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Nighttime Visitor


It was a hot mid-Missouri night. Stickiness of the humid air clung to Jayme's pale skin. Her thick, red curls bounced as she meandered through the darkness toward her apartment in the neighborhood close to the university she attended.

She stumbled a few times, from having one too many drinks with her friends. It was even hotter inside her home. She made her way through a mountain of clothes on her bedroom floor — still not put away from Thursday's laundromat trip — and then threw open her window. She didn't have enough energy to turn off her light; instead, she flung herself onto her bed before she could even change out of her black sundress. She entered a dreamy haze of alcohol-induced sleep in minutes.

Although her blinds were closed, it wasn't hard to see in her window if someone were close enough. Terrance had an equally epic night, as he and his fraternity brothers used whiskey to celebrate winning the school's step competition. He was close enough to Jayme's window to take notice of the 22-year-old girl laying on her stomach on her bed.

He looked around, not seeing a soul in sight at 4:30 a.m. and then moved closer to the window to get a better view.

Jayme's back moved up and down as she breathed deep, regular breaths. The soles of her feet were dirty, presumably for losing her shoes at some point during the night. Her legs were slightly separated, but Terrance couldn't see anything indecent. Her dress had risen up her legs, exposing the back of her milky thighs. He tried to crouch down to see if he could get a glimpse of her ass, but he lost his balance in doing so.

After dusting off his jeans and standing up again, he took better notice of her ample ass. She wasn't slender, by any means, he thought as he took in the curve of her hips, but she was small enough to take up less than a third of her full-sized bed.

As Terrance continued to stare, his cock started to harden in his dark denim pants. As he reached into Jayme's room to pull the blinds apart a little more, Jayme rolled over. He ducked out of the window, afraid that he had awakened her and waited for two full minutes before standing up again. When he felt the coast was clear, he stood up again and peeked in. She had flipped over on her back, with on leg akimbo to the other. He could see farther up her creamy thighs, but still couldn't see enough.

As his eyes wandered up her body, his cock became rock hard at the sight of her breast. Large globes, practically falling out of her dress met his eyes. He knew he had to get closer.

Even in his drunkenness, Terrance knew he was doing something very wrong. He was going to break into this stranger's bedroom. If he were to get caught, he would surely go to jail, but the whiskey made it seem like that was worth it.

He looked around once more, licked his lips and pushed himself up to the windowsill. He held the mini-blinds in the room, squeezing in onto her desk. He crawled in the rest of the way, and then let the blinds fall back to the window, swinging in the cool breeze. He crept toward Jayme.

He could smell the alcohol on her and cigarettes, as well as a sweet scent of perfume. He felt like he had never smelled something as intoxicating. He tiptoed around her clothes and stood next to her bed.

Up close he could see a tiny part of her areola peeking out of her dress. She was so pale it was hard to distinguish her areolas from the rest of her skin, but he was sure he saw a glimpse. He also saw her face, eye makeup smudged a tiny bit. She had a handful of freckles on her nose, and large lips for a white girl. His cock was throbbing now.

He leaned forward and twirled a single, soft curl in his fingertips. He squeezed his cock through his jeans and a low, barely audible moan escaped his lips. Jayme turned again, in her sleep. She rotated her body onto her left side, bringing her arm up underneath her head as an acting pillow.

Terrance froze as this happened, terrified of the consequences. When it was clear she was still sleeping, his hands became a little braver. Now, he touched her thigh, as lightly as possible. Her smooth legs felt hot to the touch, still shining from the heat.

His hand trailed up over her calf and up her thigh. He wanted to rip off her clothes. He wanted to get on top of her and shove his cock deep in her pussy. He wanted to suck and lick and fondle her 36D tits.

But no amount of whiskey could justify it.

She felt the tickle of his touch creep up her thigh in her sleep. She moved her leg away sharply, the momentum causing her to roll onto her back. She brought the soles of her feet together, splaying her legs open wide.

Terrance moved to the foot of the bed to try to look at her pussy. He crouched down to be on her same level and looked up her sundress. Her pussy was completely shaven. Pale white lips, with bright pink flesh on the inside. He moved his head as close he could without touching her to try to catch a whiff, but couldn't smell a thing.

As silently as he could, Terrance unzipped his jeans and pulled his eight inch cock out. He rubbed the tip of it, feeling the precum that had left a wet spot on his jeans. He ran his hands up each of her legs this time, a little firmer as not to tickle her.

As slowly as he could handle, he inched his way up her legs, moving to her inner thighs. He lightly rubbed her labia and after a minute, it begun to open for him. He could see her small clit.

He rubbed his cock with one hand, while his left hand explored the outside of her pussy.

Terrance began to wonder how drunk this girl was.

"How much could he get away with before she woke up? And if she did wake up would she be coherent enough to call the police?" he questioned silently in his mind.

The whiskey took over again, convincing him that she was too far gone, that she wouldn't wake up for anything. He began to rub the outside of her pussy harder, snaking his fingers beyond her lips to feel her heat.

He probed pussy, penetrating her with his finger, but just a quarter of an inch. Her pale skin looked even sexier with his finger inside her.

Terrance moaned again, and then feeling her get wetter, he pushed his finger in farther.

Jayme echoed his moan; Terrance froze in terror.

Again, Jayme didn't wake up. Instead she squirmed slightly with Terrance's index finger inside her. Then she lay motionless once again.

