New Girl Ch. 02


Olivia's hands shook as she read the note, a look of stunned disbelief on her face. She had to hold on to the bar for fear of falling over. The note shook her to her core.

'Olivia, Tim agreed to leave with me. I am in the process of moving. Please come to my new address in two months time, at 7 p.m. 4744 Patrick Road. No point coming to this address until the two months has passed. I will only move to my new home in two months time. See you then!'

Olivia was in a rage. Should she call the police? But the note said Tim left voluntarily with Brian. And the police would laugh their asses off if she filed a missing person's report. 'Missing, young male in his twenties, last seen dressed as a French maid...' No, despite her desire to go to the cops, she would wait two months.....

4744 Patrick Road: Two months later, 7 P.M:

'Ring...ring...ring,,,,' The doorbell rang several times until a male voice barked out.

'Maid, can't you hear the damn doorbell? Honestly, you're a hopeless maid, Jess' Go and see who it is, at once!' Brian told his cute new maid, Jessica.

Jessica teetered over to the door, an expert in her five inch heels now. Olivia glanced at the maid, then asked to come in.

'Is Brian here? He left me this address a few months ago.' Olivia asked the pretty maid.

'Brian? Oh, you mean Master! Sorry Miss, come on in! I will go get him!'

Olivia watched the stereotypical French maid mince over the hardwood floor as she went to fetch her master. The skinny bimbo was wearing a pink satin maid uniform, with white stockings and petticoats peeking out of the hem of her dress, which barely went half way down her long and lean legs. Her long blonde hair was done up in a tight bun, and a white maids's cap was perched on her blonde head.

A few moments later, the bimbo maid returned with a clack of heels on the floor. Pink heels, at least five inches! 'Miss...may I present Master...'

Olivia let loose with a string of profanities. Then she demanded that Brian tell her what the hell was going on?! Where was Tim? What was the meaning of that note?'

Brian let the frustrated woman vent herself, then calmly told her that Tim was right in front of her!

'You see Olivia, halloween night, Tim decided that he loved being a maid so much that he decided to come home with me, voluntarily. Over the last few months, Tim has suggested new ways to feminize himself into more of an idealized French maid. Tim begged me for breast implants first. Nice, aren't they? DD cup for real now! Then he begged to be put on hormones, the poor creature. Said he wanted a more feminine figure and complexion. I of course complied. Then he wanted full and pouty lips, so I agreed to her request for collagen injections. Pretty smile, eh? I hesitated when she asked to have her 'boys' removed, but she said her panties would fit better in the front, So I relented and granted her her request. Oh, her hair? Yes, it's all her own now! Dyed blonde and no more hair extentions!' So my dear Olivia, that night I detected an inherent femininity in Tim. That is why i asked him to come home with me. And the two months? I was waiting for my new home to be ready so Tim and I could have a proper house for the maid to look after!'

'You sick bastard!!!! What have you done with Tim? Surely this little bimbo maid is not Tim! You have GOT to be kidding! Now where is he????'

'Enough Olivia! I assure you that Tim is right in front of you, though 'Tim' isn't what he goes by now! It's Jessica, or Jess for short. Of course, it was Tiffany on that night, But when I first met him, he actually called himself Jess as a joke. So I figured that if he wanted to be Jess, why should I stand in his way? Right my pet? What is my dear maid's name?'

'Silly master! Why, you know my name is Jess!! Tee hee!'

Olivia couldn't believe that this gorgeous maid was her ex! Her jaw dropped.

Brian asked the maid to tell Olivia how she got to be here.

The maid turned and was excited to tell her story to Olivia.

'Gee Miss, all I remember is that I was a man and had never dressed as a woman until halloween a few months ago, when my ex girlfriend decided I should go as a French maid! But that night I fell in love with women's clothes, and with Master Brian! He was so kind to stay with me at the bar after whatever my girlfriend's name was, left me there! That was so rude of her! So I accepted Master Brian's offer to come home with him. The last few months I got the overwhelming urge to further feminize myself into a proper maid for him. He told you about my changes already. All you need to know is he didn't force me to do any of this to myself. It was strictly voluntary! I'm Jess now, and always will be. I feel so complete as a maid to my master. So fulfilled!'

'My god, what has he done to you Tim? I can't stand to see you like this!!' Olivia said.

'Tim, who's Tim? I'm Jess? And I don't believe we've met, miss?' Jess replied.

'My god, I can't take any more of this! You're a poof now! A man's maid? How sickening? I don't want to see you ever again Tim, or Jess, or whatever the hell your name is!! I'm out of here! Good riddance Tim! Enjoy being a maid the rest of your life!!' And with a slam of the door, Olivia was gone. For good.

'Strange woman! How very rude of her to say those things to you, Jess!' Her master patted her head.

'Master! What did she mean I used to be Tim? And she thought she knew me! I've never seen that woman before! Boo hoo!!'

'Oh don't cry dear! You'll ruin your makeup, Jess! Now go into the kitchen and make me some tea like a good maid! That a girl....'


As Jess made her master some green tea, master was busy on the phone.

'Hello Doctor James! Yes, it's Brian. Well, your hypnotism worked! I must say I am impressed. I mean, conditioning Tim to get implants and go on hormones was one thing, But you should of seen 'her' just now! She didn't even recognize her own ex girlfriend! Wonderful job, Doctor James! Well worth the 10 grand I paid you to hypnotize her over the last few months! Oh, I've got to go Doctor! Jess is coming back with my tea! Oh really? Do you think I should? Well, it has been two months! I am a bit horny. What's the trigger? Okay, call you later to tell you about it. Bye doctor!'

'Oh Jess, thanks for the tea. I must say that you have really worked out! I'm impressed! You're hired.... 'NEW GIRL'!!'

Jess smiled, licked her lips, then fell gingerly to her nyloned legs and reached for Master's zipper....

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