tagNonHumanNegative Space Ch. 04

Negative Space Ch. 04


"Okay folks. I'm going to step out now, but if you need anything, and really, I mean anything, you just call me. Inga, if you feel like you need to push, you call me right away."

I closed the door behind myself, content that they would be able to handle themselves on their own for a little while. This way, hopefully, they would be able to loosen up together, relaxing and preparing for their baby. I walked downstairs, turning on lights as I went. I came into the kitchen and opened the cabinets, looking for food or drink before I remembered that they wouldn't have anything. I grabbed a glass anyway, and poured myself some water. As I stood over the sink drinking, I felt something behind me. I turned around to find Theo looking at me intently. His previous anger was gone, but now he just seemed wary.

"Why are you down here? Shouldn't you be up with them?"

"They're in the bath for now. They'll be fine, and if they need anything I've told them to call me." He still looked suspicious, so I went on. "It's not an emergency anymore. I've checked her out, and I know there's no prolapsed chord, I listened to the fetus' heart beat and it's going fine, her ankles aren't swollen--all that sort of stuff. I know now that everything is going smoothly, and I can let her body take its course, preparing itself for the birth. At this point me being in the room would just be getting in the way of things."

Theo looked down at my neck, brushing his fingers over where his sister had bitten me. I felt the rush that was quickly becoming familiar each time I touched one of the vampires. Every nerve in my body called out for attention, ached to be closer to him. I sighed, letting my head fall to the side so he'd have better access to where his fingers slowly stroked.

"Did you like that?" His voice had become deeper that before, smoother, more melodic.

"Mmmm-hmmm," I smiled as he leaned down to lick my neck. I breathed in quickly, excited and aroused, breathing out a "yes..." as he pressed his fangs to my neck. He didn't break the skin though, just lightly dragged his fangs down it, releasing torrents of electricity through my body, my sex becoming immediately wet and slippery.

"And that?" I couldn't get my body to do as I told it to, and instead I just let out an almost pathetic wail of desire. Theo chuckled. He slipped his cool fingers down to where my dress ended mid-thigh, tracing patterns on my bare skin before moving his fingers up incrementally below the dress as he whispered in my ear. "I can smell how wet you are. I can hear how fast your heart is pounding, and I can feel your arousal thrumming through the air towards me." His hands reached my underwear, and he allowed his fingers to trace the top elastic along my stomach. My muscles knotted and clenched, every nerve in my being strained to pay attention to his fingers and his whispering mouth. I whimpered.

"Mariella was right when she said you smelled like flowers, like night blooming jasmine, or honey suckle, or even lilies. There's something about you that smells warm, like summer nights, and the humid breezes that bring those flowery scents to you in the dark." His fingers traced farther up my body, running along the underside of my breasts, circling my nipples through the sheer fabric of my bra. I gasped, grabbing onto Theo's shoulders as he let his knuckles drag lightly over my sensitized nipples. He lifted his fingers away and pulled my entire dress over my head. I didn't even notice, just held my arms up to help him. How strange that only this morning I had been deciding which dress to wear. My apartment and my message machine felt like they were countries, years away. I stood now, wearing only my bra and underwear in front of Theo, not worried in the slightest, just over charged with sexual energy.

Theo groaned appreciatively as I reached behind myself, unsnapping my bra and letting the cups fall away from my breasts. Placing his hands lightly on my waist, he leaned forward, barely touching the tip of his tongue to my puckered nipple. The explosion of electricity broke my passivity, and suddenly my desire rushed forward. I grabbed Theo's head and pulled his mouth to my breast roughly, moaning aloud. My aggressiveness triggered something in him, breaking his control and immediately our playfulness became needy and frantic. He sucked and bit my nipple, moving to the other while pinching the first between his fingers. I wailed, the shock of his fingers against my sensitive skin bringing the fever to a new pitch. I pushed him back and pulled off first his shirt and then his pants, stepping back to pull off my own underwear as he stripped out of his. He clasped my body to his, hungrily sucking and kissing my lips, his tongue in my mouth, his bare skin against mine. I reached down, grasping his hot, hard erection and he groaned deeply, pressing himself into my hands. I began to stroke it, tracing my fingers lightly over the silky head while pumping the shaft with the other hand. I could feel Theo's need as he growled into my mouth, breaking away to lift me up onto the kitchen counter.

