tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNew York Triad Ch. 2

New York Triad Ch. 2


My friend Sandie and I wrote this together.


Part Six

"What do you want us to do now, Orlando? Just tell us what you want." She didn't need to ask Gwen if that's what she wanted, because their thoughts flew between them and didn't need to be expressed in words.

Orlando swallowed hard and kissed both women on the tops of their heads, letting his hands trail down over their backs.

"I want us to take all of our clothes off and the first thing I want is for you two to press your naked tits together and let me lick your nipples where they touch. Will you let me do that?" His voice was shaking like the boy he was as he asked.

The women looked at each other. In a second, unspoken, they made their decision. Simone looked at Gwen and in her eyes told her to be the one to answer him. Her own voice caught in her throat and she couldn't speak.

"Orlando, we'll do it, baby, anything you want, anything at all!" Gwen answered him in the honeyed Southern accent that matched her honey blonde hair.

"Then come close to me and let's kiss each other first." His voice was still shaky.

Late afternoon sunlight streamed through the open drapes of the Sherry-Netherlander. It touched gold on the bedspread and in Gwen's hair. "Should we shut the drapes first?" Orli asked in his soft voice. "I don't think anyone can see in but I'm not sure." Simone and Gwen leaned their heads against his shoulders, eyes down so he wouldn't see them smiling at the thought of someone seeing into a room on the 5th floor of the hotel, even if it was toward the front of the place.

"No, Orli, we don't have to close the drapes, but we will if you want to," Gwen said, still leaning against his shoulder. Orlando dipped his head down to kiss her and the drapes were forgotten. Simone watched as her friend's tongue slipped in and out of Orli's mouth. The sight was so erotic that she almost came just from watching. Her body was superheated, as if she could feel the atoms coming apart and mixing with each other to form the molecules that made her. She moaned and put her arms around both Gwen and Orlando and added her tongue to the mix. Their lips were so soft and their tongues so insistent as they dueled with hers. It was intoxicating, but it only whet her appetite for more.

Simone gently untangled herself from Orlando and Gwen's arms. They stopped kissing to watch her slip her blouse off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She bent to pick it up and throw it on the bed where it joined Orli's shirt. As she bent down, Gwen and Orlando each took one of her breasts in one of their hands and rolled the erect nipples between their fingers. Simone had never thought of having Gwen's hands on her
breasts, but it felt so good and right to have her do it with Orlando doing the same that her legs began to feel like jelly. As the two caressed her breasts and nipples, Simone leaned toward them and their lips joined again in a kiss.

Orlando groaned deep in his throat. Removing himself from the mix, he pushed the two women together, pulled the shirt off Gwen's shoulders and removed her already open bra. The cups fell away from Gwen's heavy breasts and her already puckered beige nipples. Orlando was moaning as if he was coming Gwen's nipples were hardening by the second and they turned a beautiful tanned color. Simone moved toward her friend and the
second her erect cherry nipples touched the tips of Gwen's, she thought she would faint from the sensation. Simone loved having her breasts played with, and the touch of other nipples on hers after Orlando and Gwen had just paid such loving attention to them, was almost more than she could bear.

Orlando pulled his jeans off his legs and pushed his naked body between the women's bodies. His eyes were wild with lust and looked as dark as his elf eyes in Lord of the Rings. His hand was at his rigid cock, caressing the shaft. "Oh, I don't want to come yet, but seeing you women touching nipples..its so beautiful,even more than I imagined. You both have the most beautiful tits, so full, your nipples are so ripe and hard. Ilove them."

Orlando cupped the right breast of each women in his big hands and pushed them together rubbing them against each other. The moans coming from the three of them pierced the quiet of the room. He moved behind Gwen and held each of her breasts, rubbing the pebbled nipples against Simone's. Simone was so wet that she reached between her legs inside her jeans to finger her clit and coat her finger with her juices.
She pulled back from Gwen and Orlando, cupping her own breasts then rubbing the juice on her nipples. Gwen's head was thrown back on Orlando's shoulder and her breathing was ragged. He had pushed her jeans and satiny panties down to her feet and she stepped out of them. She too had slipped two fingers inside herself and was rhythmically pumping them in and out of her cunt. Simone knew she would come soon from this display and the feel of her own juices as she rubbed her fingers across her aching nipples.

