.

I knew I was breaking the 'no touching' rule when I reached under this girl's dress, surrounded her abdomen with my hands, and began massaging her swollen outer pussy folds with my fingers. My little lady's pussy might normally be pint-sized, but it was now enlarged by racing blood and the addition of a gigantic intruder inside it. Jenna's vaginal muscles milked my hard cockshaft and I milked the bloated folds of her spongy cunt.

Jenna began to protest my manipulating betrayal, yet another orgasm chose that moment to wash through her entire female body. "Oh god, Frank!" she wailed. "I've never, ever, ever had so many orgasms on top of each other! I never even thought that your...manhood could be so big, or that you could be so GOOD with it, or that I could feel such intense pleasure!"

[2] Sunday Afternoon; Love's Awakening Sin

Frank? Jenna had not used my first name in years. Why now when we two are supposed to be having impersonal intercourse? Perhaps this girl was remembering, as I was, that day long ago when I had come alone and caught her fishing in my best pond. I had known for a couple of years that this child had some kind of juvenile crush on me because I was the kindly giant living nearby. The adolescent neighbor girl was crying. Oh, she was not crying at being caught. No, her tears were shed because her young female body had chosen that day and place to first bleed. Using part of my tee-shirt, which I had ripped in half, we two used pond water to cleanse her most personal parts. The other half of my undershirt was used as a makeshift feminine hygiene pad. "Frank, you won't tell anyone," she beseeched. "Will, you?"

I promised I would not tell. And, I didn't!

Jenna sat in my lap forever, or so it seemed. I'm a 'half-full glass' kinda man, so I'll say that my daughter-in-law was caught in some kind of trance which made it difficult for her to climb off of my half-erect cock. Eventually, she did rise up, but she sat right back down again and allowed one more round of blissful orgasms to flow over her.

In due course, the young woman was filled with Spencer baby-making seeds and she was topped-off with female orgasms. Her cum, my cum, and some assorted juices made a slicky, slimy mess all over us both. Paying little attention to the sinful fluids, Jenna sprang out of my lap and ran for the backdoor.

My babydoll daughter-in-law stopped at the door and spoke apologetically, "Oh my god, I'm soooo sorry, Frank! We won't speak of this again! You won't tell anyone, will you?"

Making myself as presentable as the situation allowed, I walked to the weepy-eyed young woman, enfolded her in an unyielding bear-hug, and let her cry her eyes out. When her emotional turmoil subsided, she placed her hands on my chest and looked up at me with her oh-so-innocent, passion-filled eyes. God forgive my sinful heart, but I bent over, kissed her tear-touched lips, and became lost in the glory of forbidden love! Heaven bless Jenna because the angelic beauty kissed me back with the same obsessive need for love!

Reason finally prevailed. Jenna broke away from me and ran for her car. For a gal married to a hotrod mechanic, she sure drove a shitty ride! I'm pretty sure the old Chevy sedan had vinyl seatcovers. If so, her leaking, cum-filled pussy would make no permanent stains. Perhaps I should have given her a torn up tee-shirt as a vaginal pad, yet I didn't think of it this time.

When I got ready to take my shower, I found my daughter-in-law's pantyhose lying atop a counter. This might have been a day of firsts for other things, but I had not smelled Jenna's pussy. Yet, wrong it almost certainly was, I held her hosiery to my nose. Then I remembered, I had her pussy's cum all over my fingers! Holding my hands over my face, I sniffed the intoxicating aroma of an all-girl female. Oh Lordy, I yearned for the scent of the real thing!

[3] Sunday Evening; a Car, a Bed, and Sweet Confections

I was standing in the churchyard awaiting the beginning of evening service when I heard the unmistakable throaty sounds of a musclecar's roar. The vehicle's owner downshifted through three gears then pulled into the church's parking lot and skidded to a stop.

By now my head had turned to see an almost unbelievable sight. The car was my son's fully-restored 1966 Corvette convertible! Cherry Red in color, the hopped-up hotrod was my boy's pride and joy. Absolutely no one drove it but him! More than once, I had heard the young man crudely comment that if asked to choose between this car and his wife, he would pick the car nine days out of ten. This must have been day ten; or else Jenna Spencer had a death wish! My god, that young daughter-in-law of mine was the car's driver and Ben was nowhere in sight!

Out of concern for the young woman, I made haste getting to the car. Jenna was nicely settled into one of the vehicle's plush, white-leather bucket seats. Standing above her, I immediately noticed that she was dressed in another sundress, this one being a pretty peach-hued color and just as short as her morning dress. This sexy lady's slender legs stretched out in front of her seductively.

"Where is Ben?" I quizzed with apprehension.

Giving me a curious look, Jenna answered belligerently, "Your son is spending the night in the woods with his friends! He can go fuck himself for all I care! For all I know, he and his hunting buddies are having a Brokeback Mountain orgy!"

Oh no! "Is there trouble in paradise?" I questioned. "I thought you wanted to have a baby for him!"

Jenna shook her head. "Men!" she spit out. "Sometimes you are so dense. I said that I wanted to have a baby for ME! And, I came to you because I would much rather have you as my baby's father than just any sperm donor! So Frank, any time you have a need to share some sperm with a woman, then just whistle for me! You know how to whistle, don't you? You just pucker your lips and blow!"

As soon as those last words left my daughter-in-law's lips, I noticed the deep red blush which covered her face. She was angry with her husband, so it was understandable that she would lash out and say words she didn't mean.

"Oh god, Frank, I'm sorry!" Jenna expressed regretfully. "What happened with us earlier today was a fluke. I really, really didn't mean to cum. I only wanted your...the seeds of your loins. You are the one who insisted on putting them inside me yourself. I don't think we should do it that way again. Okay?"

This lashing out game can be played both ways. "Hell no, it's not 'okay'!" I argued. "I loved screwing your young cunt and I would do it again in a devil's heartbeat!"

Just then organ music let us know it was time to come in to the church. I allowed Jenna to walk slightly ahead of me so that I could surreptitiously admire the young lady's sashaying derriere. If those were childbearing hips causing my hardon, then they only needed a little bit more baby fat to make them perfect.

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