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Naughty New Neighbors


Summary: Young new couple move in next door and ask a unusual flavor.

Note 1: Thanks to Jasmine, Atikov, and TheSometimesGoddess for their helpful suggestions and wonderful editing of my second story. I can't thank you enough.

Note 2: Special thanks to Jasmine whose stories have inspired me to write.

DISCLAIMER: Be advised that if you don't condone even fictional wife characters having sex with anyone other than their husband, regardless of having an open marriage. Then I strongly suggest you move on to another story. Sorry.

Saturday August 11, 2012 was another typical hot summer day in central California. Though the news shows had been warning that today might reach a record high for this day of 108. With that in mind, I decided to forgo my usual routine of sleeping in late. I thought it would be more prudent to get up early; and get the couple errands I needed to do, done before it got to hot out. Then the rest of the day I could stay inside with the A/C running, catch up on some of the TV programs I had scheduled to record on my DVR earlier this week and maybe even catch an afternoon nap. At least that was my plan.

I was only gone maybe two hours before I returned home to find there was a U-Haul truck parked near my parking space. Its loading ramp was sticking out the back, blocking the entrance to my space. I saw a young man coming down the ramp, so I lowered my window and asked him if he could move the ramp long enough for me to get into my parking space. "No problem," he replied.

After I pulled into my parking space, I turned off the car and got out. I walked towards the young man extending my hand as I said, "Hi I'm Rick and you must be my new neighbor."

He extended his hand and replied, "Yeah that would be me, name's Brad."

Now Brad was a good looking fellow, five foot ten, dark wavy hair, good build. If I had to guess I would say he was in his mid to late twenties.

As we were shaking hands, I felt someone touch my elbow lightly as I heard a woman's voice with a honey sweet southern accent asked, "Honey who you got here?"

Before I even turned to see who spoke my legs were already turning to rubber. You see one of the things I really like is a gal with an accent. Any kind of accent will do, but a southern accent pushes me over the edge. So that said, I was in serious lust long before I turned to face her.

I turned to my right to see who had spoken, my eyes must have popped out of my head and my mouth dropped to the ground. She put her hand out to shake my hand, letting out a small giggle. "Hi Sugar! I'm Chrissie, Brad's wife," she said with a broad smile and slight blush.

I took her hand to shake it (at least I think I did) as I mumbled, "I'm Rick."

I looked back to Brad (but not before I had burned an image of Chrissie into my brain). It took a moment before I could speak, "It's nice to meet you both, looks like you are just about done unloading. If you need a hand or anything else just knock on my door. I'd be more than happy to help out."

I popped the tailgate of my car, grabbed the bags with my earlier purchases from this morning and headed to my apartment. As I walked away, I heard Chrissie say "Nice to meet you to Sugar, see ya around."

After I entered my apartment, I stumbled to the living room, dropped my bags, plopped on the couch and mouthed OMG as the image of Chrissie flashed in my head.

Chrissie stood about five foot four, had wavy blonde hair which she had pulled up in a ponytail. She was maybe a year or two younger than Brad the lucky bastard. I had been too awe struck with what she was wearing and her figure, that I nearly missed noticing her beautiful misty blue eyes, that seemed to sparkle.

She was wearing a tight fitting pair of black bike riding shorts that were so tight that you couldn't help but notice the crease between her pussy lips. She was also wearing a white tank top (which normally would have been loose fitting) but due to it being 98 degrees out already and her sweating from unloading the truck, the top clung to every curve of her in my estimate ample C-cup breasts. She had neglected to wear a bra today allowing me to notice her very erect nipples sticking out like headlights drawing me in. She might just as will have gone topless.

I sat there on my couch in a stupor for I don't know how long. The nice guy side of me was trying to push her image out of my head, reminding me that she is a married woman and off limits. While the dirty old man side of me was yelling, Hell no, I'm going to relish this image for as long as I can.

Eventually I reminded myself of a rule I have always followed. You do not mess with another man's wife/girlfriend, because one I wouldn't want that to happen to me and two the risk of getting shot was never worth it. I had one last argument with my dirty old man side that argued Chrissie just might be worth breaking this rule, before I pulled myself together and got on with my day.