Orlando put a hand on each woman's back and pushed them together gently, until just the tips of their nipples were touching again. Simone's were bright red and glistening with her juices against the warm light sienna of Gwen's. Simone dipped her fingers inside herself once more and rubbed the musky film over Gwen's. They both groaned. Orli bent his head to where two sets of nipples met, and laved the sides of both with his tongue. The tingle of orgasm began to build in Simone and she wondered if Gwen was as close as
she was. As close as the women were, she had never seen Gwen in orgasm but the flush that covered her tits, throat and face told her that her friend was feeling as intensely as she was.

As Orlando licked and sucked, he reached under the women's breasts and cupped their fullness in a free hand. Simone was almost to the point where she could no longer stand. She pushed her unzipped jeans to her feet and stepped out of them, kicking them to the side.

She broke the spell of Orlando's titplay by putting her arms around him and Gwen and pushing them with her hip toward the bed. They fell in a heap together, gently kissing and caressing each other. Simone needed to orgasm and from Gwen's frantic rubbing of her clit, she knew her friend felt the same way. Orlando's cock was dripping pre-cum and he started to pump it in his palm.

"No, Orlando, come inside Gwen or me...tell us what to do for you now!"

Orlando's lust glazed eyes swept hotly up and down the lush bodies of the women. Gwen was lying on the pillows, her back arched, her hand now stilled at her cunt and her nipples long, hard and wet.

"Suck her nipples with me, Simone. Then I want to see her suck yours, but first I'm gonna fuck her and eat you." Simone groaned, reaching for him to kiss his warm, swollen lips. He pulled back from her and bent to nip her ear lobe. His tongue went into her ear and her head jerked a bit, but it felt hot and good. "Then I'm going to fuck you. Do you like those ideas?"

Simone didn't answer but lay back on the bed next to Gwen. Her thoughts and emotions were whirling around her mind but the needs of her body had to be answered, and this man boy had lit a fire in her that she wondered if anyone but him would ever be able to put out.

Part Seven

Gwen's soft cries, groans, and the sweet pungent smell of sex filled the room as the winter day wore on to the evening. Simone's nude form lay alongside Gwen, and Orlando lay on her other side, his skin burnished gold in the last of the light. Their heads were bent to Gwen's breasts as they licked her nipples, pulling them into their mouths to suck. Gwen arched and moaned at the pleasure. When Simone looked across at Orlando, now knowing how a perfumed nipple would taste in a man's mouth, she could see him take the puckered nub between his teeth without biting and flick his tongue repeatedly over the tip. She sighed over Gwen's nipple as he reached over and moved her hair back as it fell over Gwen's breast, so he could better see her as she tongued Gwen's areolae and the hard nub in the center of it. Simone was beginning to love the feeling of the nipple in her mouth and Orlando's eyes on her as they both licked and sucked. She gently bit Gwen's nipple, making her moan even louder.

She knew how aroused Orlando was, because his cock was still so damn hard and she wanted it inside her after he fucked Gwen. He reached over Gwen's body, her back arching and her hair fanning dark gold over the pillows. Gwen was lost in pleasure. Orlando's long fingers parted Simone's legs as he and she continued to lick Gwen's nipples. Simone raised her leg up and gave him access to her cunt. She used her
one free hand to part her swollen folds and Orlando took her large clit between us thumb and forefinger.

The orgasm hit her almost instantly and she lay back next to Gwen, yelling out her pleasure as the waves took her over and over. When her breathing had returned to something like normal, she looked over at Gwen, who was idly playing with the nipple that Simone had left. She smiled at Simone and Orlando raised his head from her wet nub to kiss the two women as Simone moved toward them.

Gwen pulled away and fell back on the pillows. "Fuck me, Orlando, fuck me hard. Then I'll do anything else you want. Anything at all," she drawled lazily.

Simone laughed gently and slid back up to the headboard, settling the pillows behind her. Her own nipples ached to be taken in their mouths but she wanted to see Orlando fuck Gwen even more. She was so aroused that she knew she would come again from seeing it.

Gwen opened her legs wide and pulled Orlando between them. Simone leaned over and kissed Orlando's ear and neck but she felt something powerful between them that was like an unsaid beacon between all of them.

