tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNikki's Initiation

Nikki's Initiation


I stood at the end of the walkway leading up to the house where it all happened. I stared at the closed door and wondered if I was crazy for being here again. I knew I should just leave before someone noticed me. But I just couldn't bring myself to walk away.


I'm a network admin for a trucking company. My shift is from 8:00 P.M. to 5:00 A.M., Sunday through Thursday. Maintenance and cleaning is always gone by 10:00 P.M. I'm alone in the offices after that.

My name is Nikki. I'm 20 years old, 5' 4", 137 pounds, slightly busty with medium length, natural red hair. And until last weekend, I was naïve as hell—at least about my own sexuality.

Tony works in maintenance and cleaning. He had been hitting on me regularly for about a month. He was kind of cute, so I finally decided to go out with him. On our third date, he took me to an action flick with a couple of raunchy sex scenes, which I guess got me a little turned on. So we wound up at his apartment.

Now, it's not that I was a prude or anything, but like I said, I was naïve… and inexperienced. I had only been with two other guys. I always insisted on a condom. And I'd never had a guy in my mouth before. So when Tony asked, I was a little hesitant. But he pressed it and I figured, what that hell, I'm a big girl.

With Tony's direction, I gave him my first blowjob. It didn't go very well, though. He expected me to swallow his load. But I didn't know what to expect. So when he came, I gagged, strangled and blew it all over his lap. He laughed it off and said, "Girl! You need some practice."

We fooled around some more, broke out a condom, got laid, and that was that. He asked me out again the following weekend; which was last weekend.

Bob and Eddie were a couple of guys Tony knew from a previous job. They rented a house together and liked to party a lot. Eddie was in his late twenties and Bob, his mid to late thirties. They were throwing a party and would have booze, beer and maybe some smoke. Tony was invited and told to bring a date.

We arrived at the party around six o'clock Saturday evening. Tony introduced me to everyone there. Some girl named Cassandra was the only other female. She had come with her boyfriend, Tim. Eddie and another guy they called "Spunker" were obviously jocks. From the way they were built and by the way they carried on, I figured they must have played football together in high school. Or maybe big, dumb jock guys are just like that.

I grabbed a beer and tried to strike up a conversation with Cassandra. But she was already too blitzed to form complete sentences, so that didn't go very far. It wasn't long before Eddie dragged me into the midst of a guy huddle. Tony had been telling Eddie and Bob about his new heartthrob—me. And they wanted to know more. So I described my boring life of the past couple of years and mused about my plans for the next couple.

I guess I was quite thoroughly boring the living hell out of them. Because in the middle of my exposé, Bob broke out a joint, a really nice, fat bastard, too! It wasn't long before Tim and Cassandra joined us. Soon, other guests arrived. Some of them joined us for a toke as well.

Normally I don't smoke that much pot. But so far, this party was shaping up to be about as exciting as a Mother Goose recital. And I knew that a good ol' reefer buzz could be counted on to lower my threshold of entertainment. The thing is, I wasn't getting that much. In fact, as I watched for it to come around, I noticed that Bob and Tony were clearly getting the lion's share of the smoke. Well, at least I got enough of a buzz to laugh at their dumb jokes.

We moved to the living room. Most of the crowd started playing quarters while some of us watched and laughed. Occasionally another joint would make the rounds. By 8:30, Tony was pass out cold in a chair by the front door. His arms dangled over each side. A beer can lay in his lap where it had tipped over and emptied itself into his crotch. A string of drool dangled from his open mouth.

"Prick," I grumbled at him, silently promising myself that this was our last date. Apparently, Eddie overheard my complaint.

"Whaz da problum there, sweet Nikki?" he quizzed me, trying to be cute about it.

I stood with my hands on my hips glaring at my date-wanna-be, who had just begun to snore. I looked around at Eddie and gestured at Tony with one hand. Eddie sat on the end of the couch where he had been watching others trying to drop a quarter into a glass of whiskey before the whiskey dropped them. He patted the couch next to where he sat. I plopped down onto it beside him, folding my arms over my chest.

"Asshole takes me on a date and then passes out," I explained, still glaring at Tony. "Hell, I was lookin' forward to… a little——." My statement trailed off into silence and I never finished it. I shook my head and looked at Eddie.