The remainder of the day half of me was silently praying that I would not cross paths with Chrissie often (just as I had not with my previous neighbor that little hottie Susan). While the other half of me was begging Please please I want to fuck her silly. So the battle between my nice guy side and my dirty old man side had begun.

It did indeed reach 108 degrees and I was thankful I had been able to stay inside out of the heat and also avoid running into Chrissie or Brad again so as not to add any fuel to the fire of my lust for Chrissie. Sunday was another scorcher but luckily all I had to do was stay inside and watch football. The weather forecast for the rest of the week was hot and hotter.

The rest of the week was pure torture; Chrissie was like a pet dog that seemed to know exactly when I was due home from work. I would no sooner pull into my parking space and she would appear. Each time with a big smile on her face wearing shorts, a tank top or tube top and clearly not wearing a bra. Each time I saw her all I could do was groan silently.

The way she dressed was not the worst part of the temptation. The worst part was she would stop me to ask how my day had been or other idle chat, while taking hold of my arm and caressing it close to her. She was definitely invading my personal space, so much so that it was impossible to not take a peek at her ample cleavage. At least two times I even felt her breasts brush against my arm nearly causing my knees to buckle.

Each evening after a brief chat, I would use the heat as an excuse to break free of her and go inside rattled from the close contact of her hanging on my arm.

Even worse was the inevitable argument between my nice guy and dirty old man sides. My dirty old man always saying something to the effect, She wants you! She wants you to jump her and fuck her.

That is only wishful thinking and will only keep you awake tonight tossing and turning, nice guy would remind me and I knew he was right.

Saturday morning I was on my way out to go do some grocery shopping when things officially started to get peculiar.

I was locking my door when I heard Chrissie's voice from behind me, "Oh hey Sugar, I was just coming to talk to you."

I turned around and asked, "About what?"

I saw Chrissie notice the recycled grocery bags held under my arm, and she asked, "Are you headed to the grocery store, Sugar?" Her accent causing my legs to turn to rubber.

"Yes, why?" I asked her.

"I was just coming to ask you if there was a store close enough by for me to walk to get some groceries." She smiled at me before adding, "Looks like you are going shopping, would you mind if I tagged along?"

"Sure why not" I answered. What the hell was I thinking? She was looking just as hot as ever. How stupid can I be? God I hope my cock doesn't start to get hard with her in the car and embarrass myself.

She gave a little bounce of glee, her breasts jiggling, "Thanks so much Sugar, just give me a second to grab my grocery bags and I'll be right with you."

I just turned and headed to my car, shaking my head at being such a dumb ass and asking myself why the hell do I have to be such a nice guy all the time, every minute with her was building the temptation to cross the line I knew I shouldn't cross.

As I climbed into the driver seat, I heard a tap at the passenger side window. There she was pointing to the door lock and motioning for me to unlock the door. I pressed the unlock button. She jumped into the car as excited as a small child being taken out for ice cream.

As I backed out of my parking space I suddenly asked the question that had been bugging me since I first met her last week, "Where are you and Brad from? Not from anywhere around here I'm sure."

"Whyyyy we are from Atlanta, Georgiaaaa" she replied with her honey sweet accent, then she began telling me all sorts of things about her and Brad.

Little of which I really paid attention to; she was wearing very short shorts. I was too busy taking side glances at her legs, and trying to get a better look down her tank top (she was wearing a bra today DAMN!).

The store was only a five minute drive away, good thing, otherwise I was sure to run off the road or into something. My attention not on my driving, but focused on her hot body. Once we arrived at the store, we each grabbed a cart and headed inside the store. I suggested we meet up again at the checkout lines knewing I couldn't survive following her around the store watching her ass for the next hour or so.

