Her eyes broadcast the nascent brilliance that accompanies the occasion of a lady revealing herself in a new formal dress. She looked stunning and, like always, this revelation somehow allowed her to appear more gorgeous. White dresses on wedding days convey elegance and grace, but the lack of contrast with the dress and the brightness radiating from the bride dampens the splendor. My girl's navy dress provided the perfect stage for her beauty to dance on.

Above her dress rose a soft neck, a smooth manifold which diverged streaming at its ends, emphasizing stateliness. Her face was divine, with a beauty mark placed by an artisan deity, and deep brown hair gently flowing away from her head to land on her magnificent body. Her serene blue eyes were enough to set any man's heart on fire, a siren song for aesthetes. Her strapless dress somehow rested unruffled against two proud globes, with her slender arms patiently waiting by her side. Her hips spread such that they gave way to the most wonderful figure, and the proportions between her celestial components created an aulic ratio. Masterfully sloped legs supported this angel, but they were hidden by the dress. The folds caressing these sculptures wrapped and folded amongst themselves like petals on a rose. After I recovered from my initial immobility I stepped forward to embrace her.

Wrapping my arms around her I could feel her chest rise and fall and my pulse quicken. I longed to kiss her pink lips as if it was the first time, although it had only been hours since I kissed her last. I did not have to wait long as she stood on tiptoes and took my lips with hers. After several seconds she drew her lips back, pulling my upper lip with them for a short distance. Now it was my turn to return her affection, and I did so passionately and unable to resist I began to tickle her mouth with my tongue. She seemed surprised by my eagerness but responded by teasing my tongue with her own. As we continued to kiss I slid my hands down the back of her dress finally resting them on her voluptuous convexities. "No—wait until after the party," she moaned as I squeezed her curvaceous arches. An aurous feeling overtook me as I realized that tonight I would finally share the most intimate experience with Melanie.


A peculiar party, I observed while sipping on my drink. The music seemed stolen from a night club, yet the attendees looked suitable for a ball. Entranced, dancers synced to the beat; some with appendages controlled by an amateur puppeteer, and a few with continuous movements more enrapturing than the music. I finished my drink and looked over the crowd for my jewel. My eyes landed for a brief moment on the DJ.

I could not help myself. The DJ was clearly commanding the party. He was well suited for entertainment, dressed in wild, extravagant colors, face covered in makeup, and pariah hair that matched the shifting hues of the lights in the chamber. He was determined to keep the guests happy, as if it were his neck on the line if the party lost luster. An odd match, I thought, but still a fantastic dinner party. Returning to my original focus, I spotted Melanie in the center of the floor.

Spinning, spinning, I whirled her around and she fell back into my arms. I let her rise, shaking off her dizziness, after a warm kiss. Facing me, she rested her hand on my mid back, and swayed to the rhythm of the music, her body gliding against mine. I vainly tried to match her style but found that I could only just react; her moves all but froze me in place. Her breasts were flitting against me and I could not prevent the temptation of peeking at those grand spheres that her dress partially covered. She looked up at me with sparkling eyes and we began to kiss. Naturally, my hands once again moved down her back. Drawing away from a kiss she took my hands, turned around, and placed them on her sides. Now she began to grind against me. My hands slowly traced the subtle curves around her sides as she loosely held onto my lower back while rubbing against me. The feeling was like dipping into warm water on a cool day and I let my hands drift to her abdomen, steadily rising as she continued her motions. At last my hands reached her supple chest and she once again held them. As she turned around she gave me a look of longing and kissed me strongly before pulling away and smiling. I needed to get another drink.

One of Melanie's friends approached me as I was drinking. Her friend smiled and enquired, "I saw the look that you and Melanie shared. She really means something to you doesn't she?"

Pleasure spread throughout my body and I began to beam. I nodded.


As we walked toward her house holding hands I looked into the night sky. Dark clouds obfuscated the view somewhat, but I managed to see a piece of the moon peeking out. The night was still but we were animated by alcohol. Though most stars were hidden, a few shined, sparsely strewn across the nocturnal ceiling. We reached her door and she looked at me with mystery in her eyes, before shrugging and capturing my lips with her own. We began to kiss more strongly and I began to capitulate my inhibitions. She must have realized my struggle because she broke our lustful moment to open the door and draw me into her house.

Grabbing my hand she pulled me into her bedroom and pushed me onto her bed. She straddled me and began to kiss me once again. As we gripped each other and explored the other's mouth, we paused only to take deep breaths. I delicately rubbed her back and she cradled my face. After a minute, I began to play with her dress. Understanding my intent she rose, looked at me almost hesitantly, and then removed her dress and shoes. Standing before me wearing only a black laced pair of panties I realized that she had not worn a bra at all during the night. When she got back on top of me I rolled her over so that I was now on top.

The kissing started anew and I searched her mouth for sustenance. Pulling my lips away she drew a long breath and I took the opportunity to blow tenderly into her ear, before using it as a guide for my light tongue. Dexterously I licked around her jaw line, taking praise from her muted moans. I moved down to her neck, kissing and then licking each spot until I took a small nibble at the area under her chin. As she sighed, I continued on to the other side of her neck while maneuvering my hands to fondle her breasts. I gently massaged these delicate orbs as I began to make out with her again. After rolling her pink nipples between my fingers such that they protruded fantastically, I set to use my mouth on them. Locking one with my lips I carefully tugged on it, bringing a slight part of the breast up with it, before letting it down. I flicked my tongue against this heavenly nub while carefully playing with the other breast. After licking around the areola, I proceeded to stimulate the other breast in a similar fashion. Taking my face in her hands she pulled my head up so that once again we engaged lips. Now as we kissed I moved my right hand down her until it reached her pair of panties.

I began to agilely run my hand over the dark cloth as we passionately kissed. Abruptly, she stopped kissing me and pushed my head away. I looked at her questioningly and she responded, "The way that we danced at the party tonight...I know that you must have strong feelings for me. You make me feel so good, and I know that you are a great person for having waited this long and not pressuring me into sex...but...I just don't feel the same way about you that you obviously do for me. It's nice being with you, you're a good friend and I think that that is how I see you best."

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