He dropped to one knee, pressing his face between my knees, kissing along the inside of one thigh before moving to the other. He came dangerously close to my lips, breathing heavily, and I shivered with the almost-contact, feeling my juices drip down my crack in anticipation. He leaned forward, licking quickly at my clitoris and I almost screamed, the feeling of his tongue driving me crazy. He licked up the side of each of my pussy lips, circling my clit teasing me. His hot breath sent spires of longing through my pelvis deep to my core, each gentle lick releasing torrents of tingling desire to radiate outward and through my whole body.

"Theo!" I shouted. "Please!" He complied, licking fully up my pussy to my clitoris, pressing hard with his tongue and sucking deeply on my small bud. My whole body was shaking, even the counter top below me felt erotic and soft, even the sharp cabinets behind me felt like they were caressing my back. I was on fire as he sucked and licked, slipping a finger into my drenched cunt. "Oh, yes!" I cried pushing my hips forward, and he added another, pumping them furiously. My whole abdomen began to tighten, even the muscles in my thighs were clenched and flexed. The wave began to build deep in my pelvis, radiating up towards my breasts, my neck, my ears, wholly consuming me. I moaned aloud as it crested, and at that moment I felt Theo's fangs sink into my labia. The wave expanded and burst within me, the feeling of him drinking from me overwhelming my body completely and exploding within me. Finally the shock began to wear off and Theo pulled his mouth away from me, licking the wound shut. I collapsed back on the cabinets behind me, panting. That had been the most satisfying sexual experience I'd had in years, if not ever. I couldn't stop from smiling. I opened my eyes to see Theo smiling back at me. He leaned over to kiss me, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, our kisses quieter now, less frantic.

"How was that?" Theo asked, nuzzling my ear. I could only hum happily, smiling like a fool. Theo laughed and leaned closer to me, his cock touching my over sensitized cunt, and I cried aloud.

"Oops! Sorry about that," he said, beginning to pull away, but I grabbed his erection and pulled it to me rubbing it against my clit and jumping slightly from the contact. He moaned my name, pushing himself gently into my wet cunt. I stretched wonderfully around him, the walls of my pussy gripping him as he eased into me. I clasped the back of his neck as he lifted me off the counter top, his cock deep within me as all my weight pressed me down onto him, and he turned around, pressing me against the wall. He pulled back slightly, pushing back in quickly. His size was almost painful, but the pumping quickly made me forget any other sensation, and I sank into his arms. My head thrashed from side to side as I felt my orgasm building, the hard knot of desire expanding below my navel. Every curve of his cock caressed the inside of my vagina, the angle of my body against the wall bringing his knobbed head into contact with my g-spot with each thrust. Theo's moans became groans of escalating pleasure as he pounded my cunt, pressing himself deeper and deeper. He leaned down and bit my nipple, throwing me over the edge immediately, my orgasm crashing over me in wave after wave of bliss. I felt his cock swell even larger inside me, exploding with cum at the same moment that he sunk his teeth into my neck, drinking from me again. The pulling sensation of blood leaving me was deeply satisfying, and yet this was the third time I had been drunk from that evening. My body was still thudding from the orgasm I'd just had as my light headedness dwindled to dark, the lights of the kitchen looking farther and farther away. Theo didn't pull away though, still pumping into my body, and the black consumed me entirely.

I awoke to soft pillows and a gentle stroking of my hair. I kept my eyes closed, rolling back into the person who was spooning me. I sighed contentedly, feeling one hundred percent comfortable at that moment. The person behind me shifted away from me, calling my name. I snuggled closer, pulling the warm, naked body closer to mine.

"Lana, Lana! Are you awake?"

I shook my head, uninterested in getting out of this fantastic bed, and I heard a familiar chuckle. I opened my eyes to see Theo propped up behind me on one elbow, clearly relieved. I remembered the amazing sex, and then, oh yeah. I winked at him.

"Did you think you'd drained me?"

"Oh Lana," Theo pressed his face into my neck, breathing deeply. "I don't know why, but I lose my control with you! You just tear it right away from me."

"So it would seem!" I laughed, sitting up, feeling a rush of light headedness. "Whoa." Theo caught me, holding me upright, as he reached for a glass of water.

"I am really sorry about that, but you honestly taste amazing. And you feel amazing. Mmmmm," he groaned, rubbing himself against me, "you really do feel amazing."