The whiskey began to infect Terrance's brain more now. Mixed with her intoxicating scent, he couldn't hold himself back any longer. He stood up and stripped out of his Echo t-shirt and baggy jeans. He climbed on top of the bed, without trying to shake the mattress too much.

He lightly pulled Jayme's legs apart farther and squeezed between them. He rubbed his dark cock on her pussy. Every time it rubbed against her clit, Jayme let out a soft moan.

He positioned herself at her entrance, teasing her hole slightly, teasing himself more. He was at the tipping point. The point of no return. If Jayme wasn't drunk beyond oblivion, there was no way she wouldn't wake up the moment he slid inside her.

Terrance was thick and long. And by the way the entrance of her hole clung to his cock, he knew that she would be a tight fit. He didn't second guess it.

With one quick stroke, he filled her completely.

Jayme's eyes flew open at the invasion. At the same time, she groaned as Terrance's thick cock stretched her.

Jayme looked at Terrance, panic-stricken.

He knew he couldn't freak out now. His only option was to convince her that she brought him home. He flexed his hips, still inside her, the tip of his cock teasing her pussy. And then slowly retreated, pulling his cock all the way out of her and rubbing the head of his cock on her clit.

"Do you like that, baby?" He asked as he circled her clit with the head of his cock. He slowly entered her again, taking his time filling her up.

"Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic," he silently chanted in his head. He didn't know if he was praying that she wouldn't panic or trying to tell himself to remain calm.

Jayme still had a look of confusion on her face, but Terrance leaned down and licked the sweat off her neck. As his tongue lashed her neck and his cock moved hit rock bottom of her stretched pussy, Jayme moaned.

When she had first awoke, her mind raced trying to figure out where this man had come from. He was clearly another university student, but she didn't remember anyone coming home with her. She didn't even remember meeting or flirting with anyone at the bars. But as he continued to work his cock in and out of her pussy, she gave up trying to remember. She let herself accept that she must of brought him home and the alcohol caused her to forget.

Her dress was pooled at her waist now. Terrance knelt at the foot of her bed, rotating his hips, so his cock swirled inside her. He had a hand on her stomach, his thumb playing with her hard, little clit. Jayme writhed on the bed with pleasure.

She relaxed, closing her eyes halfway.

"Does that feel good, baby?" Terrance asked again.

Jayme drunkenly nodded.

Terrance went buck wild at Jayme's small acquiescence. He quickened his pace, sawing at her pussy. And pounding into her as hard as he could.

Jayme threw her arms around Terrance's back and flexed her hips upwards to meet his thrusts. The tip of his cock hit her cervix, causing a delightful feeling that Jayme had never experienced.

Terrance sat her up quickly, and holding her against his body with one hand, his cock still inside her, he used his other hand to pull her dress up and off her. As he laid her back down, he thrust into her -- hard. The weight of his chest landed on her own, crushing her tits between them.

Terrance could feel her small pencil-eraser-like nipples rubbing against his chest. He pulled out of her and attacked her tits with his mouth. Sucking one nipple and then the other, his hands were everywhere, rubbing, pinching, grabbing and gently slapping her breasts.

Jayme was moaning without any inhibitions now. She knew her window was open, and she wasn't sure if her roommates were home, but she couldn't have kept quiet if she wanted to. As he continued to manipulate her tits, her whole body began to tingle. Anywhere, he touched, licked or sucked, it felt like her nerve endings were sending jolts of electricity throughout her entire body.

He guided her over onto her stomach, slapping her ass as she rose up onto her hands and knees. She yelped a little. No man had ever slapped her ass before. But as he caressed the pink spot where he had hit her, she realized she didn't mind the pain.

"Do it again," she whispered.

He slapped her ass again, the other cheek this time. She moaned, expecting the sting this time.

He thrust his cock into her, reaching underneath her to play with her swaying breasts as she fucked him. Soon her pace was not quick enough for him, and he grabbed her hips, holding her movements still and fucked her as hard and fast as he could.

His balls swung forward, making a slapping sound against her cunt, as he fucked her. Her nipples rubbed against the rough cotton sheet, and she played with her clit with one hand as he continued to pound into her.

"I'm going to cum," she announced, in a series of breathless words.

"Yeah, baby. I want you to cum all over my cock," Terrance said.

Those words were enough to bring Jayme over the edge. Her body collapsed onto the bed, as her orgasm ripped through her body. Terrance continued to fuck her, straddling her thighs, and sliding between her closed legs. Her pussy convulsed around his cock, squeezing it tighter as it throbbed in the same rhythm of her racing heartbeat.

On his dark cock you could see remnants of her cum.

When Jayme had regained her breath, she rolled over, bringing her knees up to her chest.

Terrance continued to thrust into her, his balls rising up tight against his body. He was close to his orgasm.

As she worked her Kegels to grip his cock, he lost control. He pulled out quickly, grunting, as he came all over her clit and pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock against her cum-covered clit, as it softened. He collapsed on top of her and they shared a long kiss -- their first of the night -- until Terrance rolled off of her.

Jayme rolled over, putting her back to Terrance. She scooted backwards until he was spooning her, rubbing her ass into his cock.

Terrance wanted to fall asleep with her like this. He wanted to hold her while he dreamed, but was too afraid of the questions that might ensue in the morning.

As soon as he was sure Jayme was asleep, he untangled his legs from hers and slowly dressed as he watched her tits heave with the deep breaths of her sleep. Leaving the same way he came in, he shut her open window on the way out.

He didn't want anyone else to come upon his sleeping angel and commit the same crime.

She was his now.

He just had to find a way to convince her of the same.

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