New Moon


"Ken, I'm really uncomfortable. There's just those two guys left on this car. Let's get off at the next stop and walk or take a cab," Erin's pleas were whispered in a passionate voice against his ear. Her lips brushed him as she spoke. He tingled at the thought of having her tonight. What she said, though, broke the spell. She was scared. And scared women didn't want to fuck.

"Come on, honey," Ken protested. "We're, what, three stops from your place. We're on a subway car and there's bound to be a cop on the train somewhere. We're OK."

"I just can't help how I feel. Please, let's get off," there was anger mixed in with the plea this time. She didn't get scared easily, but she knew things could happen on a subway car. She had read about them in the paper.

His plan for the evening involved getting her in the sack in about a half hour. He didn't want to piss her off now and ruin everything. They could easily get off and take a cab for the mile or so to her apartment. He knew his plan for the night would be ruined if she was mad at him when they got to her apartment. He'd known other red heads and their tempers, but Erin had them beat. If she was pissed with him when they got to her apartment, she was likely to just tell him at the door that she'd see him next week or something like that, step inside, and close the door in his face.

He was ready to go at least twice tonight. He didn't want to have to go back to his apartment and masturbate.

"OK," he said. "I certainly don't want you to be upset. Besides, it's a nice night. A cab ride would be better than being underground in the subway."

The train approached the station. It slowed a bit, but never gave any real indication of stopping. With no announcement of an impending stop, the train ran through the station. The few people waiting looked puzzled.

The train continued without stopping. It was late and there were few people at the stations. It continued slowing only briefly as station after station was left behind.

"Maybe he's late and needs to make up some time," Ken offered lamely.

"And not stop to let people off," Erin demanded.

"Maybe he thinks the train is empty," Ken said not at all certain he was making sense. "Let's walk up to the front and tell the motorman we want to get off."

Getting out of the car and off the train entirely was Erin's only focus at that point so she readily agreed. They stood and walked toward the front of the car heading for the lead car where the motorman who was driving the train would be seated. As they passed the two men seated between them and the door to the adjoining car, Erin chanced a covert glance. They met her expectations, seedy and rough looking. They were dressed in work clothes which were dirty from the day's work or just because it had been a long time since they had been washed.

Both men eyed Erin openly sending shutters through her body.

They turned slightly in their seats. The plastic of the seat groaned and creaked as they twisted. Something in the hand of one of the men clanked against the metal frame of the seat in front of them as he gripped it.

Ken and Erin passed them giving them as wide a berth as the narrow aisle afforded. The men stared. After they passed one of them men said, "Got you a right pretty girl there. She any good in bed?"

Erin let out a cry which she was barely able to stifle to a whimper. Erin felt Ken stiffen. Neither of them replied. Ken reached for the door handle. Once pulled down the door would open inward to allow passengers to walk between cars. Ken pulled on the handle. It didn't budge. He tried again. Nothing. Again and again, he tried to force the handle downward. Nothing.

"I think the door's locked," one of the men commented.

"Don't want people moving around too much this time of night," the other responded as though the two of them were simply talking to each other.

Ken turned Erin around. His idea now was to try to get to the car behind them. This was a five car train, as he recalled. They were in the fourth car. There would be a car behind them. He thought of pulling an emergency pull, but what emergency was there beyond the two of them being a bit spooked and the train not having stopped for several stations. That might be highly unusual, but was it an emergency. They could easily get a train going in the other direction once this train stopped.

They walked past the two men a second time. The men stared again. Ken and Erin tried to ignore them. The plastic seats groaned and creaked letting them know that the men pivoted to watch. "Doesn't she have a great ass," one commented from behind.

"Yup," said the other. "Wonder if she is good in bed."

"Might be good just standing up," the other snickered. They both cackled, their voices those of heavy smokers. The cackles ended in a hacking cough. They fell silent.

