Nice to See You Again, Doc


I watch my shaft stiffen and lift up toward her face.

"Hmmm," Dr. Benson sits back in her chair. "An erection is not required to finish the exam, in fact, it kind of hinders the whole process."

"I figure that much, Doctor, but..." I try to apologize again.

"It's usually best to do this self-exam during or right after a hot shower or bath. The scrotum is most relaxed then, which makes it easier to examine the testicles." But I also notice she doesn't let me go. She continues to hold me as my hard-on grows between her fingers. She doesn't move her hand to provide further stimulation, but she doesn't need to.

"Well obviously this is not the first time I've seen this reaction from you. And just as last year I don't have to ask the question about whether you have any erectile dysfunction." She lets out a chuckle. "I do have to say though, I've never had a male patient get this erect for me and stay this erect, not once but now twice. I feel like I should be doubly flattered."

I bite my lower lip and close my eyes trying to will my erection away. All it seems to do is tense my prostate and make me grow even harder in her hand.

"Maybe it might help to know that as a doctor I've probably examined at least a couple hundred men so far in my short career. I look at you in the same way that Dr. Morton would have, as a patient." She says this but I see her biting her lower lip, too, her gaze never leaving my now completely hard cock she holds loosely in her hand.

"Although many erections are caused by sexual arousal they can happen for no particular reason. So if you have an erection in an odd or embarrassing situation, like right in the middle of a physical exam, there's no reason to worry that something is wrong." She continues to talk like a doctor but her face and hand act more like a woman enamored. Her eyes look up and down my shaft and her fingers slowly circle around my stiff shaft.

"So, its normal for me to get hard while having my doctor exam me?" I try to play along with the medical dialogue, as I already feel myself throbbing in her hand.

"Because each man is different, it's impossible to say what's normal for getting erections. Some men can experience many short-term erections each day, whereas others may not experience any at all. Unless your erections are causing you discomfort or pain, I would not worry about how many or how often you get them. If you were younger I'd say it's your body just acting naturally for a man your age. But, if I may say this without appearing to be unprofessional, at your age, I'd take it as a blessing."

"Thank you...I suppose." I say and then breathe in hard when her hand slides further down the shaft.

"There's not much you can do to avoid getting them. Erections usually go away on their own or after an ejaculation. In other words, unless the penis is stimulated enough to ejaculate, time is the only thing that will help them go away." She says as she finally lets go of my erection. It snaps back and hits my stomach with a splatter of pre-cum against my skin.

I swear she licks her lips as she stares back at my leaking cock.

"Can I be honest with you, Steve?" She looks up at my face now.

"Sure, I guess with me standing here in this condition, there isn't much left between us."

"I, well, I never got over how hard you got last year. My husband never gets this hard." She says as she goes back to looking up and down my length, her face only inches away. I actually feel her warmth breath on my skin.

"I'm glad I can compare at all." I say and then grit my teeth still trying to will the blood back out of my hard-on.

"But it would look as if I'm going to end up with another mess on my hands again this year." She smiles at my hard cock and not up at me.

"I, uh, don't know..." I stammer not believing where I think this is going again.

"We do have to finish this exam and it wouldn't do for you to walk out of here half taken care of now would it?" Dr. Benson licks the tip of her index finger before she brings it down and rubs it gently over the tip of my cock. I watch her warm saliva smear all over the tight head. She slowly slides her fingers up over the tip until I feel and see a warm ooze of pre-cum leak from it. Using our combined moisture she glides her whole hand smoothly back down my length.

I gasp as her hand slowly and deliberately moves to build that heated sensation on my now almost fully hard cock.

She strokes me very slowly with my cock comfortably pointed up toward her face. She reaches up under with her other hand to cup my testicles and squeeze them gently. My now throbbing cock is wrapped in her in her soft my hand and she slowly rubs down from the top to meet her other hand at my balls. She carefully pulls and pinches my balls which forces me to gasp and moan in an intense combination of alternating pleasure and pain. I am helplessly played. And in no time my cock is dribbling pre-cum in a near steady flow.

