tagGroup SexNew Years Eve Party

New Years Eve Party


Through an acquaintance Tony and Karen were invited to an exclusive New Years Eve party. A car was sent to collect them from home, they didn't know where the party was being held, but they had been told to wear evening dress and that they would be looked after all evening.

Karen looked stunning in her back-less evening dress, her makeup made her look very sensual. As she sat in the car the slit in her dress parted and Tony noticed that she was wearing black silk stockings, which were held up by a garter.

On arriving at the large house, their coats were taken by an attractive young maid. She was dressed in a French maids uniform, complete with short black skirt and stockings, the uniform was finished off with a tight white blouse, which was undone enough to show off her breasts to good effect. They were shown through to the dinning room where a number of people were standing chatting and some dancing to the slow waltz. All the women without exception were attractive looking. A waiter offered them some drinks, they each took a glass of champagne.

Tony and Karen sat down to eat a splendid meal and they got acquainted with the people sitting adjacent to them

They decided to dance Tony held Karen close to him and his hand caressed her back and arse. They had been dancing a few minutes when another couple that had been sat near them at the dinner approached them and introduced themselves as Ted and Carol. They chatted and Ted asked if he could dance with Karen, Tony nodded his approval and Carol asked if Tony would also like to dance. She was a stunning blonde and he welcomed her offer. She held here body close to his and she must have found it difficult not to notice his erection. Carol was wearing a long evening dress that was split up the sides to her thighs. It was very low cut and she had a fantastic cleavage.

The band stopped playing and Carol lead Tony from the dance floor, 'come with me' She lead him down a short corridor and into a candle lit room. She closed the door behind her and came over to Tony and put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

'Don't worry about Karen' she said 'Ted will look after her. Keep an open mind and you will enjoy the evening'

They continued to kiss, They did not notice another door behind them open and a sexy redhead girl walk in. Sarah was naked except for a g-string and high heels. She kissed Carol, and instructed Tony to go and sit in the armchair across the room.

Sarah and Carol went into a full embrace. Sarah wasted no time in removing Carols evening dress, to reveal her black basque and stockings. Sarah busied herself removing the basque. Carol pulled the strings to remove Sarah's g-string to show off her shaven pussy, they then moved over to the couch and Sarah lay Carol down before going between her legs to play with her shaven pussy. It was not long before they were in a full sixty-nine position pleasuring each other. Tony did not feel left out as the sight before him was very arousing and exciting.

Sarah came over to Tony and kissed him, Tony could taste Carol's love juices still around Sarah's mouth, she then started to undress Tony, Carol watched on, playing with herself in anticipation. Sarah removed his boxers to reveal his erect cock. She then got behind Tony and rubbed oil over his body, paying particular attention to his cock and balls.

Carol asked Tony to come across the room so she could inspect him, she toyed with his cock and balls and made some encouraging sighs when she felt it's size and girth. She told Tony get on his knees and she lay back on the couch with her legs open, she told him to lick her pussy. Tony was very pleased to obey her commands. Tony parted the lips of her pussy with his fingers then licked and tongued it until she was groaning with delight. Sarah sat playing with Carol's large breasts and rubbing oil in to them.

Carol got on to her knees, Sarah got him behind and introduced his cock into Carol's juicy pussy. Tony controlled his stokes in and out of her and held on to her hips, Sarah was down underneath Carol in sixty nine, Sarah reached up and played with his cock as it plunged in to Carol. This amount of attention was playing havoc with his attempts to last a long time before Tony came. However, was getting great enjoyment from trying. Tony continued to piston in and out of Carol's pussy, and received delicate attention from Sarah who was taking great delight in teasing both of them. Tony leaned forward, put his arm under Carol, played with her swinging breasts, and tweaked her nipples. Carol started to push back to meet each of his inward thrusts. She had lowered her head down between Sarah's legs and was trying to get her own back on the young lady. Tony finally exploded deep inside Carol's pussy, and they collapsed on to the cushions.

After a brief recovery, Carol put her arms around Tony and they kissed.

