tagLoving WivesNaughty Nicole Ch. 02

Naughty Nicole Ch. 02

byblack saphire©

"I might have to go away for a few days babe." Peter announced matter of factly as he unbuttoned his shirt. "My new boss wants us all to go for some stupid Team building exercise."

"Oh?" Nicole raised one eyebrow as she put down the book she was reading. "When? And where is it being held?"

"The new hotel, off Chesapeake." Peter replied. "It's for two days. We leave on Thursday morning and come back on Friday evening."

"That's not so bad." Nicole replied. "Are you car pooling or you driving on your own? It's at least two hours to Chesapeake and the way you drive, make it three hours!"

They both laughed. Peter was known to be a very careful driver and never, ever broke the speed limit.

"I think I might go with Lucas." Peter replied. "He lives less that 15 minutes away and he did offer, so I guess I'll take him up on it. You sure you'll be okay?"

"I'll be fine." Nicole replied. "It's not like I haven't been alone before. And it's only for one night."

She picked up her book again and pretended to read as Peter finished undressing and then went into the bathroom for a shower. Her heart started to beat faster as she thought that Thursday was only two days away. She wondered if she would be able to organize something with Steve. She thought about his hot, hard cock that she had sucked just two days ago and she felt a flutter in her abdomen.

Nicole squeezed her thighs together as Peter came out of the bathroom, toweling his wet hair. He had pulled on his pajamas so that meant he wasn't in the mood. He picked up a folder and slid into bed next to his wife.

"Have to finish reading this stupid file for tomorrow." Peter said as he started to read through the dossier.

Nicole placed her hand on Peter's thigh and went back to reading her book. Her thoughts however were still on Steve and her pussy was starting to tingle. Slowly she let her hand lightly caress Peter's thigh, working up toward his crotch. With feather like touches, she softly strummed her fingers against his meat feeling it grow slightly. Peter's hand moved to cover hers and he entwined his fingers in hers, pulling her hand away from his crotch.

"I really have to finish this babe." Peter sighed. "I've got a long day tomorrow."

Nicole pouted and put her book away. She slid lower into the bed and with her hand entwined with her husband's. Steve would never have dismissed her advances, she thought to herself. With thoughts of Steve coursing through her mind, she fell asleep.

** **** **

Nicole had spent the better half of the day at work wondering if she should text Steve or not. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to say. She couldn't just say that she wanted to get fucked. Could she? It was nearing 4 in the evening when she finally gave in. She gazed at her phone again and finally started to type out a short message.

Hi There. How are you?

She pressed the send button and then waited. The minutes seemed to tick by and she started to curse him in her mind when a reply came in.

Pretty good. What you wearing?

Nicole's heart started to beat a little faster. It excited her to know that he was always interested in what she was wearing, in how she looked. She glanced down at herself, as if to remind herself what she had on.

Beige blouse and black pants. She texted back. A short while later, a reply came in. The beeps were rather loud and she quickly switched her phone to silent mode to avoid her colleagues noticing that she was texting.

I prefer skirts. Easier access! What's inside?

Nicole felt a little flushed with the naughty text flirting. She briefly thought about Peter but quickly dismissed that thought and focused on the text messaging.

Nothing special. White cotton panties and a beige bra.

There was a bit of a delay before another message came through. This time a longer message.

Mmmm... white cotton means the black fur will show up nicely. Wish I could pull those panties down and taste that wet slit. Sweetest pussy I've ever tasted!

Nicole swallowed hard. Her nipples were starting to get erect and her pussy was starting to tingle. She bit her lower lip as she typed the next message. She thought long and hard before she pressed the send button. She was really pushing the boundaries now.

Only lick? What else would you do?

Nicole held her breath, waiting for the reply to come through. She stared at her phone, almost willing it to buzz in her hand, showing that a message had come through. She had to start breathing again as there was no quick reply. A little disappointed, she put the phone down after holding it and staring at it for almost 5 minutes. She sighed deeply and figured she had probably been too forward. Maybe Steve was the kind that wanted to take control and do things his way. She sighed again and stared at her computer screen.

The phone suddenly vibrated on the table and Nicole made a grab for it.