Gwen wound her arms around Orlando's neck and he kissed her hard. He put one hand on Simone's arm and caressed her with his long fingers, but at that moment, he was concentrating on Gwen, and Simone knew he was going to give her friend the orgasm of her life. Simone leaned away from the couple again and opened her own legs wide, preparing to finger her clit and run her fingers down the slick outer lips of her cunt.

Orlando abruptly jumped off the bad, grabbed Gwen's legs and pulled her ass to the end of the bed. He stroked his thick cock and without a word, plunged it into Gwen. She screamed, and he yelled out her name, pumping inside of her faster and faster. His dark brown head was thrown back like that of a roaring lion. With his breath coming more and more ragged, he called out to Simone. "Touch her clit, Simone!"

Simone was shocked at how much she wanted to touch Gwen's clit under his eyes but she wasn't shocked at how much she wanted him to tongue her own. He was driving Gwen's head into the pillows and she was holding her knees as Orlando held her ankles. He suddenly moved her legs to around his neck and Simone had clear access to Gwen's folds and clit. She ran her fingers over the soft, swollen opening and then slipped a finger inside to feel the erect clit, as hard as her nipples had been. She circled it over and over
with her forefinger and Gwen cried out. Simone held her fingers up to Orlando's mouth and he licked Gwen's elixir from her fingertips.

"You taste so good!" he yelled as he fucked Gwen. Simone couldn't take not being part of it in some way, so she came close to Gwen and Orlando, her still hard nipples grazing the hot skin of her friend's leg and gently cupped his balls. She could feel them tightening up as he was about to come.

"Gwen, Gwen, I'm coming! Oh Simone...." He couldn't finish the sentence as his orgasm over took him. Gwen followed him, turned on as much by watching him as by what he was doing to her. The sounds he made were guttural and low. His eyes glazed as he got still, the last few spasms finally ending. He collapsed on top of Gwen and lay there panting as he pulled Simone into the embrace.

Part Eight

Orli reached a hand down and teased Simone’s nipple. She made a little sound in her throat. He moved from atop Gwen and pulled Simone with him, he rolled over onto his back and pulled her on top of him. He moved her up so her cherry red nipples were right in front of his mouth. He licked one then the other, leaving them glistening with wetness. She spread her legs so she was straddling him and leaning forward, pressed her full breasts together so he could suck both nipples at the same time. She whimpered loudly when he bit both gently. And she whimpered even louder as he tugged them with his teeth.

"Come touch her, Gwen. I’m not quite up to it yet." He grinned wickedly at the other woman. Gwen moved closer and sucked at the nipple Orli indicated to her. She looked up into the face of her friend. Simone closed her eyes and kept moaning as two mouths teased and suckled at her full breasts. Orli’s recovery was faster than he thought, probably due to how exciting he found watching Gwen suck Simone’s nipples and Simone’s wet cunt pressing onto his recovering erection.

Simone reached behind her and took Orli into her hand. She stroked him until he was rock hard, loving the feel of his silky cock in her hand. He was still slick from Gwen’s juices and slid effortlessly into her as she moved over him. She had come several times today already but having him inside was more than she could stand, and after only a few minutes, she was coming again, calling Orli’s name over and over as he watched her, his eyes hot with his own need now.

"I want you to watch me," he whispered in that soft voice they both had come to recognize as the voice he used when he was on the edge of his control. Simone moved to lay beside Gwen. Both women watched as one long hand wrapped around his slick cock. He stroked his hand down it once then held his hand to his mouth and licked Simone’s wetness from his palm. He wasn’t watching the women as he did this. His smoldering eyes watched his own hands as he began to caress his balls with both hands, running fingertips over them in a touch as light as a feather’s whisper. One hand then came up to run up and down the lower side of his cock while the other began to knead his balls in a gentle rhythm. He didn’t even seem to notice that he was being watched, even though it was what he had asked for. He was wholly absorbed in pleasuring himself.

Gwen was as absorbed as her hand slid down to her wet folds. She teased her clitoris with one finger as she sucked the other one. Her eyes never left the young man in front of her, except to spare a glance at Simone, who was slipping two fingers in and out of her own cunt as she watched the handsome young god on the bed. Gwen caught Simone’s eye and smiled at her as they both turned back to watch Orli’s hand moving faster and faster up and down his thick shaft.