She whispered in his ear 'we haven't finished with you yet, there's still Sarah'

His mind went into over drive, Tony had lost track of time, and just wanted to continue. Carol got up and went to a side table and got them some drinks, She then started to kiss Sarah and with her agreement started to spread some cream from a dessert bowl on Sarah's pussy and between her legs.

Carol then invited Tony to lick it all off. Tony got down between Sarah's open legs and started to feast on the cream, under the watchful eye of Carol. Tony had cleaned most of it off leaving some on her arse, when Carol said

'You have missed some Tony, all of it is to be eaten.'

Tony let his tongue trace a path into to cleft of her arse and circled the pucker of her arse, Sarah was gently panting as Tony pushed his tongue inside her. Tony let his tongue trace the path back to her pussy, and started to tongue fuck her. Tony used his fingers on her clitoris, and her juices were flowing out of her pussy and down the cleft of her arse, Tony gathered some of her juices on to his middle finger and teased her arse with it. Collecting more lubrication Tony was able to slide his little finger up her arse, and continue to use his other fingers on her pussy in a seesaw action. Sarah was climaxing beautifully.

Whilst Tony was giving Sarah all this attention Carol was massaging his balls and stroking his cock until it was fully erect and ready to pleasure Sarah. She was also liberally coating his cock with body oil, and she could not resist using it on his balls and arse. Tony was so well lubricated that she managed to slip her small finger in to his arse opening without any discomfort to Tony. This was giving Tony new sensations as she moved her finger in and out whilst playing with his cock. She had pulled back his foreskin and was coating the sensitive head of his cock. However, she was being very careful not to bring Tony to a climax.

Tony decided it was time for him to reach his peak, moving up Sarah's body. Tony licked her breasts and erect nipples and Carol introduced his cock into Sarah’s pussy, she had her hand between their bodies and she was controlling how deep Tony went into Sarah. She would slow Tony down if she could sense about to shoot, by feeling the tightness of his balls. Carol decided that Tony had had enough of Sarah’s pussy and thought it was time for Tony to break-in Sarah's arse. She had been testing his self-control up until now.

She got Sarah to turn around and get up on to her knees and lower her body to present her arse at the right angle for his entry. She quickly coated his knob with some more lubrication, and gave some to Tony to lubricate Sarah. Holding her ass cheeks apart Tony pressed his cock head against her opening. Again Carol held his cock, to control his depth of penetration, but this was for Sarah's benefit not his at this stage. Gradually she relaxed and started to let Tony enter her. When his knob head was fully in, Tony paused for a while to let her get used to his presence. She then pushed back until all of his cock was deep inside her. Carol had slid underneath Sarah and was watching his cock slide in and out in a slow rhythmic motion. She started to tease Sarah’s pussy with her fingers, Sarah's groans and pants grew as Tony speeded up until he could take no more and climaxed deep inside her pumping his spunk deep into her bowels.

His body was glistening with sweat as gently withdrew his cock from Sarah, and they fell into each other's arms.

Carol then took Tony for a shower and massage. Whilst in the shower Carol could not resist getting on her knees and gave Tony a sensational blow-job. She was determined to empty his balls before the night as over.

Suitably cleaned Sarah dried Tony off and he dressed. They both put on silk gowns that tied at the waist. Both women shared kisses with Tony. They then took Tony on a tour of the house to see what other people were doing. Tony saw some very erotic sights in their tour. They finally showed Tony the room where Karen was.

Ted had danced with Karen and caressed the cheeks of her arse under her dress. He pulled Karen against his stiff cock. She looked in to his eyes and smiled as she rubbed her crotch across the large bulge in the front of his trousers.

Karen had been taken to another room upstairs where there was a long couch covered in towels. Ted left her with the maid, Sandra who undressed Karen and asked her to lie face down on the couch. She started to rub oils into her back and Karen was finding this very relaxing. She turned over and the Sandra started to work up her legs, but avoided her pussy at first. Sandra then produced a small pair of scissors and started to trim her bush. Sandra made quick work of trimming her, and then applied some oil, which she delicately rubbed in, Sandra couldn't resist sliding her fingers in to Karen's willing pussy and playing with her clit.

