Never Say No


The faintest hint of moonlight seeps through the Trees, as she leans her flushed face against the coolness of the night windowpane. The night sky is beautiful, yet almost frightening. Trying hard to collect her thoughts, to still her racing mind and heart with the only sound in the room her quickened breath. Why did they have to argue? "Every couple argues" she thinks to herself. Why did I have to put my walls up and push him away? I promised to never say no, but when he tried to pull me against his hardness, I angrily shoved him away."

"No." she had shouted at him. In his eyes she saw anger and disappointment. Sighing, she silently calls to him with her mind... "Do not listen to my words this evening my love, listen instead to my heart. Give me another chance to say yes instead." He left earlier though, with the muttered words "Don't bother to wait up for me." She knows that he is angry, and she also knows she wont see him before morning.

"God, I need a distraction." Pushing her guilt aside, she decides to head down stairs for a cup of tea. She freezes, intense fear gripping her as the shadow moves across the room toward her. "Please no." she whispers as the shadowy figure reaches her. Roughly her arm is twisted painfully behind her back. a blind fold quickly tied round her head. As she opens her mouth to scream another strong hand covers her mouth, a whispered voice in her ear. "Shut up bitch, or you will regret it." A realization moves through her mind, a knowing. She knows instinctively it is him, her lover. She would know him in any time or place, or lifetime for that matter. "I know you are angry, I am sorry, forgive me for my temper earlier, "

"I said shut up bitch, did I give you permission to speak?" He roughly grasps her hair pulling her head painfully back. Hard lips slam down on hers, his tongue roughly moves into her mouth. She instinctively responds, moving her tongue to join with his. He bites hard on her lip, causing her to scream out.

"No pleasure for you whore." She pauses for a moment, fear returning. Maybe it is not he. It feels like it is him, but he would never demean her in this way. But then again, she had never said no to him before.

"You are my bitch this evening, my whore, your only purpose is to satisfy my lust, do you understand me slut?" As the words are whispered into her ear, he grasps the front of her nightgown and tears it violently from her body. "Mine to use as I wish." She feels familiar teasing fingers begin to stroke her breasts... She moans and pushes her breasts closer to the hot hands. "No Pleasure bitch!" She screams out as he roughly grasps and twists her sensitive nipples. Pulling her by her nipples he laughs as he moves her towards him. "Mine." He bites down sharply on first one already throbbing nipple. Then even harder on the other. Real tears begin to run down her face. Besides the physical pain, she feels another deeper pain. She has displeased him. She feels humiliation, and with that humiliation, desire. Strong intense desire to totally submit to this humbling experience. He is roughly squeezing her full ass now as he continues to greedily bite and suck her swollen breasts. Pure Lust moves through her body. "Use me, make me your bitch."

Instinctively she moves her hips to grind her wet pussy against him.

"On your knees whore, look at you just like a bitch in heat." Roughly he pushes her down on her knees, so harshly she falls forward, face first on the floor. "Get up!" SLAP, a hard hand hits her bare ass. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP.

Over and over again, and as he spanks harder, she lifts her ass higher, shamelessly wanting more punishment. He continues to spank her ass long and hard, occasionally ramming his fingers into her dripping cunt.

"God I love having you groveling for my punishment slut."

"Now, up, on your knees, you will serve me now." Wordlessly, without hesitation she eagerly rises to her knees, flinching as her sore ass rests against her heels. Her blindfold is slowly removed. It is he. Her love. His face is stern and forbidding. His dark eyes wild with his control of her. Their eyes meet, and hold for what seems to be an eternal moment. "You will never say no to me again, do I make myself clear?" She silently nods, tears still streaming down her face. She feels all of his intensity, like a storm moving through her being. "Now, you will serve me." She knows what he demands. Silently she reaches out and unzipping his pants, she frees his hard throbbing cock. Hot wet desire trembling between her legs as she gently begins to lick and suckle the cock she adores so much. "No!"

"You will take it bitch, I will fuck your mouth hard and fast, and you will take it all!"

"Open now!"

Harshly, he grasps her hair and slams his huge throbbing cock into her mouth, all the way to the back of her throat. Her first reaction is to gag and to pull back. He was having none of her resistance this night. Almost violently he pulls her hair, moving his cock in and out, in and out of her hot wet sucking mouth. Under the relentless assault her throat opens up, her mouth and throat become like a tight wet hot cunt. Her sole purpose to serve his lust and to bring him pleasure. She feels herself begin to orgasm with the thought. As her pussy contracts, so does her mouth around his cock. She reaches around and eagerly grabs his ass, using her hands to move him faster and deeper into her mouth. Tasting his pre cum, she greedily sucks harder and harder. Her only thoughts... "Cum down my throat, cum down my throat." Moaning, sucking, sucking ... she tastes more of him. Her tongue furiously licking the underside of his now sensitive cock, he moves toward climax. "Take it bitch!!" He feels his cum closer now, wanting it, yet wanting also to prolong the hot hard sucking his sweet bitch is giving to him.

"Cum down my throat," he hears her in his mind. Shaking almost violently, he thrusts hard, hot spurting cum hits the back of her throat. He almost falls forward with the intensity of his release. She suckles him gently now, licking every inch of his cock and balls, so as not to miss a single drop of his precious essence. Her body convulsing in a slow long sweet cum. As the trembling subsides they remain wrapped around one another. She slowly raises up until she is looking into his eyes. "You will never say no to me again." He whispers into her mind...

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