Spend the day with me and I'll thrill you to pieces. No quick lunch time session. I'll show you how a real man pleases a woman.

Nicole felt a lump in her throat. Her whole body felt weak and her stomach was fluttering. She felt like a schoolgirl being asked out to the prom. Quickly, she typed out another message.

I'm free tomorrow. I can take the day off.

This time the reply came in very quickly.

All right. It's a date then. Take the day off. What time do you leave for work in the morning?

730. Nicole's reply was short and straight to the point.

Steve's reply came in quickly again.

OK. Text me when you leave. I'll let you know where to meet. Bye.

Nicole could hardly concentrate the rest of the day. Many times she considered texting Steve but she didn't know what to say. The date had already been set and there was really no point in idle chatter. She felt excited but at the same time she felt guilty knowing she was going to cheat on her husband. No, she had already cheated on her husband that first night when she had sucked Steve's cock in the car and given him her wet panties. She had cheated on him again when she had let Steve suck her pussy and then given him a blowjob.

Both times she had swallowed Steve's cum and she had actually enjoyed it. She rarely gave her husband a blowjob, much less swallowed his cum, but with Steve she had really, really wanted to. She couldn't quite explain it but Steve somehow made her feel different. There was just something about the man.

Fortunately the time went by fast enough and it was soon time to go home. As she stepped into the car, she realized that her panties were wet and practically sticking to her crotch. She drove home and was kind of relieved that Peter wasn't home yet.

She removed her blouse, pants and bra and then stepped out of her panties. There was a dark wet patch around the crotch and even from afar, she could smell her scent emanating from the dark patch on the panties. She stepped into the bathroom and then smiled quietly to herself as an idea crossed her mind. Locking the bathroom door, she sat herself down on the toilet and picked up a razor. She applied a generous amount of shaving foam on to her lush bush and slowly and carefully, she shaved every inch of pubic hair off her pussy until it was smooth and hairless. She took a quick shower and patted herself dry before putting on a long t-shirt with nothing on underneath.

She glanced at the clock, noting that it was almost 7pm and Peter should be home soon. She fixed herself a cup of tea and waited for him, reading her book to pass the time. By 8.30 he still hadn't come home and neither had she called and she was starting to feel a little angry. She made herself a ham and cheese sandwich and gulped that down with her cup of tea. It was only at 9.30 that Peter walked in and Nicole was rather furious. She glanced up at him as he walked in and was about to say something nasty when she noticed how tired and worn out he looked. She let her anger subside a little.

"Sorry I'm late honey." He apologized as he gave her a peck on the cheek. "This new boss is really something else. Kept us all late as he said we'd be away for two days and needed to make sure everything was finished off. "

Peter undid his tie and threw it on the back of the chair. He glanced over at Nicole who walked over to the kitchen. "You eaten yet?" She asked in a flat voice.

"Yeah, kinda." He answered, almost sheepishly. "Boss ordered Pizza for everyone."

"Well thanks for calling and telling me!" Nicole snapped. "Here I was waiting for you and all I had was a ham sandwich. What the hell is your phone for is you don't use it?"

Peter looked at her in surprise at her outburst. "I'm sorry Honey. It's just I thought I could finish off but the time just seemed to go bye. I'm sorry. I really am."

"Yeah, whatever." Nicole replied and stared at her book. She really didn't want to fight with Peter but she was irritated with him for not even having the decency to call. One lousy phone call. That's all it took but he couldn't even have done that. She sat stewing in her own anger as he made his way to the bedroom. She heard the sound of the shower running and wondered if she should go and help him pack for his trip tomorrow. She was too angry though and she just say there, wallowing in her own anger.

After a while, she calmed down and walked over to the bedroom. Peter had almost finished packing. "Need anything else?" She offered. "You got enough underwear and everything?"

"Yeah." Peter mumbled back. "I'm fine." He zipped up his back and stacked it against the wall. He climbed into bed and patted the other side. "Let's get some rest babe. Lucas is picking me up early tomorrow."

Nicole climbed under the covers and leaned over to kiss Peter. "I'm sorry I got angry earlier." She said softly, her lips brushing against his. "I just wish you had called."

