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New Glory Hole Visit


My Goddess recently moved to a new city much closer to me and I was helping her unpack. We had been working most of the day when she told me to stop.

"Strip down, bitch. I want your ass." She commanded.

"Right now?" I asked. I wasn't used to her picking a time like this out of the blue. I didn't feel ready. I certainly wasn't stretched out or loosened up. In short, I was scared.

"Of course, right now." She demanded. "Get stripped and bend over the arm of the couch. I'm going to get my strapon."

I stripped down as I was told and bent over. I heard her come back in the room and the rustling of her putting on the strapon. I felt a thrill of fear ripple through me as I tried to relax my ass.

"That's a good little bitch." she said, smacking my ass. I felt the lube splash over my ass and I tried to relax my ass, but fear made it pucker. She stepped up behind me and I felt the soft skin of her thighs on mine as she leaned against me. I felt the hard cock probing between my cheeks and I moved my ass to help her line up. She found her spot and shoved it home, hard.

I screamed as she split my ass and I grabbed the couch with my hands. I felt her hands grasp my hips as she pounded in and out showing me no mercy. I felt my ass cramp around the dildo and tried hard to relax it.

"Better get used to it bitch." She growled. "This is the way it's going to be from now on; all the time, anytime I want it."

"Yes, Goddess." I replied.

"Good slut." She said as she continued to pound me into the couch. I could feel her skin slapping on my ass and hear her breath coming in ragged gasps as she got close to her orgasm. Finally, she screamed in pleasure as she pushed it in and held it. I felt her body quaking above me as she came. I felt her slump against me for a minute, her tits mashed against my back, the dildo still shoved into my ass as she caught her breath.

"What do you say, cocksucker?" She asked.

"Thank you Goddess."

"You're welcome." She replied as she pulled out of me with a pop. She smacked my ass with her hand, hard. "That was nice slut, now back to work."

I pulled myself up slowly and got back into my clothes. She pulled off the strapon and handed it to me to clean. She smiled at me sweetly. "Be ready anytime. I might want your ass again later" she teased.

"BTW, get cleaned up. I want to check out the new glory hole today. It's been a while since I watched you suck cock."

I gulped, thinking about being on my knees in a nasty booth sucking cock for her. "Yes, Goddess." I replied.

I cleaned up my sore ass and we both got dressed. She dressed simply in jeans and a sexy top with calf high leather boots with heels. She looked perfect., hot and casual all at once. She smiled at me and took me by the hand as we walked down to her car.

We pulled up to the store and she looked at me and smiled. "Are you ready cocksucker?" She asked me.

"I never will be." I replied, laughing nervously as we got out of the car.

We went inside and started shopping around. She liked to peruse the store before we went into the video room. I knew this was partly her scoping things out, but she also liked to tease me with the anticipation.

The store was moderately full. There were about 6-8 people inside shopping, half of them women, which was a bit unusual. There were also 3 clerks, 2 men and a woman. I noticed a couple of young girls shopping for sexy clothes together. They were laughing as they looked at the sexy clothes and I was worried they might still be there when we came out of the back.

My Goddess looked at shoes and clothes for a while, then she worked her way into the BDSM section. She picked up a single tail whip and smiled at me. We didn't have one of these yet, and she was intrigued with it. She smacked it against my ass, laughing. I was nervous about the other people seeing her whip me. I felt exposed and excited at the same time.

We strolled around the store looking at dildo's. She was looking for a new pair of strapon panties so we had a spare. We didn't find one and worked our way to the front of the store to check out. As we paid, we asked them if they had any of the strapon panties. I felt humiliated as the clerk looked at us and smiled. He told us they didn't have any right now, but there were some on order that would arrive in a week.

After checking out, we walked back into the booths. I had seen a number of men coming and going into the booth area so I knew there were people there. It was dark inside and a bit like a maze. There were people standing in some of the doorways to the booths and it felt a bit claustrophobic.

