tagFetishNight Nurse Ch. 02

Night Nurse Ch. 02


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As I have already said; I am a hero, I saved a kid. I have also told you how I met Helen.

I was laying in the hospital bed, after all not much more I could do with at least three broken bones, thinking about Helen. I was thinking about her panties and I was thinking about the great hand job she had given me.

It was about 21:00 hours when Helen popped her head around my room door, "Hey, how's my hero today then?"

"I am doing good. I had a few visitors toady that was good. Even had my flatmate bring by the book I am reading. A Matt Scudder one."

"Well good, at least you have something to do. I have a treat or two for you. I will bring them round when I stop for my lunch break."

After she had left I tried to read my book, but my mind kept going to what had happen the night before and what treat she had for me.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew was Helen was standing at the bottom of my bed.

"What time is it?"

"About one in the morning," she said. "I thought we should talk about that treat?"

"Okay. At least tell me the money you got last night was a help?"

"Yeah, a big help. I spend most of my cash on paying off the debt and things we need to live. I was able to treat myself and the kids."

"Good, so what do you have in mind" I asked.

"Well you kind of fulfilled one of my fantasies last night, but not fully. I have often thought what it would be like to sell myself."

"Well we both got something then?"

"Yea, but tonight I was thinking of going a bit further?" As Helen said this she reached into a backpack she had on the table and pulled out a small carrier bag. She opened it up and inside I could see some cloth or something like that wrapped in clear plastic. "I was thinking £250. I give you what is in the bag, plus a BJ."

"Well that depends on what is in the bag?"

"Oh this?" She said as she walked up the left side of the bed. She took the carrier bag and upended it. Out fell three zip lock bags. In the top one I could make out the panties Helen had on last night. The one under it I could just make a black G-string. I moved the top two over and saw what looked like another cotton pair. These I could see were a solid baby pink pair.

"You like?" Helen asked.

"Yeah, I like a lot, are they worn?"

"Yes by me. After last night I went home and dug some worn knickers out of my washing basket. I thought you might like them?"

"Well this is well worth £250."

"I have something else." With that Helen hiked up her dress. I saw she had on pair of pink, red and white striped cotton panties, these were on over black crotchless tights.

"Wow, that looks so sexy. Would you mind opening the zip lock bags, please?"

After Helen had opened the bag for me she pulled down my bed clothes. She then pulled my cock out of my PJs for the second time. She started to play with my cock. I brought the pair Helen had on yesterday. I could smell her scent. A heady mix of her pussy juice and stale pee.

"These smell great, I thought you was just trying to get me yesterday when you said they had run out of toilet paper."

"Well not only did I get them damp twice, as well as not being able to wipe after peeing I also had a wank when I got home. I was soaked after, just thinking about what did yesterday gets me damp."

"What about the others two?"

"You're an eager beaver. Why not sniff them and try to work out what I have done in them, in the meantime I will show you what I can do, huh?"

With that Helen leaned over and slid my cock into her mouth. I could feel her tongue sliding over the head of my cock. I watched as all of my dick vanished into her sexy mouth. If I said this was one of the best blow jobs I have ever had, it would be an understatement.

I picked up the black G-string and sniffed. This pair was different, all I could really pick up on was the scent of her pussy. I lay back breathing in Helen's scent and watched as her head bobbed up and down. This whole this was mind blowing.

After a short time I picked up the pink pair. I put the crotch to my nose and took a deep breath. This pair was different somehow. I could feel my groin begging to tighten. I started to pant. Helen just looked up at me. I could see the lust in her blue eyes. She gave me a wink as she slide down my cock.

With that I felt myself start to cum. I watched as Helen swallowed as much as she could. When I was done Helen sat back up, and licked her lips. "You taste good. Not all guys taste that nice. So did you work it out yet?"

"I think so, but I am not really that sure. The ones you had on yesterday, had mainly your cum in and a bit of pee. The black thong was just cum, and the pink pair well I am not really sure, but I know it was not so much cum or pee."

"Well you're a smart lad aren't you? The G-string I wore to a male strip club with some friends. Got pretty wet that night. As for the pink pair I wore them on my day off a few days ago. Amongst other thing I went to my fitness club, got pretty sweaty there. I know what you're thinking, I go there with my sister and she pays for me to go."

Helen then got up, straightened her dress out, and picked up the panties. She lent over me and gave me a long wet French kiss.

"Pick a pair," she said when she was done.

"The one's you had on yesterday". She left that one behind and picked up the others, soon she was packed up.

"You know you are one hell of a sexy man". With that she left, leaving me to think about her and her knickers.

The end.

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