I chuckled, drinking the whole glass at once. Suddenly I had a terrifying thought.

"Inga! Is she okay? What's going on? How long has it been?!" I jumped off the couch, looking for my clothing. I slipped on my panties and pulled my dress over my head, forgetting the bra.

"It's fine, Lana. They're fine. I think Inga even got a chance to have a nap herself. She told me she's feeling great."

"Well I need to go see them. I can't believe I got so distracted!" Theo chuckled and pulled me against his naked body. He was warm and tossled, and I felt my heart clench just a little bit at the comforting feel of his body against mine. He placed a chaste kiss on my lips, then one on my forehead. Then one slightly less chaste on my lips and I pushed away from him.

"I see what you're doing, buddy! Don't you even try that with me!" I smiled and pushed past him into the hall, up the stairs to the bathroom where I had left Inga and Lux. I knocked softly and followed the call to come in.

"Hey there, how's it going?"

Inga looked up and me smiling peacefully, and Lux jumped in. "It's great! We've been doing like you said, breathing and relaxing through the contractions, and we feel wonderful!" I smiled at his enthusiasm, glad to see him open up a little bit and become a part of the process.

"Inga, do you think I could give you an exam? I just want to know how close you are to delivering."

Inga nodded a moment, concentrated on moving through her contraction, and I grabbed the second of the sterile gloves, pulling it on and waiting for a pause between contractions, at which point I put my hand in the tub, down between her legs to do an exam.

"Wow! How are you feeling? It looks to me like you have got to be nine, almost ten centimeters! I got back here just in time! Are you feeling like you need to push at all?" Inga shook her head, and I nodded. "Well, are you comfortable the way you are, or would you prefer to move at all?"

"I'd like.... ooooooohhhhhh" She was cut off by a contraction so I waited, massaging the muscles around her shoulders. When the contraction had gone she started again, "I'd like to stand up, but... I'd like to stay in the water."

I thought for a moment, then asked, "What about squatting? Can you imagine that feeling good?"

Inga nodded, and Lux and I helped her to move into a squatting position. I had him sit in front of her so she could balance on his shoulders, and immediately I heard a change in her breathing.

"How does that feel, Inga?"

"Ooh, ooh," she looked up at me, scared, "I think I'm pushing!" Lux looked up excitedly, and I smiled at their beaming faces.

"Okay, Inga. That's great. You tell me when the next contraction starts, and you go ahead and push right through it. You'll figure it out no problem."

Inga dropped her head, already moaning at the start of the contraction.

"Alright now, push with it." Her moan stopped, and she began to push in earnest, the muscles in her back and neck gleaming in the low light.

"That's right!" I cried, excitedly. Mariella and Theo slipped into the room behind me carrying towels and other supplies. Mariella carried some bags of dark red blood. Inga continued pushing with each contraction, and after fifteen minutes or so I reached down to examine her again.

"Wonderful. You're pushing that baby right down the birth canal. Excellent."

Lux helped to hold Inga in place, keeping her from getting tired and coaching her to keep pushing. Another ten minutes or so passed, and I put my hand in again, this time to feel the baby's smooth head crowning.

"Okay Inga, that's amazing! Now I need you to hold off for a moment, yes I know that sounds impossible. But I need you and Lux to just pant through this next contraction. Your baby is almost here, and I want to do it slowly so you don't tear." Inga nodded dutifully, panting away instead of pushing, and I felt her skin slowly becoming accustomed to the stretch of a baby's head.

"That's great. Alright, with the next contraction I want you to give me one solid push, but then hold off again, okay?" Almost immediately Inga began pushing again, and her baby's head came rushing out. I slowed it with my hand, and coached her through the next contraction panting as I checked for the cord around the baby's neck. It was not there, so with the next contraction I let her push one final time and her baby came sliding out into the water. I grabbed the baby, and as Inga sat back down against the side of the tub I handed the baby to her, still underwater. She pulled him up from the water against her chest and began to cry, holding him tightly. Lux leaned over to kiss her and his baby and cried as well, hugging them and laughing. I waited till I heard the baby begin to wail, confused at his sudden change of scenery, before grabbing Theo and Mariella and pulling them out of the room.

"Aren't you going to do anything to the baby?" Mariella asked me anxiously.

"No, the baby's fine. He's crying and stretching his fingers, responding to his parents--no problems. Let's just give them a moment with their new baby, and we can cut the cord and handle everything else later."

