tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNaughty Tales: Jennifer & Sarah Ch. 01

Naughty Tales: Jennifer & Sarah Ch. 01


On the set of "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

Have you ever wondered why Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love-Hewitt are the best of friends, before this movie, the two sexy young starlets could not stand one another, as the competition was rather fierce those days.

But this all changed one night on set of the teen horror flick, and I will tell you exactly what went down.

27th June 1997


The cast and crew were on set in Los Angeles for a good couple of months, and today was day 42 of shooting, and so far it has been all business, Sarah and Jennifer never socialize of camera

Sarah was alone in her trailer, today was her last day of filming, as her character is killed of in the movie, it had been a long hot summer day, she was wearing a short black skirt cut just above her knees, and a cream v-neck top, the top of her busty cleavage showing.

She was exhausted collapsing on the couch, the trailer was really small and stuffy, the kitchen was to the right of the door, bathroom in middle and the living area/bedroom to the left.

Her routine after every day was to come back to her trailer and have a little time to herself, eventually it always ends up with Sarah playing with herself, and tonight was no different, except that she started a little earlier than usual.

Lying back on the couch, Sarah pulled down her skirt a little rolling down past her knees, wearing a black g-string. She rubbed her vagina through the soft lace fabric, with the other hand rubbing her right nipple again through her top, her body temperature rising through the roof.

She let out soft moans as she pressed one of her fingers inside her shaven pussy, using her thumb to gently rub her own clit, Sarah became more aroused her pleasurable moans increasing in volume.


Just then she was suddenly interrupted by a very loud knock on the trailer's door, instantly Sarah pulled her finger out, quickly lifting up her short skirt "who is it?" Sarah asked.

"It's Jen, can I come in?"

Sarah did not welcome the fact that Miss Hewitt was outside "just a second" she adjusted her clothing, before spraying some room sanitizer in the air, the smell of sex stood still in the humid trailer.

Outside a younger Jennifer was waiting patiently, she was wearing all pink, pink flare pants, and a pink silk blouse, and she looked amazing, attractive enough to have anyone she desires. The door of the trailer opened just enough for Sarah to stick out her head "What do you want?"

After the very rude greeting, Jennifer had second thoughts; she started to walk away from Sarah's door, before changing her mind, walking back up to the step "Sarah, can I come in? I think we need to settle this silly little dispute we have been having"

Sarah did not like this at all, but being the kind lady that she is, she opens the door, standing to one side, resting up against the small section of kitchen worktop.

"Can I get you anything... A glass of water... Juice... I know how about a boyfriend of mine?" Sarah expressed herself.

Jennifer sits on the warm couch "Sarah please, we used to be the best of friends in Drama school, can't we put it behind us now?"

Sarah takes a bottle of Vodka from the cabinet, pouring herself a shot, before gulping it down "Sure... Why not...drink?"


Sarah took the bottle and two shot sized glasses over to the couch, her tight pussy still very wet from a little earlier on. And the last thing she wanted was tense hard nipples, clearly visible for Jennifer to see.

"I'm so sorry if I hurt you Sarah, but I had feelings for Steve too you know, and I was wiling to share?" Jennifer told her.

"Don't lie Jen, not once did you say you would share him, If I remember correctly, you wanted Steve all to your self" Sarah rested back on the couch flicking on the small portable television.

They sat in silence, every now and then looking at one another.

"What?" Jennifer asked noticing that Sarah was fixated on her.

"I don't know perhaps it would have been fun, the three of us...you know?"

"Are you for real, you mean like a threesome...oh man" Jennifer became aroused her hand rubbing her right knee, knowing that Sarah was in here masturbating just a minute ago, as she felt Sarah's breath on her neck. "Sarah...What are..."

Sarah placed her left index finger over Jen's pouting lips, her other hand rolling up Jen's left leg to her secret place, kissing her gently on Jen's silky tanned neck.

Jennifer looked towards her enemy, before leaping into her, planting a French kiss, their tongues playing with each over in a burst of passion, both set of hands exploring the opposing body, both still in clothes but not for long.

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