tagIncest/TabooNiece Becomes My Piece

Niece Becomes My Piece


Last summer my brother, living in Chicago area, asked if his daughter, Jenna, could live with us while attending the expensive and prestigious Rice University here in Houston. We had only met her briefly when she was a gangly 12. Jenna is an extremely smart girl; very disciplined and mature for her years. With her short auburn red hair and big horn rimmed glasses, Jenna seemed unassuming, at least from photos.

When she pulled up in our driveway I was immediately awed by her new found beauty and vitality. My niece had developed into a very foxy young lady. Wearing some tight fitting jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt, made her all the more appealing. Her glasses had been replaced with contacts.

Jenna immediately gave me a big hug. "Hello Uncle D. I am so glad to be here and it's so nice of you to let me stay. I will be glad to help around the house and am a pretty good cook."

"Jenna, your here to study and become a successful young lady. Your academic success will be our reward and also to help your dad's pocket book!

The next few weeks went smoothly. Jenna's schooling took tons of time. She was gone a lot but when home, studied frequently in her up stairs room.

After a while we all began to relax a little. My wife Jan and I felt less like we had a guest in the house and Jenna was obviously right at home. Our dress became more casual. Soon she was roaming around the house in very short shorts, often braless, and the other night came down for a snack in nothing but her t-shirt and panties. I tried not to stare...

By now she was really getting to me. I would often fantasize about seeing her nude or what it would be like to fuck her or she suck my cock. I had to show a lot of discipline to not make a move that could cause a major family problem. Jenna was not really flirting but just didn't realize that even though I'm older and her uncle, I do have desires.

She seemed oblivious to her effect on me. She didn't like bras and often when bending over would innocently expose her not real large but full, firm breasts and their pert but dark nipples. Once I thought she knew I was peaking but did not immediately cover herself.

Finally, "Ops, Uncle, I'm sorry. I should be more careful."

"Oh that's all right Jenna. You are a very attractive young lady. If I were younger, single, and not your uncle, you wouldn't have a chance. Ha!"

"You really think I'm attractive? I haven't had much time for men but do admit they are beginning to interest me. Maybe some time you could give me a good uncle to niece talk.

I could not believe what she was saying. My sweet innocent niece wanting me to talk sex to her. That hard pit in my stomach was getting harder as was that manhood between my legs.

"Well of course. I wouldn't want you to be totally inexperienced with your early dates. Have you dated much?"

"Only for big events in high school and they met nothing. If you are wondering, I am one of those rare 18-year-old virgins. Never had the time or found the right guy."

Gulp. She's now discussing her virginity.

One day while alone I couldn't help myself and entered Jenna's room. There in her closet was a pair of soiled pink bikini panties. Picking them up I gently rubbed the soft material against my face and deeply inhaled the female fragrance again and again. Then I tongued sampled. Finally, dropping my shorts, I began masturbating in them. Getting carried away, I suddenly lost it and ended up with some pink panties full of fresh cum. I was becoming obsessed with my forbidden niece.

With Jan working, I was home alone one early afternoon when unexpectedly, Jenna appears. Seems her class was cancelled and on the way home she and a couple of friends decided to celebrate with a few margaritas.

Not usually that talkative, my slightly tipsy niece proceeded to tell me about her day including how "good" the drinks made her feel. In loosening up, she blurted out how she needed to start a social life.

While I was sitting at the kitchen table, she now stood very close. With a smile she made her intentions clear. "Maybe this would be a good time to have our talk."

I just looked up, smiled and suddenly realized what could happen. This was my brother's daughter. She is a virgin and over 30 years my junior. Despite my craving to "have" her, I just shouldn't take the chance. It wasn't right.

I started to explain all these taboos and how she should learn from someone her age.

"But Uncle D, you said we could at least talk and besides I am so much more comfortable with you then guys I have been meeting at school. I know we are family and you would be good to me." Then she suggestively ran her fingers through my hair. She was so close her female fragrance became intoxicating.

This girl was not giving up! "Okay Jenna, you've been drinking and ... "I feel fine and know what I want and your it! There I said it."

"Jenna, baby, you don't know how much you turn me on but I shouldn't be the first and besides, ever hear of getting pregnant?"

"Don't you have some protection?"

"Okay my little love child. You've pushed me too far. I'll meet you in your room in a few minutes." All my discipline was suddenly gone and lust took over.

