tagIncest/TabooNephew's Dream Come True

Nephew's Dream Come True


Hi! To all incest lovers.

This is a true story of a real sexual encounter between my maami and me.

Mami means wife of your mother’s real brother. Infect maami is aunt and you would be her nephew when it comes to the English conditions but in India you call them as maami.

Well, my name is Saket and I am 21 years old and I broke my virginity to my maami when I was hardly 19 years old. I had a huge crush on maami, from the day I started to understand what male penis is all about and why does it erect and feels good when you rub it against soft things. So you can understand I am talking here about the days when I was in my early teen years. Slowly and slowly my lust for my maami’s body started to grew even more than I ever thought for it. I use to masturbate thinking about her and me on bed making love with each other. Now my maami is a real bombshell. She is bit fatty around her waist and her boobs are humungous and huge melons type.

Due to these enormous sizes of boobs her waist looks all right but little fat around her waist adds to her beauty. She is very fair and got a mole just above her lips and looks a very good piece to fuck every night and a guy like me never loose interest in her. A perfect example of a mature lady which I dreamed to have sex with when I first hit my puberty.

I have lot to tell about the relations between my maami and me but not to waste further time of you all readers I will switch on to the real sex incidents.

It all happened when I came back from my college, well it was not the holiday seasons nor ant vacation but a strike broke in our college and I thought it would be better if I go back to my place and rest in bed in front of hot blower, as the season was verge of chilling day by day. It was very cold and after so many years the temperature was close to 0 degree centigrade. This time I thought it would be better if I give a surprise visit to my parents. So I headed towards my city and as I reached my house I was astonished to see a huge lock on my front gate. So I thought what next and as soon as I took a step back my cell started to ring and I was told by my parents that they are out of station to attend a marriage and will be coming in 4 days and told me to stay at my mama’s house. I reached to my mama’s house and I was again surprised to hear that my mama was out of town for office tour and there it was me and my maami would be staying all alone at night for another 4 days when her husband come back from tour. Well my maami has 1 child (my cousin brother) who lives in school hostel around 30 km from city.

So I decided that this would be the night I can make my dreams come true.

My maami looked very beautiful and sexier then ever. Plump breast and fair as ever. I now couldn’t control my urges and thought for some plan latter that night. My maami was very happy to see me and told me that she was also feeling very lonely as my maama(her husband) was out for tour and couldn’t disturb her son as he was having mid term which just started. She said that tonight she will be cooking something good for me and asked me to hire a good movie to see tonight. With this sudden announcement in my ears I thought there are good chances to fuck her tonight.

So I headed towards the video library and hired 2 xxx movies and one movie in which at starting it shows a movie around 20 minutes and suddenly after that non-stop xxx hardcore movie. So after taking dinner I insisted on seeing movie with her, she refused at first saying that we will see tomorrow but I asked her to watch for a while. She said ok just half an hour and I played the movie.

It was a comedy one but I was not really watching it, my mind was on her nice juicy lips and her lust full boobs and eagerly waiting for the right moment to gain my hand on her. After few minutes, the movie started to halt a little and I was pretty ready for it. And suddenly boom there it was, an xxx movie started to flow. A couple, totally nude were making love with each other. Man’s penis was fully inside her women’s vagina and the guy was sucking her large boobs. We both stood there without moving anything and my maami was busy watching that also. She said nothing but I saw her she was slightly watching me with eyes. She said what is it. I said I don’t know maami where it came from. I looked at her eyes and her body was pumping really fast, I thought that this would be the only chance to fuck her. So I placed my hands on her and started to cares her lower back. At first she said nothing and continued to watch movie. Then I slightly bend towards her and kissed her on her cheeks and at the same time put my palm on her huge breast. She didn’t stop me and even she breathed more heavily and continued to see xxx movie. Then I put my lips on her lips and French kissed her and holding her boobs more tightly.

Now she responded and said…uugh uuh ugggh please! Saket let me go.

This is not right, but I kissed deeper in her lips, she again told me to stop but I continued it to do.

Finally I told her that I want to fuck her, she said it is not right. I told her that it would be between her and me and nobody will know about this. She smiled back this time and asked me to take her to his son’s bedroom where I was staying. I took her and laid her on to the king size bed of her son. Then I started to take out her dress from her body and there she was mature lady fully naked in front of me. She asked me took my clothes off. She first took my shirt and then pants and while she was taking my pants she took my under wear also and there my cock nude in front of my lady. She immediately took in her soft hands and started to pull my foreskin up and down. I told her not to do this way as she was hurting me. She told I am sorry son!! Let me take care of this. She took my cock and kissed and my forehead and at once gulp my whole cock in her mouth. Damn men how good that feel. It was my first time and this lady was taking care of me. She sucked me for a while and when I screamed that I am Cumming she immediately withdrew my cock from her mouth and licked my pre-cum. Then she asked me what you want from me son.

I asked I want to play with your breast. She said that is what I love to do also.

Please go ahead son!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and how easy it was.

So I lay beside her. She took my hand and placed on her soft large right breast. She told me to play with it.

I started to massage one first and then I climbed on her just as a child climb on her mother and took as much amount of that large breast in my mouth. She screamed and said. That’s it son..ooh yeah aah oooh suck it son, don’t worry just bite it suck it as hard as you can.