Sandra applied makeup to Karen, deep red lipstick, blue eye shadow and black mascara finished off with red nail varnish. To put Karen's mind at rest, Sandra told her that inspite of their dress the men would not harm her and she would be in control of anything they asked her to do. Karen was excited in expectation of what would happen.

The door then opened and a man walked in. Karen could not see who he was as he was wearing a leather mask, but she realised it was Ted when he told Sandra she could go. His upper body was bare, smooth and glistening having been oiled. He wore crotchless leather leggings, his large cock was fully exposed and very erect.

Ted came over to Karen and kissed her. Karen felt Ted separate her thighs just enough for him to tease her with his thumb on her clit. That caused a reaction he must have liked cause he kept it up until she was moaning and seeing fireworks in her head. His strong fingers wound their way down her thighs and one of them slowly pressed into the wetness and caused more moans from her lips. He gently used two fingers to open her further and followed that with a great tongue session that gave her several more climaxes. Then Karen felt his fingers exploring inside her again and it was wonderful. He whispered that he wanted her to be very ready for him and responded that she was. Karen soon learned why he was so concerned. He had the longest cock she had ever encountered and it was thick as well. As he pressed into her she tried to press back but it was almost like being a virgin again.

It was incredible and bordered on being painful at the same time. Very slowly, he pushed deeper and then he would stop shortly and let her adjust to the feeling of this penetration. Again he moved deeper inside her pussy and when she was certain there could not be any more he continued to fill her up. He commented on how tight Karen was and she mumbled something about his going where no man had gone before.

Karen was generally of the opinion that size isn't usually the determining factor in how pleasurable sex can be but frankly when you're hung like Ted you don't have to worry about how you use it! However, he was very accomplished and he did not just move in and out, he moved from side to side and that too drove her wild. As he began a rhythmic action she began to cum constantly and there was no let up until he decided Karen needed a breather. He was totally in control of himself and of her as well. As her ragged breathing returned to a more normal state he moved his hands under her back and pulled her upright. He lifted one leg at a time and they ended up forming a see-saw of sorts. Then he pressed deep into her again and she knew nothing but pure ecstasy. He kept up the slow loving movement until Karen thought she would just give in and pass out. Sensing her condition he stopped and held her close, rubbing her back and kissing her. Karen loved this feeling of being truly treasured. They untangled their legs and he rolled Karen over to her knees and spread her legs enough to gain entrance doggy fashion. One thrust was enough to know this was going to be the best yet. He never rammed her, he just pressed and retreated and pushed in again. His hands were touching her hanging breasts and his cock was doing all the talking for both of them. Karen knew she yelled out but she didn't know how loud it was. Karen only knew he kept taking her to Heaven and back again. Thrusting deep, and pulling back, pushing in and wiggling to the left and right. This was pure physical sensation.

Karen was at his mercy and could not stop coming repeatedly. Her knees were getting weak, hell; her whole body was getting weak. She begged him to cum with her and he calmly told her he knew she could cum some more first. After a few more minutes that seemed like hours to her he finally told her it was time. And to feel him quiver and shoot his hot sticky load so deep inside of her was wonderful too. One last powerful thrust and he was still filling her with cum. Ever in control, Ted put his strong arms around her and together they rolled to their sides and cuddled in the spoon position. Karen didn't want to ever move again. Just lie there in his arms and feel his chest up against her back, his lips nuzzling her neck and his legs next to hers.

Ted passed Karen a glass of champagne, and Sandra reappeared smiling to reassure Karen.

"Are you ready for some more fun?"

"Hmm yes please"

After, a final kiss she left Ted to shower, and Sandra gave Karen a silk robe and took her to a viewing gallery were she could see the activities going on in all the other rooms. She recognised some of the people she had met earlier at dinner. She was not shocked by what she saw. Nevertheless, excited as to what might be happening next.

