tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNight of Horror, Night of Love

Night of Horror, Night of Love


"Dan, we just have to do something about our sex life. We have done the Saturday night missionary position for thirty years now, and I need a change. I want more loving in our marriage. I want some variety in what we do and maybe even where we do it. Can you understand, Dan? I am just utterly bored," I said. It took all that I had in me to start this conversation. We were riding along the river toward a restaurant for our regular Saturday night out. I was so discontented with life that I could have screamed. In the beginning I was conservative, as were most of the girls who were raised in the 50's. Attitudes had changed since then however, and I wanted more. Dan on the other hand was content with our fifteen minutes on Saturday night; provided nothing came up to prevent it. I, on the other hand, was no longer hindered by the possibility of pregnancy, and with the help of hormones I had overcome the hardships of menopause. I was ready to live.

"What are you talking about Nancy," Dan replied. "I thought things were going along great."

"They are, but this is not enough. I am tired of hearing how other women enjoy sex and multiple orgasms. I want that too. Can't you understand that?" I replied passionately.

"Just what is it that you want?" Dan asked.

I hesitated because I didn't want to shock him too much, but I was overcome with passion about the subject and blurted, "I want sex often and long. I want it in exciting places, and I want oral sex. I am tired of masturbating. I want the real thing, and I want it to start tonight."

"I don't know if I can do oral," he answered. "I might get sick or something. I think you are loosing your mind. Why can't things stay the same? What do you mean masturbating? You don't really do that, do you?"

"Of course I do," I answered. "It is the only thing I can do to keep from being horny all of the time. You have got to try for me, Dan. I just can't go on without more good sex from you than we have had."

"I have heard of women going sex crazy after menopause, but I never thought that you would be one of those," he retorted.

"Wake up Dan. We are caught up in all of those old Victorian beliefs with which we grew up. It's time to shake off those restraints and have a life, a sexual life I mean," I explained.

Just ahead there was a barricade. It wasn't a normal barricade, only cones, and a man with no uniform who was motioning us to turn down a side street.

"What is the matter," Dan asked the man. I thought that it was a little strange that a policeman was not at the barricade, but I dismissed the thought.

The road is blocked ahead, and you have to detour" the man advised. "The route is marked, and you will be able to get downtown that way."

We turned right and went about two streets only to be met by another set of cones leaving a left-hand turn as our only option. This was a bad neighborhood. There were old and dilapidated row homes surrounded by closed stores and warehouses. There were no streetlights, so it was really dark. "I don't like this," Dan said. "I think I will turn around___" He stopped in mid sentence as another car approached from behind. "Oh well, I guess we turn. At least we have company."

Mid-way down the block a car pulled out from the curb to block our passage.

"Dan, I am scarred," I said.

"Me too," he replied. A large man black man approached, so Dan put our car in reverse, but the car behind us blocked our way.

"Get out of the car," the man ordered.

"No!" exclaimed Dan. A huge hand reached through the window and grabbed Dan by the throat.

"Get the fuck out of the car, or I will smash your face and hurt the woman," the man growled.

Dan reached in his coat pocket and took out his wallet. "Here, take it all, and let us go," Dan pleaded.

"We want you," the man said. "We will get your money too, later. Dan opened the door and got out. "You too bitch." I complied. There was no choice.

As we were being led into a vacant house I saw our car being removed from the street. It was a dirty condemned place. There were gas cans lined against the wall, and people standing around glaring at us. The only light came from several Coleman lanterns. We were led to the second floor of the old house, and Dan was ushered into one room while I was lead to another. The man began to strip my clothing as I sobbed. He took special pains to feel my breasts and pinch my nipples as my clothing was being removed. "Um, nice tits, babe. A little small, but no sag. No belly either. How old are you?" he asked.

"Fifty-three," I answered.

He spread my legs and traced my pussy with his finger. He tried to push in, but I was too dry. " Doesn't look too used, and a thick bush too, but we will fix that." he commented. "You will do alright!"

He handed me a disposable cup that contained some sort of alcoholic drink with two pills floating in it. "Here," the man said "drink this." I shook my head no, but he pushed my head back and held my nose. I had no option other than to swallow. Actually it tasted rather good, but it was unlike anything that I had had previously.