I moved to the couch in Inga's big bedroom, relaxing onto it and sighing. There's nothing like birthing a baby to get your adrenaline rushing.

"Is that where you were? Going to get extra blood?" I asked, watching Mariella slip the bags of blood into a concealed minifridge.

"Yes. It took me longer than I thought I would, but I figured it'd be important once Inga needed replenishing. No point in draining the human, since it seems you're the only one who knows anything at all about healing." She looked over at me then, her eyes piercing. "No need to ask where you were, though, I can smell him all over you."

I blushed, uncomfortable under her gaze.

"So how can vampires have babies?" I asked, trying to change the subject. "I thought you were immortal, frozen corpses."

"No. We can have children, but it turns out to be rather rare. Something that changes family to family, I suspect. Theo and Inga were siblings before they were turned, and their sire is an ancient with more power than a human could even imagine. Lux's line is also very old, very potent. Something with the power in the lines probably made it possible. It has only happened a handful of other times."

I stared at Mariella. Was she kidding me? Was I kidding myself? I went in an out of complete acceptance, at times thinking nothing of the fact that these people called themselves vampires and sucked my blood. At other times, though, I couldn't believe myself, so easily going along with it. And having sex with Theo just out of the blue like that! I should have better control over myself. I should be watching myself around these people.

"Can you read minds?" I asked, not sure if I wanted to know the answer.

"Clear sentences? No. 'What color am I thinking of now?' kind of thing? No. But emotions, yes. I can tell you're confused, scared, and debating running out of this house right now. But on the other hand, you have a serene grace, a sincerity that is keeping you together. So no, I don't know the words in your head, but I can feel your emotions."

I shook my head, baffled. Theo walked back into the room, smiling at me lazily. A shiver ran down my spine just looking at his lips so soft beneath that scruff. He sat down beside me on the couch leaning over to whisper, "And we have very attuned senses, too." His soft breath on my ear sent me off again, a feeling like warm gel oozed through my body, puddling between my legs. "For example," he continued, "I can smell just how much my breath on your neck turns you on."

I gasped, turning bright red and standing up quickly, knocking him back. "I need to check on that baby," I said determinedly, marching towards the door while Theo and Mariella laughed. I stepped through and sighed at the idyllic picture before me.

Inga and Lux were relaxed in the tub, holding the baby between them. Their foreheads were resting gently on each other's, and they were whispering lowly in a language I had never heard before. The baby had settled down, his eyes wide and bright, staring at everything around him.

"How's it going, you two?" I asked, kneeling down in front of the tub to see the little baby. "What a beautiful baby you've made."

Inga blushed. "Thank you so so much, Lana. I cannot tell you what a huge difference your presence here made."

"Well of course. It's not even a question." I smiled at the two of them, my hands clasping each of their shoulders. "Are you still having contractions, Inga?"

"Yes--is that okay? Is something wrong?"

"No, not at all. It means that your placenta is on it's way out--that's the organ that has been feeding your baby this whole time and is attached to the other end of the umbilical cord. If you don't mind, I'm going to check your uterus to make sure it's contracting the way we'd like, and then help you to push the placenta out, alright?"

"Sure, sure. How would you like me to move?" I helped Inga out of the tub and over to the bidet. I wrapped her and the baby in some towels, and felt the cord. It was no longer pulsing, so I looked around for some string to tie it off and scissors to cut it. Lux grinned.

"I'm not sure you're going to find scissors strong enough to cut Vampire flesh," he said. "I'll do it with my teeth. That's the way I've heard it being done, anyway." He kissed Inga on the forehead and pulled the umbilical cord to his mouth. The long, sharp teeth extended slowly, and he used one fang to slice right through the cord. As the blood began pouring out, he clamped his mouth down, tonguing the ends to seal them off.


My head was throbbing. My forehead hurt--something was wrong. I brought my hand up to my forehead and realized the throbbing was actually my phone vibrating against it. I pushed my eyes open enough to see it was Allison, my employer. I stared at it for a moment as it stopped vibrating and a Missed Call popped up on the screen. I knew there was some reason this was bad, but my brain was staying frighteningly blank. I sat up, rubbed my eyes, and looked into the mirror. What a mess, I thought. I have work today-- FUCK! I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. Dialing Allison frantically I began hopping from one leg to the other trying to get dressed at the same time.

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