After retrieving a condom and stripping down to my boxer shorts, I was quickly at her doorway. She was relaxed on her bed legs apart, wearing only red bikini panties and bra. Oh my god, what a beautiful sight. Jenna was presenting her panty covered pussy to me in no uncertain terms and I took full advantage, lusting at her suggestive pose and smile. Through the very thin panties I could see the outline of her young slit and I also knew for sure she was a natural red head as the panties could not hide all her pussy hairs.

"Your sure?

"Oh yes Uncle D. Please do it to me now. I want it and I want you to be the first."

I stepped out of my dampening shorts. My very hard gleaming cock stood out proudly for Jenna to view.

"Oh Uncle D, it's so big. Are you sure it can fit in me?"

"We'll just have to see, but first a little adjustment."

I rolled the condom on then quickly was lying next to my hot young niece. Now at last I was experiencing this young wanton nymph. Our lips meshed together as one and tongues entwined. My knee was pressing against her pussy and she was pushing back. My finger now pulled aside her panties and began exploring her hot, tight pussy. First the moist folds, then her clit which caused Jenna to begin bucking uncontrollably, breathing heavy and shouting "what are you doing, yes, yes, right there, oh so good, don't stop."

Now I pulled my fucking finger out and found her mouth.

"Want a taste?"

"Umm, good, " as she eagerly sucked off her own female cream

"Oh Uncle D. That's so naughty. You're such a bad man."

After removing her flimsy bra, I slowly moved down her youthful firm body. First biting her neck then kissing, licking and sucking each young breast, now down to her soft heaving stomach and on to her beautiful reddish pubic hair. Jenna was moaning with pleasure and urging me on with her hands.

Now I was face to face with her womanhood still covered with those inviting, moist, red see through panties.

"Oh Uncle please stick your big hard thing in me and do it. I want it so bad."

"Not so fast my hot little niece."

I blew softly on her sex then moved down to her open thighs and began blowing and licking them. Jenna's hands tried to pull me up to her pussy, and then finally succeeded.

I slowly removed those now soppy panties and there it was- the most beautiful reddish hot young pussy I've ever seen and that's saying a lot. The outer folds were slightly swollen and moist. Carefully I spread them exposing her pinkish vagina and clitoris.

Jenna knew I was visually feasting on her beauty but soon blurted out, "now please stick your big hard penis in me, oh please."

Not to disappoint the girl, with her legs invitingly open, I was between them and positioned my cock at the entrance to her slit. Gingerly I began penetrating- thinking about her cherry. No cherry! Should have known. Jenna was a very athletic girl in high school...

Now as I slowly eased my cock into her young virgin cunt, Jenna cried out "oh it hurts, no it feels wonderful. Yes, I love your thing in me."

I began fucking her with increasing tempo. Jenna wrapped her legs tightly around me and matched my frenzied pumping with all she had. My young slut niece was moaning, crying, and screaming with joy as my hard rod plunged in and out. The sensations were doubled, she being so young and tight. Soon I could feel her tense and experience multiple orgasms. My time has also come. With a final deep plunge, I felt my cum load flood into the condom. I continued pumping for a few more minutes till I was almost totally deflated. My satisfied cock slipped out of Jenna's tight love hole with a slurpy suction sound.

Later, lying side by side, Jenna was mischievously staring at my soft cock and cum filled condom.

"I wish you had left your love seed in me. I wanted your cum to be part of me."

"Now you know why I didn't but if you really need it, it's yours."

"Oh Uncle, can I?"

Jenna now carefully removed the condom, held it up, then dropped it open end up into her mouth.

"Bet this would taste really good" as she gently sucked and pulled on it.

"Only one way to find out, Jenna."

My sweet young niece now lying on her back, turned my condom upside down. Gobs of stringy cum began dropping into her waiting mouth.

"Yummy" she exclaimed, obviously savoring every drop. Jenna squeezed the condom dry, licked the sticky remains on her lips, then swallowed.

My lips sought hers as we passionately shared our fluids of love..

I have never seen so much done with a condom. Until Jenna goes on birth control, condoms were in. Once I even fucked my wife with a condom (something different, I told her) and saved the contents. The next day I used it again on Jenna and orally shared the double load with my sex crazed niece. Much to our perverted delight, there was cum everywhere -- on her tits, stomach and pussy area and my penis. Our decadent cravings showed no limits. Later we switched to blow jobs and "box lunches at the Y". I could not believe how this ravenous young girl caught on so fast and craved more!

I do love older women, especially my wife, but an occasional taboo young niece is just what I needed for the ultimate change of pace.

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