tagSci-Fi & FantasyNew Girl Ch. 01

New Girl Ch. 01


Location: Ramez, Duchy of Atansha, Kingdom of Tildor

Date: May 2047

Royce Moramorian, Duke of Atansha, just entered the manor when he saw her. He was sure she was new. She was a dark beauty, quite striking. Nearly everyone else in Ramez had skin that was fair or bronze-brown. This young lady was the color of mocha, dark with creamy undertones. Her hair was jet black, and she had large, dark eyes and flashing white teeth. Her dress was a simple, plain dark blue shift, calf length, and tied by a thin belt at her waist. Simple sandals. She also seemed young. Next month, Royce would be twenty-seven; he judged this dark beauty to be in her mid- to late-teens.

He had just finished examining the current construction on the castle walls around the manor. The foundations were completed, and building of the first three meters was continuing just fine. The city walls were still wooden palisades and hedgeworks, but those would hopefully begin being replaced by stone by the start of summer. The month of May had come in warm and sunny, and he'd come inside the manor for a cool drink.

Royce himself was just a bit taller than average. At one hundred eighty-eight centimeters and an even hundred kilos, he was large shouldered and walked with the practiced ease of an experienced warrior. Fair-skinned and clean-shaven, he'd inherited the dark brown eyes of his father. His dark brown hair was a blend of both parents. But for the long sword at his waist, one would have mistaken his garb as denoting a common laborer. Royce dressed practically, especially when he was visiting the construction areas.

The main hall was fairly quiet, with fewer than a dozen people about. A couple of guards. A few staff snacking at the many tables in the commons. Others chatting or cleaning.

This new girl, though, caught his eyes. She was so exotic. And she was trying to carry too large a load of clean linens up the wide staircase to the second floor.

Watching her out of the corner of his eye, Royce went to his normal seat in the hall, and poured himself a glass of cool water. Draining the cup, he was reaching for the pitcher again when he saw her stumble on the steps.

She recovered, dropping a few folded towels from the top of her load. Spying the loss, she slowly crouched, leaning partly against the bannister for balance, trying to reach for them.

Glancing about, Royce noticed that a few seated had also observed her discomfort and looked on with amusement. He heard one even betting on whether she made it to the top without falling. That irritated him.

The young lady snagged the towels and tried to stand. She made it, and promptly caught her foot on the next stair, falling forward, spilling the linens before her.

Laughter erupted and coins exchanged. Royce thought it mean, and forgetting his drink, hurried to lend a hand.

She looked about, then started the business of re-stacking them.

Royce knelt beside her. "Here, let me lend a hand."

"Shank dill," she said.

He paused. "Excuse me?"

"Shank dill? Dillop?"

Royce picked up two folded sheets, adding them to her stack. "I still don't understand."

"Sorry I. Me speak not good well."

Taking a guess, Royce tried Kemetic. "Do you understand me?"

Obviously pleased, she nodded, replying in kind. "You speak my language! I'm Mayet." Mayet meant kitten. "Thank you for helping me. I do not want to get you in trouble, too."

Finished gathering the linens, she reached around to the front, and began to lift.

"Wait," Royce told her. He took half the stack into his arms. "I'll help you. It really is too much for one trip. Better to take two trips and be safe. You could fall and really hurt yourself."

She paused a moment, debating, then agreed. "If it will not interfere with your other duties, I thank you for your kindness."

Amused, Royce smiled. "No trouble at all."

Her load lighter by half, she stood more easily, leading the way. Royce followed behind.

Much of the second floor was still under construction. Royce's personal office was little more than four walls and a table yet. Paneling was still being put in by workmen. The master bedroom had the fancy bed, but masons were still putting in the fireplace. The master bath was also under heavy construction. Plumbers had finished putting in the pipes for running water, and workers were putting in the tiles and the hot tub. The bathroom fixtures had cost him a fortune, but his first wife, Susan, anxiously checked on its progress. To both their minds, running water in the bathroom was less a luxury and more a basic need.

Less than a year earlier, Royce had married two sisters, Susan and Charlotte Ann Starshine of Starshine. Having known them all his life, he liked their company. When the opportunity for starting this new city in the wilderness came about, he knew he would have to have help to manage it all. Tall, blonde Susan was becoming a powerful priestess and her diplomatic advice was always good. Charlotte Ann, dark-haired like himself but shorter, was an expert in the woods, a fine swordswoman, and a master with the bow.