Ken had been pulling Erin along behind him, but now he maneuvered her in front of him. In what seemed an eternity, they reached the door at the other end of the car. Nervously Ken reached around Erin for the handle. He pulled down. The door opened easily. Erin took the door, opening it fully. She stepped onto the metal grates which provided the floor over the cars' couplings. Ken held the door open until he saw that Erin had opened the door to the last car.

They were glad to see several others dressed in better clothes than the two men they had left behind. No one looked up. Ken quickly assayed the car's occupants. A total of four, he noted, no women. Two men sat near the middle of the car on the right. Their seat faced forward. Another sat by himself on an inward facing seat reading the paper. He was near the far back of the car. The fourth had his back to them as they entered the car. He sat in a seat facing away from the line of travel.

Ken was far more comfortable knowing that there were four additional men in this car and that only two seemed to know each other. That was far better than the two foul mouthed people they'd left behind.

Erin took them to a bench seat alongside the door and sat heavily pulling Ken down with her. "When this thing stops again, we're getting off," she said stridently. Her face was red even through her freckles.

The train swayed and rattled on with no sign of stopping.

Ten minutes elapsed before the train began to rise following the tracks from subterranean to ground level slowing as it rose.

"Where are we," Erin said quietly to Ken, but loudly enough for everyone on the train to hear.

"I have no idea," Ken replied looking around for someone else to add information. No one looked up, no one seemed concerned, no one spoke. "My god," Ken said suddenly, "we're in the yards."

Looking around Erin saw many sidings splitting away from the main line. She saw many other trains sitting dark and mute. Their train was barely moving now as it passed rudimentary platforms constructed only of wood with wooden steps leading down to paths running through the maze of tracks. The scene was shadowy darkness punctuated occasionally by the purple-blue light of mercury vapor lamps. The lack of moon light sharpened the shadows. A new moon, she thought.

With a screech of brakes and a lurch the train came to a full stop. There was no platform, not even the rough wooden ones they'd seen earlier. The only light came from a lamp on a pole maybe twenty yards away. The doors remained closed.

With no moon to add light to the bleak landscape of the rail yard that surrounded them they seemed to be in another world.

Erin stared wildly. She clutched at Ken. He said nothing staring at the closed doors. No one moved. No one spoke. The silence was suddenly broken by the sound of the door being opened at the far end of the car. The one they had passed through not twenty minutes earlier to escape the foul mouths.

The foul mouths entered. Two others entered with them.

Concern moved to full scale terror for both Ken and Erin. Neither moved. Terror was plainly printed on their faces.

The man who had been seated nearest the exit doors stood. He approached the door. He took a short metal bar from his jacket pocket which he inserted in a hole above the middle of the doors. When he turned it, the doors sighed and slid open. The lights in the car, indeed all of the train went dark. Erin screamed both from the shock of losing the light and the terror building within her.

No one spoke, no one looked at her or Ken. The men were moving slowly toward the exit as though in no hurry to get off. Finally one, then another dropped from the train onto the dirt path below.

The man with the door key turned and said to Erin as he held out his hand, "I'm sorry you're so frightened. We don't like it when you're frightened. Do take my hand and I'll help you off the train." He reached down and took Erin by the hand. When she made no move to stand, he said, "Come on now. This is the end of the line." He looked into her green eyes penetratingly and added, "for you."

He pulled on her arm raising her by force. She was too frightened to say anything even though she resisted. Ken stood. He seemed about to say something, but nothing came out.

The man looked at Ken. "Do you want to watch? Some do and some don't. We don't care which you prefer. You can just wait here if you'd like."

"What," Ken was starting to panic as the full meaning of the man's words became clear. "What are you talking about?"

"You can wait here or come along and watch." He didn't add any information as he repeated his offer. "You do have to make up your mind now, however. Do you want to come or stay here?"

They were going to take Erin. Ken looked around wildly. The motorman and yet another had joined the group. Now there were eight men in the car and two waiting on the ground. Ken was thoroughly out numbered, but not withstanding the number of men, he didn't see himself as a match for any one of them. He clearly had two choices, stay or go along. Going along seemed to offer him some options where as staying behind offered none. Running for help would be virtually useless. The new moon had left such deep shadows he could be killed just walking along should he somehow step on the third rail. There were buildings all around. He wouldn't know where they might take her so even if he had help, he wouldn't know where to lead them.