"I'm sorry too honey." He said, pulling her lip softly with his. Her hand moved to his thigh and she was about to cup his crotch when he pulled her head to his shoulders and lightly kissed her forehead. "Goodnight babe. I'm really tired and its going to be a really long day again tomorrow."

Nicole briefly considered pulling his hand to her crotch to let him feel her naked cunt but she was angry again. She kept playing his words in her head, "I'm really tired."

"Fuck him," she thought to herself. "He's always tired. And here I am horny as hell and with a shaved pussy. I shaved it for him, the bastard!"

Nicole shut her eyes and with her head filled with unhappy thoughts of her husband, she finally fell asleep.

** **** **

Nicole had a very fitful sleep. Going to bed angry doesn't help with a good nights sleep. Going to be anticipating the events of the next morning don't help very much either. By 5.30 am, she was already awake but it was too early for her to start getting ready. Peter awoke at 6am and had a quick shower and shave.

"Shit! I'm running late." He announced to no one in particular. "Lucas is coming by at 6.30." Nicole felt a sense of relief that he would be leaving the house earlier than she was and that she could take her time to get ready. She flung on a bathrobe and saw him off at the door, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Take care babe!" he called out as he left the house. "Love you!"

Nicole watched as he stepped into the BWM that Lucas was driving and then stood by the window till the car drove off. She sighed a little both in relief and in anticipation of the day ahead. She bounded up the stairs and proceeded to do her morning routine.

After a fairly luxurious shower, where she shaved her legs and armpits, she patted herself dry and admired herself in the mirror. She looked really good with a shaved cunt. The mound swelled out nicely and her puffy lips stuck out nicely. She had quite a pretty pussy she smiled to herself. She walked out to her wardrobe and rummaged in her panty drawer, selecting a pink, lacy g-string. It didn't cover much and was basically just a ribbon of cloth that went around and under her. It felt very sexy though and it looked even better.

Next, she chose a similar bra but one that wasn't lacy. She had decided to wear a dress but something that looked good enough to wear to the office. She didn't want to risk being seen going out of the house or coming home wearing casual clothes as for all intents and purposes, she was supposed to be at work. No one knew she had taken the day off except Steve. And he was the only one that needed to know that.

She pulled on a dark brown dress that was tighter on top, emphasizing her cleavage and a little loose around the hips and legs. It reached her knees so it was proper enough for office but casual enough for a day out. Most importantly it was comfortable. She paired the dress with a large black belt that gave it a little more of a formal look and then threw on a light jacket that completed the corporate look. She had worn this outfit to office many times, especially on days where she knew she was going out after work.

She looked at her watch and realized it was almost 7.30am. If she was going to keep up with the pretext that she was going to work, she had better leave. It wouldn't do any good for anyone to notice that she left the house late. Even though Peter wasn't around, there were enough nosy neigbours who might take notice and then say something in passing to Peter.

She locked up the house and got into her car. She reversed it and then sped off, making her way out to the petrol station before the highway. At the station, she parked her car and pulled out her phone.

Are we still on? She texted. Nicole waited for a reply. She didn't have to wait long.

Yes. Unless you're having second thoughts.

Nicole realized that this was her chance to back out. She bit her lip again as she thought about what she was doing. What she was going to do. What she was going to have done to her. She swallowed hard and texted back.

No. I'm in. Where do I meet you? She sat in the car with the engine running, waiting for the reply.

Westin Hotel, off Canterbury. Know where it is?

"Ooh, the Westin." Nicole said to herself. She knew where the hotel was and as a matter of fact, was not terribly far from where she lived. She was thankful that Steve hadn't picked some place too far out of the way.

Yes. Know where it is. Nicole texted back. She released the handbrake and started to drive off toward her destination. As she hit the highway, another message came beeping through.

Good. Get your sweet pussy over here. Text me once you've arrived. Park in level 2 of the basement, near the lift. Easier to get up to the room.

Nicole felt her excitement growing as she navigated her car toward the Westin hotel. It was only fifteen minutes away but it felt like an hour before she finally turned into the hotel entrance and drove down two floors into the basement car park. The 2nd level was practically empty at this time of the morning and she looked for the signage for the lift lobby. She found it soon enough but decided not to park in front of the lift lobby entrance but rather chose to park around the side. That way, her car wouldn't be too noticeable.

