tagNonHumanNever Know Where You Find Love Ch. 01

Never Know Where You Find Love Ch. 01


Hello Lit!!! This is a werewolf story, this chapter have no sex! It will be coming so you have to wait a little a bit lol.

This is my first story so feedback is welcome, good or bad. Thanks for reading!! :D

I do work in the morning so I be writing when I get off work. So work with me and I'll try have the next one post fast.




BUZZ! BUZZ! Ugh, I roll over and hit the alarm. I rub my eyes and look at the clock and I can't believe it's 5:40 in the mourning are ready. I was having a good dream about man. I think I can't remember it, I hate it some time when you can't remember your dreams lol.

I guess I got to get up for work oh I'm just rude let me tell you about myself. My name is Kenzie I just turn 21 in August WOO! I finally get to drink lol ok back to tell you about me I'm Black and Puerto Rican, 5'4 yes I know I'm tall just kidding, hazel eyes, black and brown hair, I am light skin, and I have hourglasses shape, yes I'm curvy. I try eating right and work out but I'm not going lie I slip up sometime and eat what I feel like eating.

I'm from Florida, I love the nice weather and going to the beach and pool. I work for a clothing store called Fab Girl Boutique. Well I got to get up and get ready for work. I get up to stock the store in the morning and then in the afternoon I work in the store as a cashier or sale person with my best friend Chanel aka coco. We been working for the store since we was 18.

It's all about to change because her boyfriend Max got offer a job in Georgia. He work for a moving company and they are giving him his own store there. He was waiting for a good time to ask her to married him. He decide to ask her before he have to move and she said yes, so I only have couple weeks left with her before they leave.

I'm sad, I don't want her to go because I'll be alone. I don't have no family in Florida most of my family move to Georgia a couple a years ago. My grandma died last year from a boat accident so I don't have nobody left here.

If you guess yet I don't have no boyfriend. I'm take a quick shower and then go cook me a nice breakfast. I like to cook my g-ma all ways told me a man love a women who know how to cook. I'll make me nice breakfast eggs, bacon, toast with grape jelly, and with tea.

Now I'm off to work. Ugh I hate when people drive slow the speed limit is 45 miles not 30 miles lol. I get to work at 8 o'clock, trying to hurry up and unlock the door because the phone is ringing.

Hello, this is Kenzie how can I help you hey girl its coco. I can't work today me and max got to pack. His boss just called and said that he need him there by Monday. It's only Friday so you all will be gone in two days. I thought it was a couple weeks but we not going see each other before you leave.

Coco said yes girl we can hang out tomorrow. Go out to the movie or eat, anything you want to do. Ok fine I'll see you tomorrow. Then I said sadly, I got to do a lot of work coco later I never say bye I always say later. My uncle all ways said never say bye cause bye mean bye forever and later mean I'll see you later.

I was sad my bestie was leaving and mad because I have all this work to do by myself. The owner Miss Kathy is on vacation with her family. She will be back in a week so it just be me and Trisha since coco leave this weekend.

I guess I got to email Kathy let her know coco leaving. Finally I had the store set up and its 10 o'clock. Time for the store to open I call Trisha. She said she can come in 2 pm to 8 pm .I told her when she got there I would leave then come back to the store at 8 pm cause we close at 10 pm .

What a boring day I lock up the store. I'm so happy I don't work tomorrow. I think I'll go shopping and check that new restaurant out. I think its called Wolf den it has a cool name. I heard it got different type of food. They said it like a cozy family place but kind upscale to. Then I'll decide me and my bestie go see that new movies Identity Thief.

I get up its a nice day. I get all dress up put on a nice summer dress and my wedge. I decide to curly my hair I really don't wear a lot a makeup but I feel like putting some on. I get all done and look in the mirror Damn I look hot lol.

I'm walking around the mall enjoy my day. I got few more dresses, jeans and shirts, and oh yea of course shoes!! My family and friend say I shop too much but I don't think so. I say you suppose to treat yourself every once in a while.

I walk pass the food court and my stomach rumble. Ooh that was a loud rumble I guess I should go eat something before I pass out lol. I go to the Wolf Den its seem like a nice place, its really big but cozy and have a nice style.

As I'm walking in I feel like somebody is watching me maybe its my mind playing tricks on me. The host sit me at booth by window. I'm looking at the menu they look like they have some good food.

This waiter come up, say her name is Cassie and how can she serve me. I told her I'll like a sweet tea lite on ice and I'm still looking at the menu. She said take your time. I think I feel like order this deal an appetizers, one meal and a dessert its a lot food but I'm no skinny chick lol. So when Cassie come back I order cheese stick and chicken and shrimp alfredo pasta. I love pasta! I tell her I order dessert after I'm done eating.

I look up after she walk away and see the most beautiful grayish blue eyes ever I quick look away. I don't think he was stare at me. He so sexy I look up and see him hurrying off to the back of the restaurant. He kind of look mad I wonder what's wrong. He look tall if I had to guess I say 6'4, blonde short curly hair, and nice beard. He look like he work out cause he buff but I can't really tell under that suit.

I ate my food it was so good. Best food I ever had beside my g-ma and mom food lol. For desert I had a molten chocolate cake with a scoop ice cream. Woo I was full but I had a nice time. I left thinking about that guy I seen. I didn't see him no more wonder what happen.

Then I went to the movies with bestie. The movies was so funny I think it was a good movies. It was a bittersweet night, when I got to my place.

We cry because I knew it be a while before we got to see each other because she had to settle in her new place. I hug my bestie told her I Love her and she better call me every day or I'll come up there and kick her ass. We bust out laughing. I watch as she leave and I feel like I'm lose a part me but I need my own life to. I get ready for bed. All I think about before I go sleep is who that guy I seen at the dinner early is.

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