"Sure Sugar, see ya later," she chimed before sauntering away, her ass swaying back and forth, sending me into a trance. A few minutes later having picked up everything I came for, I headed to the checkout lines. As I approached the lines I saw Chrissie waiting for me. She noticed me coming her way, raised her arm over her head and waved her hand, shouting out, "Sugar, Sugar over here." This caused several people to look in her direction and then towards me with smiles on their faces. There is something about a southern accent that just seems to make people smile. We proceeded through the check out and then loaded our bags into my car.

As soon as we got into the car, Chrissie started in telling me more about her and Brad. Again I was paying little attention to what she said. Five minutes later we were back to our apartments. Since she had twice as many bags as me, I offered to help her with her bags. As I placed the first of her bags on her kitchen counter, I glanced through the opening above the kitchen sink through which you can see into the living room and dining room. I couldn't help but notice how sparse the living room was furnished.

There was a small futon sofa, a floor lamp, a beat up coffee table and an old style 19 inch TV sitting atop a plastic storage container. What also caught my attention was that in what would normally be the dining area there was a large computer desk and a couple of tables. On those sat three computers, and what looked like professional grade lighting equipment, as well as camera and video equipment.

It was then that I recalled that Chrissie had said something about Brad having been in business as a professional Wedding/Special events photographer back in Atlanta.

Not paying attention to what I was doing, I turned quickly to go back out to the car and ran into Chrissie, her breasts crushing into my chest. I instantly got excited as this was the closest I'd been to feeling a woman's breasts pressed against me in a very long time.

I stammered "Sorry Chrissie I can be such a klutz sometimes."

She gave me a mischievous smile and with a slight giggle replied, "No problem Sugar you can run into me anytime you want."

I am sure my face had flushed red with embarrassment, I quickly moved around her and back out to the car.

I was reaching into the car to grab more bags and as I pulled them out, she was standing right there, so I handed her the bags. She turned and headed back to her apartment.

As she walked away I peeked around the car to watch her beautiful ass sway from side to side.

What the hell are you doing? She is a married woman and you are never going to get a piece of that. So stop torturing yourself, my nice guy warned me.

Fuck you, not every day you get to look at an ass like that, sitting atop a perfect pair of legs, my dirty old man sneered.

I grabbed some more bags, walked to her door and hollered inside her door, "Chrissie I'm setting the last of your bags here by the door."

I heard her holler back, "Thanks Sugar! You are such a sweetheart, I'm going to have to think of someway special to thank you later."

I unlocked my door, took my bags into my kitchen, set them on the counter and headed back out to get the last of my bags.

Once I got all my bags into my apartment, the first thing I did was strip off my shirt as I usually do almost year round. A few minutes later I had finished putting my groceries away, but I had a nagging feeling I was missing some items, I must have left one of my bags with Chrissie by mistake.

Just then I heard a knock at my door. When I opened the door Chrissie was standing there holding a bag, I said "Sorry let me get a shirt on," and went to the living room to get my shirt.

"One of your bags got into my place by accident," she said, as she walked in and went to the kitchen placing the bag on the counter.

As I was pulling my shirt over my head Chrissie walked into the living room.

"You have a nice place! Wow, nice flat screen TV, do you like to watch football? I noticed you had on a Raiders cap on earlier."

"Yeah I love to watch football, how about you and Brad?" I asked.

"Go Falcons!" she shouted as she started to bounce up and down like some high school cheerleader, her breasts doing likewise GROAN.

The image of the small TV in her apartment flashed in my head. Before I realized what I was saying, I asked, "Would you and Brad care to come over and watch some games?"

"Oh Sugar you are such a sweetheart, Brad and I would love that," she said excitedly. She then surprised me when she gave me a kiss on the cheek, then turned and headed to the door. As she was closing the door she called out, "Have a good night Sugar, see ya."

I sat down on the sofa in a daze from her kiss and having watched her breasts bouncing around when she was shouting "Go Falcons."

As I sat there, I began to realize how turned on I had become just listening to her honey sweet accent for the past couple hours. I hadn't even cared what she was saying; I had just let the sound of her voice make my balls boil.

Yeah you remember her saying how horny she gets when Brad is not home, how you could bump into her anytime and wanting to thank you someway special, my dirty old man taunted me. Just imagine her sexy voice whispering, oh yes fuck me Rick fuck me, give it to me hard and fast just like I like it.