Her heart was thumping wildly now as she picked up her phone and texted a short message.

I'm here

She checked her hair in the rear view mirror and put on another coat of lipstick. She flicked and teased her hair a little just before her phone beeped again.

Room 2214. The lift comes straight up.

Nicole stepped out of the car and made sure she locked it. She smoothened her dress down over her hips and thighs and walked over to the lift lobby. She pressed the up button and the lift opened almost immediately. Nicole pressed the button for the 22nd floor and was relieved that it made its way up without stopping. It opened, to reveal an empty lobby area as well.

Her eyes quickly scanned the signage signifying which way room 2214 was. It was toward the left. She strode quietly down the hallway, counting off the rooms till she reached 2214. She took a deep breath and rang the bell. She could hear it chime softly inside.

Within moments, the door opened and Steve stood in front of her with a warm smile on his lips. He took her hand and pulled her gently into the room.

"Don't you look just stunning!" He smiled at her.

Nicole looked around the well appointed room. It was luxurious to say the least and a large king sized bed with thick pillows and soft, shiny sheets lay at the back of the room. Steve pulled her toward him and then planted his lips on hers, kissing her deeply. His tongue snaked into her mouth and teased her own tongue before flicking up against the roof of her mouth. She felt a shudder go through her.

"Mmmmm." Steve moaned as he pulled away. "I've loved kissing you from that first time in the car. Your mouth tastes just great. Now stand back and let me look at you."

Nicole stepped back as Steve feasted his eyes on her. He moved in a little closer and placed his hands around her hips. He reached for her belt and slowly undid it before flinging it on the sofa.

"Raise your hands up." He said softly, staring into her eyes. "I want to undress you."

Nicole raised her hands slowly, high above her head. No one had ever undressed her before. She had always done the undressing herself. With her hands above her head, Steve bent down to pick up the hem of her dress. Slowly and deliberately he raised it up, uncovering her body a little by little until he had slipped the dress completely up and over her body. He whistled appreciatively as he folded her dress over the sofa, next to her belt.

"I love pink." He said as his hands caressed her hips and then moved up and down her sides. Nicole moaned softly. One hand moved to cup her head as he brought his mouth to hers once again and kissed her hard. His other hand moved behind her back and with snap of his fingers, he undid her bra. He carried on kissing her as he removed the bra from her body. His mouth moved to her neck and his tongue licked along her neck and then down to her breasts. She moaned as his tongue made contact with her nipple. He teased it with his tongue, licking the nipple all over and then taking it into his mout to suck on it.

Nicole arched her back, feeding more of her nipple into his mouth as Steve's other hand moved to massage her other breast. She could feel the fires of passion starting to heat her loins and she pulled his head onto her breast. Steve pulled his mouth of her breast and moved it to the other. Nicole's breath was starting to become ragged. Her hands caressed his head, her own head was thrown back, reveling in the feelings of lust from his tongue and mouth attacking her breasts. She could feel her pussy already secreting her love juices.

Still sucking on her breasts, Steve moved her backward until she was standing just in front of the bed. He guided her upper body down so that she was seated on the edge of the bed. He then pushed her back to lie on the bed, with her knees falling off the edge of the bed.

Steve got up and knelt between her legs. He grabbed her panties around her hips and tugged downwards, pulling them off her hips and exposing her pussy. He gasped as he saw her hairless cunt but carried on pulling her panties down over her thighs. He pulled her feet out of each panty leg and then placed the panties neatly on the side of the bed.

"You shaved!" He exclaimed almost in joy. Without wasting any time, he planted his mouth on her shaved gash, sticking his soft pink flesh into her steaming hole.

"I..err... Unnnhhh" Nicole moaned as she felt his tongue make contact with her pussy. She had meant to tell him that she had actually shaved for Peter but his tongue against her pussy had stopped her from answering.

Steve swirled his tongue in her fuck hole and then pulled out. He kissed her pussy lips and then dragged his tongue from just about the anus to her throbbing clit. Nicole gasped and moaned softly. He kept licking her, from the bottom of her slit to the top. Every now and again he would dip his tongue into her pussy, fucking her with it.

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