Before returning to the room, Sandra showed Karen the view into the room were Tony was with Carol and Sarah. 'It's ok you can't be seen or heard from here, we are behind a two way mirror.' Karen was not jealous of the scene before her, she was pleased to see Tony was enjoying himself as much as she was. They returned to the dressing room, where Sandra took Karen into the shower and personally washed her body, paying particular attention to her pussy. Karen found this treatment very arousing and embraced Sandra and they kissed each other.

They got out and dried off, and Sandra bought over what Karen was to wear next. It was a fully leather suit, which had zips and buckles on it. Sandra helped her into the tight fitting suit and then led her into another room, where a similarly leather suited man stood waiting for her. His head was shaven and he looked very muscular in his suit. However, Dave was quiet softly spoken and this relaxed Karen.

Dave took her by the hand and led her over to a table and told her to lie on it. She obeyed his commands, he then walked around the table. Which was spot lit from above and looked at Karen, he then took her arms and secured them in straps at the side of her body, he then did the same with her ankles. Then to her surprise he was able to push her legs apart as the table was cleverly hinged. He then came to the head of the table and adjusted the headrest under her neck, so he could almost move her into any position he wanted.

Dave then undid a panel in her suit in the crotch and ran his fingers around her pussy, and dripped his fingers inside. He was encouraged by how wet Karen was who was getting quite excited in anticipation about what was to happen to her. Dave pulled over a small trolley from the side of the room. He took a large vibrator off the trolley and preceded to use it on Karen's pussy, it slid inside of her with no effort at all. Which was not surprising given the size of Ted's cock that she had taken earlier.

Dave left the vibrator buzzing inside her pussy and came around to the head of the table, his cock was out of his suit, and after lowering her head, he pushed his erect cock into her mouth. At first she found it difficult to cope with it's size, but she adjusted to it's girth and started to use her tongue to explore the tip and helmet of his cock. His curses told her he was enjoying her attention. He gently rocked his cock in and out of her mouth and partially down her throat. Before she could bring him to a climax he pulled his cock out and went and paid some more attention to her pussy. Holding her pussy lips apart he dipped his long tongue into her pussy, lapping up all of her juices, the soft underside of his tongue exciting her clitoris.

Karen was finding the combination of being restrained by the straps and the attention she was getting very arousing. He continued to play with her pussy. He was taking her to new heights. Dave probed her pussy with his tongue, bushing it across her clit and then down the cleft to her arse, whilst he continued to finger her pussy. He then moved his attentions to her puckered arse, by firstly gently teasing the opening with his fingers, then by gently pressing his tongue into the opening. She was surprised at the sensations this was giving her. Tony had never played with her arse before and she was willing to discover new sexual sensations

Dave asked Karen where she would like his cock, she managed to gasp out a reply

'Up my arse, please take me up my arse, I can't wait much longer'

Dave leaned to the side far enough to grab the petroleum jelly When she saw what he had in his hand, she said "Oh, god!. I am so ready to try this!"

Dave lowered the table so that her shoulders were taking her weight more on the table, tilting her ass up for easy access to him.

Loading his thumb up with some of the lube, he placed it a little above her nether opening, then slowly spread it around between her ass cheeks and working it into her anus. When it had all been distributed, he took another load, and carefully worked it into her rear opening, pushing it inside and sliding his thumb in with it to both loosen her a bit, and to help make sure she was as well-lubricated in that opening as she was where he could feel her tightening around his cock.

The third blob of petroleum jelly he used to lubricate his cock as he slowly withdrew it from her, making sure to leave a surplus on the glans.

Placing his hands on her ass cheeks, he said
"Remember, you can stop me at any time. If it hurts, or doesn't feel comfortable, or anything else about it bothers you, tell me, and I'll stop,

Directing his cock until it was touching her pucker, he paused a moment, then pressed forward a bit, giving her plenty of time to prepare. He pushed a bit harder, he actually felt her anal ring relax, and pressed a bit harder against her. As the pressure increased against her opening, she didn't cry out or exhibit any signs of discomfort; if anything, she seemed to only get more aroused, judging from her low moans. Finally, it happened: the pressure and lubrication were enough to let his cock pop through the initial resistance of her opening, with a small squeak from her. He instantly stopped, with the ring of her anal opening tight around his cock, just behind the head.

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