I was sucking both her huge soft pink breast like a hungry child.

After sucking she told me what next I want to do with her.

I said that I want my cock in your vagina. She smiled back to me and told me that first I need to put condom otherwise I would pregnant her. I said no, it is not a good idea.

I told her that I would not be able to feel her, she smiled again asked me to go ahead but told me took my cock out when I am about to cum. I was very excited and happy to see and hear all this.

I didn’t wait and slide below her and took my long fat cock in my hands and touched the tip of my cock head right to opening of her slightly used vagina which was looking moist and pink. Then I again laid on to her chest, took hold of her breast in my mouth and with a slight jerk showed the cock it’s way into my maami’s soft, warm and smooth vagina.

We both screamed in pleasure and I started to slowly build on speed. She packed me from behind by locking her legs behind my back and I was humping like a mad guy.

She was screaming uuugh oooh ooh yeah son oooh anuj…ooh yeah do it do it!!! Make me cum…oooh oooh yeah uuuhhh ooofff ooh …

I was shouting ooh yeah maami ooh yeah maami…ya yayayaya fuck you maami!!

Fuck me fuck me fuck me!!! Yeah yeah ….just slid it in..all she was able to say to me. I was furiously sliding my huge fat cock in and out of her sweet and soft vagina.

Next I took my cock out of her pussy and I was surprised to see that my foreskin was all rolled up and my inner flesh was out ready to take more of my maami. I was so excited that I showed it to my maami and told her how does my cock looked. She smiled and kissed on the fore head.

I screamed ooh yeah maami and then she pleaded me to again insert in her moist vagina.

I again took hold of my cock aimed it again at my maami’s pussy and with a huge and enormous jerk inserted this whole piece of shaft inside her.

As I the cock all the way inside her, I saw the picture of my cousin in the photo that was placed right in front of my eyes and it seemed to me as if the whole sex act was witnessed by his son.

I smiled at my cousin looking straight into his eyes in the picture and with a shear pleasure I humped even more into his mother.

I was more excited as all this was happening on my cousins’ bed. She was making herself Fuck on her son’s bed by me.

Again I started to ram my cock inside her and screamed in pleasure.

Oof puff oof ooooohheyes yeah yeah maami! yeah maami! yeah maami I love u …fuck me..ooh yeah.

I could feel my foreskin being more rolled upwards then it was and my naked flesh touching the inside smooth walls of maami’s vagina.

I sometimes use to slow down a little bit and try to go more inwards in her soft, smooth pussy till I find the end.

When I did this she screamed in more pleasure which inspire me to go even more further and further and when I find the end I just use to roll my cock in her which make me even more good. But our noises of screams were going beyond the limits and we taking our names with passion and love. I for the last time glanced at her son’s photo and again with a huge jerk slide more in her pussy.

I was humping her up and down and sucking her breast and kissing on her lips.

She closed her eyes and I looked below where my cock was buried in her moist vagina, the sight was wonderful.

I started to hump harder and harder and she screamed in joy and asked me to suck her breast.

After humping few more minutes and I jerked my cock in and out with plenty of speed and excitement and with that I couldn’t control my urges now and emptied all my thick semen’s inside her. We both screamed and as I emptied my last drop inside her. I forget to took my cock outside her vagina, but I heard her saying take it out Saket..take it out. Please take it out.

But I was not listening to her, as I was busy doing my job inside her.

We lay there for few minutes and I felt my cock started to shrink inside her. So I pulled my cock from her lovely looking cunt and what I saw make me more please. My cock fully dipped in both of our cums. She smiled back at me and I again took her large breast in my mouth. She told me that want to clean my cock with her mouth. So she told me to climb on her.

Next she took my wet cock in her mouth and sucked even the last drop my cock was having.

She looked happy and thanked me that she had the best sex for such a long time. She told me that whenever I am in need of her just come here and fuck her. We again kissed and cuddle each other’s nude body and slept totally nude on her son’s bed. Boy her son’s bed was whole messed up. So that how I was able to do sex with my maami and my fantasy to fuck my maami or aunt (my mother brother’s wife) came true.

Any virgin boys/ or mature ladies who want to fuck there aunt’s/ nephews or there friend’s mom/ son’s friends, please do contact me, I have plenty of ideas installed for you all horny little boys and aunts. Mail me on the link below for your questions and there respective answers. And what I have just narrated above story, is a true one and I am still doing it with my aunt and we both are happy for each other. Instead masturbating every night thinking, your aunt’s/ cousin’s mom/ friend’s mom or your mom’s friend, just go and express your feelings to them, how badly you want them, there bodies to satisfy your needs/urges. These aunt’s really do understand want young boys need from them and I am sure they will satisfy you, your needs and they will be more then happy to help you because they too are getting something good from you in return. That’s pleasure in turn for pleasure. So all you teen boys/virgin boy’s best options for you is your best friend’s mom or your sexy aunts in your family. Just try, even if they refuse (which is very rare), they are not going to tell anybody about this, that you made an effort to seduce them, ask them to satisfy your hunger. So, man just go and do it, for yourself only. Any suggestion wanted both for aunts and boys mail me on the link below.

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