"Does that feel good?"

My body tenses even more and I gasp, "Yessss!"

I look down as Dr. Benson pulls on me once more and even more pre-cum oozes out the little hole of my mushroomed head. Cupping my testicles she begins to knead and squeeze them harder as she massages my now solid shaft with such incredible skill.

Talking about déjà vu all over again! I can feel the cum boiling up in my balls as hot or maybe even hotter than last year. I can't stop this and I don't she is planning on stopping either. I suck in a deep breath, grit my teeth again and try to squeeze myself off from within.

But before I can take a second deep breath I know it's too late to do anything but relax and let it come.

And does it ever...

"Aaaaaaah..." I groan out between my clenched teeth as Dr. Benson's expert hands jerk me off until I let fly a creamy rope of thick white cum. I watch as the first ejaculate shoots high up into the air before splattering down across her shoulder and on down over the embroidered name on her white coat's breast pocket.

I hear Dr. Benson actually start to giggle as she continues to jerk my hard cock and I continue to gasp, "Aaah... aah...aaaaah!" I can feel my hard cock throb in her hand a jet of hot thick cum shoots out a second, third, fourth time. The last couple, much weaker, more ooze out over my cock head and down over her fingers tightly clenched around me. She squeezes hard and the last glob oozes out over her already cum-soaked hand.

My whole body shakes and I fall back to the edge of the exam table and hear the sanitary paper crinkle under my butt. I try to make an effort to recover not only my breath but my composure as I look at Dr. Benson, as her eyes are directed to her hand as she lifts it in front of her beautiful face. The cum-covered fingers drip from fingertips to wrist.

As my breath returns I begin to see the levity of the moment. "So," I said trying to act cool about this all too familiar situation, "what do you usually do on a third date?"

She laughs, which makes her arm shake, which makes her hand flick my cum onto her coat and one glob down onto her dark skirt.

"I think we've completed the self-exam, the doctor-led self-exam." She says as she stands and takes her cum plastered doctor's coat off. She wipes the cum from her hand onto the back of it. "You are perfectly functional in the biological department Mr. Jenkins and luckily I have two spare coats in my office."

"Thank you, Doctor." I say as I reach down for my boxers and pull them up and stuffing my well used manhood back under cover.

Dr. Benson bends over the desk writing. Last year I never saw her backside except through her white coat. Today I can clearly see that taut bottom encased in I snug dark skirt. I smile and with one lusty last thought picture her not wearing any underwear under that skirt. What a dirty old man Steve!

She suddenly stands up straight and turns back to me.

"Mr. Jenkins. I know I told you this last year, but except for that one time, it's true I never had given a patient a hand job before. I really never thought I'd ever do it again. I've been married less than a year, but I sure hope my husband is this virile when he gets to your age."

"I will take that as another compliment Doctor." I reply my chest a little more puffed out and a big grin on my face.

"You should, it's meant to be. Truly." She says and then glances down to the front of my boxers and grins. "Oh, and as for that third date you asked about. Your next date will be with the proctologist." She turns and picks up a piece of paper and holds it out to me. "Since you skipped out on taking the recommendation last year I'm writing a direct referral for that colonoscopy this year."

I feel my backside pucker up at the thought and shake my head.

As I do I look down and see a small amount of my cum still smeared on the lower part of her skirt. I grin again and can't help make light of the situation, "I suppose that isn't something that can be done with a self-exam?"

We share a good laugh.

As she gathers up her paper work and I go over to grab my pants. She stops at the door.

"One last thing, Mr. Jenkins, Steve. This year I've changed my mind about feeling I should not act as your doctor in the future. This day will remain between you and me, but I also don't think it should keep me from seeing you on regular appointments also." With that she winks, opens the door and leaves.

I stand there with my pants dangling from my fingers and my jaw hanging open.

A slow grin spreads across my face and I whisper aloud, "Dr. Morton, enjoy your retirement. I'm going to enjoy my doctor visits for some time to come!"

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