Eddie raised his arms over his head and stretched then hooked his hands behind his head and grinned at me. I quickly picked up his musky scent. He wasn't wearing cologne or aftershave, which I dislike anyway. And it wasn't body odor either. It was just him; his natural "guy-smell." And it was a turn-on.

"If ummm… ya wanna… little," he said nodding his head toward a closed door behind us. "That's my room back there."

"Would serve the prick right," I mumbled, still bitching about Tony.

I was just miffed enough and just buzzed enough that the notion was appealing to me. And so what if Eddie was a big dumb jock. It's not like he was proposing marriage.

I felt his arm slide gently around me. He pulled me closer, closing the few inches that had been between us. Now the musky scent of his pheromones enshrouded and overwhelmed me. Yes, I'll fuck Eddie!

"Let's do it," I softly whispered to him.

I looked around the room as we stood up together. Two more guys had passed out, as had Cassandra. The rest of the crowd was still engrossed in yet another drinking game. Eddie and I slipped off to his bedroom. He opened the door and we stepped inside. Eddie glanced back into the living room one last time then quietly pulled the door shut behind us.

I backed away from him toward the bed, pulling off my gray T-shirt and giving him my sexiest "let's fuck like bunnies" look. Between being mildly high and my level of arousal, I gave no thought to a condom.

Eddie chuckled as he walked toward me, ripping his own shirt off and tossing it onto the dresser. I bit my lower lip and let my shirt drop to the floor.

"You really wanna fuck, doncha, baby," Eddie said rhetorically. "I hope you're ready for this."

"Do me," I said softly, almost as a challenge.

I unfastened my blue jeans and began to wiggle out of them while kicking my tennis shoes off.

He had reached me now and at around six feet, he towered over me. I kissed his chest then his lips. His tongue slipped into my mouth while he reached around me and unfastened my bra. He pulled it off of me and let it drop beside my shirt. My jeans had fallen to my knees. I stopped wiggling my ass as he grasped my breasts in his hands. He squeezed them, just enough that it tingled more than hurt. Oh God, I was wet!

He slid his hands away from my boobs and to my sides then down my sides to my hips. He knelt down, pushing my panties to my ankles along with my jeans while kissing my trimmed bush just above my clit. I stepped out of my jeans and panties. He removed my socks as I raised each foot. I was completely naked.

He gently pushed me back until I reached the bed. I sat on its edge. Then he stood up, unfastened his jeans and pushed them down with his briefs. His cock bobbed right in front of my face, curving up slightly. It was a good seven inches long and about two inches thick. His balls were the size of two lemons.

A small opaque drop of fluid had oozed its way to the opening. I leaned forward and licked it off. It had an odd taste I can't describe, but I liked it. I felt him caress the back of my head then run his fingers into my hair. I took his cock in my right hand then slid it into my mouth.

I was determined not to repeat the mistake of my first blowjob, so I resolved to be ready to swallow him when he came. I started bobbing my head up and down on him. He moaned a couple of times and told me how good it was. Then he told me to stop. I looked up at him, letting his dick slide out of my mouth.

"I don't wanna cum in your mouth," he said. "I wanna cum in your pussy. Lay back on the bed."

I squirmed onto the bed while he finished removing his pants. He climbed onto the bed with me. I lay back as he crawled toward me on his hands and knees. I spread my legs for him and he climbed onto me, holding himself over me on his arms. Oh that smell! I honestly had never before noticed how much I liked it, wanted it; how much it made me want to fuck.

I felt his dick bobbing around my bush, leaving its fluid on my thighs as it bumped into them. I reached down and took it in my right hand and guided it to my opening. He slid its head just inside of me and stared into my face.

"Get ready for the fuckin' o' your life," he said with a sinister grin.

In one smooth, single movement, he slid that entire, sweet, beautiful piece of meat into me, burying it deep within my pussy until his pelvis was pressed firmly against mine. I moaned and he grunted.

"Ooo, you are new to this, aren'cha," he said, apparently finding my fresh pussy tight.

Suddenly, he shoved himself back, rolling onto his knees while grabbing my hips. He pulled me back with him, keeping me firmly pressed against his pelvis; his cock deeply imbedded within me. I'm sure my eyes were as big as my ass and I remember my mouth falling open. I was a little in shock and wondered what the hell he was going to do to me.