Ken took Erin's arm and moved tightly alongside her. Two men wrenched him away even as Erin struggled to keep hold of him. "What are you doing? What are you going to do," he pleaded wanting to sound authoritative, but sounding like a frightened man instead.

His hands were yanked behind his back. A gag was forced into his mouth. He was pushed forward toward the door. At the edge of the doorway a blow to his knees sent him into the air beyond the door. Only strong arms kept him from falling on his face as he hit the ground. Confused, he looked back into the car. Erin was standing at the edge holding onto the man with the key. She was not restrained, but clearly there was only one direction she would be allowed to go.

No one moved. No one spoke. It was a strange tableau. Erin stood holding tightly to the man alongside her to avoid being thrown out. The other men stood behind her. Ken was held in check and upright by the men on the ground. His hands were held tightly behind him.

"You'll probably hurt yourself jumping in those high heels. You'll fall and get that pretty green dress all dirty. There's a lot of grease on the ground. We'd better take off those shoes and this dress," said the man Erin clung to. Erin was frozen. Her terror stricken face did not change, she only shook her head as if to say No. She was wearing pumps, not heels, but that didn't seem to matter.

His comment had not been a question and No was not an answer. He turned to one of the men behind him. Another took Erin's other arm while the first located the zipper and lowered it. They pushed the dress forward off her shoulders. They worked her arms from the sleeves. She bent forward in her struggle to keep her dress on, then straightened suddenly as she looked over the edge to the ground beneath. She swayed.

She straightened again to reveal herself clad in a green bra the green dress had covered moments before. They were able to slide the dress down past her hips until it gathered at her feet. Her panties were carried partially along by the fabric of the dress ending up neither off nor on.

The man who had unzipped her, struggled with her legs finally removing both the dress and her shoes while the others held her upright. He threw the shoes to the ground. Ken watched now seeing her standing in the doorway clad only in bra and matching panties. The panties covered her in the front, but drooped at the crotch and left much of her behind uncovered.

"OK, honey, you're going to have to jump. They'll catch you. Here you go." He pushed her off the car. Now she did scream. Ken hoped someone would hear, but was not optimistic. She landed awkwardly handled by the men on the ground. She briefly fell to her knees, but they caught her and lifted her to her feet. The fall had been less than four feet, but being pushed into darkness had added measurably to her terror.

"Put your shoes on," one told her moving her shoes toward her feet.

"Let me have my dress," she said in a panic.

"You won't need it," was the only response. They pointed to her shoes again and, her terror subsiding only slightly, she managed to slip them on as they steadied her.

The others jumped from the car each landing with a thud on the dry ground between the sets of tracks.

The train stood mutely behind them adding itself to the hundreds of other silent cars surrounding them in the vast marshaling yard. The last man had closed the doors and alighted from the rear of the car.

The group joined up and moved along the path. The air smelled of trains, of oils and electricity and of solvents. When they could see the ground, the path looked as if it might be laden with the oils and solvents the man had warned about. Erin stumbled along held tightly by her escorts. The group moved in a ragged line toward a group of ramshackle and dark buildings. Ken, too, stumbled along, not being able to see well, but held firmly by his escorts.

On reaching the first building, they mounted a short stairway stopping in front of a door. The metal door was fitted with a wire laced window. Everything seemed to bear a layer of greasy filth. A jangling of keys announced one of the men as he moved forward to unlock the door. Inside he switched on lights. They all entered and moved immediately down a long hallway halting in front of a door.

The door was unlocked. Someone pushed Ken inside. The others followed, Erin in the middle. She whimpered softly. Ken chanced a glance back at her. Tears streamed down her face. She continued to look, in fact, to be, terrified. She was wearing only her shoes, the black pumps, her bra and her panties. The panties had moved back into place though the waistband was rolled somewhat. Her red hair was still fairly well groomed. Even in her fear she was beautiful.