Free of my clothing I was pushed to the floor and pillows were placed under the small of my back and my head. A girl entered the room with a pail of water and a bag that held unidentified contents. They blindfolded me, and the girl advised, "Wiggle, and you will get cut." I felt something wet on my vulva and realized that they were going to shave me. I cried as they started, but I soon came to realize that it really felt good. I moaned as she traced my slit. When she was done she kissed my pussy and said, "That really looks good. Now let's go to see your husband." I was relaxing, as I felt the beginnings of wetness start to form between my legs. God I thought I can't like this. The blindfold was removed as I was led out of the room.

"You will do nicely," the man said. "I hope you like to fuck because you are going to get plenty." Tears started to pour down my cheeks as the realization of what was going to happen finally sank into my brain.

I was sobbing uncontrollably as I was led into the room that Dan occupied. He was on his knees next to a mat with his hands tied behind him and then tied to his feet. There was a little blood at the corner of his mouth and his eye was swollen. He must have been beaten!

There were more loose ropes against the wall so I knew what was coming. The girl stayed with us as the man exited. She looked into my eyes and advised, "My name is Monique. If you listen to me, and cooperate everything will be ok. If you don't then your husband will be hurt for each defiant or disobedient act you perform. She sounded too well educated for this kind of gang, but I really didn't understand that mentality anyway. "Do you understand."

I don't know why but I had started having feelings for this girl. "Yes," I answered. "Why are you doing this?"

"Initiation," was her only answer. She pushed me to the mat and made me roll onto my back. Another man joined the group and drove large nails into the floor about two feet beyond the reach of my outstretched arms and legs. They spread me open and tied me to the spikes.

One of the men dropped his pants and approached me. I was scarred because I was still too dry for this, and I knew that it was really going to hurt. "Lube up some first," Monique said.

"What do I care about this white cunt," the man replied.

"If you tear her up she won't be any good for the rest of the guys," she advised. She reached into her purse, retrieved a tube of KY, and approached the man. She rubbed some of its contents onto his growing cock. "There, didn't that feel good?" she asked.

Without answering he approached me and stabbed me with his tool. He was brutal with his stroke, obviously trying to hurt me, but the lube made him slide in easily. In a few minutes he groaned, and I felt his sperm jet into my tunnel. There were two more in line for me, and each performed the same as the first. But things began to change for me as a tingle started deep in my womb. I started to feel wetter as my body responded. God don't let this happen. Don't let me get to like it I thought, but there was no way for me to control my natural reaction. I started pushing back as the third man filled me.

The man who undressed me then approached. "The bitch is starting to respond," he said.

"Make her cum," the Monique replied.

I looked at Dan and was astonished to see his cock hardening. I understood that his body was responding to the stimuli just as mine had, and I hoped he understood what was happening to me. "Does my husband have to watch this?" I cried.

Monique smiled at me and released my hands from their bonds. "Humiliation is half of the fun. Be good now," she said, as she released my hands lay them at my sides.

I looked at the man, now undressed, and saw a cock at least twice as big as Dan's. I cringed as I wondered how I was going to take that giant thing. It must have been ten inches long and as big around as a cucumber. As he touched my opening Monique stepped over me and squatted over my face.

"Eat my cunt, bitch," Monique commanded.

"Please don't make me do that," I protested. "I am not a lesbian."

"I told you to cooperate, " she said, and with that one of the men hit Dan in the face. He fell backward, and I heard his head crash on the hard floor. They then pulled Dan back on to his knees.

I looked up into Monique's pussy and took a breath as I prepared to lick her. As her musky aroma filled my nostrils, I felt a twitch between my legs. This isn't bad I thought; it is exciting. Eagerly I reached and licked her slit from the top to her anus and back. I pushed my tongue between her lips, into her hole, and I was rewarded with a drop of her juice on my tongue. I wish I had known how nice this was all along I thought. I began to lick ravenously, and I sucked on her clit. She began rocking and smearing her tasty pussy all over my face.