We found a booth in the back and went inside. The booth was larger than any we had been in before. The door was set back from the little bench next to the video screen. On the wall, crotch height was a smoothly cut circular glory hole. We walked inside and shut the door.

My Goddess asked if the door locked and I found the lock to close it. I went to the bench and sat down on it, looking through the hole. Almost immediately, a guy entered the other side and I stuck my fingers in the hole as a signal that I would suck. He did the same.

He leaned forward to talk and I leaned forward to listen. He told me to stick my dick out. I told him that my Goddess wanted to watch me suck. He looked through at her and asked her what she wanted.

"I want you to fuck his mouth and cum down his throat." She said.

He laughed and stood up, freeing his cock as I sank to my knees.

There is a moment of utter degradation and humiliation when you first see a stranger pull out his cock for you to suck. It is hard to describe how dehumanizing it is to know that you have to service this stranger with your mouth. It's like someone pulling out their cock to piss and you know they are just going to use your mouth. You don't know where their cock has been, what it will smell or taste like, yet you know you will have to swallow his cum. The most humiliating part of all, is that a beautiful woman is about to watch you do it. There are few moments in life that can be that degrading.

He pushed his cock into the hole and I felt my goddesses hand touch the back of my neck and cradle my head. His cock was quite a bit smaller than mine. I have been amazed at the diversity of cock sizes and shapes. I never realized there was such a variety before my Goddess turned me into a cocksucker.

"Suck it good for me cocksucker." She commanded, as she pushed my head forward towards his cock. I opened my mouth and slid his cock in. He must have been a smoker, because I could taste the nicotine on his cock. It was nasty and I gagged slightly as my Goddess shoved my head forward. I knew what I had to do and started working hard to please him.

While I sucked his cock, my Goddess taunted me continuously. "Suck that cock faggot, milk that cum out of his cock for me."

I sucked and pulled on his cock, working it deep into my throat.

She gave me continuous blow by blow instructions which I followed. "Now stop and lick his balls." "Now lick the bottom of his dick." "Swirl the head for me." "Suck it like a whore." All the while she was fingering herself and moaning while she watched me. I heard her reach at least two orgasms as I sucked.

Suddenly, he pulled out of my mouth and back away from the hole. "Now stick your cock in." he whispered.

I looked at my Goddess for her instructions and she nodded for me to do it. I dropped my pants and put my cock through the hole and immediately felt his warm mouth around it.

He started sucking me rhythmically and to my surprise it felt good. I had gotten blowjobs from guys before for my Goddess, but they generally feel different than women. Men tend to be whiskery and rough compared to women who are soft and warm. This guy was a true cocksucker. It felt good and my Goddess started to laugh.

"You're enjoying it aren't you cocksucker?"

I nodded, moaning. I felt his mouth pull off and I pulled back from the whole looking down. He pushed his cock back in the hole and I dropped to my knees again.

He pushed his cock back into my mouth and I started working it again. Pretty soon, I felt my Goddess grab the back of my head again and push me forward onto his cock and hold me with my face against the wall.

"Fuck his mouth for me, cum in his throat." She snarled.

He started pumping in and out of my mouth quicker. I could sense he was going to cum and I felt the fear as it came close. I knew how bad it would taste and I was afraid of puking but I knew I had to keep going. I heard him grunt as I tasted his first shot of salty cum. Fortunately, he was pulling back when the first shot came and I could squeeze off the back of my throat making most of it come out of my mouth. It was still a lot and I gagged as he shot his load into my mouth. I pulled away and he finished cumming on my face.

I heard my Goddess masturbating beside me as she came yet again watching the cum spilling out of my mouth onto the nasty floor and spraying my face.

He quickly pulled out, zipped up and left. I was left on my knees with my pants around my ankles and my face covered in cum with my Goddess laughing. "That was so hot." She said.

As I sat there, recovering my breadth, I saw someone else come into the booth next to me. I could tell he was much bigger than the last guy and black. He unzipped his pants as I knelt waiting in front of the glory hole feeling humiliated once again.

