Naughty Grandpa Ch.4



“Tease me…and talk to me. I don’t you to strip right off…”

For me, the anticipation of seeing a woman’s nakedness is extremely erotic. Tempting glimpses of soft, secret curves make my cock harden and tingle. Promises of her sex daringly offered then shyly withdrawn set my heart pounding. Like this, a woman is infinitely more interesting and arousing than any ‘in-your-face’ nudity can make her.

My granddaughter displays herself to my admiring eyes and plays the coquette to absolute perfection. A swell of breast viewed from beneath her armpit! Swift peeks down the inviting valley of her cleavage! Bra-less nipples self-stimulated to stand out hard beneath her cotton crop-top! Flashes of smooth thigh almost but not quite to her panties! The flexing rounds of her bottom! The subtle planes and curves of her belly! The skirt and panties that become extreme hipsters that only just hide her venus mound!

Laryssa lies on her back and invites me to kneel astride her thighs. I run my hand over the full pendulous length of my shaft with one hand while I massage my balls with the other. I am utterly lost in the heat of the moment. My entire physical being is centred in my groin; my concentration is on her! Long, slimy strands of pre-cum drip from my bulging tip onto her unblemished belly-skin. She undulates her bare midriff languorously beneath me while she tells me how much she wants to nibble and suck on my willie. She tells me how good it felt sliding back and forth in her cunt when I took her cherry yesterday evening. She says how much she wants me to lick her nipples and kiss her navel on my way to eating her out. And how she wants us to make love again, again, and again before her parents get home.

Her pelvic thrusts become more urgent and more violent. Laryssa is literally talking herself into an orgasm! I feel an equivalent tide rising rapidly in my scrotum. She cums, pushing her skirt and panties down to mid-thigh and sobbing to me to shoot my sperm onto her stomach and pussy. The first jolts are dry painful pleasure and then my spurting flood begins to splatter her belly. I aim the pumping stream at the tightly closed fork of her thighs and sparse dark hairs crowning her fleshy mound. Laryssa’s desperate fingers join mine to milk every single drop of creamy jism from me.

My sperm forms a sticky, pearly-white puddle in the ‘Y’ shaped junction of her thighs and pubis. Laryssa dabbles her fingertips in it, rubbing it among her pubic hairs and down into her slit. She carries a morsel to her mouth and licks it voluptuously from her fingertips, holding my eyes in that slightly unfocussed stare she has when she is not wearing her glasses.

“I love the taste of your cum, Grandpa. In the morning before we have breakfast, I am going to suck a load of it from you. I hope you have plenty left!”

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