Slowly I felt the huge cock push into my hole, and I pushed eagerly to help him get it in. My cuntal walls stretched to accommodate his size, but instead of hurting it felt terrific. My hips started undulating under his weight, but I no longer controlled them. I was fucking back, and my cunt was in control of my body. Slowly he pumped in and out. I writhed in ecstasy as the wonderful sensation of impending fulfillment consumed my being. Now I was fucking as hard as I could. I was at the edge.

The hips above my face continued to rock feverishly as I licked and sucked. I was loud. My moans and groans could be heard though out the house. The slurping could be heard in the next room. If there was any doubt in the beginning there wasn't now, I was really enjoying this. I sucked her juice into my mouth and swallowed as I if had been doing this all of my life. Then Monique clutched my head with her legs as her groan changed to a shriek. My mouth filled with her sweet cum as she her orgasm shook her core.

She rose slightly to let me breath, and my moans changed to scream. "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, God I want to cum. Make me cum. Oh, yes, yes, yes, Ahhhh, owwww, ahhh, yes, yes God it's so good!" I screamed. He kept pumping and the volcano inside me erupted again, and again and again. I was out of my mind with passion as my orgasms swept through my body. Finally I felt the man's cock expand and twitch in my cunt as he erupted into me. I felt his warm sticky goo fill my every crevice and run back out and down my ass crack. I exploded again as the shock waves of delight coursed through my soul.

I tried not to smile as I looked at Dan, but I couldn't conceal my joy. I had been fucked like never before. They made me feel like a wanted woman for the first time in years. I looked at Dan's penis as it was starting to shrink. There was a puddle in front of him, and I knew that he had cum while watching me get raped. For the first time I realized how puny my husband's cock was. It was tiny and thin compared to the others that I had tonight. I felt sorry for Dan as I tried to understand his embarrassment.

A girl that I hadn't seen before entered and offered me a drink and a pill. I swallowed hard before realizing that I was chugging whisky. I was brought another and another along with more pills until they began to have the desired effect on me. They had given Dan some too, and then they then left Dan and I alone.

"I'm sorry, honey. I love you," I said.

"Fuck you," he replied. I had never heard him use that word before this.

Another girl appeared in the doorway and announced, " I am Jameer, and we are going to prepare you for your next honor. You get to fuck Charles." She had a bowl with water, and she started to bathe me. When the bath was completed she freed my legs and smiled.

She looked at Dan and commanded, "Lick her pussy clean, and be sure to get out all of the cum. Charles is coming, and I want him to find a nice clean cunt. Make sure you don't let her cum, but keep her on the edge for us." She continued to wash me and then kissed my lips. Dan was slow to start, but licking my pussy must have excited him. He really got into it. He licked my slit from the top to my buttocks and sucked hard to remove the cum. He even licked my thighs to remove the last of the dried semen that was crusted there.

A huge man entered the room. He was at least six foot six, and he must have weighed over 250 pounds. His muscles rippled under his shinny skin, and they bulged in all of the right places. He moved toward me and opened his fly. Out fell the most impressive cock in the world. He was breathtaking. It was maybe ten inches long, and it had not yet begun to harden. It was thick, even thicker than the cucumber I had before. It looked like it would split me in two, but I wanted it in me. I wanted him to fill my vagina and cum for me. Dan was still licking, and I almost came just thinking about it. But Dan stopped just in time.

The magnificent one moved to my head and kissed me deeply. I responded by dueling with my tongue. He licked and kissed my breasts, and my nipples hardened as if they were about to explode. He placed his beautiful manhood against my cheek, and I opened my mouth to devour it. "Oh God, it is so nice!" I exclaimed as I swirled my tongue around the huge head. I wrapped my arms around his body and pulled him close. The odor of his manhood was intoxicating. I took his gigantic balls into my mouth and gently sucked them as they rolled around my tongue. I felt something between my legs, and then felt someone licking my sopping cunt. I took him back into my mouth and pumped slowly "Ummmmmm," I groaned. "It's soooo nice. Your cock is wonderful."

He reached full hardness in a few minutes and then he stepped away. It was Jameer at my pussy, and she had really primed me. She stepped up to straddle my face and squatted. It was awful. There was dried cum stuck in her thick bush, and a little fresh cum leaking out of her swollen, well-used cunt. I thought I would throw up, as she lowered herself onto my lips. As she rocked, and I licked I began to enjoy this perverted act. I began licking and sucking hard to make her cum for me.