Her bra was one she wore for him. It covered her breasts, but just. It's translucency revealed her nipples. Her panties likewise revealed the beautiful red curls that guarded her love entrance.

He jerked around as did Erin on hearing the door slammed firmly shut. A bolt was slid into place and padlocked making it clear that, without a key, no one was leaving the room.

Ken's hands were momentarily released then handcuffed over his head. These handcuffs were anchored to a hook in the ceiling. He could stand on his feet, but there was little slack. The hook placed him just off the center of the room.

The room itself looked as if at one time it had been some kind of office. It could have accommodated perhaps ten to fifteen desks. Now, however, it had only a few old and forgotten pieces of furniture. The floor was linoleum tile that was many years old and had seen much wear. Here and there tiles were broken or missing. There were odd bits of litter lying around. It seemed as if the room might be used as someplace just to toss things no one knew what to do with.

The room was cool, but with the moderate weather it was not cold.

Erin, still too frightened to resist, was moved to a position about six feet away from where Ken stood restrained. They looked at each other. There was nothing to say. They both trembled.

"What's your name, girl?" It wasn't said rudely, but conversationally.

"Erin," she managed to get out in a weak voice.

"What's his name," he motioned toward Ken.

"Ken." The voice was just as weak.

"I don't see any rings so I presume you're not married. Is that right?"

Erin nodded.

"OK, Erin, did you plan to fuck your boyfriend tonight?" The voice was still conversational.

She nodded.

"Well, you can still do that. Let's start by having you take his pants off." Erin didn't move. "Erin, honey, you know you can't fuck him properly if he has his pants on. Go on and get them off." He pushed her none too gently toward Ken.

Ken saw him pick up a thin rod that had been lying on an abandoned desk just before he pushed Erin toward him. She crashed into him. She grabbed at his body to prevent a fall. Her weight made the manacles bite painfully into his wrists. He grunted loudly through the gag. She released him immediately and fell to her knees. Pain shot up from her knees as she hit the floor. She rolled first onto her side, then her back.

Panting she lay on the floor looking up at the men surrounding her. The pain her knees made standing difficult so she lay there getting her breath. "What are you going to do," she cried out. Immediately she was sorry she asked. The answer was beyond doubt. Already most of the men were in the process of removing their pants.

She looked around seeking some sort of escape or shelter. There was none. When she looked back, several had completed undressing and were standing over her naked. The size of their cocks frightened her. My god, she thought, they really intend to use me. She couldn't bring herself to even think the other word.

She couldn't help but look at them. Their balls hung loosely as they waited to begin. She was staring at those balls holding the seed they would pump inside her. She tried to sidle away but was rudely jerked to her feet. Though her knees still hurt, the pain was forgotten as she now stood in front of her gagged and manacled boyfriend.

"We're waiting," he said. The conversational nature of his voice was tinged with menace and sarcasm. She had seen the thin rod he held and shivered at it's intended use. She looked up at Ken. He nodded forlornly.

Taking a breath she lowered her gaze to his waist and sought out the belt buckle. It opened as she worked it. She found the catch on the pants and released it. She had never done this before. And certainly she had never stripped a man naked in front of others. It made her extremely uneasy to be exposing her boyfriend, but she slowly lowered the zipper. Ken's pants dropped to the floor. She knew he always wore boxers. Normally she would have fondled his cock through the underwear causing an attractive bulge. In her apartment she had anticipated getting him hard then pulling his cock through the opening. Perhaps she would play with it or suck it. She loved to see him so excited at the prospect of fucking her. Only when she had produced some droplets of cum would she stop.

Now she stopped before touching him. She moved away leaving him with his boxers still on. "Take his underwear off." The voice was still conversational, but the menace had increased. As the last syllable died in the air the rod whistled striking her on the upper portion of her thighs. She felt the force of the blow a second before its sting. It was like being stung by a thousand wasps. She screamed and covered the area with her hand.

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