STOP IT RIGHT NOW, she is never said any such thing, what she said is how much she misses Brad when he is working. That he is a long haul trucker and sometimes is gone 3-5 days at a time, my nice guy reminded me. At least he had been listening to her while going to the store and back.

For the next half hour my dirty old man and my nice guy argued back and forth. Dirty old man wanted to go to the bedroom and imagine her naked straddling my cock while I released my built up sexual tension. Nice guy warned me that I was only torturing myself even more listening to my dirty old man. Face it Rick no gal Chrissie's age is going to even look at an old fart like you, so stop torturing yourself, nice guy having the final word. Exhausted I fell asleep on the sofa.

I'm not sure how long I was asleep, when I heard a knock at my door again. I went to the door still half asleep. When I opened it, it was Chrissie.

The first thing I noticed was that she had removed her bra since we had gotten back from the store, her breasts now making nice impressions in the front of her tank top. Hey quit looking at her tits, dumb ass, nice guy warned.

"I hope you like cookies? These are my grandma's recipe. Molasses cookies with walnuts and pecans," she said, holding out a plate of cookies to me. I tore my eyes away from her breast long enough to grab a cookie and take a bite.

"Damn Chrissie these are great, are these all for me?" I asked while stealing another glance at her breasts.

"All for you Sugar, I made them to thank you again for taking me to the store," a look on her face, one I'd seen many times before on other women, that look that said I saw you looking at my tits. I began to blush and she did too a little. She handed me the plate, turned and went back inside her apartment. I closed my door and got myself a glass of milk. I hadn't eaten anything yet today, while eating the cookies I thought, Damn and she can cook too.

A little later I suddenly wondered where Brad was. Chrissie had told me that he had most of Friday, all day Saturday and most of Sunday off. Yet I had not seen his truck yesterday or again this morning.

It was getting late and I decided it was time to take out the trash and start some dinner. Just as I was tossing my trash, Brad pulled in.

"Hey stranger where you been?" I joked.

"Been working some extra hours to make up for the time off I took to move," he replied before adding, "Chrissie tells me that you invited us over to watch football, damn nice of you."

"No problem it will be nice to have someone to watch the games with for a change," I responded, "First game is at 10:00 come on over anytime."

"Will do buddy, what brand of beer do you like?" he inquired as we walked to the doors of our respective apartments.

"I don't drink, but don't let that stop you and Chrissie," I answered.

At that moment the door to his place flung open and Chrissie jumped into his arms, kissing him feverishly, "Oh Brad baby I am so glad you're home, I am so fucking horny I am about to burst," she exclaimed before noticing I was standing there and had heard every word.

"Oops Sorry Rick, I didn't see you there," she blushed slightly as she grabbed Brad's hand and started to drag him inside, all the while giving me a mischievous grin.

Brad chuckled and gave me a look that guys share from time to time, that said sorry buddy but I'm about to get lucky. "See ya in the morning Rick, duty calls," he said gloating.

I went inside and sat down on the sofa shaking my head and thinking damn that lucky bastard. Then I began to fantasize about all the things I had never done with a woman before, things I would love to do to Chrissie, making a mental list just in case I ever got the chance.

1. I wanted to cum in her mouth

2. I wanted her to play with my cum before swallowing it

3. I wanted to shoot my cum all over her face and tits

4. I wanted her to rub my cum all over her tits

5. I wanted her to deep throat me, better yet if she hung her head over the edge of the bed and let me fuck her throat.

I finally got up to cook and eat my dinner. Still distracted by thoughts of what Chrissie and Brad were doing next door, I took a sleeping pill to prevent my dirty old man from pestering me and turned in for the night.

The next morning at exactly ten, I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door and it was Brad and Chrissie. Chrissie was carrying a six pack of beer.

"Can I stick these in the fridge?" Chrissie asked.

"Sure you know where it's at, same as in your place," I answered, "Game is just starting, so come on in and get comfortable."

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