Gwen slid her other hand down between her legs. She slid a finger inside herself as the other one still circled her clit. Orli was easily the most beautiful man she’d ever seen, and watching him now was even more than a dream come true.

"I wanna come on your tits, please." Both women lay down in front of him, their heads together as he leaned over and groaned and began to come on both of them, thick white semen splattering on two sets of full breasts. He rubbed the sticky fluid all over both women’s nipples with the head of his cock. They both cleaned his cock, a tongue on either side. "Now clean each other. I’ll help you."

Gwen and Orli licked the tangy come from Simone’s nipples like two hungry kittens lapping cream. When she was clean, he and Simone gave the same treatment to Gwen.

All three agreed that a little nap might not be a bad idea. Orli lay like a king with a head on each shoulder.

Part Nine

Gwen was surprised that she had slept at all. She opened her eyes and looked at the smooth, dark chest her head rested on. She saw Simone’s face on the other side. She still slept. Orli wasn’t asleep but his eyes were closed. She wondered what he thought as he lay there. The boy was a wonderful lover, but he had clearly never experienced anything close to what was happening to him now. His excitement had driven her and Simone both to do things they would never have done without him. The more they did, the more she wanted. She couldn’t get enough of him. Apparently, Simone couldn’t either.

Gwen moved slightly so she could kiss her way down his flat belly. Her cock noticed long before she ever reached that far down, but he kept his eyes closed, faking sleep. He was half erect by the time she ran her tongue over the slit in his head. His cock was fully erect after a few sweeps of her tongue over and under his head. His eyes were open too as he smiled down at her. She smiled back, around the silky head she still had in her mouth. He flexed his hips, pushing himself into her mouth a little further.

He moaned in the back of his throat as Simone moved down to lick him too. Never one to be greedy, Gwen was glad to let Simone share. There WAS plenty of him to go around. They both moved down to his balls. Simone sucked one side into her mouth as Gwen did the same thing to the other side. "Fuck!" he ground out as Simone grasped his shaft in her hand and began a slow, gentle stroke. He put a hand on each woman’s head, encouraging, beseeching both of them not to stop. Finally they moved up, each woman taking turns sucking his cock deep into her mouth.

"Gwen, Simone, there’s something I always wanted to do. I was wondering…."

"Yes?" both women said unison.

"I’d love to have one of you," he blushed at this point as if he hadn’t spent the better part of the last three hours buried inside one of the two women. "Uh, I want one of you to ride me and the other to sit on my face. I guess it’s every boy’s wanking dream, to be covered in cunt." He smiled, a smile that came out both wicked and sweet at the same time, a total Orli smile.

Gwen knew where Simone wanted to be and where she wanted to be. She and her friend had often discussed how much each enjoyed certain parts of sex, and she knew that Simone loved having a man’s mouth devouring her trembling cunt. Gwen, on the other hand, preferred to have her men inside her, fucking her madly. So what Orli asked was a dreamy proposition for them all.

He stayed on his back as the women moved around him, kissing his belly, his small, dark nipples, his jawline , his earlobe… until he was making the most endearing little sounds.

"Please," was all he had to say to them. Gwen reached down as she sat beside him and touched herself, spreading her wetness then grinning at Orli as she put hand on his cock and wet him with her juices. She moved to straddle him as he and Simone watched her. She held her lips open as she lowered herself onto him. She lowered herself all the way down, still spreading her folds so she could rub her tender clit over his pubic bone as she rode him. She leaned forward, her achy nipples grazing his chest as she ground into him.

She finally sat up, the fingers of one hand tugging and teasing a hard brown nipple while the fingers of the other hand rubbed her clitoris as she began to move slower.

Simone had been slowly rubbing her own clit as she watch Gwen and watched Orli watch Gwen. She moved over to straddle the beautiful young man’s head, facing Gwen. He opened her like a flower, and sucked her nectar out as his fingers buried themselves inside her. She squeezed her nipples as she undulated over Orli’s mouth, her wet, sweet honey dripping all over his face and mouth. She started a bit when Gwen leaned over and kissed her lips, but she soon gave herself to the tender kiss.

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