As he pushed his cock into the hole, I noticed it was much bigger than the last guy's cock and what was worse, it was uncut. I had never sucked an uncut cock before and I was afraid of how nasty it would be. They certainly look much worse. I had heard that you can pull back the foreskin to expose the glans and I grabbed his cock to push it back as I moved my mouth forward.

The foreskin didn't move at all, but remained stretched tight across his glans as I pushed his cock into my mouth. As I started to suck, my Goddess started giving me commands again.

"Ooh, that's it!" "Suck that nasty cock for me faggot." "Lick it." "Lick the balls, take it deep." "Good boy, now wipe your face with it."

I knelt there on my knees servicing that black cock for what seemed like an hour but he still wasn't cumming. My knees were sore and my neck hurt. My jaw ached from being open. He kept shoving it deep into my throat making my eyes water and the spit run. He shot precum over and over again, mixing with my spit and running out all over my face and onto the slimy floor.

Finally he pulled back and started jerking off his own cock and I pulled back to watch, gasping for a breath.

"Get your face in there cocksucker." My Goddess commanded pushing my head forward once again.

I pushed my head forward with my cheeks and forehead against the edges of the hole. I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock in my mouth sucking while he jerked himself off. This kept going on and I knew I needed to satisfy him to get out of here, so I stuck my tongue out and licked his glans through the hole in the foreskin. I heard him moan and I knew what I had to do. I stuck my tongue in further and worked it around the glans in a circle licking the inside of the foreskin as he kept jerking. His foreskin was full of precum and tasted nasty with almost a metallic taste.

Suddenly, he thrust forward. Since I was already leaning forward as much as I could, his cock practically rammed it's way into my throat and I felt a shot of cum go right down my throat before I had a chance to gag. I choked and sputtered as he kept pumping his cum into my mouth and it shot out of my nose and dripped onto the floor. I pulled away, letting more run out my mouth as he finished cumming on my face.

The whole time this was happening, my Goddess was having yet another orgasm, moaning and groaning. He pulled away again and left leaving the booth empty.

"You spilled a lot cumslut." I heard my Goddess say and I was suddenly afraid, knowing what she wanted.

"Lick it up off the floor bitch." She commanded.

I looked at her and silently begged her not to make me do this. There was a ton of cum on the nasty linoleum floor and who knew how many people had cum on that spot or stepped in it in the past.

"What are you looking at me for?" She asked threateningly. "Do it! Now!"

I bent down and stuck out my tongue. Just as my tongue touched the cold slimy floor, I saw the flash of her taking my picture. "Good little cumslut." she said. "Now look at me."

Thankful she hadn't made me lick it all up, I looked up at her with my face covered in cum as she took another picture. "Ooh that was so hot. You did so good. I'm proud of you." She said. Her praise actually felt good. I felt accepted again, regardless of how low I had been.

We sat there for a little while waiting on someone else. I saw her put her shoe in the puddle of cum and slide a little. I was scared to death she was going to make me clean her shoe, but she didn't say anything about it. She smiled at me instead and said, "Let's go."

I was happy to leave, but nervous about going out the door covered in cum. I was afraid the girls shopping might still be inside and see me with my face covered.

As we walked out, I saw a young black couple checking out at the register and kept walking with my head down. The clerk looked over and caught my eye as we were ducking out. I knew he saw my cum covered face and I wanted to crawl in a hole in embarrassment.

Soon we were in the car and I relaxed as my Goddess started laughing.

"That was great cocksucker." How many cocks have you sucked for me now.

"25" I replied. "I am up to 25."

"We are going to set a goal. I want to see you suck 100 cocks by the end of the year."

I gulped and replied. "Yes Goddess."

"What do you say?" She asked again?

"Thank You Goddess."

"You're welcome." She replied.

As I drove away, I felt a wave of peaceful exhaustion that always comes after a BDSM session. The tension was leaving me and the endorphins kicking in.

"Now take me out to dinner." She commanded. "And don't you dare wipe your face. I knew my embarrassment was far from over."

I love my Goddess.

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