It was during a search for adventure two years earlier that he ran into them, and after a few weeks of being lovers, Royce had proposed. They liked him, they pointed out, but weren't in love with him. He countered that given a chance, love could come, especially since they were already friends. In the meantime, they could work out the details, get married, and put themselves into building a home of their own. The negotiations hadn't taken long. The marriage had been joyously welcomed by both sets of parents.

Susan had insisted the marriage be open. "Because we aren't in love," she'd said, "it's better that way. And if we do fall in love, we let each other know. I'd rather us be honest, and decide if we still want to remain married. However, I have two rules, Royce. First, be discreet. I won't have lovers around who whisper about and slur me or my sister. I am dead serious about that. And if I catch you with someone, I reserve the right to send them away from our city and our lands. Second, you want us to share one bed. Fine. As your First Wife, the bed is mine. I happily share it with you and my sister. But never, ever have sex on that bed or in the room it's in with anyone but me or Charlotte Ann. In return, my bed will welcome no other man but you."

So here he was, married and ruler of this growing town of more than a thousand men and women. Thus far, he'd had no interest in sex with anyone else. Though truthfully, he'd also had little time. Between starting the mining operations, tree planting, construction of their home and city defenses, setting up councils and arbitrations and more projects than he cared to think on, Royce was very busy indeed. Charlotte Ann was out leading another long range patrol, watching for dangers. She was usually gone for weeks at a time. Susan was busy, too. They were in the final stages of consecrating the temple to the Lawgiver in town, and it would be another two days before she came home.

This young woman, obviously foreign, was an interesting diversion. How, he wondered, had she arrived here when her language skills were so rudimentary? And she obviously had no idea who he was.

At the top of the stairs, she turned right, Royce behind her.

Two guards in the hallway snapped to attention, boots clicking on the wood floor, chainmail rattling. "My Lord!"

Mayet stopped and turned, her eyes huge. "Lord? Oh, no!" Clutching her load, she dropped to her knees, head low, Kemetic spilling from her. "I am so sorry, my Lord. I am new here. I did not mean to drop them! I will understand if you--"

"Peace, Mayet! Peace! It's all right. You aren't in trouble. Stand up and let's get these put away."

Slowly standing, she looked nervously at the guards, keeping her head bowed low. "Y-yes, Lord."

Royce saw her shaking and he frowned. He turned to the guards. "Go take a break. Get a snack from Cook. I'm good here."

The two guards grinned at their good fortune, snapping out a salute. Around the corner and down the steps, and they were gone.

"Come on, Mayet. Let's get these put away. You aren't in trouble. I give you my word."

She looked cautiously, her head still bowed.

"You can lift your head. It will be easier if you walk normally. Really. Please lead the way?"

"Yes, Lord."

Down the hallway to the next left, halfway down its length. Carefully, her hand reached out and opened the door. The room was small and narrow, filled with shelves. Linens, towels, sheets, blankets. Spare cots along one wall. The only light in the room spilled in from the hallway from the open door behind them.

Mayet quickly set down her load and took the rest of the load from Royce's arms, setting it by the first.

Royce spotted a light globe by the door. He touched it and light filled the room.

Startled, Mayet jumped. "Magic!" she exclaimed.

He smiled. "Yes. A simple one, though. Touch it to turn it on or off. If you see one with a metal frame around it, you don't even have to touch it. Just wave your hand close. Up and down a bit will even affect how bright it gets. This one is just the on-or-off type."

Curious, she quickly touched it, and the room dimmed again. Amused, he watched her reach out again, to turn the light on again.

"It doesn't hurt. No heat!" she marveled.

"Lasts pretty much forever, though some people can destroy the simple magics. These are easy to make. The ones that work without touch are better, and are harder to destroy."

She smiled tentatively. "Thank you, my Lord, for your kindness."

"My pleasure," he smiled.

Mayet blinked, then nodded. "My Lord." With a quick movement, she scooped up her dress, hiked it above her hips, turned and bent over, exposing her bare butt and thick, curly muff to him. Grabbing her knees, she moved her legs apart. The dark, almost black labia drew his eyes. The ruffled line of her cleft. He'd never seen pussy lips that color before.

Startled, Royce asked loudly, "What are you doing?"

"Your pleasure ... my Lord," she answered meekly.

"You mean--you thought I ... No, Mayet, I didn't mean that."

She rose partway. "You mean you don't want me?"