Holding me firmly by the cheeks of my ass, he began to hammer the absolute shit out of me, pounding into me hard! Oh, it was good. But I was so startled, all I could do was lay there staring at him while he horse-fucked me. This went on for about a minute and a half.

Suddenly he stiffened up and thrust forward. His cock began twitching inside of me. Even his balls seemed to throb against my ass while he shot his thick, hot sperm into me. He spurted three distinct bursts of hot fluid inside my pussy. I felt as though his cock was claiming my cunt for its very own.

He slumped forward over me and moaned. His head hung as though he was staring at what he had just done. Then he looked up at me, snickered and pulled out. His softening rod made a slurping sound as it withdrew from my dripping pussy.

Still a little in shock, I raised up onto my elbows and glared at him. "That's it! That's all you got, you son of a bitch! Just hump me and walk off before I even get into it!"

He climbed off of the bed and looked back at me. He laughed at me.

"God damn it! I wanna cum, too, fucker!" I shouted at him.

He laughed again and walked to the door. "Oh, you're gonna get plenty o' chance to cum."

He pulled the door open, stepped to one side and faced me again. Immediately, Bob and four other men walked into the room. Bob held his shirt in one hand while unfastening his shorts with the other. I'm sure my eyes got even bigger still as I realized what was happening. I yelled out something and rolled over to get off of the bed but barely made it to my feet.

In an instant Bob was beside me, pushing me onto the bed. I fell back onto my elbows, my legs dangled from the side of the bed, my ass right at its edge. I saw Bob's cut-offs and shirt fall to the floor. His cock—narrower but longer than Eddie's—stuck straight out at me like some kind of menacing lance.

I gasped and started to scream for help. Again, I didn't get the chance. Bob jumped onto the bed with me, pushing me onto my back. He swung a leg over me and sat on my tummy, straddling me, though supporting most of his weight on his knees. He grabbed my wrists and fell forward, pinning my arms.

I pushed and bucked trying to fight him off but he was too strong. Still tensed up and panting, I stared into his face. I fought desparately to wrest my hands free, but I was wearing down fast. His long rod bobbed around above my boobs, its head hovering just over my chin. A droplet of fluid seeped from its opening.

"That's it, Nikki. Just relax. Relax and listen for a minute." Trembling with fear, I stopped struggling.

"Ok, here's how this goes," he continued. "You can kick and scream, fight back and resist. All that's gonna do is get you bruised up and hurt. Or you could just relax and let it happen to ya. Then… no pain is necessary. But either way, this is gonna happen."

He grinned and looked over his shoulder at the other five men. I glanced at them too. By this time, all of them were naked. They all sported flagpoles except Eddie and he was working on it. Bob and I made eye contact again.

"On the other hand, from what I saw and heard… you do like to fuck. You know… you could even relax and get into it. You never know; ya might just like it, maybe even have a good time here tonight. And hey… you can enjoy it guilt free. 'Cause like I said… it's gonna happen, with or without your consent."

Still trembling, I said nothing. I'm sure my face revealed my fear. I did not resume struggling.

"Ok! So let's see how ya do," Bob said.

I stared up at him and swallowed hard. He released my wrists, pulled my head up with one hand and stuffed a pillow under it with the other. Then he rested his hands on the bed beside my face, leaning down enough that his pole lay between my tits. Its head bumped my chin just beneath my lip. He gathered up the pillow my head was lying on and pulled it into a ball, forcing my face up and forward. His cock poked my nose, leaving behind its drop of fluid, though more was already forming.

"Push your boobs together on my dick," he directed. "Then suck and lick the head till I tell ya to stop."

I hesitantly brought my hands up and complied, mashing his cock between my breasts. It felt hot against my skin. I opened my mouth, letting the head of his dick drop into it then closed my lips around it. I licked the droplet away and gently began sucking him.

Another man walked up behind Bob. I couldn't see who it was. I pulled my legs together and locked my ankles. The man softly slid a finger along the inside of my leg from my knee to my crotch. I gasped again, letting the head of Bob's dick slipped out of my mouth. I started to protest, but Bob cut me off.

"Just relax, Nikki. Relax while your next lover pumps your tight little cunt full o' sperm."

I began trembling again. The man behind Bob grabbed my knees. I whimpered and at first, resisted his efforts to push them apart. But whoever it was, was too strong. I closed my eyes and gave in.