Again there was a presents between my legs, and I felt something pressing against my opening. I turned my head to the side and cried, " Please be gentle. I have never had one that big. I want it. I want it soooo much, but please be gentle. He pushed in a little, and I opened for him. The girl was back at my mouth, and she was ready to cum. He pushed in about two inches, and I erupted. The orgasm was the hardest that I had ever had. I writhed and shook as the waves of pleasure reverberated through my body. Before I finished the girl at my face came, and she smashed my face with her cunt. Her sweet juice only enhanced my feelings, as I enjoyed the moment.

The man slowly continued to enter my vagina, and I stretched for him. It hurt a little, but it was a good hurt. In and out he pushed and pulled driving in a little more with each thrust. I came again and again even before he was fully inside. When I felt his pubic hair against my bare skin I exploded again. The girl got off as I screamed with delight, "Oh God, fuck me, fuck me. You are soooooo good. It feels soooo wonderful. Fuck me. Fuck me."

He kept driving his tool into my nest producing several more orgasms, and then I felt him stiffen more as he exploded into me. His huge load of warm sticky man juice filled me, and I erupted again. My fingers and toes went numb, and my brain went dark. I guess I had had more pleasure than I could stand.

In a few minutes he pulled out, and I felt his load leaking out of my hole. "Clean me up," he demanded as he pushed his cock to my mouth.

"I will be honored," I answered. "Ummmmmmm, it tastes soooo good."

As the Charles and Jameer got dressed and walked away, I looked at my forgotten Dan. He had a distant look on his face. No expression was apparent, but he didn't look angry either. No words were spoken as I took his hard cock in my hand to give him release. I pumped him faster and faster until his juice spilled on the floor.

Monique came back in the room and said, "That's all for tonight. You have a big day tomorrow, so go to sleep. I have brought your clothes for you to use as a pillow."

"What is going to happen tomorrow," I asked fearing the answer.

"Your husband will have to go get some money, a lot of money judging from your credit cards. We are hiring you out for all comers so prepare for more fucking than you have ever had in one day," she answered.

" Twice is more than I have ever had in one day. What are the pills that you've been slipping me," I asked.

"That are something to help you enjoy the sex. I really don't want them to hurt you so I have tried to help you put on a better show," she stated. "Good night."

How could I have a good night? I had been retied with my arms and legs spread, and Dan was on his side with his legs and hands bound together. She had turned out the lantern, and it was really dark. I hoped that there were no rats.


My sleep was fretful, and I really hurt from having been tied for the night. Dan's legs were cramped too. The sun shown through the window, but it didn't cheer me. The Monique entered the room with a donut and a glass of whiskey for breakfast. She also gave another of those pills, which I took willingly. I wished I'd known what they were.

"Could you let us up to stretch some, "I begged. "I really hurt, and Dan does too."

"I am not supposed to, but maybe I can for a minute", she answered. She untied me and rubbed my arms and legs. As I walked around she released Dan's legs and let him up too. I guessed that she would not take the chance involved with the release of his arms.

I could hear a lot of voices outside the door and asked, "Am I going to have to fuck all of them?"

"Most", she answered. "Here is what is going to happen. I am going with your man to get money, and you will stay here and fuck. Try to do as well as yesterday, but expect a lot more action. You will have to suck dicks and swallow cum and eat pussies too. You will get fucked every where a cock will go. I have asked the other girls to make sure you are lubed so it will not hurt too much. Have you ever been fucked in the ass?"

"No," I answered.

"You will today, so expect it. Try to relax and don't fight. It won't hurt as bad that way," she advised. "Dan, get dressed, we have work to do." Then she whispered to Nancy, "You will not be hurt, at least until we get back, as long as you cooperate fully. Ask no questions, and just do as you are told. Understand?"

"Yes," I answered meekly.

As she lead Dan out of the room a group was ushered in. They all undressed and got ready for action, as a second group waited outside. They untied my hands and legs so that I could change positions as commanded.

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