Royce cleared his throat. "What? Yes. I mean, no. For helping carry laundry? I never take a woman against her will. It's just not done. You always have the right to say no. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Lord." Then, "No, Lord. Do you not want me?"

"Oh, boy," he muttered. Did she not know her rights? Not just from the Kemetic enclave at the capital then, he thought. She must be foreign born and raised. No shorts or even the more modern panties. Just bare under her dress. "I think I'd better not."

Nodding sagely, she stood, letting her dress drop. "I am too ugly. I understand."

Royce blinked. "Ugly? Not at all. Actually, I find you beautiful."

"I do not understand. You were kind to me. You told me of your desire. I wish to please you, Lord."

Royce shook his head. "What I'm saying is that you don't have to do this."

Mayet was confused and anxious. "You are Lord here. I am here in your service. If I can please you with my body, it is a small thing. I have done it many times before." Then she smiled hesitantly. "You ... you really think me beautiful?"

He sighed. "I do."

"I have never served anyone as kind as you." Mayet hiked up her dress and turned around, exposing herself again. Craning her neck, she said, "Your pleasure, my Lord."

She was determined, he thought. "All right then, if you insist," he said. Royce stepped closer, running his fingers along her slit. "You are dry, Mayet. I'll have to do something about that." Dropping to his knees, he put his face close to her sex, inhaling her. Gently, he put out his tongue and touched her.

Mayet jumped, tensing. "My Lord! What are you doing? Don't you feel defiled?"

That settled it, Royce thought. No way she was she from Tildor!

"No, Mayet. I like this," he assured her. "Relax. Enjoy it."

Slowly, his tongue followed her slit. From the top, where it led into her pussy, down along the ridges of her ebony nether lips, and then down to the apex, where her clit lay hidden under folds of skin. Slowly up and then down. Around and around. When his tongue pressed into her, caressing the inside lips, she sucked in air loudly. All along her line he worked, tracing, licking. She began to get wet, and her breathing became ragged. Tracing down to her mons, he brushed her clitoris, and Mayet let out a low groan. Lathing her, he lapped up the slick juices as they began to flow from her center. Slowly her pussy engorged, and her lips drew apart. More often now, his tongue rubbed her clit, and she began to rock her hips, panting, sometimes whimpering. Soon her crotch was soaked. Royce licked faster, noisily devouring her nectar. Mayet's breathing shortened. Then suddenly she was gasping and shaking, juices flowing, spasming against his face. If Royce hadn't caught her, she would have fallen over.

When she seemed to recover, Royce asked her, "Are you okay?"

Mouth open, still breathing hard and eyes wide, she just nodded.

"Did you like it?"

"Yes, Lord! I--I did. It was wonderful." The look of wonder in her eyes was both rewarding and saddening.

"No one has done that to you before?"

"No one, Lord."

"That's a bloody shame." Royce stood up. "I think you are ready now."

"Oh, I am, Lord! I am. My loins burn for filling!"

Royce grinned. "Do you want me from behind or from the front?"

"Lord? You -- you want *me* to decide?"

He removed his boots and stepped out of his trousers. Freed, his cock swelled to its full length, the crown darkening to purple. Her eyes took in his size and grew larger.

"Let's make this easy." Royce stood, and grabbed a towel. "Lay down, please, on your back."

Mayet quickly moved, lifting her dress above her hips.

"Lift your butt," he instructed, and when she did, he put a towel under her, spreading it. "This way, your dress won't get soaked," he explained.

She looked at his erection, swallowing. "My Lord is huge."

He moved between her legs, putting himself at her dripping cavity. Her eyes, almost black, were wide as she stared up at him.

"You can still say no, Mayet."

She glanced down, but shook her head. "Your pleasure, my Lord."

"Yours, too, Mayet. It's always better if both enjoy it." Pushing gently, the crown slipped in. She gasped as he stretched her wide. Stroking slowly, he penetrated a bit deeper each time. By the time he was halfway in, her mouth hung open. When his crotch met hers, she heaved and bucked, giving a small cry as another orgasm overwhelmed her.

After she calmed a bit, Royce shifted and began stroking in and out. He reached down, kissing her lightly on the lips. Surprised, she looked up.

Royce looked down at Mayet. Her dark skin and creamy undertones, her thick, lustrous hair, and huge eyes looking up at him, the narrow line of her jaw and her full lips. It surprised him how much she aroused him. He lifted, seeing where his hard cock parted the tight black curls of her mound, and the thick, dark lips of her wet cleft. Light disappearing into dark and appearing again. Their skin both contrasted the separateness yet also emphasized of union of male into female.