My legs were pushed open and I felt some guy's hands run up my thighs, spreading them wider still. Then his hands slid under my ass and pulled me upward. I could feel his body heat between my legs as he rubbed his pelvis against mine. His pubic hair tickled my ass and thighs. Then, holding me up with one hand, he found my hole with the other.

A cock slid into me a couple of inches. Then two hands clutched my ass and in one short thrust, he buried his dick into me and began to fuck me. He did not pound on me as hard as Eddie had, but he was humping me just as fast. After about five minutes, he thrust into me and held it. I started panting. He jerked back, then into me again and shot his sperm into my pussy.

His cock twitched and throbbed, spewing jism inside of me. Once more, he jerked back then into me again, hard, and held it for a second load. His hips heaved against mine as a burst of hot liquid spurted deep into me.

This time he stayed pressed against me while his dick finished pumping. His right thumb savagely massaged my clit for a few seconds, forcing my pussy to squeeze and milk his cock dry. Then, just as unceremoniously as he had entered me, he pulled out of me and was gone.

My whole body trembled. I breathed hard and I could feel warm liquid oozing out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass. Another man walked up, but Bob told him to wait.

"You're gonna do just fine, Nikki," Bob said to me. "And since your beginnin' to cooperate, I'm gonna get up and let ya take it the easy way. Just scoot up onto the bed, lay back and relax."

Bob slid off of me and off of the bed. I looked down to see who was next. The big bruiser they called "Spunker" stood at my feet, grinning at me. My whole body shook with fear while I crawled onto the bed as I had been ordered. I lay back and closed my eyes, accepting that resistance would do me no good.

Spunker climbed onto the bed with me and pushed my legs apart. He moved closer on his knees until he was in position. He groped my pussy then stuck three fingers inside me.

"My dick ain't that big," he said in his deep baritone voice. "But my balls are huge and full o' hot sperm. Open your eyes, bitch. I wancha to see who's gonna gitcha pregnant."

My eyes popped open all right, but not to greet my next suitor. I suddenly realized that all of this was unprotected sex. Oh my God! What if one of these bastards does get me pregnant?

"Please guys," I begged. "Please! I'll cooperate. Just please use rubbers."

"A little late for that, ain't it?" Bob replied. "Besides, that would kinda defeat the effect we're after."

I felt the head of Spunker's meat enter me. Then he slowly slid the rest of it in until his hips here pressed against me, forcing my legs open so far I had to raise them up to keep him from disjointing my hips. I moaned loudly, not so much because it hurt. But I had become terribly sensitive inside. And Spunker didn't exactly feel as small as three fingers. I kept expecting it to hurt, but actually, it never did.

Then I realized; I'm wet—and not just from cum! I really am getting into this.

I stared into Spunker's face; another big, dumb jock. Thankfully, the heavy brute held himself up on his arms so as not to crush me. I figured he was probably no better a fuck than Eddie. Well, that would be all right, if just he'd last a little longer. Ok, with that thought, I realized, yeah, I really am getting into this.

He began to hump me. And he lasted at least five minutes. Suddenly he started the cum-dance—thrust in, hold it a moment then let 'er rip. Damn! He wasn't kidding about his balls being full!

His cock and balls pumped load after load of Spunker's hot semen into my snatch. I began to hump him back. And during his third or fourth burst inside of me, I let out a high-pitched yelp and came with him.

Well before he even pretended to be finished, I felt his juice gushing back out of my pussy. Finally, I could feel his dick shrinking inside me—though he continued humping at me until, I suppose, he'd pumped his last drop into me. I guessed that's why they called him "Spunker."

At last he rolled over and lay beside me, panting like a dog. After almost a minute one of the guys yelled for him to get his fat lazy ass off of the bed because, 'there's more slit-splittin' on the way!' Well, at least Spunker got me off.

Spunker was barely off the bed when the next hard cock climbed on. He made no bones about anything. He was there to fuck me and that was that. I was still lying flat on my back and had let my legs drop to the bed to rest. They were still slightly spread apart.

Number four climbed onto the bed. I drew my knees up and back to give him access. He climbed between my legs, grabbed my ankles and raised my legs up and back, nearly pushing my knees to my face. He told me to keep my legs up like that until he was inside me. He grabbed his cock in one hand, leaned against my raised legs and entered me. Then he grabbed my ankles again.

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