Slowly he moved, enjoying the slick, tight passage of her womanhood. Into her he pressed, firmly grinding, then retreating. The smooth, velvet grip of her pussy was delightful. In and out, in and out.

Mayet's face drew his attention. Her full lips were parted, her breathing ragged, yet she lay wide-eyed and motionless.

Concerned, Royce stopped moving. "Do you wish me to stop?"

Confusion crossed her face. "L-L-Lord?" He felt so good, it was so hard to lie still and keep quiet, but she was trying! When pleasure overtook her, she just couldn't help but move or make noise.

He leaned closer. "Do you want me to stop? I thought you wanted this."

"Oh, yes! Yes, Lord! I want this!"

Had she done something wrong? His attention to her as a person, and to her body, and then his slow, steady penetration had overwhelmed her. She nearly blanked out from the ecstasy. Now she was on her way to another explosion of joy. If he stopped now, she thought she might weep.

"You lay so still, Mayet."

"You-you mean I can move? I want to so much!"

"Of course you can! Mayet, coupling should be enjoyable by both. If it is not, it's being done wrong."

A mix of emotions filled her. She'd been with so many faceless men in her short life. Sex was expected of a woman. From a young age, she had learned to offer her mouth, her pussy, her ass. She preferred her mouth, as it didn't hurt on entry, though sometimes, after the initial pain, her pussy felt nicer with a man inside. Sex was a woman's purpose, and she'd learned her place well. Food and warmth were for the obedient. Kindness had been rare. For a man to put his mouth where her sex was -- such an act debased the man. But this! After the initial shock, her new Lord used his mouth so deliciously on her pussy and he even appeared to enjoy it! If it were perversion, she could easily get used to it! If he was this way all the time, she would thank the gods and happily spread for him any time he wanted her!

"I only want to please you, Lord." Nervous, wanting to say the right thing, her eyes huge.

"You are pleasing me. But I want to please you in return." Royce caressed her cheek, tracing her ear, then down her neck.

"I don't understand, Lord."

"What is to understand?"

"Woman is made to please man," she said.

"If that is true, is not the opposite also true? Man is made to please woman? And still that is not the whole of it. Love goes where it will, Mayet."

"Lord?" She could scarcely believe her ears. That lesson had been beaten out of her long ago. Did he really mean such a thing?

Royce smiled. "Man and woman, man to man, woman to woman. Each of us has our preferences, but on the whole, we are made to pleasure each other."

"You please me, Lord." Then she grimaced.

"Am I hurting you?"

"No, Lord! I ... Will you move inside me? Please?"

Royce grinned wider. "As the lady wishes," and resumed gently thrusting into her.

Mayet briefly closed her eyes, sighing, lifting her legs, encouraging deeper penetration. Soon, her breathing deepened.

As he gazed at her, he pressed into her slick cavity.

Timidly, she rocked against him.

"That's it," he urged. "Doesn't that feel better? You set the pace, Mayet. Fast or slow, I will match you. You feel wonderful. I want you to have a good time, too. Move to please yourself. If you want me to do more or less of something, just say so."

She nodded, only half listening and only half believing his words. As her passion grew, her pace increased. Royce moved with her. Soon he was driving into her, the sound of their joining a wet, slick, frisking.

Mayet lifted her legs higher, opening herself further to him. Pressure built deep in her belly. His hard member parting her, touching deep into her wet center, brushing her womb, then the ache of his retreat, and the sweetness of his driving return. Tighter and tighter the sensation grew, her body eagerly responding to his. Without thinking, her hands moved to his bare butt, reveling in the feel of his strong muscles and narrow hips. With each thrust, she began pulling him, urging him to thrust harder, deeper into her slick, welcoming sheath.

"Oh, that's nice," he breathed. He rose higher, changing the angle of his penetration, giving her clit more direct contact. With barely a pause, he lifted her legs, moving them onto his shoulders. Faster he probed, his cock stabbing in and out of her pussy, his hips slapping against her.

More, she thought, more! Legs spread, her engorged sex parting for him, enveloping him. This was heavenly! Her breasts heaved, and whimpers of pleasure escaped. She wanted to please him, to feel him shoot his seed inside her. Yes! she thought. The pressure in her belly grew still more.

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